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Everyone looked tense as they watched as Ziden was standing in front of Shinki with several Shortswords pointed at his neck by a woman wearing as Maid uniform as Sakuya was holding a knife to her throat.

" Enough, Yumeko. I'll not have you pointing your blade at our valued guest." Shinki ordered as Yumeko glared at Ziden.

" I'm watching you, Demon Hunter. Try anything to harm the innocents of this land, and I'll take you down myself." Yumeko said as she lowered her swords.

" Whatever, lady, hows it hanging Shinki? Made any more Demons since I last came here?" Ziden asked as Shinki shook her head.

" Nope, I haven't created any demons in a while now, kinda grown bored of doing so since they just pop up out of nowhere nowadays. * Sighs* makes me wish I had a King to help me rule over Makai more effectively." Shinki said as Ziden sighed.

" Wait? You want Ziden as a king for this place? You want a 'Demon Hunter' and a Psychopath like Ziden to be your King?" Reimu asked as everyone looked to Shinki.

" How the hell do I qualify as a King and how in the hell am I Psychopathic!?" Ziden asked.

" Well there's the whole deal with you always fighting with Sparda in the old days. You were obsessed with beating him and you still are." Yukari explained.

" Oh? How is my little Sparda doing these days anyway?" Shinki asked.

" Eh? Well he's kinda dead unfortunately." Dante said as he stepped forward.

" What do you mean by that? Were you and Sparda having some kind of casual fling back then?" ZIden asked.

" No! Sparda is one of the very first demons I created when I was younger, along with my eldest child, Mundy." Shinki said as Ziden and Dante both looked to each other.

" Ziden...did I just hear her right?" Dante asked.

" Well, Shinki did make Makai so it wouldn't surprise me." Ziden said.

" So mother created this Sparda and Mundy char as well. That is news to me as well." Alice said as Yukari remembered something.

" Oh my! I knew I forgot someone!" Yukari calmly opened a Gap and yanked Byakuren and Vergil through it as Ziden and Reimu began to put two and two together.

" Wait a sec, if Shinki created Sparda and Sparda went off to create both Dante and Vergil...wouldn't that technically make Shinki their grandmother by logic's standpoint." Ziden said as Vergil looked confused.

Shinki looked at Dante and later Vergil as she quickly grabbed Dante into a back breaking hug as he struggled to break free.

" Oh myself! I can't believe Sparda gave me such handsome grandchildren! Oh happy days!" Shinki said as she spun Dante around as Ziden facepalmed.

" Excuse me, but shouldn't we be talking about this invasion going on in Makai right?" Patchouli interrupted as Shinki nodded.

Dante was released from her grip as he rolled back next to Vergil and began to speak to him.

" Well, right now we're currently being attacked by a large army of demons and what appear to be humans in cloaks and white creatures." Yumeko said as Ziden sighed.

" Can you tell us about these demons then?" Byakuren asked.

" Well, from our reports, there are three Demon Commanders, we don't know their names but we know that they are very powerful Demons, all ranking as S-Class Demons." Yumeko added as Ziden and Dante raised an eyebrow.

" Please tell us what these demons look like so we know what to look out for." Vergil asked as Yumeko nodded.

" One of the demons is a large Behemoth wearing a large red jacket, had large orange eyes and a blueish beard and had another face on his stomach." Arthur clenched his fist on that description. " Another was a large brown demon wearing various golden armor pieces and had a large golden scepter that rained lightning down onto our forces." Ziden and Sakuya paled at that description. " And the last one was a mysterious looking demon wearing all blue and he appeared to have had long nails and scythe like wings."

" That last one sounds like Jedah Dohma, this ain't going to be easy for us to deal with." Dante said.

" Why? Is this guy powerful?" Yuugi asked.

" More than that, he's dangerous beyond belief...if you encounter Jedah, don't fight him, run." Dante warned.

" Like hell I will! I'm an Oni, I don't run from fights." Yuugi said.

" Jedah is probably going to be one of the Strongest beings we face on this journey, don't attempt to fight him alone, or you will die." Ziden said as Yuugi walked up to him.

" Are you telling me that you think that he's too much for an Oni like me to handle by myself?" Yuugi asked as Yukari appeared next to her.

" He's right, I've seen what Jedah can do and he is far too powerful for most of us to handle, hell, with Ziden's level of strength right now, he's no match for Jedah at all." Yukari pointed out.

