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Bonus Chapter 4: Davy Back Fight

(This is a sequel to Bonus Chapter 3)

A loud ring echoed across the heavens, letting its song be heard by all in both the sky and the blue sea. For the first time in nearly four-hundred years, the Golden Bell of Jaya sung again.

There, the memory ended and disappeared into the mist.

"Huh, so that's how God fell," Sanji humored.

He had to admit, of all Luffy's enemies so far, seeing Eneru get the crap beaten out of him was by far the most satisfying. That arrogant bastard needed to be taken down a peg or two.

"No wonder you refer that man as a god," Brook said. "He indeed had a fearsome Devil Fruit. Without Luffy-san's ability, I can't see how you all would have survived."

"As Franky said, we got lucky," Nami said. "By some twist of fate, Luffy was Eneru's natural enemy."

"It's still annoying that god beat all of us so effortlessly," Zoro said as he folded his arms. He despised the fact that he had been unable to touch the lightning freak and effectively got one-shotted. "I wish we could meet him again to see how much we have grown since that time."

Usopp side-eyed Zoro. "You would want to fight a god again."

The next memory came and the crew was back on the Going Merry. Everyone in the past crew were exhausted, and wet, for some reason. They looked like they had been having a long night.

"What happened here?" Franky asked. "Did you get into a fight or something?"

"If I remember correctly, this happened not long after we returned to the Blue Sea," Sanji said.

"Oh, I remember what happened! This is when we were chased all night by those annoying sea monkeys!" Usopp exclaimed.

"Huh. I've heard of them, but I've never actually seen them myself," Franky said, rubbing his head. "I've also heard they're a real pain in the ass."

"They were so mean. They wouldn't stop chasing us until they sunk someone," Chopper said.

Brook nodded. "I remember sea monkeys. They are creatures who find sinking ships to be great fun. They were trouble even back in my day."

Sanji casually lit a cigarette. "I guess some things never change."

"It's finally calmed down," Sanji in the memory stated as he leaned comfortably against the mast. He looked and sounded exhausted.

"We still can't let our guard down, though," Zoro in the memory warned, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

"Emergency! Emergency!" Usopp within the memory suddenly shouted. He was in the crow nest, looking through a telescope.

"You guys just don't get a chance to rest," Franky noted humorously.

Nami sighed while rubbing her forehead. "That's the life of the pirate. Especially in the Grand Line."

Brook laughed. "Indeed. The Grand Line is called the sea of adventure for a reason."

"More like the sea of hell," Nami mumbled under her breath.

"Ship sighted at twelve o' clock!" Usopp in the memory continued to shout.

"Who is it? Enemies?" Luffy asked, sitting up from his place on the deck.

"At a time like this?" Chopper asked. He was lying face down, Heavy Point activated, on the deck.

"One must always be ready," Robin said.

Nami sighed. "And imagine, all this is tame compared to half the crap we dealt with since entering the New World."

"The first half is called Paradise," Sanji stated dryly.

After a few seconds, Usopp in the memory spoke again. "Well, no... They don't have a flag or sails. I can't tell what kind of ship it is!"

"Huh? That can't be right," Franky said as he went to one of Merry's railings and used his enhanced vision to look ahead.

As memory Usopp said, there was a large ship heading towards them. He couldn't quite tell what type or class the ship was, although it looked to be in moderately good condition. Whatever happened to the ship happened fairly recently.

"Yeah, Usopp's right. That ship has nothing. No pirate mark, sails, nothing," Franky said.

"What's with that? They don't have anything?" memory Luffy asked in disbelief, looking towards Usopp. "What're they doing at sea?"

"Who would sail the Grand Line like that?" Brook asked as he approached Franky. "That's suicidal. Their captain should be ashamed for setting sail in that condition."

Zoro crossed his arms. "If the captain was on the ship, it would be a disgrace."

Brook looked towards the other swordsman in shock. "They have no captain?"

"Or navigator, cook, or anyone else vital to running a ship," Sanji said as he puffed out some smoke. "That ship was stripped of everything."

"How cruel! What did that?" Franky asked.

Nami sighed. "You'll find out, unfortunately."

Usopp in the memory went on with his report, saying that the crew was unusually small and appeared to be disheartened, but before he could go on, giant sea monkeys rose from the sea, smiling mischievously at the crew.

"Those are some of the biggest sea monkeys I've seen," Brook said in an easy-going manner.

Franky's mouth dropped. "I didn't know they were that huge. They tower over this little ship."

"RUN! IT'S THE SEA MONKEYS!" Luffy ordered in a panic as a giant wave formed behind the ship from the creatures. Since there was no wind, the crew was then forced to row Merry to safety. Within seconds, all the males were rowing for their lives.

The stripped ship kept heading right for the sea monkey-made tidal wave with no sign of turning around.

"What are they doing?" Franky asked. "Those idiots are going get capsized if they continue heading into that wave."

The memory crew had the same thoughts and attempted to warn the other ship. They were, naturally, rewarded with the crew contemplating raiding them and stealing their treasure. They were so badly disorganized, however, that they were going in all directions. They was no leader at all on the crew.

"What happened to that crew?" Brook asked in horror. They were going to be killed if they couldn't pull themselves together soon.

"Can't say I feel too sorry for them. They were actually considering robbing us, even after what happened to them," Sanji said.

Nami folded her arms and nodded. "And after all the crap we went through to get all that gold, they deserved nothing but bad luck for trying to take it from us."

"Gold?" Brook repeated.

"We got a bunch a gold from Skypiea," Usopp explained. "For some reason, that giant snake ate piles and piles worth of gold. Luffy discovered it while he was snuck inside that thing."

