Author's Note: I have a few ideas of what to do from here, but none that I really like... so if you have any, feel free to message me :) Otherwise, I think I'll just end here.

Stiles lay in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Derek had wanted to stay with Stiles for the next few days, with him through the change, but seeing as Stiles' dad didn't know about them yet, he resorted to coming over as much as he could. They had a few hours each day after Stiles got home from school and before his dad got home from work.

Tonight in particular though Stiles got lucky. His dad was working on a major case, and told Stiles he would probably pull another all-nighter at the office. It was dark outside, but Stiles wasn't sleepy. He hadn't been sleepy all day—he had barely slept since the day before… Everything felt so different… He was super aware of his surroundings, and he saw, heard, and smelled everything… making sleep impossible. And that was besides all the adrenaline—he'd wanted this, just like Jackson. And he got it.

Stiles looked to the window suddenly, hearing a noise approaching his house. As Derek approached the window, Stiles was already there, staring at him. Derek smiled as Stiles opened the window. "You know, I'm gonna miss sneaking up on you…"

Stiles smirked, walking up until he was only inches away from Derek, both of them leaning in towards each other, as if by some intangible force. "Your heart's beating so fast…" Stiles murmured, an amused smile on his face. It was weird being able to sense these things… But he liked it even more than he'd imagined. Derek gave him his brilliant, flashy white smile, and it made Stiles' heart beat faster. They leaned in and Derek placed his arm around the back of Stiles' head, bracing his neck to place a gentle kiss on his lips. Stiles melted in his arms, wrapping his arms around Derek's shoulders and leaning into him.

They drifted toward the bed, and Derek pushed his shoulders down onto it, lying on top of him. Stiles gave a quiet happy sounding growl from his chest, as Derek leaned down, kissing his face and then his ears and then his neck. Now that they were both wolves, they shared the bond equally, so it was even more profound than before. They were connected mutually, by the ties that only a wolf pack could ever understand.

Derek continued to kiss him tenderly, pushing Stiles' shirt down lower and lower to kiss his smooth chest, his soft lips and tongue making Stiles' heart rate fly. But Derek was so lost in the feelings that he wasn't even thinking about what that would mean for him… But then he looked up into Stiles' eyes. They were a gorgeous, seemingly endless, deep, dark, solid black. Derek got lost for a moment, his gaze locked on Stiles. Stiles stared back at him, his heart still racing, as Derek snapped out of his trance, and stroked Stiles' cheek with his nose. Derek glanced down, and saw Stiles' nails growing longer, then looked up at his face and saw his shining white teeth growing sharper. Derek couldn't help but think how sexy Stiles looked… how much he wanted to dig into him…

But he tilted his head in, his lips touching Stiles' neck lightly, "We should probably stop… Until you can learn to control this…" he whispered softly. Stiles could only manage a quiet growl. Derek looked into his eyes, his own glowing bright red. He leaned up, away from Stiles, though still straddling him on his hands and knees. They remained this way, staring at each other, until Stiles' breathing finally slowed and his eyes faded back to their usual dark brown color, his nails and teeth returning to their normal length. He sighed, "Sorry Derek…"

"It's not your fault... I just didn't want you to try to kill me," he added, whispering in Stiles' ear. Stiles gave a small smile, "Yeah… that would definitely ruin my day…" Derek gave him a look. "Well… yours too I guess…" he added teasingly.

Derek rolled off him, "Still Stiles…" he murmured. He sat at the edge of the bed as Stiles leaned up on his elbows, big, curious, brown eyes following Derek as usual. "That's good to know…" he finished, looking back at Stiles with a small smile. Stiles got up and sat on the edge of the bed next to Derek, leaning his head on Derek's shoulder. They were always touching now, practically inseparable. It was getting harder for them to be apart. Stiles would lie on his bed, unable to sleep or study or do anything else but long for Derek's body to be touching his. And Derek would sit in the stairs of his old crumbling house, just waiting for a chance to go see Stiles, to feel the warmth of his body, and his heart…

"I guess I should start working with Scott, huh? About keeping my heart rate under control…" Stiles paused, "Wow, I'm definitely seeing some payback in the future… Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have thrown those balls so hard…"

Derek nodded, "He'll help you… and I'll teach you about us… Just remember, you're in my pack," he whispered, placing his hand on Stiles' thigh and gripping it lightly. Stiles in haled a sudden, sharp breath at the feel of the older boy's warm hand.

Derek smiled. "Come on," he said, running and leaping out the window. Stiles stood at the window, not sure what to do at first. Derek turned back to look at him, "Just jump."

Stiles nodded—he was never very graceful or agile, and it was hard to trust that he would be able to do the things Derek could do now. But as he leapt out the window, he landed right next to Derek's feet, on all fours, without trying, not even sure how he did it. He looked up at Derek, who was smirking down at him.

Derek leapt into the air, landing on his hands, running off into the night on all fours. Stiles followed him as if he knew exactly what he was doing and he'd been doing it his whole life. He ran next to Derek, keeping pace right next to him. It was amazing… He saw the trees rushing by, as if he was in a speeding car, but he was on his own hands and feet… though he could barely feel the ground. The wind flying past his face nipped at his skin… but he wasn't cold. He felt perfectly warm inside. He was beaming, being like this with Derek… It was so much more than he'd asked for…

Derek finally stopped, almost a mile into the woods, and Stiles exhaled loudly, "Woo!" he smiled widely, "Wow that was a rush… I can't believe—I just—that—just amazing! I mean I—I—I—" Derek placed his hands on Stiles' lips, as Stiles held his breath, "Hmm. ADHD werewolf… This will be fun."

Stiles exhaled deeply, then took a deep breath. "Sorry… I'll try to behave."

Derek lifted an eyebrow, "Hmm… But bad dogs are so much more fun…" he murmured with a mischievous smile.

Stiles looked at him sideways, eyes narrowed, "Dog jokes…? Really?"

Derek laughed quietly, "Sorry… that was really bad…" Stiles covered his eyes with his hand and shook his head, mockingly ashamed of Derek.

Stiles, still smiling widely, fell back onto the soft forest ground, looking up at the infinite stars above. Derek sat down next to him, one leg extended and the other folded to his chest, one arm resting across it. Stiles crossed his arms behind his head. "This is so awesome…" he murmured. Derek couldn't help but feel the happiness radiating from him—and it made him happy. He leaned back, laying his head across Stiles' chest.

"You know… You really smell so wonderful…" Stiles said, nibbling on one of Derek's ears.

Derek gave a quiet moan, "Hey watch it…" he said, letting his hand rest dangerously close to Stiles' crotch.

Stiles grunted suddenly, then said, "Okay, it'll be your fault if I try to kill you. Just for the record…"

Derek gave a small, quiet laugh—more than he used to give Stiles' jokes. They lay there, just listening to each others' heartbeats and the sound of each others' breath, for a long time… Stiles closed his eyes, soaking in the feeling of belonging.