A/N: I really have no idea what the frick this is. I kinda wrote it when I was asleep somehow... So, yeah. I don't even know why I'm posting this! Read, flame, whatever Mah little bronies! Just keep in mind that I wasn't all there when this was written.

Pinkamena Diane Pie stared longingly into the cupcake that was many skulls arranged to resemble a giant one. Bored, she threw it into the incinerator that conveniently stood to her right. For whatever reason, the pink pony had found herself in a Wal-Mart on Spider Planet in Galaxy Omega-Nine. Amongst a sea of spider-ponies high on the euphoria of shopping for simple commodities such as C4 explosives, Pinkie Pie stood out as the only one who could see the truth.

Everything, including her, was made out of soap bubbles.

Tap tap tap.

The shoebox that rested on Pinkie's back went off. Opening the box and shoving her head inside (while the box was still on her back), she took the call.

It was Rarity, who was juggling three desks lamps in a vain effort to hide her blatant racism.

"Would you be a dear and patty cake a chumblebort while you're in space?" The marshmellowy unicorn asked as she spontaneously burst into flames. Pinkie removed her head from the box whilst shutting the lid over it, ignoring the screams of ecstasy that sounded from her friend.

"What a bitch," Pinkie thought merrily as she left the Wal-mart. Said Wal-Mart was subsequently destroyed by a now teen-aged Discord, who flung the remains into another dimension.

Pinkie, for the first time in centuries, was happy. Nothing, not even Trixie Margolias Lulamoon's acne problem could dampen Pinkie Pie's mood. She was so happy that- for no reason at all- she became a stallion and renamed himself Bubbles D-lite (Known to his friends as Bubble D).

Discord, noticing the sudden sex change, came onto Bubble D.

"'Sup. Names Discord. I'm the god of chaos and disharmony. Wanna make out?"

And so they did.