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It felt good to see his friends and family again. The past two weeks with Vlad have felt like a month. Yet, strangely, he felt like everything happened so fast. It was awkward explaining to his parents that he was moving in to Vlad's because it was convenient for college. His father didn't mind, but his mom wasn't too happy about it. It didn't matter. He knew he wouldn't regret his decision. When he arrived home precisely at midnight, he sought out the older man. It was a relief to not have the collar on his neck. There was a different kind of feel to it knowing Vlad owned him, but didn't have to use the collar as proof.

Walking to their bedroom, Danny immediately followed Vlad's earlier order. Stripping himself naked, he folded his clothes and put them away neatly. After, he went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Once he was clean and dry, he got on the bed on all fours and waited. After a few seconds, Vlad walked into his bedroom. "You came home on time and followed my instructions. Good boy. Someone wants their reward."

Grinning, Danny nodded. "Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Master," Danny shivered. Why was it so enjoyable and fun to call Vlad, Master?

Smirking in satisfaction, Vlad made his way over to the delectable teen. Running his hand down the smooth back until he reached the firm ass, he gave it a squeeze before grabbing a chair in the bedroom. Placing it on the side of the bed, he sat down. Danny glanced over at the older hybrid. Just what was Vlad doing?

"You will do as I say. Follow my orders, and I will give you your reward." He could see Danny was ready. "I want a show, my pet. I want you to touch yourself for me."

Danny blushed in embarrassment. "What?"

"I want you to sit facing me, spread your legs, and pleasure yourself for me."

The blush reached his ears. "V-Vlad!" He whined, not wanting to be so exposed.

Vlad gave him a cold look. "Are you disobeying me, pet?"

Flinching, Danny knew he didn't have a choice. Shaking his head, he sat down and spread his legs. Seeing the heated gaze on his length sent his blood rushing down. Swallowing, he used one hand to steady himself while the other gripped his slowly awakening groin. Seeing how lustful the man looked was making Danny feel aroused. It was satisfying to know he caused such a look on Vlad Masters. Feeling a bit more confident and less exposed, he became surer with his strokes. Now fully hard, he moaned as he put on a show for Vlad. His thumb played with the precum on the tip, spreading it around before he continued to stroke his length; only he did it a little slower and firmer, just for the man's enjoyment.

Vlad felt himself growing hard at the arousing and erotic sight. Danny's lustful eyes were staring into his as he masturbated in front of him. Vlad wanted to taste the young halfa, to touch him and be the reason those pretty moans were coming from those lips. "Tell me what you're thinking about." He ordered, enjoying the needy look in those light blue eyes.

"You…" Danny trailed off before trying to be more specific. "I'm thinking about you touching me, Master. I…Mm… I wish this was your hand, touching me, stroking me, bringing me closer…! Ahh! Master…I want your mouth, I'm so hard." Picturing Vlad's mouth wrapped around him made him moan. "P-Please…" he begged.

Vlad almost moaned himself. "Please what, pet?"

"Please touch me."

"Not yet." Smirking, Vlad loved the frustrated look on his pet's face. "Stop what you are doing and get the lube."

Whining in protest, Danny reluctantly stopped pleasuring himself. Making his way over the cabinet, he opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. When he was going to get off the bed and hand it to Vlad, he was stopped by the older man's voice.

"No pet. I want you to prepare yourself. Get into position, I want to see it."

Embarrassment renewed as Danny stared at the man in disbelief. Vlad meant it. Swallowing, he noticed the tent in the man's pants. With a moan, Danny did what he was told. Getting on all fours, he positioned himself so the billionaire had a full view of what belonged to him. Shivering, he opened the cap and coated his fingers with the lube. Reaching behind himself, he felt the tight muscle and pushed a digit in. It felt weird. He'd never done this to himself before but if this was what Vlad wanted…

Vlad hungrily watched the young halfa slip in a second finger, wishing it was his hard, needy cock in the tight hole instead. He wanted to be inside the teen; feel the moist, silken walls around him. Still, he couldn't deny he was enjoying his show. Danny had the most perfect rounded and firm ass. The teen filled Vlad with a hunger he didn't even know he was capable of.