" So basically, you see Jedah, don't fight him alone without someone like Dante or Vergil with you, it'll end badly for you if you don't." Ziden warned as Yuugi huffed.

" Any thing else we should know about?" Reimu asked.

" Not really, they have alot of demons attacking us at the moment, they're currently attacking the castle we recently build to house several of the younger and weaker demons from the war, but the enemies decided to attack us anyway." Shinki said.

" I'm electing to send at least five of you to clear out this town and keep those demons safe." Yukari said.

" I'm going." Yuugi said as Ziden stepped up as well.

" I would like to go as well." Youmu said.

" Hmph, I shall help as well." Vergil said.

" I may as well come to make sure Ziden doesn't do anything overly stupid." Sakuya said as Ziden growled.

" Jeez! What am I, a freaking child?" Ziden asked.

" You do act like one sometimes, I should know." Mokou said while smirking.

" Oh shove it Mokou! Whatever! Keep up if you can!" Ziden said as he dashed forward, kicking up a whirlwind that blasted everyone around the room as Youmu and Vergil dashed after him with Yuugi and Sakuya flying after them.

" Tch! I know one thing; The Scarlet Devil doesn't back out from a fight! Me and Flandre will handle this Jedah Dohma and crush him with ease!" Remilia declared as Flandre nodded with him.

Back in Japan...

" Grr...can't believe those two made me do this!" Bowser said as he walked down the dirt road until he found a bush as Kaguya's head peeked out of the bushes.

" Did you get us some clothes to wear?" Kaguya asked.

" Yes..."

" The underwear too right?" Kaguya asked again.

" Yes!" Bowser quickly threw the bag of clothes into the bush as he calmly walked away from the women as they quickly began to get dressed. " Can't believe they even made me buy underwear for them! Bah!"

Kaguya and Eirin soon came out of the bushes as they were wearing new clothing.

Eirin was now wearing a red and blue blouse top similar to her regular clothing, she also had on a long navy blue dress skirt that covered her legs as she struggled with her blue high heels. " I don't see how Earthling women can wear such uncomfortable shoes? Gah and this blouse top shows off too much of my chest, this is very uncomfortable." Eirin complained as Bowser growled.

Kaguya was also wearing a blouse top but this one was pink with golden tree branches scattered across the blouse top but her skirt was much shorter than Eirin's, barely reach her knees as she felt embarrassed wearing them. She had simple slip on shoes that were very comfortable for her to wear. " Do women in the Outside world really dress this freely? If a strong wind comes by, my underwear will be visible for everyone to see! Why didn't you get me something like Eirin's skirt!?" Kaguya asked while stomping her foot.

" Bah! You told me to buy you clothes! I bought you clothes with the money you gave me! Don't complain, live with it Princess!" Bowser said as Kaguya's face started to turn red before she began to storm off.

" Please tell me you saw where that Bomb flew off to?" Eirin asked as Bowser pointed to the small town in the distance.

" It fell somewhere into the woods over there in that town. Looks like we get to walk through public again, hurray." Bowser said as they began to walk down the road with Eirin walking next to him with her bow wrapped around her.

Kaguya was still walking ahead of the group as she glanced down to the ring on her hand that she received from Ziden's mother as a gift for their marriage as she happily sighed to herself as she slowed down. " I hope Ziden isn't too worried about me not coming back to his side yet, I bet he's missing my wonderful company right now!" Kaguya said as both Eirin and Bowser sweatdropped.

Back in Makai...

A large fireball is seen crashing into the ground, blasting away several Zealots as Ziden is seen walking out of the crater as he was holding Fafnir in his hand. " Time to give this Devil Arm a workout. Lets play you freaks!" Ziden yelled as electricity course through his spear.

Night of Fate ( Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix)

Ziden noticed he was surrounded by a large swarm of normal zealots as he raised an eyebrow. " I guess I'm about to go Dynasty Warriors on these assholes! Come on! Time to take back this territory!" Ziden yelled as he thrust his spear forward, striking multiple people in the group as he began to follow up with faster strikes, catching more of enemies as blood began to rain down on the battlefield as he ended his assault by leaping into the air and firing down lightning bolts, blasting Zealots all over the place as he noticed that a Gap was hovering over his shoulder.