Franky laughed. "So, some good came out of being eaten by a snake after all."

Nami growled. "It isn't funny."

Within seconds, the other ship was completely overwhelmed by the sea monkeys' wave and was dragged into the depths of the sea. The crew could hear the satisfied squeals of the sea monkeys. Then, with the monkeys having claimed their victims, they went away and disappeared into the sea.

"Sheesh, what vengeful monkeys," Franky muttered.

"They were yelling, 'Yeah, we got one,'" Chopper translated.

"I think anyone could understand what they were saying even if they weren't an animal," Zoro said in an arid tone.

After the excitement had passed, memory Nami told her crew that they should be near an island, since the climate was steady.

"Robin, can you see anything?" Usopp in the memory asked in an exhausted tone.

"The island has been in front of us for a while," Robin informed neutrally.

"Why didn't you say so!?" both Luffy and Usopp yelled.

For the next several minutes, Luffy and Usopp scolded Robin about the importance of telling the crew when an island was nearing, mainly by yelling and screaming in excitement.

Robin chuckled as she relived the scene.

Once that had also been settled, Usopp told the others about what he thought had happened to the stripped ship. He said how much of what had happened to them was a given, since they had no captain or leader. Zoro surmised that their captain and most of the crew was likely killed in battle, but Usopp countered that there was no damage to the ship or her crew. Sanji, on the other hand, mostly dismissed Usopp's concerns, simply thinking that the boat wasn't a pirate ship.

Current Sanji chuckled humorlessly. "Boy, was I wrong."

"That's what happens when you guys don't listen to me. I knew something wasn't right with that ship," Usopp said back with an air of frustration.

"You're so smart, Usopp," Chopper said with stars in his eyes.

Usopp immediately smiled arrogantly, folding his arms and nodding. "Well, I suppose it's good that at least someone noticed my brilliance."

Sanji rolled his eyes. "If your head gets any bigger, it won't fit inside this memory."

In said memory, a thick gray fog quickly surrounded the Merry, making it hard to see.

"I wonder if a nice shipwright will be our next crewmate?" Chopper within the memory asked with a huge grin on his face.

Franky also grinned upon hearing that. "Oh, you guys were looking for a shipwright?"

"Yeah..." Usopp said somewhat somberly as he attempted to touch the Going Merry. "Merry was pretty messed up by the time we reached Water 7. She was falling apart. Although, we didn't know how badly she was actually hurt..."

Franky nodded. "Honestly, you guys should have gotten a shipwright before you left East Blue. The care and maintenance of a ship is just as important to a crew as is a doctor. Without a steady, healthy ship, it's only a matter of time before the sea claims you."

Chopper became downcast. "If we got a shipwright sooner, maybe Merry could have been saved."

Franky said nothing for several seconds. "...Maybe, but I doubt it."

"Are you still doubting Merry's strength!?" Usopp asked, angered.

"It isn't about doubting her strength. Merry simply wasn't built for these seas. A competent shipwright could've maybe kept her afloat until Sabaody, but I highly doubt she would have made it to Fishman Island or the New World. Sunny is a ship I built to withstand any sea, but even she needs constant maintenance and care to survive," Franky said as he kept looking over the Merry. "For example, when we crashed into Fishman Island, a ship like the Going Merry would have been smashed to pieces. It was only because Sunny was built with Adam Wood that she made it out with only minor damage. Also, when we fought the Flying Fish Riders, Merry would have taken a lot of damage during the fight. Heck, those idiots might have even sunk her."

Zoro sighed. "As much as this crew loves the Merry, the first half the Grand Line was just too much for her. Sailing her into the New World would have been a death sentence, even if we did have Franky to care for her. It was for the best that she went the way she did."

Usopp trembled violently and stared at Merry's deck. He knew that both Franky and Zoro were right. Merry would never survive the harshness of the New World. Still, he didn't want to hear it. Merry had flown in the sky, so what was the strongest sea in the world to her?

As a thankful interruption, Luffy ordered, "We're getting close to shore! Prepare to drop anchor!" He was barely containing his excitement as he saw the land.

Usopp in the memory, as always, tried to play sick.

"Chopper, Usopp is having an attack of his can't-go-on-the-island disease!" Sanji yelled nonchalantly.

"Nothing I can't fix!" Chopper in the memory declared, getting his tools ready.

Present-day Chopper put his hoof to his mouth. "I've never been able to figure out why Usopp keeps getting so sick when we're close to an island. I studied for years and have never heard of his can't-go-on-the-island disease."

Sanji laughed. "That because only cowardly idiots get it."

"Hey!" Usopp yelled.

The crew soon reached their destination without much more fanfare, and were surprised to see that the island was very long. Namely, everything on the island was stretched out and incredibly long. It was also flat. The Strawhats could see for miles, but there was nothing except for empty plains and a few trees.

"Whoa, what is this place?" Franky asked in awe.

"A long island," Brook said. "I remember reading about this long ago. An island where everything, even the animals, grow incredibly long."

Nami nodded. "Yeah, that's pretty much it."

"Well, it's pretty plain. Can't see any danger lurking around here," Franky said.

"The island itself is indeed peaceful," Robin stated. "Although, one must never let their guard down. Danger lurks everywhere in the Grand Line."

"Especially near our crew," Usopp mumbled.

Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper quickly jumped off the ship and rolled around, screaming in delight.

"I see you got over your sickness fast, Usopp," Franky noticed with humor.

Usopp coughed nervously. "It was a ten-minute sickness."

Chopper's jaw dropped. "What!? I never heard of any ten-minute sickness."