"I can't wait to fuck you, Daniel." Danny's breath hitched at how vulgar Vlad was being. "You look so delectable, preparing your tight hole just for my cock." Danny whimpered as he began to scissor himself and held on to every word coming from the older man's lips. "Would you like that, my pet?"

Moaning, Danny responded, "Yes. Please, Master!"

Chuckling, Vlad continued, knowing he was driving the young halfa insane. The fingers were thrusting in and out at a faster pace now, and Vlad could see the length twitch with desire. "I'm very hard for you, Daniel…Do you know what your Master would like? Would you like to know?"

Danny whimpered. "P-Please tell me."

"I want to fuck your pretty mouth while you prepare yourself." He found himself groaning at the image as he pictured Danny's lips wrapped around his hard shaft. "I want you to take my cock, letting me use it to pleasure myself while you ready your tight ass for me so I may fuck you."

Arousal was shooting up Danny's spine at the pleasant image. "Ohh Master, please!" His mouth watered. "Please, use my mouth. Let me suck you."

Lowering his hand, Vlad unbuttoned his pants and then stopped. "Come here, Daniel."

Eagerly, Danny climbed off the bed. His body felt like it was on fire. Dazed with lust and hunger, he approached the man sitting on the chair. Patiently, he waited for his order. "Master?" he called softly, hungrily eying the cloth covered erection.

"Get on your knees." Obediently, Danny dropped to his knees. "I didn't say to stop preparing yourself. Pull down my zipper, but do not use your hands."

Giving the man a look, Danny went back to preparing himself. How was he supposed to…? Oh. It was hard to think when he was in such a lustful state of mind. Using his teeth, he gripped the small zipper and pulled it down slowly, looking up at Vlad as he did so. The man moaned at the sight, his breath catching. When the zipper was fully down, he gripped the silky boxers with his teeth and used his powers to make them intangible. Knowing he could use his hand by now, but not caring, he dropped them on the side of the chair. Fitting himself further between the man's legs, he eyed the hard length before him. Looking up at Vlad, he saw the man smirk down on him.

"Suck me, Daniel."

With a moan, Danny wrapped his lips around the cock and immediately licked off the precum gathering. Enjoying Vlad's taste, he took him in further down his mouth until he no longer could and sucked around him. The older man's moan made another electrifying spark of arousal go through him. Not wanting to stop, wanting so much more, he began to bob his head, being sure to suck, just as he had been ordered to. He heard Vlad's breath get ragged as the older hybrid placed his hand on top of his raven hair.

"Such a good pet," Vlad praised lustfully, moaning when he felt the teen hum around his length. "Mm, yes, Daniel! So good." Losing himself in the pleasure, he watched proudly as Danny slipped in a third finger inside himself. "That's right. Suck your Master and ready yourself to be fucked."

Danny moaned, each word sending hot shiver of pleasures up his spine. He never expected Vlad to speak like this to him and he loved it. This was a whole side to Vlad he never expected to see or thought he would enjoy. Making more of an effort, he relaxed his throat so he could take more of the man's length. He was rewarded with a sharp gasp and shallow thrusts.

Vlad was close, he could feel it. Luckily, Danny looked thoroughly prepared. "Enough," He pulled Danny off him, panting as he did so. The teen gazed up at him, licking his lips. Sitting back on the chair, Vlad planted his hands on either side of the arm rests. "Ride me, pet."

Flushing, Danny eagerly stood up. Remembering the lube, he grabbed it and coated Vlad's cock thoroughly. He was finally going to have Vlad. Facing the man, he placed his knees on either side on the chair's seat and grabbed the billionaire's hard length. Guiding it to his entrance, he took a deep breath before lowering himself on it. Vlad's eyes rolled to the back of his head at the blissful feeling of his cock being swallowed by the tight and moist walls.