Ziden ducked a sword swing over his head as he stabbed the Zealot through the chest and raised him high into the air as the other Zealots backed away. " Extreme Defib Shock!" Lightning channeled through the spear, frying the Zealot's heart and body as Ziden launched the Zealot at the group of them as the body exploding into chunks and lightning bolts as they tore the Zealots apart around them as several of them dropped their blade and cowered on the ground.

" Ziden! Can you hear me?" Ziden heard Shinki's voice as he switched weapons to his dual katana as he began to run off in a random direction.

" What do you want?" Ziden asked as he quickly slashed through several Zealots.

" Some of our Soldiers, Yuki and Mai are being overrun by those Zealots in the Northwest Garrison! Out of everyone on the Battlefield, you're the closest to them, Youmu and Vergil are en route to their location as well! Please help my children before they get overrun!" Shinki pleaded as Ziden sighed.

" I'm on my way!" Ziden increased his speed and dashed his way towards the Northwest Garrison.

There were two girls standing in the Garrison surrounded by Zealots as they both fell on their rears, tired from the fighting. One of them was a blonde girl wearing a black hat that looked alot like Marisa and the other girl was a blue haired girl with light blue eyes. They were Yuki and Mai.

" Lets finish these freaks off! For the sake of Lord Ultima-gack!" The Zealot soon looked down to see a silver blade piercing through his chest before it moved diagonally downwards, slicing him in half as Vergil swung his blade down, getting the blood off of his blade as the other Zealots backed away.

" Eh? Who are you?" Yuki asked as sh watched Vergil spin his blade.

" Your mother sent me to this location to help you out, I expected Ziden to be here by now but I guess I expected to much from that weakling." Vergil said as a burst of wind appeared behind him as Youmu was seen holding her two blades.

" Perhaps he encountered some kind of problem on his way here?" Youmu wondered.

" If by Ziden, you mean the Demon Hunter one, then he probably got lost, I hear he's bad with compass directions." Mai said as Youmu sweatdropped.

" Idiot." Vergil said as he swung his blade and created a large orb of wind blades that tore the Zealots apart as Youmu leapt into the fray, slicing through the Zealots with her blades as Yuki and Mai watched as the two newcomers tore the Zealots massive numbers with pure ease.

" Shall we join the fray, sister?" Yuki asked.

" Yes, we shall. Kill them all!" Mai said as she charged forward into the fray as well.

Ziden found himself outside the Northeastern Garrison as he dove inside, only to see Yuugi and Sakuya devastating the enemies inside the fort as Ziden entered it as she mentally facepalmed.

" Got lost didn't you?" Sakuya asked.

" No I didn't! I meant to come this!" Ziden said trying to cover up his fail.

" Guys! A large demon is heading your way! It must be the Leader for these Zealots here!" Arthur yelled through the portal as Ziden looked confused.

" I don't sense anything coming at us, do you sense anything dangerous nearby, Yuugi?" Ziden asked as he kicked a Zealot to the ground and summoning a flaming spike to impale the downed Zealot.

" No, other than these Zealots, I don't sense anything trying to kill us!" Yuugi answered back as Ziden shrugged.

" Hmm? Was that large statue always there?" Sakuya asked as she pointed to the statue blocking the exit to the garrison.

" No and its creeping me out. Seriously Shinki, why would you make such fugly looking statues, man?" Ziden asked.

" Those aren't mine, I don't remember ever making a statue like that and placing it in the garrisons." Shinki said as Ziden felt a chill run down his spine.

" Why do I feel like I'm about to die a 1000 times until I win?" Ziden wondered.

" Indeed! Something about that statue rubs me the wrong...wait! That's no statue! That's-" Arthur was interupted by the sound of stone breaking as Ziden and the others looked at the massive demon that was standing over them.

The demon was wearing large silver armor all over its body, minus its feet and hands which were green and had sharp claws on them. Most notable was the fact the demon was headless and was holding the head in its right hand. The head was green with a large eye, orange hair and fanged filled mouth.

"-One hell of a big demon, I tell ya what." Ziden said as he placed Nosada on his shoulder.

" Heh! It doesn't matter! The bigger they are, the harder they fall!" Yuugi yelled as she slammed her fist into her hand.

" Be careful! That demon is a Shielder! Those things are no joke! They gave us quite the trouble during that X Zone Incident!" Arthur warned as Ziden raised an eyebrow.

" Whatever! I've taken down bigger and badder! Bring it on ugly! I'll show you how a Demon Hunter throws down in a fight!" Ziden yelled while cracking his neck.

