AN: I swear I have no idea where the idea for this came up. Really I do.

Every day the routine was the same. During her free period, Quinn would head to the library and pop open one of her textbooks. She'd pretend to study when in fact she had a comic book hidden between the pages. It wasn't as though Quinn was ashamed of being into comics, but she had to protect them in case one of the jocks or the cheerleaders decided to have some fun with her. Not that they'd ever be caught in the library, but better to be safe rather than sorry.

That's how her day typically went, but today was different. Today Quinn could only get a few pages into her comic before letting her eyes drift upward onto the form of Rachel Berry entering the room. Rachel had a free period at this time too. She would occasionally come to the library ever now and again, but those times were far in between. Rachel Berry was a very busy girl and had little time to do as she pleased.

Quinn inhaled deeply as Rachel passed her by, the heavenly aroma of Rachel's shampoo invading her senses. Rachel walked over to the bookshelf opposite where Quinn was sitting. She picked up a random book on the floor and reached up in an attempt to put it back in its place. With her diminutive stature that simple task proved to be quite difficult.

She stood up on her tip-toes, stretching her impossibly long, tan legs in the process. Quinn tried and failed to stop her eyes from lingering. She licked her lips as subtly as she could manage before getting out of her seat and approaching the struggling girl. She took her attention by lightly tapping her on the shoulder, "May I?" she asked uncertainly. Rachel smiled brightly, handing the book over.

"Thank you Quinn," she said after Quinn easily placed the book back in its spot.

"You're welcome," Quinn stutters out, slightly surprised that Rachel knows her name. She's even more surprised when Rachel follows her to back to her table. She doesn't know if she should keep reading or not. Rachel's next words make up her mind.

"I love that issue," she comments.

"What?" is Quinn's only response.

"That issue you have," Rachel clarifies, pointing towards Quinn's textbook. "That's the first issue of Araña, isn't it?" Quinn nodded dumbly. "I really love that girl; I was kind of disappointed when she took up the mantle of Spider-Girl." Quinn stared at her, mouth agape. Rachel giggled at her. "What, I can't know about comics because I'm a cheerleader?"

"No, no! Of course not." Rachel giggled again at Quinn's shrill response.

"Here," she took hold of her hand. "I want to show you something." Rachel pulled Quinn out of her seat and dragged her out of the library and into the nearest restroom. She promptly closed the door and locked it. She had a grin on her face, and something about it made Quinn feel uneasy. Suddenly she reached under her Cheerios skirt and began to remove her spanks.

"What are you doing?!" Quinn practically screamed out, her entire face turning bright red.

"Relax, Quinn," Rachel said casually, as though there were absolutely nothing wrong with stripping off her clothes and exposing herself right there in front of Quinn. And as much as Quinn would love to see Rachel's naked body, she can't help but feel very uncomfortable in her current situation. Her complete and utter innocence completely bites her in the butt right now. She closed her eyes tight and places her hands over them all the while shaking her head back and forth.

Another giggle is heard, and Quinn wants to reprimand Rachel right then and there, but doing so would risk her opening her eyes. And opening her eyes means seeing Rachel in whatever clothing she has left on. Quinn whimpers at the thought. And maybe she was staring earlier, but she is not a pervert, and is not going to look. And then there are hands on her wrists, pulling them away from her face. And then the words, "You're cute when you're shy." And she opens her eyes. And Rachel looks to be fully clothed, minus the spanks. Quinn breathes a little easier.


"Well actually, you're just plain cute." Quinn's blush returns. Rachel takes the opportunity and lifts up her skirt before Quinn can react. Quinn closes her eyes when she sees a glimpse of that soft, pink… wait… that's not… and she's not… and those are… but those couldn't be… could they be?

"Batman underwear?"

"Yeah, you like?" Quinn nods slowly after swallowing a lump in her throat. "Good." Rachel lets her skirt fall, and then reaches for her underwear. Quinn whimpers again, but this time she doesn't have the strength to close her eyes as she watches Rachel shimmy the garment down her legs before replacing them with her spanks. Rachel takes her underwear and puts it in Quinn's hand. "You can have it." She then saunters off, making sure to give her hips an extra sway. "There's more where that came from," Rachel called, giving Quinn a wink.

AN: Honestly, this started off really innocent, and then something just happened. I'm going to assume that people want a follow up.