Danny moaned at the sensation of being filled. "A-Ah…! M-Master!" Eagerly, he took in more of the hard shaft. It hurt a bit, but the arousal and pleasure he felt was overriding the pain. Once he took Vlad fully in him, he rested his forehead against the muscular shoulder. It felt odd feeling the business suit instead of skin, which was what he wanted. However, he was too far gone to care.

"Daniel…You feel so good. So tight." Vlad moaned, fighting hard to keep his arms on the arm rests. He wanted to touch him so badly, but kept himself restrained.

Breathing harshly, Danny raised his hips experimentally before pushing down. They both moaned. Wanting to hear more, Danny pushed himself up and began to ride the man. First it was slow and hard but then he steadily increased his pace. He was rewarded with hot sparks on pleasure shooting through his body and Vlad's low moans. Danny, however, was being vocal. Shouting Vlad's name and moaning uncontrollably. It felt good. So incredibly good. He couldn't get enough of Vlad. The hot length kept hitting a spot inside of him that set his body ablaze.

Vlad watched the young halfa bounce up and down his lap. It was the most beautiful and erotic sight he'd ever seen. Danny's mouth was opened to let out pretty pants and moans. The teen gripped at the man's expensive suit jacket to steady himself, his eyes closed as he lost himself in the pleasure. His already hard cock pulsed with desire at the image. "Daniel…"

"Vlad, Vlad, Vlad!" Danny shouted, feeling himself draw close. "Fuck…so good! Ah! Oh Master, please, please touch me!" He pleaded, needing his length to be touched. He was so close. He wanted to feel Vlad's warm hand wrapped around it, stroking him to completion.

A thrill rushed through Vlad's body at hearing Danny call him Master. "Beg for it."

"Please, please Master! I-I … Ahh!" he let out a heated moan. "Need you! Please!" His mind was past being coherent. All he could think of was the pleasure going through his body from Vlad's cock. When he felt a hand firmly grip his length and stroke him just the way he liked it, he lost it. White, hot sparks of pleasure clouded his vision as he shouted. "Vlad!"

As the teen's cum coated his hand and the tight walls clamped down on his length, Vlad came with a groan. "Daniel!" It felt so good to cum inside the teen. Gripping the slim hips possessively, he rode out his orgasm.

Danny was relieved he was sitting. Resting his head on the crook of Vlad's neck, he breathed in heavily as he tried to calm his racing heart. Vlad wrapped his arms around the panting teen and hugged him close. He enjoyed the feeling of the naked teen pressed close to him. Danny, however, wanted to feel his skin. As he gripped the suit jacket and phased it, Vlad cleared his throat. Flinching, Danny looked up at his lover.

"What do you think you're doing, pet?" Vlad asked with a raised brow.

"Uh…I was going to phase off your shirt…" he swallowed. He should have asked Vlad if that was okay.

"Hmm…I'll have to punish you for that."

Danny immediately perked with interest. "…Yeah?"

"Yes." He captured Danny's lips into a kiss. Breaking it, he trailed sweet, soothing kisses down the neck until he reached the shoulder and bit down on it, eliciting a startled gasp from the young hybrid. "I'll allow you to take off my shirt, since we need to shower anyway."

Danny wrinkled his nose as he looked down the expensive suit. There was his cum on it. He could still feel the billionaire's cock in him too. With a wince, he climbed off the lap. When he was about to walk to the bathroom to shower, Vlad gripped his wrist and stopped him. Startled, Danny looked questioningly at the older hybrid.

"Daniel, aren't you forgetting something?"

The teen's brows furrowed, feeling more confused. "Uh…No?"

Vlad tsked. "You made a mess. Clean it up," He purred.

Realizing what Vlad met, Danny shivered. Vlad wanted him to…? Swallowing thickly, he approached him. Dropping to his knees, he leaned forward and used his tongue to lick up the cum. It felt odd tasting himself. Seeing Vlad's eyes glaze with lust, however, made it worth it. After licking up the final drop, he pulled away. Vlad cupped his cheek and ran his thumb soothingly over it.

"Good boy." He praised with a grin, heart fluttering when Danny smiled back.

Getting up, they made their way over to the shower. The young halfa yelped as his butt was smacked. "Hey!" he shouted indignantly, glaring at his lover as he rubbed the sore spot.

Vlad's response was a smirk.

Danny knew his punishment was going to be good.

Danny woke up the following morning spent, sore, and extremely satisfied. With a lazy smile, he looked over to Vlad. The man was sleeping peacefully, one arm slung over the slim body, holding Danny in a possessive like manner. Vlad held Danny as if he was afraid he would just leave. The young halfa had no plan to. Touching his neck, he felt content to feel skin instead of a metal collar. Which reminded him…He needed to stop those auctions. But how? Getting lost in his thoughts, he hardly noticed Vlad waking up next to him. The older hybrid cracked an eye open, his heart beating happily at the sight of Danny Fenton sitting up and looking pensive. Tightening his arm around the slim waist, he pulled the young hybrid closer.

"What's currently occupying your mind, Little Badger?" Vlad asked as he nuzzled the teen's side. He wanted the young hybrid to be lying next to him, snuggled up to his chest like he should be. It was a relief that Danny didn't leave. It still surprised the billionaire that Danny actually wanted to be with him.

"The auction I was at. I should stop it."

Seeing Danny go into 'Hero Mode', Vlad looked thoughtfully at the young halfa. "What gives you that idea?"

"It's terrible. No one should be subject to that. It's cruel and it's … It's just not right! You can't just own someone!"

"I own you." Vlad reminded with a purr, pulling Danny down to place kisses on the soft neck.

The kisses tickled, but at the same time, they felt nice and almost…loving. "That's different," Danny countered as he gave the older hybrid easier access to his neck. He gasped when Vlad suddenly bit down on a sensitive spot. "Not everyone can get as lucky as me."

The older hybrid's heart skipped a beat. "Lucky?" Danny felt lucky with how their circumstances turned out? Vlad was the one who felt lucky.

"Well, yeah. How many ghosts had someone who didn't just take their entire will away from them from the start?" Vlad didn't want to respond to that, so he chose not to by marking another spot on the teen's neck.

"I don't see any way for you to really put a stop to it, my pet. If you take down the ghost who holds the auctions, perhaps, but it's risky. Therefore, I will not allow you to risk your life like that."

Danny immediately tensed. "Vlad, I'm not letting this go. I can't."

Sighing, Vlad moved away from the marked neck and looked down at the younger hybrid. Vlad could see the determination shining in those blue eyes. Danny's sense of righteousness was overwhelming. Personally, the older halfa couldn't care less about the other ghosts. To him, it was their fault for allowing themselves to get captured in the first place. Then again, if it hadn't been for Danny getting captured, he never would have had the young hybrid to himself and he would have ripped the throat of anyone who somehow managed to win Danny over him.

"…If you truly feel the need to try and put a stop to it, I shall assist you. However, understand that no matter what we do, you may not be able to save everyone."

Danny grit his teeth at that. He knew it was true, but it was worth a shot. "I can try."

Smiling, Vlad lowered himself onto the warm body and kissed the teenager's lips, loving the exquisite feel and taste to them. Danny moaned as Vlad's tongue pushed past his lips. Once he had successfully turned Danny into a pile of goo, he moved off the teen and said, "And I'll be with you every step of the way."

Danny had to admit that if it weren't for Vlad's help, he never would have found the ghost who was holding the auctions and making the collars. It felt good to have the older hybrid's support when they fought. They were completely in sync and Danny knew he didn't have to worry about Vlad. He had Vlad's back and Vlad had his. It was simple as that. After taking out the ghost and placing him in an isolated prison where he couldn't hurt anyone else, Danny went ahead and destroyed the remaining collars. Vlad was able to destroy the building, which made the young halfa smile happily.