"Once again, it's only caught by cowardly idiots," Sanji teased.

Usopp growled at the cook. "Shut up."

Chopper in the memory suddenly gasped. Upon looking, the crew saw Chopper staring at a tall bear. It was so tall that it was almost the same height as the trees.

"What a tall bear," Brook said. "It seems the rumors about this island were true."

Luffy jumped on the bear, telling Chopper it wasn't a person. Usopp and Chopper joined their captain, much to the bear's confusion.

"Those idiots. They're lucky that bear is so passive," Nami scolded.

"There's nothing dangerous about this bear. It looks like a teddy bear," Zoro said.

While he was hanging onto the bear, Luffy stretched his arms and took what looked like a red pepper from a nearby tree. He took a huge bite and found out it was an apple. As he ate, the bear finally got tired of them and spun them off itself. He then walked away in a huff.

"I guess the bear wasn't that passive," Sanji humored.

"I don't think many bears would like having people climb them like a tree," Nami said.

Usopp in the memory brought his goggles down and spotted a house in the distance. Naturally, the trio of idiots made their way towards the house. On the way they saw several long animals such as a weasel, a deer, who Luffy called Chopper's relative, a seagull, and a dog.

"Oh, it's so cute," Robin said with a smile.

"It looks like a puppy," Sanji said.

Robin smiled furthered when she saw Luffy's face light up. "Luffy really seems like a dog person. He just gets so excited when he sees them."

Franky nodded. "Yeah, and it's even not because he wants them on his dinner plate."

"Dogs are cute and all, but I'm more of a cat person," Nami remarked off-handily.

Luffy ran towards the dog and held his hand out. "Shake!"

The dog reached out its paw and shook Luffy's hand.

"Wow, it's even trained," Brook said.

Usopp in the memory decided to show off and do the limbo under the dog. He was doing fairly well, too.

"Sit," Luffy ordered.

The dog sat while Usopp was still under him, crushing the sniper. This made many of the Strawhats chuckle.

"Luffy, you jerk!" Usopp yelled. He was so going to make his captain pay for that, though Luffy took no notice of Usopp as he continued to order the dog around, this time to beg. When the dog did beg, it sat up on its hind legs and stretched several meters into the air. The crew couldn't even see the dog's face anymore.

"Look at that. I bet he can see the entire island from there," Brook said.

"I guess we should be thankful that Luffy didn't want to take the dog with us," Nami said.

"It couldn't fit on the Merry anyway," Zoro said in his usual bored tone.

"Like that would have stopped our moronic captain," Sanji grumbled.

The trio finally reached the house, and Luffy went inside without so much as knocking. He was surprised and disappointed to find that no one was home. In fact, it seemed as if no one had lived in the house for many years, given how dusty everything was.

"Figures the only house on this island would be abandoned," Franky said as he unconsciously waved his hand to make the dust go away.

"But why just one house? Given how big I've heard this island was, I can't believe it's uninhabited," Brook said in thought.

Franky shrugged. "Maybe the owner died many years ago and the rest of the people living here destroyed their houses and moved on. Either way, it doesn't looks like anyone been here for a while."

"Well, you're half right. This house was abandoned, but the owner was still alive on this island," Usopp said.

"Really?" Brook asked.

Chopper nodded. "The house is owned by Tonjit."

"Tonjit?" Franky repeated questioningly.

"A kind old man that was trapped on this island after his family moved onto the next part of the island," Chopper explained, confusing Franky and Brook.

Usopp sighed. "The memory should explain things soon."

"Hey, Usopp, Luffy, there's a giraffe out here!" Chopper in the memory suddenly yelled.

"A giraffe?" Franky asked before he laughed. "Given that it lives on this island, that giraffe's neck is probably in space or something."

Luffy and Usopp ran outside to see the giraffe, but it was actually a long horse with white fur and a saddle.

"Oh, what a beautiful creature," Brook said. "I've heard horses like these are highly prized in many noble circles."

"I can't blame them. Look at her," Nami said in awe. "Her fur is practically shining."

The horse nuzzled Chopper when it was confirmed it was indeed a horse.

"She says her name is Shelly," Chopper in the memory translated. "She's a female."

"She has a saddle," Usopp in the memory noted. "There must be people living here."

While Usopp was talking, Luffy was staring blankly ahead.

"What's he looking at?" Nami asked worriedly. Only bad things happened when Luffy had that expression.

The crew looked ahead of Luffy and saw him staring at two bamboo shoots that were growing close together. They were so tall, none of the crew could see the top.

"Damn, those bamboo trees must hold the record for the tallest tree!" Franky yelled.

"But given how this island is, why is Luffy so taken in by it?" Nami asked.

Zoro saw it. "The trees are moving."

"What?" Nami asked.

"The trees are moving ever so slightly," Zoro stated.

"It could be the wind," Brook surmised.

Sanji shook his head. "No. There's more than wind moving those trees."

Usopp in the memory commented on how tall the bamboo trees were while Luffy told him to look closely. Usopp moved to get a closer look before the trees started noticeably moving.

"What the hell!?" Franky yelled in surprise.

"I nearly jumped out of my skin!" Brook yelled before he paused. "But, I have no skin to jump out of." He laughed.

Nami felt her heart leap into her throat. "That was scary! Why...why're those trees moving!?"

Usopp laughed, enjoying that his crew got the same surprise he got. "Well, you wondered where Tonjit was hiding."

Nami's eyes widened. "Don't tell me..."

Sanji sighed. "Given what we know of Tonjit, can't say I'm too surprised."

Robin laughed lightly into her hand.

"Huh? What are you guys talking about?" Franky asked in confusion.