" Hmm? There's another one in the other Garrison fighting Youmu and the others! Looks like they planned on you guys coming to aid Yuki and Mai! Take care of those Shielders and get back here!" Yukari ordered as Ziden sighed.

Ghost's N' Goblins ( Project X Zone)

Ziden jumped towards the massive Shielder and delivered a powerful slash across his chest, forcing the demon to stumble backwards as Yuugi followed up with a powerful punch to the chest that launched him backwards as Sakuya dashed past the duo and threw several knives into the throat of the massive demon as it stomped down onto the nearby Zealots as it pointed its head at the group.

" Gwoar!" Shielder sprayed a stream of fire at the group as Ziden casually pointed his hand at the flames as they began to enter his hand as Ziden grabbed Yuugi and threw her towards Shielder as she slammed her feet onto his chest, forcing him on his back as Yuugi began to rapidly slam her fist into his chest as the ground began to quake from her impacts as Sakuya landed next to him as Yuugi egen to smash to smash the Demon harder as Ziden and Sakuya seemed concerned.

Soon the sounds of a fist hitting metal soon turned to the viscious sounds of flesh being being smashed and torn as the Shielder's life ceased as Ziden jumped onto the Shielder's corpse and grabbed her by her shoulder.

" Calm down Yuugi! Its already dead!" Ziden said as only for Yuugi to spin around as nearly hit him with her fist. " The hell is your problem, man!?"

" My problem is the fact that you think I'm too weak to fight this Jedah char! I'm an Oni, the very embodiment of strength and you say I'm too weak to fight some demon I've never heard of before! That's like spitting on my pride Ziden!" Yuugi yelled as she poked Ziden in the chest.

" Seriously? Its not that you're too weak, its just that...uh...Jedah's kind of a slimy sort, a tricky person to fight and won't hesitate to kill you...plus you are kinda easily tricked." Ziden said while running his hand through his hair as Sakuya began to mentally panic.

" Oh? And what do you mean by that Ziden?" Yuugi asked as Ziden felt a sense of danger coming from here.

" Well there's the fact that you bought that lie about Dante being my bodyguard so I wouldn't have to fight you." Ziden simply said as Yuugi sharply frowned.

Yuugi calmly walked over to Ziden and placed her hand on his shoulder as he felt a surge of murderous intent coming from Yuugi. " Ziden, even if you are my husband, you should know, we Oni detest lies and its not wise to lie to one." Yuugi said as her grip tightened onto Ziden's shoulder as she pulled her other fist back.

" Ziden! Ya better clench those teeth, ze!" Marisa warned as Ziden was confused.

" Wait what?" Ziden asked as Yuugi's fist slammed into Ziden's face, completely shattering his face and jaw as he seen flying into the ground, creating a shockwave that blasted everyone away that wasn't the heroes.

Vergil and Youmu were dashing around the massive demon as it struggled to keep up with the duo. Vergil quickly leapt into the air and swung his blade downwards slicing the demon in half as they heard the loud crash as the Zealots went into full panic and began to retreat in sheer terror as Vergil sheathed his blade.

" That was an easy first mission." Youmu said as she wiped the blood from her blades.

"...Whatever, I'm heading back to the castle." Vergil said as he began to walk back to the castle.

Ziden had finished crawling out of the massive crater that was made from Yuugi's hitting him in the face as Yuugi is seen standing over him before she dragged him out and drapped him across her back. They both heard the sound of glass breaking as Ziden knew what to expect next.

" A new bond has been established between you two. You have reached the first Rank of the Strength Social Rank. Continue to strengthen this bond to learn Earth based attacks and Spells for your keyblade. Increase the love between you two and learn to curb thine lies, young hero." The voice said as Ziden sighed.

" Hate that voice, he angers because he treats me like a kid." Ziden said as Yuugi chuckled as she flew back to the castle.

" You are a child mentally. Doesn't take a genius to see that." Yuugi said as they entered the throne room as she dropped him onto the crystal floor as they saw Remilia and Flandre on the ground, bloodied and broken as they a demon cloaked in blue floating over them.

" Jedah Dohma, never thought I'd see your damn face again." Ziden said as Jedah quickly appeared and grabbed him by the neck.

" My my, it looks like your soul is as powerful as ever, it will be worth my while to take it from you while I'm here. Besides, my traitorous comrades have stopped their assault on this place so I have no need to stay here." Jedah explained as his placed his nails into Ziden's chest.