To say some ghosts were angry about the situation was a bit of an understatement, but Vlad didn't pay mind to them. After all, he could do whatever he wanted. If his pet wanted to play hero and required his assistance, then he would give it. Unfortunately, assisting Danny in his ghost hunting made him look like he was getting soft but every ghost knew better than to comment on it. Well, most ghosts. The others learned the hard way why they should keep their mouths shut.

The months following were spent with his friends, family, and getting used to his new life style with Vlad. He still hated kneeling on the floor and being fed his food, but at the same time, he got used to it and sometimes didn't mind it. If Vlad was in a particularly good mood, he could sit on the man's lap and occasionally feed himself. He usually was punished when he came home with injuries from a tough fight with a ghost without informing Vlad or seeking the older man's help. That was a lesson that took several punishments to learn. His harshest punishment, which was when Danny knew Vlad was actually mad at him, consisted of being ignored for a few days. That was the worst and Danny tried very hard to obey every order he was given. Unfortunately, he was still stubborn so punishments were sometimes unavoidable.

Letting Vlad take care of him benefited him a lot more than he wanted to admit. Because of the vigorous studying he was subjected to since the beginning of their relationship, Danny was able to handle most of the work thrown at him in college. He was doing pretty well and with Vlad's help when he was on patrol, fighting ghosts didn't take up too much of his time away from studying. As a bonus, Vlad's training made him a much more skilled and faster ghost hunter. If Vlad hadn't been such a creep from the very beginning when they met, the young halfa would have taken the man's offer to learn under him much sooner.

In front of others, Vlad and Danny acted like any normal couple. They still exchanged banters and would hold hands or stay close together when they could. The young halfa could see it was hard for his friends and family to accept that he and the billionaire were an item but as the months passed by, they seemed fine with it. They went out on dates like any other couple. It was when they were behind closed doors that Danny would eagerly submit to Vlad and let the man do what he pleased with him. It was a thrilling feeling and the young hybrid never tired of it. It was also exciting and something he look forward to.

His rewards were the best. Currently, Vlad had his mouth wrapped around his hard cock, sucking and licking him, driving him closer and closer to the edge. He had been on his very best behavior today; he had aced all his exams for the week, come home to finish his homework and study on time, and then walked into Vlad's office to sit and wait for him to finish his work as well. Moaning, he curled his hand into the silver strands. The older hybrid was very talented with his tongue. It didn't take long for Danny to arch and scream his Master's name as he came.

Swallowing the last bit of cum, Vlad licked the shaft clean and then tucked him back into his pants. Seeing Danny dazed in the afterglow made him chuckle and crawl on top of him, bringing their lips together in a passionate kiss. Content, Danny snuggled closer and enjoyed the intense kiss. When the older hybrid pulled away, he nuzzled the damp neck. "You're beautiful." Vlad complimented, causing Danny to blush. "And such a good boy. You did well today, my pet. I'm very proud of you."

Danny couldn't help but grin. Vlad always made him feel loved and cherished. The man held him like he was some sort of precious treasure he could never let go of. Danny was fine with that. Sitting up, Vlad moved back enough so Danny could sit between his legs on the couch. Once the young halfa was pressed up against the billionaire, Vlad handed the teen the remote and wrapped his arms around the slim waist. Resting his chin on the young hybrid's shoulder, Vlad smiled when he felt Danny try to shift even closer to him.

Finding something to watch, Danny put the remote aside and relaxed against the man's embrace. It was comfortable. The teen enjoyed that he could just be himself and enjoy quiet moments like these with the older hybrid. Vlad took very good care of him. The older man gave him his space when he needed it. Although Vlad was reluctant to let Danny have a job, he soon accepted it. Luckily, the hours were decent enough that it didn't cut much time away from each other. There was also the reassuring fact that Danny could quit at any time so he didn't need to feel stressed.

"Hey Vlad?"

"Hmm?" Vlad answered in acknowledgment, the contentment of just being close to Danny causing him to smile.