"This must be some kind of monster!" Luffy exclaimed as he was almost ran over by one of the bamboo trees.

"Ah, the bamboo's attacking Luffy!" Usopp in the memory screamed in panic.

Now Luffy was pissed. "No bamboo is going to beat me!" He kicked one of the bamboo rods, breaking it in half.

Not long after the bamboo broke, something fell from the sky. Whatever it was, it landed so hard that it made a crater in the ground.

"Whoa, talk about a hard landing," Franky said.

Brook looked into the hole. "But what is it?"

"What happened!?" Chopper in the memory yelled as he ran to join his crewmates.

"Well..." Luffy started to say slowly, "when I broke the bamboo, a spirit appeared."

On the ground laid an old man with tan skin, a long beard, and a thick mustache. Judging by the design of his clothes, he appeared to be some type of nomad.

"Let me introduce you to Tonjit," Usopp said with a smile. "The lone person on this part of Long Ring Long Island."

"That's Tonjit?" Brook asked as he tilted his head. "What was he doing in the sky?"

"Keep watching," Usopp assured.

"A spirit?" Chopper in the memory asked.

Luffy nodded as he and the others knelt around Tonjit. "Yeah, he appeared when I broke the bamboo."

"Hey, say something!" Usopp yelled at the dazed old man.

Tonjit suddenly sat up, startling them.

"Of course I remember you. It's been so long. How have you been?" Tonjit asked.

Franky pointed at Tonjit. "You knew him before."

Chopper shook his head. "He's confused, most likely because of the fall."

"I'm surprised he's not dead after a fall like that," Sanji said as he looked up. "What exactly is Tonjit made of?"

Usopp in the memory was very confused. "Do you guys know him?"

"I don't know him," Luffy answered bluntly.

"Me neither," Chopper said.

"Ah, I just had a feeling that I've never seen you before," Tonjit said.

"You just made that up!?" Usopp in the memory yelled.

Franky chuckled. "Something tells me that I'm really going to like this guy."

Brook also laughed. "He is quite the character."

Nami sighed, rubbing her temples. How did her crew end up meeting these people?

"Who are you?" Usopp in the memory demanded.

Tonjit then formally introduced himself, saying how grateful he was to be helped off his stilts. According to him, he had always loved stilts and used the bamboo on the island to make the world's longest pair of stilts. But when he got up on them, he was afraid of coming down. He had been up there for ten years, all the while the bamboo stilts kept growing, making it impossible for him to get down even if he wanted to. He survived the whole time by eating fruit from trees that were luckily also tall as the bamboo.

Throughout the entire story, Luffy kept calling Tonjit an idiot.

"For once, I agree with Luffy. How dumb do you have to be to get into such a situation?" Nami asked with mild disbelief.

Sanji flicked his cigarette's ash away. "I knew Tonjit was weird, but I didn't think he was also stupid. Liking stilts, but being afraid of heights. Sounds like an oxymoron."

"How the hell did he survive off just fruit for ten years!?" Franky yelled. "I mean...that's just not natural. And how did he use the restroom from up there?"

Usopp put his hand on his chin. "I've never thought of that..." The mental picture of Tonjit dropping his waste onto the island like a bird sent shivers down his spine, and he quickly tried to banish the image.

"That's one incredible story," Usopp in the memory said softly.

Zoro rolled his eye. "Isn't that an understatement?"

"An old man lost ten years of his life and he sees it as nothing," Sanji muttered.

"What a lonely existence that man must of had," Brook said sympathetically.

"His life is almost like a tall tale," Usopp in the memory finished with a loud groan coming from most of his crewmates.

"Really Usopp?" Sanji asked as he side-eyed the sniper.

Usopp laughed. "Well, it just fit so well."

Robin chuckled at the joke. She found it to be rather clever.

Brook laughed loudly. "Brilliant pun, Usopp. Almost as good as one of my skull jokes."

"Speaking of long stuff, mister, why is everything on this island long?" Luffy asked as he made a gesture with his hands.

"Wow, he actually asked a smart question. I'm impressed," Nami said.

Tonjit folded his arms. "It might sound crazy to an outsider, but there is a reason. As you can see, this island is nothing but vast expansion of grassland. It's dull. So everything grew long, since it had been longing for excitement."

There was a long pause.

"What?" Sanji asked in a flat tone.

"This old man is crazy," Zoro said under his breath.

" he serious?" Nami asked slowly as she glanced at Luffy. His face was blank, but it was obvious that he didn't believe a thing Tonjit just said. In fact, he seemed downright astounded. "He really lost the plot. Not even Luffy believes him," she mumbled.

Chopper scratched this head. "I thought it was believable."

"See that over there?" Tonjit suddenly asked. Walking across from them was a long platypus. "That's a plaaaatypus."

"You're just saying it longer!" Usopp in the memory yelled.

"Over there is a daaachshund," Tonjit continued, pointing to the dog they saw earlier.

"Can they be more original?" Nami asked.

"And there are dangerous animals as well," Tonjit warned, pointed behind Usopp. "See, over there is a snooow leopard. I would stay clear of it."

Usopp turned around to see the leopard. Unlike everything else on the island, its body was the normal size of a leopard, but its head was long on the sides.

"Why is its head the only thing that's long!?" Usopp in the memory yelled.

"I still wondered that," Usopp said.

Franky shook his head. "This island's on drugs."

Robin had her sketch pad out and was happily doodling. She did not have the chance to document any of this. She hoped she could recreate her drawings once they left the memory.

With things settled, the group went inside Tonjit's house. Since he was in their debt, he invited them to lunch.

