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Quinn buried her face in her hands as she saw Sam approach with a giant grin on his face. He came up to her and scooped her into a hug. She squeaked when he lifted her off her feet. Quinn always hated when he did that, which is probably why he always did it. She punched him on the shoulder once he set her down.

"Ow," he whined, rubbing the spot she hit as he feigned anguish. "What, can't a guy be glad that his best bud got some a one Rachel Berry?" He raised his hand up in front of her for a high five which Quinn didn't return. He dropped his hand, frowning. "Oh, come on. Don't pretend like nothing happened."

"Nothing did happen," Quinn insisted.

"Well, pray tell, what exactly were you two doing in the janitor's closet?"

Quinn bit her lip nervously. Sam smirked. "She um… She invited me to a sleep over," she told him, eyes down on sneakers. She knew that she must sounded silly and was expecting him to burst out laughing at any second, but he didn't. Quinn looked up to see a stony expression upon his normally boyish features.

"Right," he responded, his features stoic and emotionless. "That makes perfect sense. I'm sorry I ever doubted you."

"Sam, I'm serious."

"So am I. I mean, that's a very normal thing to do," he reasoned. "She obviously wanted some privacy, so she could ask you to hahaha." He immediately clasped his hand over his mouth and took a moment to compose himself. The glare Quinn sent his way went unnoticed. "It just makes sense that no one would be able to overhear you and bwahahaha." His boisterous laughter echo through the halls, garnering a few questioning looks from a few passersby.

"Sam, this isn't funny!" Quinn punched his shoulder again.

"No, it's not," he tried to agree. "It's not, it's really not." Whether or not he was actually trying to stop laughing, Quinn couldn't tell but she was quickly getting annoyed at his behavior.

"Some friend you are. I'm going to class." She spun on heel and began down the hallway.

"Wait, wait," he managed to call out. Quinn stopped with a sigh. "Just give me a second." Sam took in deep gulps of air until his breathing evened out. He got himself upright and wiped away the tears he had spilled in his joyous laughter. "I'm sorry, I really am. But that was just funny, okay?"

"It wasn't that funny."

"Yes, it was."

"But it's what happened!"

"Okay, okay. I believe you," he told her, even if her story sounded a bit preposterous. "So you're going to have a sleepover… with Rachel?"

"You don't make it sound so unbelievable." Quinn frowned, clearly hurt.

"I'm not saying that it is," Sam replied. "Besides, I'm the one who told you that she's not like the rest of them," he reminded her. "That she won't judge."

"Maybe, but it's different for you," Quinn pointed out. "You're the quarterback."

"Yeah, but I'm only second string."

"That's not the point. You're on the football team, you're popular, and I'm just… a geek." Her shoulders dropped at the admission. Of course Sam was a geek as well and apparently so was Rachel, but they also had football and cheerleading, respectively, to keep them from the bottom of the social hierarchy. Needless to say, it sucked to be at the bottom and Sam's friendship could only do so much.

"Hey." He placed his hand under her chin, lifting her head up. "You're not just a geek," he told her, Quinn's lips curving into a soft smile. "You're also a nerd." Quinn frowned and punched him. "Ow. That really hurt this time." Quinn could only guess that it did considering that she'd hit in in the same spot three times now, but she didn't really care. Sam was being a jerk.

"Serves you right." She began to head to class, Sam quickly following.

"You never answered my question."

"Which one?"

"About you having a sleepover with Rachel."

"I already told you!"

"Just checking," Sam said, raising his hands in front of him defensively to protect his arm. If he had any chance to make it to starting quarterback he'd have to make sure that Quinn stop assaulting his throwing arm. "Have you even ever been to a sleepover?" he asked a moment later. "And I mean a real sleepover, not one of our gaming nights."

"Well, um… no, but Rachel said that we'd watch The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man."

"Wait what?"

"She said-"

"I heard." Quinn rolled her eyes. Why was he even asking if- "Can I come?"

"What? No! We've already seen them anyway!"

"No, you've seen them. I haven't," Sam corrected. "You ditched me and went to watch them with your sister?"

"Oh, right." She had forgotten about that. "Well, too bad. That's what you get for being mean."

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