Chapter one: An Introduction

Sometimes when the universe looks it's bleakest and we have almost given up on all hope a shooting star crosses the night sky and the moon shines down upon us making everything brighter and more exotic. Sometimes when traveling in all time and space and seeing the actions of others and the worlds dying around him the Doctor would look outside his Tardis and sigh. Because they were the dark corners of the universe the destruction of creation and the loss of hope, sometimes he wanted to give up to never open those doors again. but then as if the Tardis herself heard his thoughts they'd travel somewhere else and everything would shine again, it wouldn't matter if he'd already been to those places because he was experiencing it all again with new eyes and maybe new companions. And then like a cycle he would lose it all again.

He'd lost Amy and Rory, he'd tried to get back into traveling by seeing some familiar faces but they just made his hearts clench with more agony as he remembered the times they had. He'd all but given up on the universe. How could it make him go through this again and again, a never ending pattern? Hadn't it had enough of his misery?

The Tardis was hovering over the planet Messaline where he'd met Jenny his daughter who had died in his arms. He hadn't even stuck around for the funeral; he'd wanted to escape the pain or losing another child. Maybe he'd see where she rested now; it couldn't get any more painful than this. Or maybe he was wrong.

He sighed as he looked at the planet below on the screen, he pressed a couple of buttons and the Tardis landed in the old theatre. He looked around for a while taking the place in as night had fallen and the cities human's and Hath's were asleep. He walked till he found the room where they had laid Jenny on a table hoping for some clue of where she now rested.

"Who are you?" he turned around to see Cline, the young man his daughter had tricked into escaping their cell.

"Cline? It's me, the Doctor." He raised an eyebrow and then suddenly remembered that he didn't look like the Doctor Cline would remember.

"No you're not, who are you really?"

"It's me; I just regenerated after I died. Different body." he shrugged his shoulders hoping that Cline would understand without him having to explain it all, he suddenly felt very anxious.

"Is that a family thing? Though, Jenny stayed looking the same when she came back to life." Cline looked at him questioningly. The Doctor stared, silence spread across the room, the Tardis herself could have exploded and it wouldn't have got the Doctor's attention.

"Jenny… Jenny is alive?" he whispered from across the room but somehow Cline heard him.

"Yeah, gave me and Hath Gable a right scare. She didn't even stick around afterwards she just jumped on a ship and told us she wanted to explore the universe. And then something about planets to save, civilisations to rescue, and a lot of running."

"She's alive…" the Doctor could hardly believe it after all this time, Jenny was alive. He could find her; he would spend every waking second trying to find out where she was. He began running before he even registered wanting to move, running to the Tardis and getting closer to Jenny.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Cline shouted from behind him.

"To go find her!" the Doctor shouted back a smile finally finding its way onto his face as he snapped his fingers and rushed through the doors of the Tardis that shut behind him as he ran to the consol.

He nearly started skipping around the console as the universe was suddenly bathed in light and the future suddenly looked less lonely. He could almost imagine finding Jenny again; she would turn around her blonde hair in a pony tail that smirk on her face as if she'd been waiting for him to come.

He started the Tardis up but before he could get around to the screen to pick a planet the Tardis' engines started to rumble and she took off by herself.

"Where is she girl?" he stoked the console in front of him and helped her along as they went off somewhere.

Then they suddenly stopped he looked around the Tardis as if it held any clearer clues to where they had ended up. He walked over to the screen and brought up the planet below them, they were hovering over earth during mid-2013. Then there was a flash of light.

"Agh! Not the stairs!" he turned in time to see someone fall down the stairs towards the console and crash onto the floor.

"Ugh, thanks so much for breaking my fall. It's not like teleporting with a vortex manipulator doesn't make my stomach turn upside down." The girl's voice was clearly sarcastic from the opposite side of the console; he started to creep around as if worried that if he'd make any fast movements she might attack him.

"For the love of Gallifrey, next time I'll just call you to pick me up if this is what I've got to experience trying to see you." Two hands popped themselves onto the console and a bunch on brown hair came shortly after then she stood up.

She looked around twenty years old with Tardis blue eyes and with crazy brown hair that couldn't decide if it wanted to be curly or frizzy but parted down the middle with chin length bangs that were blown away from her face. He saw a crazy light within her eyes that made them sparkle and a smirk that looked like it was permanently fixed on her face.

"Wotcher, Dad."

Author note: This was an old idea that had been in my head for a couple of years until today when it came to me to actually write it. Seriously why is it that the best time to write fanfiction comes when you're meant to be doing something serious... (if there's any mistakes that serious nerdy whovians can pick up please tell me because despite being a whovian myself I know that I don't know everything about the universe.)