" Good luck with that, you'll find that getting my soul is harder than it seems." Ziden said as Jedah's nails plunged into his chest as Yuugi charged at him and slammed her fist into Jedah's face, only for him to not feel it at all. Something began to pump into Ziden's body as his chest began to grow bigger as he soon exploded into a mist of blood, ending his life as Jedah Dohma grabbed that one puff that is Ziden's soul as Patchouli quickly fired several saw blades at Jedha, only for him to block the attack with his hand.

" Hmm. That was far too easy, even for his weakened state. Where are you, slayer of Overlord Oscura?" Jedah calmly asked as Yuugi jumped back as Ziden slammed a fiery kick that whipped up an explosion that blasted everyone back as Ziden back flipped away from Jedah as he looked unfazed by that attack.

" Damn, looks like even that sneak attack didn't work. Man, being weakened is a pain." Ziden said as Jedah smiled.

" Do not worry, I have no plans on continuing this farce of a fight, I have some things to attend, I shall allow the Heartless to continue the takeover of this kingdom." Jedah said as he performed his trademark insane laugh as he disappeared from sight.

" So the demon generals left his side? That's good for us, but I bet with how things work out, we'll encounter them somewhere down the line." Dante said as Komachi walked over to Ziden and jabbed him in the head with her scythe.

" That was incredibly reckless, you know! I thought you died from that!" Komachi said as Ziden fell on his rear.

" Almost died though, it hurts like hell even now. So now its gone from ' Defeat the Demon Generals' to ' Find and Defeat the Heartless General'." Ziden said as he summoned his keyblade, the Phantom Blaze.

" What makes you so sure that these Heartless have a general?" Yukari asked.

" Seems like something a smart person do rather than releasing a bunch of Heartless everywhere." Ziden said as he scratched his back with the keyblade.

" Ziden, that's not cool, ze! You can't just use a Magical Artifact as a backscratcher!" Marisa yelled as Ziden shrugged.

" Whatever, so we just have to figure out where the Head Heartless is and take it out before head back to the base. I'm craving some me time." Ziden said as Komachi and Mokou sighed in unison.

" Which means you're just going to take a nap!" Mokou and Komachi yelled in unison as Ziden shrugged again.

" At least that demon invasion has been halted temporarily, now we have to worry about the Heartless now. I wonder if they plan on attacking us in force or attacking somewhere else." Byakuren wondered.

" Meh, where would they attack that would cause any form of damage to this place?" Suika asked.

" No idea, its been ages since I last was here, so where would the Heartless strike first?" Yuuka wondered as everyone thought for a second.

" Well, I can scour my realm as you all heal up from the horrid encounter we had with Jedah." Shinki said as Ziden looked at the injured form of Remilia and Flandre as Yumeko and Sakuya helped the fallen girls to their feet as their wounds began to heal.

Ziden decided to sit down on the ground and crossed his legs while resting his head on his hand while tapping his fingers on his knee as Byakuren sat next to him.

Mokou felt someone tapping on the shoulder as she spots Meiling, Patchouli and Aya standing behind her. " Yeah, you need something?" Mokou asked.

" Um, we were kind of wondering...um..." Meiling was having trouble asking whatever it was she needed to ask as Patchouli sighed.

" We want to ask you about the process of Child Birth and Child Care as well as the difficulties of pregnancy. We are in this together after all, so you could give us some tips." Patchouli asked as Mokou's face turned red.

" Why the hell are you asking me about this!? All I know is, it hurts, I couldn't do any of the things I like to do in my free time! According to Ziden, weird cravings and extremely irrational mood swings. That's really it, if you want to know anything else, ask Keine or the doc when she gets back." Mokou explained as Aya sighed.

" Goddamn it, now the other girls want kids now, I'm seriously hating this Harem now." Ziden said as Byakuren smiled.

" But knowing you, you honestly don't care and will continue to care for each of them, won't you?" Byakuren asked.

" I have to, I may be a jerk, but I'm not a dirtbag or scumbag to my wives or loved ones...well maybe not that latter one, I know I'm no dirtbag at least." Ziden said as he is unaware of Flandre lying her head on his shoulder.

" Big bro...I'm thirsty." Flandre whined as Ziden simply pointed to his neck.

" Go ahead and drink then, I'll allow you to drink from me." Ziden said as Flandre looked confused.

" Um...how do I drink from you?" Flandre asked as Ziden looked even more confused as Remilia stumbled over to him.

