"BURN! AHAHA! Burn!" The hellish heavens sang of Darkmeal Fluttershys' laser eyes. Ponyville layed in ruins, and all ponies who dared to be shipped with Big Macintoch were slain. And by that, I mean EVRYONE. Twilight, Caramel, Cheerilee, Luna, every single living creature in Equestria was destroyed. Save for Fluttershy and Big Mac.

Yes... No no one will be shipped with Big Mac except for her ever again... Fluttershy smiled at this thought. A wicked smile. But it wasn't enough... No... She had to kill everything. All life in the universe must be extinguished in order for her and Mac to be the only OTP. And not just all life in the unvierse... the multiverse must also perish. The fans who would dare ship otherwise... the creators... EVERYTHING.

She then encased Big Macintoch in fuckeverythingcrystal and brought down her hoof, shattering the planet and making the solar system implode in a spray of yay.

Off to her filthy evil, then.