I wake up to some loud noise coming from the kitchen. I quickly sit up ready to grab anything near me and go chase off whoever is in the house as I remember what happened last night. Knowing it's most likely Beck who is going to get himself some breakfast I lay back down watching Tori who is still asleep next to me in the bed. How the hell can she still be asleep when there is someone tearing apart the kitchen?

Moments later she starts to stir and opens her eyes looking up at me. Smiling she leans up to place a kiss onto my cheek. "Good morning beautiful. You look distressed." She whispers sleepily and moves some strands of hair out of my face.

"It's okay" I shrug. To be woken up like this must have startled me a little more than I'd make myself believe. "Slept well?" I yawn looking down at her as I snuggle back up under the blanket.

"Mhm, and you?" Tori sits up slowly and looks down at me, „I felt you leave last night, the bed gets really cold when somebody gets up and leaves ya'know?" I look up at her, seeing an expecting look, demanding an explanation.

"I just couldn't sleep so I took a walk. I often do that. It sorta helps me to think." I explain ans see her gaze soften. "I didn't think you'd notice. Sorry for letting you freeze." I chuckle kissing her cheek as she lays back down under the blanket with me.

„Beck went with you." She states looking up at me, „You honestly didn't think I'd be able to smell him on you? That putrid cologne of his gives it away." She leans over me, „Did he explain everything to you?"

I sigh "I tried to get him to talk but he didn't say anything we don't know already. But I think he really is sorry about what happened." I look down playing with the ring on my finger.

"Maybe he just needs some time. I hope he will tell us someday." I whisper as someone knocks the door before opening it slowly, the smell of coffee filling the air. "Good morning." A familiar voice echoes through the room. I look up at the door, seeing Beck come in some coffee for each of us in his hands. "Girls..." He sighs "I guess I've got some explaining to do." He says handing out the coffee.

Tori shrinks away from him quietly and moves closer to my side, ignoring the coffee gesture, pressing herself against the wall as she stares at him. I wrap my arm around her, gently pulling her close. Beck frowns and puts the coffee onto the nightstand.

"So? You're finally going to talk?" I ask looking up at him. "After our walk last night I've been thinking." he starts sitting down and the edge of the bed. "I never had the intention to hurt Tori. But if I wouldn't have agreed to Trina's plan she... she would have killed you to make Tori suffer before finishing her plan. She wanted to get rid of both of you. You because you found out what she did to Tori and Tori because she is jealous. She said when Tori isn't around anymore people will finally appreciate her talent. I had no choice." He finally spoke after thinking for a while.

"But why didn't you tell anyone? If we would have known we would have been prepared. Damnit Beck, you haven't seen Tori after that, she must have thought you're really going to kill her. Don't you think before doing something dumb as that? A simple text and we would have known. Just a warning, an explanation."

"Nothing will ever make me forgive you for that night Beck." Tori growls, her eyes a menacing glare as she stares at him from behind me, „I can understand it, but damn it Beck you know suffocating is my worst fear!" She lunges out for him and growls loudly.

"That's why I didn't tell you. I knew you'd never agree to this but it had to seem as real as possible." He replies backing away. "And you couldn't come up with any other plan? Seriously?"

Tori gets up shoving him away as she struggles to walk out of the room. Walking seems to be easier for her today though. I sigh and shake my head. That really wasn't a clever move from him. Not at all. I take the coffee out of his hand and follow Tori, taking a sip of the hot liquid leaving Beck on his own in my bedroom.