Author's Notes:

It has been too long since I last submitted a Fanfiction here. I have been very busy with DeviantArt as well as life. Recently, I have stopped drawing and writing so much, and it has upset me. My little sister suggested I get into something different from DragonBall Z. I chose CARS. I adore cars and the film CARS was as if someone took my childhood dream and turned it into a reality. I have longed to write a CARS Fanfiction again. My previous ones were not so good, and I deleted them. Hopefully, this one will become successful.

I was interested more with the Grand Prix Racers than the Spies and the main cast. The car who took my attention was Shu Todoroki, and after researching him, it was him who has captured my heart. I wanted to know more about him, and so I created this story to satisfy my recent feelings. I only hope this will cure me. Enjoy.


In all respects to Pixar, I DO NOT own any of the official characters. I only own Sakura "Peach" Todoroki, Shu's little sister. Queen-Koopa, my little sister, owns Ivy the Spy Car.

This story is based around CARS 2, but focuses on the Grand Prix Racers.

Extended Synopsis:

Shu Todoroki invites his little sister, Peach, to experience the impact of the dramatic and empowering event of the first World Grand Prix. There, she meets many new faces, including Francesco. This tale opens a window onto a half-hidden world of the Grand Prix Racers.