" Remilia...why doesn't your sister know how to feed properly or in a better sense, at all?" Ziden asked.

" That's...because...I never taught her how to." Remilia said as Ziden raised an eyebrow. " Well, I tried but she'd always use her powers on the humans she tried to feed on, leaving no blood behind. Of course there is some body parts left behind after it."

" Her power?" Ziden asked.

" Flandre's power is one of Destruction, meaning she can destroy anything as long as that object has an eye or core. Its a truly frightning power." Yukari explained as Ziden looked back to Flandre.

" I see...and have you tried to train her with her powers?" Zidn asked as Remilia shook her head.

" No...her power frightened me to the point of me placing her within the basement for some time." Remilia said as Ziden looked down.

" Her power frightened you... so you kept her locked away." Ziden said as he seemed to be thinking about something.

"..." Remilia remained silent.

" Meh, well now that's she out now, we might start training her on how to feed and how to control her powers right?" Ziden asked as Remilia hesitantly nodded. " Alright, Flandre, bite my on the neck, right here." Ziden pointed a vein on his neck as Flandre opened her mouth and bit Ziden hard on the vein with her fangs.

" Okay, now Flandre, start sucking up the blood and don't stop until you feel yourself becoming full." Remilia said as Flandre began to suck harder as more blood flowed into her mouth as Ziden scratched his nose.

" Doesn't that hurt Ziden?" Byakuren asked.

" It tickles at most, felt much worse than in my line of work." Ziden said as Flandre removed her fangs from Ziden's neck as his wound healed instantly.

" Wipe your mouth Flandre, it looks unsightly." Remilia said as Flandre took the back of her hand and brought it to her mouth. " Ah! No! Use a Napkin like a dignified woman!"

Flandre rolled her eyes as she saw Ziden holding a napkin as she took it from him and wiped her mouth as she smiled. " Thanks big bro!" Flandre said as Ziden waved his hand at her.

" Uh, Ziden, you do know what your blood does to vampires, right?" Yukari asked as Ziden nodded.

" Yeah, she's going to go through the same thing as her sister did, just across a longer span of time." Ziden said.

" Hey Ziden, I'm thristy too, you know?" Remilia said as Ziden shrugged.

" Go ahead, kiddo. I don't care." Ziden said as the castle shook violently.

" The hell was that?" Yuuka asked as Ziden quickly sliced his arm with a fiery claw as he quickly poured blood into Remilia's mouth as she quickly lapped it up as he ran off to the source to the shaking with Komachi and Reimu not far behind him.

They ran into a large courtyard like area as they see a large pool of darkness forming as they spot a large dark humanoid standing in the middle of it as they spot Aya taking Pictures of the beast.

" I know that thing! ITs that Darkside we fought outside the Temple with Reiji!" Reimu yelled as the Darkside roared in anger.

" Time to give this new Keyblade a Workout. Lets take this thing down a notch." Ziden said as he spun his keyblade and placed it on his shoulder.

" Its been awhile since we last fought together Ziden, hope you don't hold me back too much in your weakened state." Komachi said as Reimu rolled her eyes.

" Save the love talk for later, we got a fight on our hands!" Reimu yelled as Darkside raised its fist into the air as several Dark Balls spawned around them.

Elsewhere in Makai...

Ruler 9 is seen talking to a large electrical ball as it began to laugh. " I am free at last! Now I shall destroy all that oppose me! Mother shall rue the day she sealed me away!" The electric being said as Ruler 9 smirked to himself.

" I shall soon see what these Illusionary Heroes can do, it shall be entertaining to see Sora's new love interest becoming a Heartless." Ruler 9 said as darkness gathered behind him.

Fun Facts:

1. The whole fight in the Town is a reference to the Dynasty Warrior style games and trust me, its not the last time you'll see it.

2. According to what Shinki said, she is technically Dante and Vergil's grandma but not really since they aren't related by blood, more like a step-grandma. Make of that as you will.

3. Yes, Jedah Dohma just curbstomped Remilia and Flandre, reason why? Far Faster, far stronger, far smarter and far skilled. Need any more reasons? He killed a Planet Buster without even fighting him.

4 Those demons will appear later down the line in a Not-so-filler arc after Gensokyo's done with.

Author's note:... See you next chapter, leave a review, yadda yadda, I'm going to take me a lava bath ~ Ziden Icrim, 2014.