"Our village has a tradition of welcoming guest with milk from our livestock," Tonjit said, happy to finally be home.

Franky blinked. "What village?"

"And what livestock?" Brook asked.

Luffy and Chopper had the same questions. There was another long pause.

"What village...?" Tonjit repeated slowly. His face suddenly became pale and a little blue. He ran outside in a panic. "Ah, the village is gone! The livestock too!"

"Can you be any slower!?" Zoro yelled.

Sanji chuckled. "No more slower than you, moss head."

Zoro sneered at his rival. "Say that again?"

"I called you slow," Sanji said smugly.

Nami sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Can you two please save it?"

"Of course, Nami-swan!" Sanji swooned, turning into a stringy noodle. Zoro only rolled his eye.

"Don't tell me you just now noticed. Even if you were up there for ten years, that's not enough time for an entire village to disappear," Usopp in the memory said in a dry tone.

Current Usopp shook his head and sighed. "If only I had known the wonders of the Grand Line."

"An entire village disappearing is not the strangest thing I ever heard," Robin said in thought.

Once Tonjit had calmed down, he said he would explain everything once he had treated everyone to some milk he had stored in his house.

This got Sanji's attention. "Did he just say milk? Is he actually going to feed you guys ten-year-old milk?"

Chopper nodded. "Yeah, he did."

Sanji growled in outrage. "Is he trying to kill somebody?"

Tonjit found the stored 'milk,' which was now a hunk of dry, smelly mush.

"That milk looks more like cheese now," Franky laughed.

Sanji side-eyed the cyborg. "There is more to the process of making cheese than just letting milk spoil. There is a very specific process that goes into it, otherwise you can have harmful bacteria that can make a person severally ill."

"Wow, Sanji, you sure know a lot," Chopper said in awe.

"There's little I don't know about food, and making cheese is Cooking 101," Sanji stated as he lit another cigarette. "I'm all for conserving food, even when it has gone partly bad, but ten-year-old milk is crossing the line."

"Please help yourselves to some cheese," Tonjit offered, keeping the hunk of 'cheese' as far away from him as possible.

Luffy gave him a blank look.

Zoro sweat-dropped. "Not even Luffy will eat it."

"It's probably because it smells like dog shit," Sanji said.

"Oh, what a shame. Well, make yourselves feel at home," Tonjit said as he sat the spoiled milk down on a plate and grabbed a chunk of it.

"He isn't..." Sanji muttered.

"Wait, are you saying it's okay to eat this stuff after all?" Luffy asked as he reached for the 'cheese'. Usopp immediately slapped his hand away.

"I guess Luffy would eat it after all," Zoro said dryly.

"What's the big deal? Some cheeses taste better once they finally age," Tonjit said in a nonchalant voice.

"Don't insult the cheese-making process!" Sanji yelled.

"Your high-stress lifestyle has made your stomachs weak," Tonjit said, "while layback fellows such as myself can eat whatever we like. You kids go on your fancy adventures, but you're shy when it comes to new food." He ate his hunk of 'cheese'.

"He ate it!" Brook exclaimed. "My taste buds burn... Oh, but I have none." He laughed loudly.

Nami stuck her tongue out. "That's disgusting!"

"I wonder if he can really take eating that old milk?" Robin asked as she rubbed her chin.

Tonjit's eyes went white and he collapsed onto the floor. He managed to get out, " doctor..."

"What did you think was going to happen, moron!?" Usopp in the memory screamed.

Usopp nodded his head in agreement with his past counterpart as Chopper in the memory screamed for a doctor, before he realized that was actually him.

Sanji sighed. "That old idiot is lucky that he didn't die. You don't mess with spoiled food unless you truly have nothing else to eat."

Chopper within the memory quickly checked Tonjit. "It's food poisoning."

"Yeah, you think!?" Usopp in the memory yelled.

Almost all the Strawhats nodded their heads.

Luffy burst into laughter. "You're a funny old man."

After Tonjit recovered from his food poisoning, he explained that the village didn't disappear, but instead moved. Long Ring Long Island got its name because it is shaped like a ring. However, the tides made it appear as ten small islands. Once a year, when the tides were at their lowest, one could see the true form of the island. Tonjit's people used the pathway revealed by the tides to move every three years to a different part of the island.

Using math, Usopp in the memory was able to calculate that it would take another twenty years before Tonjit's people returned to this part of the island.

"Oh, that sucks," Franky said, nearing tears when hearing Tonjit's story.

Brook shook his head. "It sounds too much like my time in the Florian Triangle. I wouldn't wish such a fate on anyone."

Tonjit sighed sadly. "Sad, but true. I just wish I had my hooorse to ride again. Then I can cross more islands every time the tide's low and catch up with the other villagers in only five years."

"Hooorse? You mean that horse you guys met outside?" Franky asked.

Tonjit went on about his plight, talking about how he couldn't use a boat since no one on the island knew how to sail, and how a Log Pose wouldn't work since all the small islands were still technically one island with only one magnetic field. As things stood now, he had to wait twenty years for his people to return.

"You'll be lonely. That's a long time," Luffy pointed out in an unusually soft voice.

Brook nodded in agreement.

"Oh, wait a second!" Chopper in the memory suddenly exclaimed. "Is a hooorse like a horse?

Luffy quickly cheered up. "Hey, I almost forgot about that. We saw a horse on the way here!"

Tonjit's eyes shot opened when he heard this. They ran outside to see Shelly standing outside. She rose on her hind legs in happiness when she said her owner.

"Oh, my sweet little Shelly!" Tonjit yelled when he saw his precious horse. "You waited for me all these years!"

