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Tory POV

I woke up to the sound of Kit lightly knocking on my door "Tory honey? Time to wake up."

I groaned as a response and rolled out of bed. I groggily stepped over to the bathroom and had a shower and brushed my teeth, and then I changed into a pair of denim jean shorts and a sky blue tank top. I pulled on by bright blue Nike high tops and put my hair up into a messy ponytail.

I grabbed my IPhone and went downstairs to where Kit was cooking breakfast.

"Morning." I said to Kit as I made Coops breakfast.

"Morning Tory, How was the cotillion last night?" he asked cautiously knowing all too well of my feelings on the subject.

I smiled at the thought of last night and remembering The Kiss and blushed slightly but Kit didn't notice. I said "It was great actually; me and Ben had a really good time."

He looked at me strangely then concentrated on the bacon he was frying, "Well I am glad you both enjoyed yourselves." Kit served breakfast and we ate in a comfortable silence. There was a buzz in my pocket, I looked at my phone. It was a message from Shelton, 'Hey Tor, Bunker 10? Beach trip?' I asked Kit if it was all right, he said yes. I text Shelton back saying 'Sure, see you then :)'

I finished my food and went upstairs to get my bathing suit, but to my dismay there was only two pieces, I thought to myself 'I don't own any two pieces?' then it struck me "Whitney" I said to myself and face palmed. I picked out the least revealing one and slipped it on underneath my clothes. I got a couple of towels for me and Coop, put on some sun block and put it in a bag with the towels.

I ran downstairs, said bye to Kit, grabbed my phone and called Coop. We ran out to the bunker and soon joined by Hi.

"Hey Tor" he said out of breath, I slowed down and walked with him.

"Hey Hi, What's up?" I asked

"Nothing much, but on a far more interesting how was your and Ben's date?" Hi said wriggling his eyebrows perversely.

"It wasn't a date Hi, we went as friends. But we had a good time" I told him

"Yeah yeah, whatever. All I know is that you had a VERY good time at the end of the evening didn't you Tor? I mean a hug AND a kiss from blue that must have been good?" He smirked at me.

My eyes widened in surprise. "You SAW! How much did you see?" I demanded

"Calm down Tor, I only saw the whole thing, even you grinning like an idiot… No biggy" He shrugged like it was nothing but his eyes were full of mischief. I grabbed him by the Hawaiian shirt collar and said deathly calm

"If you Ever speak of that again I will kidnap you, steal Sewee and take you to Loggerhead, then personally rip you to pieces, flared or not and then feed you to the monkeys." I sent him a death glare and he cowered in fear "do we understand each other?"

"Y..yess..Tory." he stammered, I let go of him and walked into the bunker with Coop at my side, Hi was outside pulling himself together.

Shelton was sat at the Mac and Ben was bouncing a tennis ball against the wall. Coop ran in and stole the ball, then bounded out into the dunes. Ben looked startled but smiled softly for a brief second, my heart fluttered at the sight. He got up and headed out to chase Coop, on passing me his hand brushed mine and he said "Hey Tor". I blushed ever so slightly and replied

"Hi Ben" I turned to watch him walk out into the sand, before sitting down on the sofa.

"Hi Tor, you ready to go?" Shelton asked as he turned off the Mac.

"Uh yeah, where are we going?" I said

"Dead cat, we thought Coop might want to see Whisper." Shelton replied, I smiled and said

"C'mon lets go" we got up and headed to Sewee waiting for Coop, Ben and Hi.

We all climbed aboard and sailed to Loggerhead, I watched Ben without even noticing I was till Ben snapped me out of my trance.

"Take a picture Tor, It will last longer" he smirked at me.

I blushed furiously and picked up Coop and put him on my lap "Sorry" I said quietly.

Ben docked Sewee and we got out and walked to Dead cat, Coop ran off into the woods to find Whisper and his family while we found a good place to put our stuff. I took out a large towel and laid it on the sand. I took off my top, shorts and shoes, and then I reapplied my sun block. I put my clothes into my bag and walked towards the sea.

Ben, Shelton and Hi just looked at me; I turned to them and crossed my arms. "What?" I asked

Hi was the first to speak "You're not wearing your normal bathing suit"

Then Shelton "You're wearing a bikini"

Finally Ben whispered just loud enough for us all to hear "You look amazing" I gasped slightly and so did he, I don't think he meant to say that out loud, his eyes widened and he blushed turning away to avoid further embarrassment.

Shelton and Hi looked at each other burst into hysterics, while I on the other hand promptly walked away and into the sea.

"Oh. My. God. You two TOTALLY like each other!" Shelton squealed like a girl, I then heard a thump. I looked over to see Hi laughing even more so that he had tears rolling down his cheeks and Shelton face planted in the sand with Ben looking at him furiously.

My eyes widened as I looked at the scene before me, not knowing what to think. Ben turned and glared at Hi, He then stepped towards him slowly. Hi started to back away from Ben and into the water, he was terrified. Suddenly Hi raced towards me, well as much as you can race towards someone waist deep in water, and hid behind me. I looked at Ben who was still moving towards us, but this time I had noticed that he had flared. I decided that I needed to flare aswell stop Ben from seriously damaging Hi.

I concentrated on last night when Ben had kissed me goodnight, all the thoughts I had been ignoring poured into my mind…


Pain coursed through me as the flare took hold. I looked at Ben, who was now only meters away, my eyes burning gold, He noticed I had flared. Unfazed Ben still advanced towards us; this was strange as he knew if I had flared in a situation like this that he was in big trouble.

Ben, Stop. I pushed the message down Ben's blazing cord. No response came.

Ben! Stop! Calm down, Please. I sent the message again, this time Ben winced and abruptly stopped, He looked at me then his eyes faded back to their normal brown. I let a relieved sigh escape my lips as I too lost my flare.


Ben suddenly paled and his legs gave out, I leapt forward to catch him. He looked at me with emotion swirling through his eyes; I could detect sadness, regret and an emotion I had never seen in his eyes before. Love.

"I'm sorry." He whispered in to my ear as his head lolled back and his body became limp.

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