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I was sitting in the bunker with Coop sleeping against me; I was trying to pass the time before the debutante ball tonight. For once Whitney had not made me go with Jason, I could choose my own date, and the only problem was I didn't know who to ask. It would have to be one of the guys but who? Hi would make some excuse and Ruth probably wouldn't let him, Shelton is too busy finishing his advanced computing project, that leaves Ben he might go with me.

I gently pushed Coop of me and went over to the Mac, since the whole Anne Bonny situation we revamped the bunker with lots of stuff. I logged on to Ifollow and looked at who was on, Hi and Shelton were at home and Ben was on Sewee just about to dock by the bunker. I then logged out and sat back down with coop and played Temple Run on my IPhone. After 5 minutes of epic fails later Ben entered the bunker.

"Hey Tor." Ben curtly nodded at me and sat on the couch on the other side of Coop.

"Hey Ben, what's up?" I asked

"Same old same old, you?" He replied

"Same really, well I have to go to another one of the she-devils stupid deb things tonight but I guess I'll live" I sighed

Ben chuckled and looked in deep thought.

"Hey Tor who are you going with tonight?" Ben asked nervously, very un-Ben like.

"No one at this moment in time but it's not Jason I can tell you that for sure." I said

Suddenly Ben seemed to relax slightly and looked less anxious.

"Well I was just wondering if you would want me to go with you so you have a friend there and are hopefully less likely to flare in front of Jackson or the Tripod." Ben blurted out quickly

I blinked a few times to register what he had just said; well it looks like I don't have to ask Ben after all.

"Ben his name is Jason." I said slowly

"Whatever." A man of many words is Mr Blue.

"And I would love it if you would go with me." I smiled at him gratefully

Ben's eyes lit up and his normal unreadable face broke in to a smile.

"Really?" he asked

"Yeah of course why wouldn't I want to go with you?" I enquired

"I don't know I was just kind of surprised I suppose as you always go with Jimmy…." He said with a small smile playing at his lips. I smirked at him.

"Ben you are one of my best friends, we have been through so much together. Besides I can't read his thoughts with you I can…"

Ben interrupted me by saying "Only when we are all flared though and when we are all together otherwise you can't."

"Anyway, I will always choose you over Jason no matter what." I told him seriously.

Ben turned to face me and looked into my eyes, me looking straight back. I never noticed before what beautiful eyes Ben has, Whoa where did that come from?

"Thanks Tor that means a lot, I will see you later okay I have to go to my mom's house to get my tux, I'll be at yours around half seven?" He asked

"Yeah, sure I need to go now anyway or Whitney will kill me." I said "C'mon Coop time to go home"

I stood up and so did Ben, I scratched Coop behind the ears and he woke up with a start and jumped on Ben causing him to fall over. I laughed at the two of them and told Coop to get off of him and helped Ben up.

"Thanks" Ben said

"No problem" I smiled at him and we walked out of the bunked and locked it up. "Thank you for doing this Ben I really appreciate it."

"Tor its fine I really gotta go I'll see you tonight."

"Okay, see ya"

"See ya." And with that we both parted our separate ways.

-Time Skip to seven fifteen-

"Tory, Darling you look beautiful!" Whitney screeched, I looked at the full length mirror and staring back at me was a girl with her red hair in a neat high bun, with curled bangs at the sides. Light silvery eye shadow that matched the embroidery on the light blue dress perfectly. Her eyes popped as the black eyeliner and mascara made her green eyes more prominent, her plump lips were a subtle pink. It suddenly dawned on me that the girl in the mirror was me.

"Wow..." was all I could manage, I was speechless. "Thank you Whitney!" And I actually meant it, I hope Ben likes it, whoa seriously what is wrong with me? Ben and I are just friends, aren't we?

The doorbell rang, it was half seven so it was probably Ben.

"You're welcome honey now let's get you down stairs." Whitney said bubbly. I followed her down the stairs to see Ben and Kit talking, I cleared my throat and the look on Ben's face was of complete awe he even let his mouth fall open a bit. If Hi and Shelton had been there Ben would NEVER hear the end of it.

"Trying to catch flies are we Ben?" I said sarcastically, I smirked at him as I reached the last step. He offered me his hand and I gratefully took it.

"No, I was admiring how you didn't trip down the stairs in those heels Brennan." He smirked at me and whispered into my ear "You look beautiful Tory." My heart literally skipped I beat, and I blushed. Ben smiled at me and we said our goodbyes.

Once on Sewee we made small talk till we docked in Charleston, the coalition was only a 5-10 minute walk from the marina anyway.

We signed in and decided to sit outside, and then Jason showed up and disrupted the peace.

"Hey Tory, you look uber smexy tonight babe, wanna ditch boat boy and hang out with a real man?" Jason said cockily. I swear this guy has a death wish. I just had to laugh at him.

"Look Jason I am NOT your 'babe', and I am definitely not going to ditch Ben for a stuck up jackass who has his head stuck too far up his arse." I told him.

"Also have some respect, you dick head, and leave us alone!" Ben growled.

"Well, well looks like Benny boy finally grew a pair." Jason teased. Ben stood up and walked towards Jason, pure fury behind his eyes. I could tell he was going to flair and I needed to stop him. I jumped up and grabbed Ben's arm firmly and made him look at me.

"Ben leave him he isn't worth the trouble." I told him sternly.

The fire in his eyes slowly faded and he loosened up.

"Yeah Tor, you're right, as always." Ben said winking at me. With that we barged past Jason and headed to the dance floor. As we got to the ballroom Ben turned to me and said,

"Thank you for that Tory I thought I was going to lose it, I could feel the flare running through me begging to be let out."

"You're welcome Ben" I said to him smiling softly at him. The music changed into a slow waltz tune. Ben took my hand and asked

"May I have this dance milady?" I giggled very unlike me and replied

"Why of course sir, I would be delighted." We stepped on to the dance floor and went like that till it ended. And for once I didn't flare and I actually enjoyed myself that was all because of Ben.

As we walked back to Sewee neither of us spoke but it was a comfortable silence. We boarded the boat and headed back to Morris Island. Ben surprisingly broke the silence first.

"I had a really good night Tory thanks for letting me be your plus one" Ben told me sincerely.

"Yeah, me too. I can't believe how much I actually enjoyed it. I'm glad you were there." I said.

Ben docked Sewee and we walked back to the complex. We stopped when we were outside my front door.

"Well thanks again for a great night, I'll see you tomorrow." Ben said.

"My pleasure, yeah see you tomorrow." And with that I suddenly hugged him, he tensed at first but slowly hugged me back. We embraced for a few moments then parted, I was about to turn and walk to my door when Ben quickly kissed me on the cheek and said

"Night Tor." Then he turned and walked home.

I held my cheek and called after him "Good night Ben" he was at his door at this time, he turned to me and smiled before going inside. I just stood there holding my cheek like an idiot for 5 minutes before I got cold and went inside. I looked downstairs for Kit and Whitney but they were nowhere to be found. I looked on the fridge and there was a post-it note reading "Dear Tory, Staying over at Whitney's tonight, hope you and Ben had a good time. I'll see you in the morning. Love Kit xx"

I headed to my room, got undressed and into a green tank top and shorts and fed Coop. I then got into bed with something on my mind or should I say someone, who is that person I hear you ask? Well none other than Mr Ben Blue. Its official I have a crush on Ben Blue.

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