"Awww, this is just so sweet!" Franky sniffed as tears ran down his face. "You guys are trying to make me cry."

Nami was also near tears. "I never knew how much Tonjit loved that horse."

"It stood by him, waiting for ten years. That's loyalty," Sanji said, flicking some more ashes.

Within minutes, Tonjit was on his horse and riding around the island without a care in the world. It was a beautiful sight.

A gunshot shattered the scene. Tonjit was thrown into the air as Shelly collapsed onto the grassy plain.

"Huh, what happened?" Nami asked in shock.

Shelly was struggling on the ground. A net had been wrapped around her legs, keeping her from standing up.

Chopper was in tears upon seeing this again. Even if she wasn't shot with a conventional gun, Shelly could have still died from the pressure of her own body weight being pressed on her organs.

Usopp and Chopper within the memory ran towards Shelly's side, yelling her name.

Luffy didn't follow them. He was glaring in the direction of the gunshot. In front of him stood three people. One was a big fellow who looked almost like an ape. The second person was a somewhat pretty female with a long, pointy nose. The third person, who was in the middle, was a fairly small man with a long pinkish nose and a hairstyle that was like a banana peel. Both of the people beside him wore black eye masks.

Nami growled when she saw the trio. "Dammit, I was hoping we didn't have to see them again."

Franky tilted his head. "I know those people. Didn't we meet them at that resort before we reached Sabaody?"

"Yes. He is Foxy the Silver Fox of the Foxy Pirates," Robin stated, "a relatively small-time pirate with a bounty of twenty-four million."

"Twenty-four million. Kind of on the low side," Franky noted.

"Twenty-four million would be considered fairly high in my day. Also, one should never judge strength based upon another's bounty alone," Brook said.

"Something that idiot Bellamy learned the hard way," Zoro said with a small smirk.

Robin nodded. "His low bounty is not too shocking when you consider that he purposely keeps a low profile. He also mostly targets other pirates, so he would not be well-known among the Marines."

"He's probably stays on the down low as he builds his crew's power. By the time they do consider him a threat, he would become too powerful to handle," Sanji surmised. Although, he could be giving Foxy too much credit with that.

Foxy laughed cockily at Luffy, who continued to give him a death glare.

"That horse now belongs to me!" Foxy declared.

"Yeah, that's right!" the woman yelled. "The horse belongs to our boss!"

Luffy growled. "Who the hell are you!?"

Brook pointed to the woman and the gorilla man. "Who are the other two with Foxy?"

"The terrible duo, Porche and Hamburg," Zoro stated in mild annoyance. "They follow Foxy everywhere."

"Hmm, that Porche lady is fine-looking. I wonder if she would let me she her panties," Brook wondered out loud.

Foxy stared intensely at Luffy. He looked insulted. "You dare ask who I am?"

"What a rude thing to say," Porche nearly purred.

Sanji immediately had hearts in his eyes. "She's so pretty when being she's all smug!"

Zoro looked his rival out of the side of his eye. "Whose side are you on?"

Hamburg gave a loud and somewhat strange laugh. He was covering his mouth for some reason as he did so.

"I won't let you say you don't know who I am!" Foxy yelled.

"I don't give a damn who you are!" Luffy yelled, ready to charge Foxy. "I'm going to kick your ass!"

As he yelled that, Foxy collapsed to the ground.

"Huh? What happened all of the sudden?" Franky asked.

"He...he doesn't know who I am?" Foxy moaned in despair. He sounded close to tears.

"No, Boss! Don't be sad!" Porche yelled, attempting to cheer up her captain as she knelt beside him. "He's lying! He must know and is just pretending that he doesn't!"

Franky sweat-dropped. "He got his feelings hurt just from that?"

"What a sensitive fellow," Brook muttered.

Sanji growled. "Porche-chan is far too good for that shit head Foxy."

"There's no way he knows," Hamburg said before he put his hands to his mouth and laughed.

"Dang, that's cold-hearted," Franky mumbled. What was wrong with this crew?

Nami sighed. "Foxy's entire crew is bipolar."

"Don't make fun of him, Hamburg!" Porche scowled.

"My name is Foxy," he muttered softly. "I am the man who takes everything he wants!" He started to laugh as he sat back up. "Remember that, you clowns!"

"He got over his depression fast," Brook noted.

"As I said, bipolar," Nami replied.

"Why make such a fuss over a horse?" Foxy asked, still grinning. "That was nothing more than a bit of hunting for sport!"

"He could have killed Shelly!" Chopper yelled angrily. "How could he just call that just for sport!?"

"We should be thankful he did not use a real gun," Robin said.

"Bastard!" Luffy yelled. He pulled his foot back. "Gum Gum..."

Foxy quickly held out his hand. "Wait, Strawhat Luffy!"

Luffy quickly stopped himself from attacking. "How you know my name!?"

Foxy smirked at the question. "I know your name and a lot more too."

"Monkey D. Luffy, wanted for one-hundred million belli, and Roronoa Zoro, wanted for sixty-million belli," Porche said, taking over for her boss. "A total bounty of one-hundred and sixty million belli for a crew of only seven is quite impressive."

Franky rubbed his chin. "When she puts it that way, it's true. That's why my men targeted you when you came to Water 7."

"You targeted Luffy-san and the others?" Brook asked.

"Me and my family were part-time bounty hunters, among other things. Having such a small crew worth that much was too tempting to pass up," Franky said. "We thought it would be easy to take them."

Zoro chuckled and tapped his swords. "They got a big surprise."

Foxy held out his other hand that had three coins in the middle of each finger. "We, the Foxy Pirates, request that the Strawhats Pirates participate in a Davy Back Fight!"

