Chapter Two: Singing her song

"What… what? What!" his eyes widened in confusion but even as the self-denial raged within him the recognition of her and the small likeness began to register within his mind.

"Gesh, look at the state of her! You really need to start cleaning this console or mum is gonna chase your arse to the end of the universe again." she rolled her eyes as she began to use the end of her long blue shirt to polish some of the buttons. "That reminds me, you promised to help me make my own sonic it is my birthday coming up soon. Can we visit ancient Greece again, I want to apologise to Caesar for telling him that he gets a salad named after him. Or maybe we should visit Captain Jack and I can see the Torchwood base before it blew up."

He felt like his mind was going to explode the rate of her words and the compulsive wiping down of the controls took on a speed in which he was very familiar with.

"Maybe a pen or the lipstick like Sarah-Jane, no offence dad but I don't think the screwdriver will cut it. Hey you still haven't fixed this, mum told you if you don't someone might get electrocuted; I really don't want to have to go through that again. Or what about the set of the first Star wars film, I feel like a good laugh the types of aliens human's think up." A laugh escaped her mouth that sang around the Tardis and like as in response the Tardis hummed.

"That's right girl, so what do you say Dad?" the slightly tanned face smiled at him as she leaned around to see him. He could only stare in shock as no words came out of his mouth.

"Daddy?" she came towards him her brows knit as the smile slid away. "Oh for the love of Time, how did I not see? Your so much younger, just look at your eyes!"

"Wha…?" he edged around the console as she came closer.

"Wow, just look at your hair, it's so funny!" she giggled and then suddenly her eyes widened. "Mum's going to kill me, I've come too early, or maybe this was meant to happen. But neither of you have ever mentioned it. Agh, why isn't Jenny here to take the blame with me!" she started pacing around and then took something out of her pocket and started fiddling with it then in mid stride she let it go and a helicopter made out of cotton buds flew around their heads in circles for a couple of minutes.

"Who are you?" he finally got out as he began to rub his temples with his thumbs.

"Maybe I shouldn't say, like spoilers or something… or maybe it's obvious enough already. But it could change the course of history and you'd both ban me from space travel for a couple of year again." she bit her lip and sank onto the chair.

"What's your name? That can't do much harm." He leaned against the console suddenly tired; it was if all the hours of not sleeping had finally caught up to him.

"Agh no, if I tell you my name then that means in effect I choose my own name meaning there's no crazy story behind it like you and mum say." She leaned her head back to lean on the rail. "Well at least It's not as bad as mum encouraging Grandma and Grandpa to start a relationship causing herself to exist."

"River?" he asked recognising what the girl was talking about. She looked up like a trapped rabbit with its hand in the cookie jar.


"So you're mine and River's daughter?" he fiddled with his bowtie suddenly uncomfortable.

"Well you are married." She rolled her blue eyes and they sparkled.

"So are you…. Gallifreyan?" his two hearts stopped and restarted at a faster rate as he stared at her with a new intensity.

"Well the Face of Bo did say you weren't alone didn't he? Captain Jack does love dramatics." She giggled again.

"I'm guessing your last name is Song?" he said rolling his eyes and smiling.

"Yep, Arianna Amelia Song. Named after Grandma, you always say that it sounds like a fairy tale. Anyway it's not like I could get a proper Time Lady name as we didn't do that tradition when I was younger." She bounced off the chair and flipped a switch. "That one was in the wrong place."

"Arianna Amelia Song." He whispered to himself as he stared at her not taking his eyes off any of her movements. "How old are you?"

"Nearly a hundred, I've spent a couple of years with Great Grandpa traveling the Earth as punishment for the-"

She suddenly stopped and looked up her cheeks turning pink. "Nether mind."

"So… why are you here?"

"Oh yeah, I just wanted to see you. Can't a girl see her Daddy without being questioned?" Arianna ducked underneath the console. "Wow there's actual rust!"


"Destiny, everything happens for a reason father, its fates way in telling us that this is our path that this is our destiny." She put a normal screwdriver on top of the console as if it had already been used. He wanted to run over to her and drag her back out not liking that someone else was working on the Tardis doing something unknown.

"You can't distract me with fancy words." He looked down at her as she came out from under the console.

"Sorry, it's so much easier to distract human's." she shrugged her shoulders and popped the screwdriver back into her utility belt which he saw hidden under her blue shirt. He finally noticed the white skinny jeans and black boots she had on.

"So why are you here?" he asked again.

"The Tardis called me saying something about finding Jenny. She's so lucky, never getting into trouble. Well enough trouble to get caught…."


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