Chapter twenty one

When Neville got back to Gryffindor tower, he explained to Ron and Hermione what Professor McGonagall told him about why Professor Snape broke it off with Harry.

'So because of the way we were acting when they were together, he thought Harry would eventually be put in the position of choosing between him and us,' Hermione said sadly.

'And we did tell him we couldn't met with him a lot, we knew they would be together,' Ron said sighing heavily, 'So what do we do?'

'Professor McGonagall is talking to Snape now to try and work something out. But do you think Harry will trust him again, that he might be a bit worried that Snape could hurt him again?' Neville asked.

'He is cautious when he's been hurt or felt betrayed, so that will be hard to say Neville, I just hope something can be done. But it never even occurred to me that he might think Harry would do that, choose, but it does make sense.'

'What are you all whispering about?' Ginny asked as she joined the group.

'We found out why Snape broke up with Harry, because of us. He thought Harry would eventually have to choose between his friends and him because we stopped seeing Harry and we couldn't relax with him,' Ron shrugged.

'Well, it was strange having him there all the time knowing he was our teacher and would be again. So what do we do, try and act normally around him if he ever takes Harry back?' Ginny asked.

'McGonagall is talking to him now, so we just have to wait and see. But it's dinner time, let's go eat and hopefully Professor McGonagall will have worked something out.'

Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville headed down to the great hall, some of their other friends followed behind. They all sat at the Gryffindor table and started dishing up their dinner, but still talked quietly about Professor Snape and Harry, they also noticed the Professor McGonagall was at the staff table, but Professor Snape wasn't. They were half way through dinner when Harry staggered in, wobbling all over the place, even falling on a couple of girls on the Ravenclaw table.

'Sorry girls,' Harry gave them cheeky smiled, 'It's a shame I'm gay, we could have fun,' they giggled, Harry looked to the boy near them, 'Are you gay, you're cute?'

'Um, no, I'm not Harry, sorry,' the boy blushed.

'Oh well, could have been fun,' Harry staggered back towards the Gryffindor table and fell against Neville, 'Sorry Nev, can't seem to stand up.'

'It's fine, just sit,' Neville moved a bit to so Harry could sit, but he glanced up at Professor McGonagall who gave a small nod and she also smiled. Neville moved his head close to Ron, 'McGonagall smiled and nodded, maybe they worked something out.'

'Let's hope,' Ron turned back to his food just like everyone else did apart from Harry who pulled out another flask, 'Where did he get that from, I thought we took all the flask?'

As Harry started to answer and talk from other students started again, everyone turned towards the doors of the great hall. Gasps went around the great hall as Professor Snape walked in, he was in jeans and a green top, not his robes and his hair was tied back, he walked slowly towards the Gryffindor table.

'Harry,' Ron nudged Harry hard in the ribs.

'Blimey, that hurt Ron, what?'

'Look,' Ron jerked his head.

Harry slowly lifted his head and turned, 'Oh shit.'

Snape continued until he stood right behind Harry staring down at him. He took Harry's hand and pulled him to his feet.

'I'm sorry, can you forgive me?'

'Why?' Harry asked in a shaky voice.

'I think you need to explain more for me to know what you mean?' Snape smiled.

'Um, why did you leave?'

'I can explain that more in private, but I didn't think you should have to choose between me and your friends and that's where it was heading.'

'Why here, now, in front of everyone?'

'I decided we're worth it even if it means I have to leave. I lied when I said I didn't love you, I do, more than you know and I want us to try again. What do you say love?'

Harry kept staring into Severus' dark orbs, before he's lips turned up in a smile then he got surprised as Severus picked in him and made sure Harry's legs were wrapped around his waist and his arms around his neck before their lips joined to loud applause from everyone in the great hall, but also to a lot of crude and suggestive comments.

'Um, you don't think their going to shag right here in front of everyone, do you?' Neville asked laughing with Ron before he's ears went red.

Severus and Harry's lips parted, 'No, we will not Neville, that is about to happen in my private rooms.'

'Oh good, can we go now, I want to fuck you,' Harry chuckled.

'So crude Mr. Potter and as for the way you've been behaving and this drinking, expect to be punished,' Severus moved quickly until Harry was over his shoulder.

'Hey, Sev, put me down you bloody bully. I might be drunk but I can walk,' Severus slapped Harry's arse, 'Hey, that hurt.'

'I expect it would, but also expect more, so say goodbye to your friends they won't be seeing you for a long time.'

'Um,' Harry lifted his head and looked at all his friends, 'Bye,' he shrugged, then Severus strolled out of the great hall to more applause and cheers, but Harry's friend saw instantly that they had their friend back, now they had to act normally around Professor Snape, relax around him, but seeing the way he was just then, they could easily treat him as a friend when they are away from Hogwarts. Another thing they knew with certainty, no one would see Harry or Snape tonight and maybe even tomorrow. But the friends didn't care, they just wanted their friend back and now they have.

The end: