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Another long, boring day in the castle went by and I was beginning to get bored. Ever since the incident with the Cullens a few years back, nothing happened. As much as I didn't have a liking to them, they made my work here interesting since they were always up to something, but unfortunately, they kept under the radar. Now the only thing here to do was stare at each other's faces. Aro did suggest we do mingle with the humans but nothing they did ever seem interesting.

Jane grew bored too, since her joy for torturing others didn't seem all joyous as it once did. It bored her from time to time surprisingly so she tried to not use it for a period of time so when she starts to use it again, she enjoys every moment of it.

"Brother," she groaned, lying on her bed.

"Yes, sister dear?" I answered, not looking away from the window.

"I'm ever so bored,"

Rolling my eyes, I turned to her. Sometimes I wonder what she took me for when she told me these things. If she was bored why doesn't she go get a life and stop bothering me?

I wouldn't dare tell her these things.

"And I'm suppose to do what about that?"

She glared at me but never used her power like she would with other people. It wasn't that she only went all soft on me; it was just that I would use my power on her and get my revenge. It would be an endless game of revenge on our part which we were strictly ordered to not do so.

"You're a pain in the ass you know that?" she growled and threw a pillow at me. I dodged it and smiled.

"And I take pride in it sister,"

"Jane, Alec. Aro wishes to see you." Santiago said from behind the closed door. I sighed while Jane got giddy. He never called us unless someone did a crime that may affect our world, which was hardly. I guess any form of task we were about to do would interest her.

We walked down to the throne room together, the doors being opened for us and we greeted our masters respectively. Aro smiled and greeted us back happily, and stepped towards us.

"Young Jane and Alec, I have a special mission for you two."

I looked at Jane who smiled that something was finally happening but I knew it wouldn't last long. It never did. But knowing her, I guess she would want to draw it out just to make it last her.

"You will be accompanied by Demetri, since his former coven has something that has valuable interest. It seems Amun has a newborn that has brought some attention to them. I want you to bring her here so we can assess her."

I could feel the disappointment radiating from Jane. She thought it was beneath her to go search for someone. Hell, if it didn't involve her torturing someone for punishment it was beneath her. She could be a spoilt brat at times but I loved her still. We understand each other and it's always been like that, though we took pride when annoying each other.

"You will depart this evening."

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