"I uh…" Flushing, the teen took a deep breath and finally said, "I love you."

Vlad froze in shock. It took a moment for him to overcome it and reply, "I love you too, my Little Badger." Grinning in relief, Danny contently nuzzled their cheeks together. Smiling at the rare and affectionate gesture, Vlad went back to watching the TV. "Took you long enough to admit it." He teased lightly.

The young halfa huffed. "Master?"


"Shut up."

Vlad swatted Danny's thigh, causing the teen to yelp in surprise. Lowering his voice to a husky purr, he spoke directly into Danny's ear. "Is that back talk, my pet? Do you need another lesson from your Master? Perhaps another punishment is in order. Hmm…I could tie you to head board and fuck you until I cum…"

A shiver of arousal shot up Danny's spine at the thought. It didn't help that Vlad's voice always had that effect on him. "Uh…" Getting his brain to work again, he replied, "Will I get to cum, too?"

"No." Vlad growled, hands roaming underneath the white shirt. "You will be used just for my pleasure."

A moan escaped Danny's lips. He actually liked the sound of that. "But Master…" he whined slightly as one hand pinched his nipples just the way he liked it. "That's teasing…"

Chuckling, Vlad nibbled the lobe. "That's the point."

"If I make up for my back talk, will you let me cum?"

"It won't be considered a punishment if I reward you after misbehaving now will it? Such a naughty pet. You know better than to try to get out of your punishment."

"Can't blame a guy for trying." Danny replied with a cheeky grin before moaning as Vlad's hand began to play with his other nipple. "Ahh, Vlad!"

Lifting Danny up, Vlad carried him into the bedroom. Exchanging smiles, they kissed. Danny knew he would have to endure his punishment and deal with the frustrations of not cumming after a hot sex session but it was alright. Vlad always made it up to him ten folds the very next day. Pausing in the kiss, Danny suddenly remembered something. Pushing the man away, he ignored Vlad's startled look as he got away from him.

"Daniel?" Vlad asked as he watched his lover walk over to the closet. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no, sorry. I just forgot to show you something." After searching for the item, he snatched and placed it behind his back as he faced the older hybrid. "Close your eyes!" When Vlad gave him a skeptical look, Danny huffed in annoyance. "Please?"

Closing his eyes as requested, Vlad wondered what suddenly came over the young hybrid. Danny never stopped him when they were about to have some fun before. Being patient, he heard the teen's footsteps get closer. He didn't have to wait long. He then heard Danny say, "Okay, you can open them now!" So Vlad did.

At first, he didn't notice anything. The young hybrid had his hands clasped in front of him and his feet shoulder length apart, his head bowed in submission. It was an erotic sight, but that couldn't be the surprise. As his eyes scanned the teen's form, something shiny caught his eyes. Immediately darting them to it, he stared in surprise at the leather collar wrapped around the slim neck. Attached to the collar was a circular dog tag. Reaching over, he placed the tag in his hand and examined the inscription on it.

'Owned by Vlad Masters'

"Daniel…" Vlad looked at the teen in disbelief.

"Metal is uncomfortable, so I thought maybe leather would be a better choice. I thought maybe…you'd like the tag, too."

Without saying a word, Vlad yanked Danny back to him and pressed their lips together in a heated kiss, turning them over so the young hybrid was pinned beneath him. Danny moaned happily as Vlad eagerly pleasured his body, showing just much he liked the collar and tag. The young halfa was happy that he worked up the courage to purchase the collar and tag. It was worth to see the happiness and possessiveness glistening to those cobalt blue eyes.

Vlad didn't think Danny would willingly get something like this. He had to admit that he had missed seeing the metal collar wrapped around his neck as a display that Vlad was his master. As he slipped off the teen's pants, Vlad smirked proudly. His sly little pet managed to get out of his punishment. Hmm…He'd allow it. There was always next time to teach him a lesson. After all, Danny was an unruly pet who had the perfect master to understand, love, and give him exactly what he needed.