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The argument continued for some time, until finally Duo wore Heero down.
"Fine! Go get dressed."
Duo gave a delighted squeal before running out the room. Just as Heero was about to change into his own clothes, the braided boy came running back in the room.
"I've got no clothes." He whined.
Heero snorted, before pointing to a room down the hall.
"You can find some clothes there."
Duo gave a nod and hurried down the hall, flashing Heero a grateful grin.

I lie awake on a long, dark night,

I can't seem to tame my mind.

Slings and arrows are killing me inside,

Maybe I can't accept the life that's mine.

No I can't accept the life that's mine.

Heero glanced down the hall where Duo had disappeared to and gave a silent sigh, he hadn't had a pet in years and didn't want one anytime soon. Besides, this pet seemed especially… innocent. The vampire shuddered; even 31 years past, he could still feel the hot sticky blood of his last pet. He could close his eyes and vivid images of the deep red blood splattered over her golden hair would invade his mind. Taking a few deep breaths, Heero fought back the bile and memories that came with his previous pet's image.

"No… Now is not the time to linger on past mistakes." Shaking his head, Heero began to rummage in his closet. With his guard let down, Heero never noticed the cold blue eyes that quietly observed his progress.

"So, dear master, I was no more then a mere mistake to you?" A smooth voice whispered from the shadows.

Simple living is my desperate cry,

Been trading love with indifference .

Yeah it suits me just fine.

I try to hold on but I'm calloused to the bone,

Maybe that's why I feel alone.

Maybe that's why I feel so alone.

Duo peeked at his reflection once more, making sure everything in his outfit was complete. [Of course it's complete! Ole Mister Vampie will love it!] He reassured himself. Flashing himself a nervous grin he stepped from the richly furnished room--and came nose to nose with Ole Mister Vampie himself.

"So now I'm 'Ole Mister Vampie'?" The vampire's cool lilting voice teased.
Duo offered a contrite grin, "You never actually told me your name…"
"Ah, so we're growing bolder now?"
"Not bolder, I just figure I should know the name of the kind benefactor who let me stay at his wondrous mansion."
Heero just smirked and gave a regal bow, "I go by many names, but you may call me Heero Yuy."
Duo stared in disbelief at Heero for a minute, "THE Heero Yuy?"
Heero merely gave a smirk and replied, "Do you think I would take someone else's name? I go by many names, but they all belong to me."

Duo was still gaping when Heero patted his head and informed him he would be downstairs, waiting for him.
"Oh crap, I'm rooming with the murderer of the century."


When Duo finally arrived in the black car after and sat next to Heero he was brimming with questions.
"Did you actually kill all those people? If you did kill them… *Why* did you? Did you actually torture them?"
Heero tried his best to ignore Duo's never-ending chatter but it was impossible.
"Duo. I told you my name, isn't that enough for a day?"
Duo sighed and shut up, [I shoulda taken advantage of Heero's mood when I had the chance.]

Duo glanced at Heero's rather sullen face and gave a soft 'pft' at the vampire's classic brooding look.
"Can you get out of that 'The-world-owes-me mood' long enough to tell me where we're going?"
Heero gave him an annoyed glare; "I was circling around the house, wondering when you would finally remember to ask."
Duo fumed silently and replied in an icy voice, "I know this club."
Heero didn't bother to ask for directions and instead, read them directly from Duo's mind.
Duo dimly sensed Heero invading his brain but didn't say a word, yelling probably wouldn't solve anything and they would arrive at the club soon, /I can blow this freak off there./ He thought silently to himself.

Me…I'm rusted and weathered,

Barely holding together,

I'm covered with skin that peels

and it just won't heal.

When the two finally arrived at the club Duo eagerly hopped out, ignoring the glare Heero sent at his retreating back. /Well, it is your fault for bringing this human into your house anyway./ A voice pointed out knowingly in his head. Heero sullenly ignored the voice, annoyed that even his own mind was betraying him for that braided baka.


Duo entered the nightclub with a smile pasted on his face, *now* he was in his natural habitat. He turned and gave a Heero a smirk before disappearing into the crowd of dancing people and flashing lights.