Now this got Brook's attention. "A Davy Back Fight!"

Franky looked towards the skeletal swordsman. "You know what that is?"

Brook nodded. "Anyone who calls themselves a pirate knows what a Davy Back Fight is. As legend tells it, there was once an island called Pirate Island, a paradise where all the pirates in the world used to meet. It was on that island where the Davy Back Fight was born. Captains from across the seas would bet their own crew in a series of games. The winner would have the choice of anyone from the other pirate's crew."

"What, you bet your own crew in a game!?" Franky yelled in disbelief.

Nami nodded, not bothering to hide her disgust. "That was my reaction too."

"If a crew didn't have a member the winning team desired, then the pirate flag itself could be taken," Brook went on.

Franky folded his arms. "So, in other words, you were not just betting your crew, but your very pride. Yeah, that sounds like a pirate's game."

"It's terrible," Chopper said, nearing tears. "Once you're chosen, you have to pledge immediate loyalty to the new captain. You're literally ripped away from your friends."

"It is a little strange. Pirates live and die on the loyalty of their captain and crew. To have your loyalty suddenly change because your crew lost a game seems to go against what being a pirate is," Franky said.

"That's partly why not many pirates have Davy Back Fights. It was a dying practice when my crew sailed the seas. The Davy Back Fight was built on an old-school thinking that pirates were mostly thugs who happened to band together for a common purpose. Loyalty wasn't the primary mindset of the early pirate. It wasn't until centuries ago that pirates began to see each other as comrades and friends," Brook said. "Which is why I'm surprised Foxy suggested such a thing."

"Foxy is a very old-school pirate in many ways," Robin stated. "I have been on many pirate crews and none of them have been in a Davy Back Fight."

"Yeah, we're just lucky," Nami said sarcastically.

Meanwhile in the memory, Usopp put two and two together as he remembered the ship from earlier. He yelled to stop Luffy from accepting Foxy's challenge.

"I'm surprise you knew what a Davy Back Fight was, Usopp," Brook said.

Usopp rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I read up a lot about being a pirate. You know, getting myself prepared and all for the day I went out to sea."

Luffy wasn't listening to Usopp, wanting to avenge Shelly. Tonjit didn't help, ready to shot Foxy for hurting his precious horse. In no time at all, both captain shot a single gunshot into the air, initiating the Davy Back Fight.

"Wait, so Luffy bet all of you and his pride as a pirate over a horse?" Franky asked.

Robin smiled. "He did. Plus, turning away from such a challenge would have been a disgrace to him as a pirate captain."

Nami snorted and folded her arms. "I still take living in disgrace over being traded over to another pirate crew."

"That's you, and besides, no one would want you anyway," Zoro said, which nearly got him kicked by Sanji.

"You bastard! Take what you said about Nami-san back!" Sanji yelled.

Zoro reached for his swords. "Make me, dartboard!"

Sanji raised his leg. "With pleasure, you green-headed barbarian."

Within seconds, the two were fighting.

"Oh, just let them kill each other," Nami said, fed up.

The memory skipped and the Strawhats now stood what looked like a festival, complete with fireworks and food stands.

"Well, this Foxy guy maybe a bastard, but he knows how to throw a party," Franky said with a huge grin. He wanted some soda.

Brook laughed. "A Davy Back Fight maybe old fashioned, but you have to love the festival."

"I have to admit, the Foxy Pirates made the best corn dogs," Usopp said more to himself as he rubbed his stomach. He stomach rumbled at the thought of food.

"The booze was good too," Zoro remarked, once Sanji and him finished their spar.

"The opening ceremony will now begin!" someone yelled through the speakers. "Everyone, please quiet down!"

Everyone was gathered in front of a stage that was within a fox's head.

"Are all these people are part of Foxy's crew?" Brook asked in amazement.

Robin nodded. "Foxy had a crew of over five hundred people."

"Five hundred!" Franky yelled in shock. "When a crew gets that huge, you usually have to divide them into divisions."

"He has a big ship," Robin stated.

"Alright boys, settle down," Porche ordered in a sickeningly sweet voice. "We will now swear to uphold the three rules of losing a match. First, any crew or Jolly Roger taken through the Davy Back Fight may only be taken back through a Davy Back Fight. Second, selected crewmembers must immediately swear loyalty to their new captain. And third, if you lose your Jolly Roger, you may never raise it again. Anyone who breaks any of these rules will be forever shamed and thrown into Davy Jones's Locker. Do you swear to uphold them?" She turned to look at her captain and Luffy, who was eating while sitting in a chair.

"I do!" Foxy proclaimed proudly as he stood up.

"I do!" Luffy yelled, still eating.

A loud cheer came from the crowd.

"Now then, Strawhat, I'll let you chose," Foxy said as he held out the three coins again. "One coin, two coins, or three coins. Choose whatever you like!"

Luffy gave Foxy a baffled look. "What's that?"

"The number of events," Porche explained with a smug expression. "Boss is letting you choose the number of events, from one to three."

"More games are more fun, so of course..." Luffy started to say.

"How is the possibility of losing your crewmates forever fun!?" Usopp yelled in outrage. Couldn't Luffy take anything seriously?

"Because Luffy never doubted that we would win. Too bad that some within our crew don't share the same sentiments," Zoro said.

Nami glared at Zoro. "Are you talking about me?"

"If a dog howls..."

"How dare you call Nami-san a dog, you uncouth ball of moss!" Sanji yelled, cutting the swordsman off. The two rivals were right back to fighting again.

"Zoro is correct. Luffy had absolute faith in us. He never once feared that he would lose any of us," Robin stated.

