this may or may not be continued. I've been messing around with drabbles lately and it's fun

Sleeping on a Lotus

Totsuka thinks it's bound to end eventually. Nothing starts without an end and there is always a meaning for an end, no matter how short or long the time spent is. Totsuka thinks of Izumo's recipes for his special drinks; and Anna's voice when she sings along to his guitar, and Yata's beautiful jump with his skateboard. He chuckles a bit when he remembers an envelope of smoke from Mikoto's cigarette and the cheers from the men who love him. Izumo passes him a glass and he drinks as he watches them go. It's all he ever wants. Totsuka wants forever.

Leaping Across a Lake

After speeding along the sidewalk, Yata wants nothing more than to drop onto a couch in HOMRA, surrounded by the warmest people he will ever know in his whole entire life. Izumo greets him in a hum and Anna doesn't say a thing when he sits next to her.

"I'm so tired," he tells the girl.

"Sleep." Anna says, gently. Her hand pats his forehead.

The bell clinks; Mikoto enters with a slurred yawn.

"You sleep, too, Mikoto." The small girl beckons for him.

Mikoto flops between the two of them and Yata leans on his shoulder. It's warm.

Mulling by the Riverside

The guitar doesn't make a sound, maybe because no one ever attempts to play it after Totsuka did. Izumo sometimes scowls about how its position makes it harder for him to sweep the ground, but keeps it a secret that he touches it at times and tries to play a full song with it. When he is done, he puts it back; not an inch difference in where it's previously placed. The guitar stands still; frozen and untouched. Once he ushers everyone out for closing time, Izumo looks at it and thinks of how it must be waiting for Totsuka.

Walking on Green Grass

There is no better King than Mikoto, Anna says to herself, and she agrees. No one can be as beautiful and strong and bright as Mikoto is. His flame glows brighter than anyone and that's why she stays by him. Mikoto feels warm when she hugs him. Totsuka would hug her, too, and the temperature would escalate. Yata jumps at the chance and Anna suffocates. Izumo struts towards them and basically blankets the four of them with his arms. The others soon join in, not a word of protest heeded. Anna breathes against Mikoto's shirt, Totsuka's hair tickling her ear.

Mowing the Sunflowers

"No, really," Fushimi repeats, for the umpteenth time of the day, "I'm leaving, Izumo-san."

"Please smack some sense into him, Izumo-san!" Yata slams the bar, pointing at Fushimi accusingly.

"Don't you dare harm my bar again!" Izumo almost shrieks. "The two of you should talk this through." He literally kicks them from the back door, locking it for good measure.

"Misaki," Fushimi whispers.

Yata glares at him and it burns like charcoal on his skin. Like fire on his skin. Fushimi is leaving, alone, and Yata's eyes will finally reflect him in it, though only for a fraction of seconds.