Note: I'm in my Creed Angstish mood right now ^-^! So I've been TRYING to write angstish fics.. Notice the word try, Love Isn't Enough.. was an attempt to write an angst fic, but it turned out so much.. lighter! So I've decided to try my hand at another one! *points to the fic your reading now* In each of the chaps, I'm gonna try to include a Creed song.. So, cheers and enjoy the story! ^^

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To what do I owe this gift my friend?

My life, my love, my soul?

I've been dancing with the devil way to long,

And it's making me grow old.

Making me grow old.

The vampire gave a smirk as he drained the last drop of blood from the mortal he had caught trying to steal from his house. The blood had been drugged and brought a tingle into Heero's veins. Slowly and softly, he made his way into the mansion that loomed before him.

Quietly he closed the door behind him, as he entered the house. He let his wandering legs carry him up to the second floor, into the library. A soft glow appeared as he set foot in the spacious room. Plush, blood-red carpets covered this room, as it did every room, candles flickered in the corners, magically lit as soon as he entered. The vampire walked to a corner of the room, he glanced down at the book and sighed, he was in no mood to read, he would get bored too quickly. His mind would wander, he didn't want to reminisce.

But the memories came nonetheless, wave after wave of old memories came rushing back into his mind. Children crying, his mother's dead corpse, a blonde haired angel. He closed his eyes as his mind began to replay memories in his head, memories he did not want to relive. He collapsed into the chair, holding his head in his arms as he tried to drive away the memories he had long ago tried to bury. Shaking his head, he cleared his mind, shaking away the ghosts that haunted his past. The only way to distract his mind was to go out.

Dressed in a silk black shirt and black jeans, he glanced in the mirror. Cobalt eyes stared coldly back, slightly covered by a fringe of messy brown hair. A well-muscled body was outlined clearly in his clothes, and as a final touch, there was a small ivory dagger strapped onto his pocket. Giving himself a final smirk, he sauntered out the mansion.

The minute he left the mansion, a blast of cold air hit him. Heero shivered, more out of human habit then cold. His mansion was located in a secluded area, hidden by plants and forest. Yet, he was only an hour or so walk from Manhattan. When he entered the city, he was greeted by flashing signs and a mob of people.

Again, he let his legs carry him around the city, trusting his instincts. As he passed by the people, he caught the eyes of women and men alike, paying them no heed, he continued. After a while, he realized that he was no longer walking; instead, he was inside a bar.

A soft light shadowed the whole room, as he entered, his shoes clicked against the wooden floor, unlike most bars this one was practically empty. A soft song played in the background,

Let's leave, oh let's get away.

Get lost in time,

Where there's no reason left to hide.

The music slowly seemed to rise in volume, pulsing through his body and hugging his soul. He sat down slowly on a barstool; this place had the structure of a regular bar, yet seemed to be more. classy. In a way.

Slowly his eyes roamed over the few people in this bar. His eyes settled on a braided boy, sitting lazily in a seat. The boy was clad in a black shirt that opened slightly, revealing a mesh shirt underneath, black pants covered his slim legs. A silver cross lay on his shirt. The boy was beautiful. the music pulsed in his ears.

Let's leave, oh let's get away.

Run in fields of time,

Where there's no reason left to hide.

No reason left to hide.

Heero stared at the boy, as if in a trance. For a moment, the braided boy's eyes met his own. Violet stared into cobalt and the air seemed to dance with electricity. Slowly the boy rose, he walked over to Heero, his eyes roaming and studying.

"Like the song?" Asked the boy as he slowly sat down next to Heero.

"Yes," Heero briefly considered reading the boy's mind, but decided against it, it was always funner when you didn't know about the prey. There was a silence, as both boys were lost in thought.

Finally, a voice broke Heero's thoughts, "Care to dance?"

Heero paused and gave a nod, "Sure,"

The boy stood up, and beckoned to the dance floor, the floor had one or two couples dancing on it, but was empty otherwise. Heero and the boy stood on the floor, slowly, the boy wrapped his hands around Heero's neck, and Heero, in turn, enveloped the boy's slim waist. The two held onto each other, dancing to the music, {Beautiful boy. what's your name?} Wondered Heero, sending a short telepathic message to the boy's mind. The boy seemed startled for a moment, yet quickly recovered. {Duo.}

[This boy, was so alluring.. beautiful and lithe, so enticing.] Thoughts ran through Heero's head as he kept his arms around Duo.

What are you going to do with you gift, dear child?

Give life, give love, give soul?

"Who are you?" Duo's voice breathed in his ear.

Heero paused before replying, "I am no one, a shadow of the night."

"Even shadows have names." Whispered Duo as he cupped Heero's cheek into his own, pulling him down for a soft kiss.

Divided is the one who dances.

For the soul is so exposed.

So exposed.

Heero only gave a knowing smile and whispered softly, "Come with me."

Duo held the vampire's hand in his own, as the two strode off into the night.

Let's leave, oh let's get away,

Get lost in time,

Where there's no reason left to hide.

The two boys didn't say a word as they walked, each considering their own thoughts. Soon, they arrived at Heero's mansion, "Nice place," Commented Duo, as he saw the large house, looming before them. "Hn."

As the two passed a rose bush, Duo snapped a rose from its stem, cupping it in his hands. He absentmindedly snapped off thorns from the rose as they walked the cobbled pathway that lead to the house. Heero unlocked the door as they walked into the house, leading him into his bedroom, he stepped back, studying Duo.

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Note: Argh, I know! I know! It doesn't really end on a good, dramatic note. But I'm not sure how else to end it! And the fic isn't exactly coming out the way I wanted it to. But hopefully my writing'll get better. Practice makes perfect! *silence as the audience tries to muffle it's laughter* Hrmph, everyone's a critic these days. Even my own imagination! Oh and stuff in [are thoughts,] stuff in {are telepathic messages} stuff in are song lyrics