Heero decided against another futile glower, it was clear that Duo was one of those rare, rare mortals that were immune to the powerful glare Heero Yuy. Glancing around impassively he strode to a bar stool and sat down, briefly closing his eyes. There was something in this loud club that brought back past memories, memories that he had spent years trying to erase from his mind.

The sun shines and I can't avoid the light.

I think I'm holding on to life too tight,

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,

Sometimes I feel like giving up.

Sometimes I feel like giving up.

After a few minutes of rest, Heero was startled out of his trance by a gentle tap on the shoulder. Steely eyes snapping open he gave furious glare to whoever had dared to touch him. His angry look was met with the cheerful grin of a longhaired bartender, who was currently holding out a pinkish liquid to him.
"House special. You looked like you needed it." She explained, before cocking her head at him, giving him a curious glance. "The last time I saw someone with such a long face, his girlfriend had just left him."
Heero glared at the proffered drink and ignored the bartender's comment, but the hand holding the drink didn't waver. When he saw there was no other way of ridding himself of this annoying woman, Heero took the alcohol and quaffed it in one gulp. The drink had the bitter tang of something he couldn't identify and the sugary sweetness of cotton candy, it wasn't half bad.

Giving the smiling black haired woman a softer glance he handed the cup back to her waiting hands.
"Now, cutie, wanna tell bartender Alize your love problems?"
"I don't have any love problems." He responded gruffly.
Alize laughed and nodded, "Well, then what problems do you have? No one comes to a club to mope."
"I'm here because my overly hyper acquaintance decided he wanted to go out and dragged me along with him." Heero finished his retort with another gulp of Alize's drinks.
Alize just gazed at him quietly, deep brown eyes compelling him to continue speaking.
"And those problems you were referring to are old scars, something in this club just reminded me of them again."

Me…I'm rusted and weathered,

Barely holding together,

I'm covered with skin that peels

and it just won't heal.

"Ah, care to share?"
Heero gave her another strong glare for prying but when the bold bartender didn't seem intimidated he gave a internal sigh and continued.
"There was a woman I saved once, I saved her and--made her part of my family." There was no other way to explain changing someone into a vampire. "We stayed together for a while and she fell in love with me… I--I had strong feelings for her but they never escalated to love." Here he stopped talking, glancing at Alize to see if she was still listening.
Alize's eyes were focused on his and he continued, "Then, a problem came up and I was forced to leave town, by the time I had the means to contact her she had left town. I was never able to say good-bye."
At the end of his anecdote he gave a heavy sigh and signaled for another drink.
"Ah, and you feel guilty?" Alize wondered as she handed him another drink.
Heero gave a solemn nod.

The day reminds me of you,

The night hides your truth.

The earth is a voice,

Speaking to you.

Take all this pride

And leave it behind.

Suddenly, just as Alize opened her mouth to comment, Heero felt a loud mental tug in his mind.
Heero abruptly stood up, "Excuse me, I have to go."
Alize didn't have time to say a word as the vampire hurried to the direction he had heard Duo's telepathic cry of distress from.

Duo's cries led Heero outside of the nightclub, into a darkened alley where he could sense a cluster of vampires. As Heero slammed the heavy metal door of the club's back entrance, Duo's attackers looked up. The vampires had formed a triangle around Duo, who was trying vainly to fight off the offending vampires, but his own human strength was no match for the speed and supernatural strength of the vampires.

Because one day it ends,

One day we die.

The vampire that seemed to be leading the assault on Duo looked up, a wry smile on her lips.
"Heero." She murmured, waving a hand at the rest of the vampires surrounding Duo, immediately the vampires bowed their heads, and sunk into the shadows, giving only a parting hiss to their prey.
Heero's eyes only held a hint of surprise, which was soon hidden by his cold mask. "Relena."
The blonde haired vampire gave innocent pout, perfect in every way except for the two fangs perched above her lower lip. "No hug for your wife?"

Believe what you will,

That is your right.

But I choose to win,

So I choose to fight,

To fight.
Notes: Alize, the bartender was modeled after my own friend Matia, more commonly known as Linael. Although she isn't any where as comforting or quiet as Alize, there was something in my friend that reminded me of her…