"No way, Jade! You totally cheated!" the younger Vega sister growls and throws the controller down furiously. I smirk placing down my controller. "Told ya I'm going to beat you" She huffs and looks at me sitting back down again as her sister comes downstairs heading straight into the kitchen. "Trina, if me and Jade made a bet and she cheated in the game would it count?" Tori asks smiling at her sister. "I don't care either way." The older Vega replies as she shoots a glance at me then swallowed softly. "I mean, if she won then she won." She quickly exits the room up the hall disappearing.

Tori watches her shaking her head slightly. "Fine, your slave for a week it is." It was sorta entertaining to see her try to get her sister to help. But of course she won't. Even though I never really hurt her she seems to be scared of me, much to my pleasure.

I lean back on her couch, crossing my arms in front of me. "Let's see what I'm gonna do with you." I say looking over at her. "You aren't going to be a sore looser, right?" „No. I lost, you won. We made a deal." She lets out a loud sigh looking over at me. "Good girl." I mock her.

She looks away for a minute and walks past me to the kitchen to fixing herself a soda looking back at me, „You want something to drink?" "Well, something to drink would be good right now." I think for a moment. "Oh and get me something to eat, will ya?" I make myself comfortable while waiting for her to return with my drink.

„What would you like to eat? We have pizza, and chicken wings," She says crossing her arms quietly after handing me a cola. "Hmm, pizza would be fine." I reply taking a few sips of my cola. "Hey, no ice?" I hold out my drink to her smirking. Yes, this week is going to be fun. I can demand whatever I want and Tori can't do anything about it. Think I could get used to it.

She sighs taking it to the kitchen getting a few ice cubes and putting it in the glass before walking back over and handing it to me. Then she heads back into the kitchen putting the pizza into the oven. I watch her preparing the food, after a while I turn and inspect the DVD collection she's got next to her TV. Comedies, some animated movies most likely bought when Tori and her sister where younger, a few documentaries it's quite a wide variety of genres.

After a while Tori comes over opening a small cabinet at the top. „A few I actually like," She says handing the small stack of DVD's to me before heading back into the kitchen. I take a look at those DVDs. I never imagined her to watch horror movies. "Those are good." I mumble while putting aside DVD by DVD. After a while I found one I haven't seen already. Quickly I read the backside of the cover, it seems to be interesting now just hope the special effects aren't cheap and it should be quite an entertaining movie.

I glance over at Tori, back at the DVD and then to the TV. "You don't mind, do you?" I say as I insert the disk into the player. "No. That's my favorite one actually," She laughs quietly and pulls the pizza from the oven cutting it. „One or two slices?" She said scooping one onto her own plate. "Two" I say as I switch on the movie. I'm still wondering how somebody like Tori manages to survive watching a movie like this. But I am glad she most likely won't shriek or beg me to turn it off. Not that I a while Tori hands me my pizza plate, eating the last bit of hers. Plopping down on the couch she slightly shakes her cup before taking a sip.

I sit down the plate after eating the last bit. The movie is good, maybe I should get a copy of it for my own collection. "Hey Vega" I quickly look over at her. "Enjoy your free time while it lasts" I grin and focus back on the movie. My view went over to her direction again. I did expect some sort of answer but there was nothing. Apparently she fell asleep. Well, sleeping people don't reply.

I grin thinking of how I could scare her but the longer I look at her the more I refuse these thoughts. I have to admit Tori looks sorta cute when she's asleep. Wait. Why the hell am I thinking such things? I shake my head slightly, trying to get rid of these thoughts and continue watching the movie.

Towards the end of the movie Tori sits up stretching letting out a yawn as she looks around. Smiling slightly she got up to get herself some more drink, „Want some more soda?" Tori ask as she pours herself some more tea. Her voice is soft and scratchy, obvious still sleepy.

"Oh, you're up" I reply and look at the empty glass on the table. I pick it up and bring it into the kitchen, along with the plate. Handing the glass over to Tori I slightly stomp my right foot "Darn pins and needles" I growl. Tori jumps slightly seemingly surprised at my sudden movement flinching away as she dropped the glass. She swallows hard and kneels down to pick up the broken glass. Sighing she sweeps up the glass before dumping it into the trash and pulling another cup shakily from the cabinet

I watch her cleaning up the mess she just created. "You alright there?" I ask slightly leaning against the kitchen table getting a quiet nod as reply. Tori looks away and shifts her weight quietly. She puts a few ice cubes into the cup and then pours some soda into it. She reaches up and rubs her cheek as she looks away towards Trina's room and then down at the floor sadly taking a large gulp of her tea.

I notice her staring in the direction Trina has vanished earlier. I take a few sips while I keep watching her. "Hey, you're not thinking your sister will freak out about a broken glass, right?" "No," she whines and looks away tugging at the bottom of her shirt pulling it down some before she turns and walks over to the piano quietly looking out the window. She sighs and looks over at the clock, „Jade it's 1 am, you're welcome to stay if you want to. I don't want you driving home this late," She whispers and turns looking at me moving over quietly.

Quite surprised that it's already that late I look out of the window. Seems like it started to rain while we, or better I have been watching that movie. I honestly don't want to go out there. Cold, raining? No thanks. "Well Vega, I'm gonna accept the offer but only because it gives me more time to make you do whatever I want" I point out. Thinking I go back to the couch. "Say, is your sister a heavy sleeper?"

"Yes," she says bluntly as she walks over and sits down on the couch looking at me quietly, „Why?" "Got something for you to do." I say as I shoot her a smirk. "Go play some on the piano." Even though I wouldn't admit I was quite impressed as I saw her audition video for the platinum music awards. She blushes looking at me quietly and then looks over at the piano rubbing her neck,"Umm what do you want me to play?" "I don't know. Just play whatever comes to your mind." I say leaning back on the couch.

She sits down at the piano and thinks for a minute before she lets her fingers dance over the keys in a beautiful motion playing "Garden of Dreams" by Giovanni. I listen to her playing, a smile spreading across my face. Tori Vega is very talented even though I tried to make her believe otherwise at times. I close my eyes allowing the melody to take over my thoughts. Soon I drift off to sleep.