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Let's get to it then, shall we? In three... two... one...


Shock isn't really the best word to describe what we're all feeling, but for some reason it's the only one I can think of. Bodies frozen in surprise, our eyes stare wide in confusion as our jaws gape in awe at the beautiful, naked blonde who calls herself Cassandra. Believe it or not, the fact that she's not wearing any clothes is actually the farthest thing from my mind. Call me crazy but my concentration rests somewhere between watching her fall from the night sky at impossible speeds and the fact she now sits before us in this crumbling old barn amongst a bed of forgotten hay, intact and breathing.

What the hell is she?

"I'm new," she tells us with a small, pure smile brightened by moon light that pours through the sizable hole her crash landing created in the roof above.

Great. The last time we encountered something new it tried to suck our blood and eat our brains. If star ships hadn't put us off anything "new", I don't know what would.

I exchange a questioning glance with Bobby and Sammy before our gaze returns to the mysterious creature. One thing is certain, she's not a human. Attractive as hell, but not one of us.

Even with her back turned to us we can see her shiver as she hugs herself, attempting to warm her chilly bones. Her radiant, blue eyes blink sweetly at me and I can't tell if her innocent demeanor is real or if she's just a really good actress.

"Could I trouble one of you for a jacket?" she asks politely. Again the three of us exchange a quick, hesitant and questioning glance before I slowly begin to pull my black jacket from my shoulders. I take a cautious step towards her, my eyes never leaving her as I make my gradual approach. My gun I let hang at my side, loose but ready. In my line of work you never know when a pretty face is going to tear a hole in your neck with her teeth.

Standing just behind her perfect, naked body my eyes stare at the intricate scars that cover a good portion of her otherwise flawless back, taking the pristine form of feathery wings. I resist the urge to trace this scar with my finger tips when I feel her gaze fall to me and I gently place my coat around her shoulders.

"Thank you," she whispers with a gratified breath.

"W-where did you come from?" Bobby finally chokes out. Cassandra closes my jacket around her body before finally turning to face us. Her gaze she directs up and to the night sky.

"Up there," she tells us with a happy, unhesitant air. "I believe you know it as Heaven."

"So you're... an angel?" Sammy half states, half asks as his head tilts slightly in fascination.

"Well, sort of I guess," Cassandra responds smoothly, her eyes falling to my brother. "Half angel anyway."

"Half angel?" Bobby echoes in the form of a question. "How is that even possible?"

"My mother was a mortal," is her simple explanation, which really only raises further questions.

"Why are you here, Cas?" Sammy asks as I shoot him a glare.

"Dude, don't call her Cas," I tell him from Cassandra's side. "That's just going to get confusing."

"Sorry," Sam mumbles with a roll of his eyes. "What about Cassie?"

"I have no qualms with this nickname," she speaks for herself. "And I am here because Heaven is an unsafe place for me to be. Fate was, as you say, after me."

Fate. Well, shit.

"Um... can we ask why?" I ask, a wave of uneasiness washing over me at the name of that crazy bitch.

"My parents had a knack for, what do you say, fouling her agenda." Pause. "I'm not supposed to exist."

Peachy. First the friggin' cloud of demon smoke destroys my car, then my best friend turns himself into some worship hungry God and now I find out Fate's about to come calling. I can't seem to catch a break today.

"Let's get you out of here," I finally say, offering a hand to the young, half celestial being, knowing fully well the longer we sit the easier it will be for Fate to locate her. Us. "We'll get you some place warm and get you some clothes."

Unwaveringly Cassandra accepts my aid and places a hand into mine before she can rise to a set of highly unstable feet. Her legs wobble for a minuet and when her knees buckle I'm left to catch her before her delicate body can hit the ground. Our faces only inches apart, our eyes can't help but lock and, despite the fact this young, er, "thing" is a complete stranger, there is a strange familiarity she holds that I find oddly calming and a little breath taking.

"I'm Dean, by the way," I tell her as I gradually stand her upright. The expression she gives me at my introductory says she knows this name.

"Dean... Dean Winchester?" she asks before her gaze shifts from me to my companions. "You're Sam and Bobby. Bobby Singer."

"Yes," Sammy slowly confirms. "You've heard of us?"

"You could say that," Cassandra nods, holding tightly onto my strong frame for support as her feeble legs continue to unstably sway. "I think you are friends of my father's."

"Who's your dad?" Bobby wants to know and I pray to God she doesn't say Raphael, Zachariah or Michael.


At least she didn't say Lucifer.