"Even if that's true, why take such a risk? We could have lost each other here," Usopp said with some heat.

"That is the risk we take everyday by being pirates," Robin said in a matter-of-fact voice.

Usopp couldn't counter that. She was right. Everyday, they were putting their lives and the lives of their friends at risk. At least in a Davy Back Fight there were, in theory, rules to follow.

"Luffy!" Usopp and Nami from the memory yelled.

Both Nami and Usopp held out one finger.

Luffy stood silence before he smiled. "No problem!" He turned and held out three fingers. "We'll do three coins!"

"How did he get three?" Franky asked. "I could understand two, but three?"

Nami puffed her cheeks. "Hamburg held out his finger too and that moron counted it."

"Well, if he only chose one game, we would have lost Chopper," Robin pointed out. "You two were betting everything on one game before we knew what the enemy could do."

Nami's eyes widened. "Oh yeah, you're right."

"Sometimes playing cautiously is not the best option," Robin stated.

"Wait, you guys lost Chopper? So, you lost a Davy Back Game," Brook said.

"Yeah. We blew the first game because we didn't know about Foxy's powers," Usopp said with some shame.

"Oh, so he's an ability user," Franky said with some interest. "Figures."

"He ate the Slow Slow Fruit. A Devil Fruit that slows people down for thirty seconds," Robin explained.

Franky snorted. "Sounds like a pain in the ass."

"Tell me about it," Usopp grumbled.

"We will have a three-coin game under the orthodox rule!" Foxy yelled before he threw the coins into the sea. "Now to inform Davy Jones!" He turned back towards Luffy. "Are you prepared, Strawhat? Let the game began!"

"Let's do it!" Luffy shouted.

The memory skipped again to the Strawhats signing into the events they would play. The three games were the race, the ball game, and the team competition. The race had no limit as to who could be in it. The ball game had a team limit of three, and the team competition had a limit of five. No one could compete in more than two games.

After some debate, it was decided that all the Strawhats would participate in the Doughnut Race. Sanji, Zoro, and Chopper were in the Groggy Ring, and Luffy, Nami, Usopp, and Robin would take part in the Round-and-Roller.

"Who put those two together?" Franky asked as he glanced at Sanji and Zoro, who were glaring at each other like rival dogs.

"Well, Zoro and Sanji were ideal for that particular game, and we thought Chopper could balance those two knuckleheads," Nami said before she sighed. "It didn't work out that way."

In the background, Zoro and Sanji were still fighting.

"It's times like these that I wish we had a bigger crew," Usopp mumbled.

The memory crew was in discussion about how they should divide up the crew for the Doughnut Race.

"Boats in the Doughnut Race must be hand-made and may consists of only two oars and three empty barrels," the announcer explained. "Use of any other material will result in disqualification."

Brook whistled. "Those are some pretty strict rules."

Franky waved his hand dismissively. "Please. That's more than enough to build a decent ship. I can build a miniature battleship out of a few barrels."

"Key word here is 'you'," Usopp muttered.

The Foxy Pirates provided the barrels and the oars for everyone. The groups were divided into Luffy and Sanji, Chopper and Zoro being on the other team, and Robin, Nami, and Usopp making up the last team.

Franky frowned as he watched his crewmates work. For whatever reason, Sanji was letting Luffy build their boat. He quickly came to the conclusion that Sanji must have wanted to commit suicide, or simply didn't value his life.

Chopper and Zoro were no better off, since neither of them had any crafting experience at all. Usopp's team was the best off, since Usopp could at least build a raft. The raft was amateur and the hammer skill left a lot to be desired, but at least it could float. Or at least not kill anyone.

After about an hour, all the boats were ready. The team favored to win was the Cutie Wagon, led by Porche, a fishman, and a shark that was tied to the boat.

"Oh, that's real fair," Franky said when he saw the team.

"Beating such a team would be nearly impossible," Brook said.

"That is the advantage of having a large crew. More diversity," Robin remarked.

Interestingly enough, Nami's team was the second favorite to win.

"The Foxy Pirates aren't as bias as they seem," Brook noted.

The third favorite was a boat full with female Foxy Pirates, much to Brook's delight since he could dream of all the wonderful panties. The fourth was a boat that looked like a crab, built by the Foxy Pirates. The fourth and fifth were both boats called the Rubber King.

"Sounds like something Luffy would call himself," Franky joked.

Number seven in the poll was the Tavern Boat.

"Now that's Zoro-san's ship," Brook laughed.

Chopper and Zoro's boat was marked third from last.

"How did you guys not rank second to last?" Franky asked as he looked over their 'boat'. It was pretty much a raft with Chopper acting as the motor by running on it like a treadmill.

"Because there was a boat that was worse than ours and Luffy's," Zoro answered, huffing from his latest fight with Sanji.

"How can anything be worse than that atrocity?" Franky asked as he thumbed Luffy's wreck of a 'ship'. "Whoever let Luffy build anything should be smacked."

"It wasn't my fault. That idiot insisted," Sanji grumbled.

The ship that was the bottom of the poll was a ship called the Mother-Ship Coaster. It was so huge that one had to wonder if it could even sail.

"How they find a barrel that big!?" Brook asked in shock.

"Who built and entered that thing? Whoever it was, they should be ashamed of themselves! That is an insult to all shipwrights!" Franky yelled in outrage.

"All boat at the starting line!" the announcer yelled. The crowded cheered in excitement. "Meanwhile, I'll cover the race from the sky on a rare bird from the South Blue, the Great Sparrow, Chuchun!"

The announcer dropped on the bird and flew into the sky.

"Now catch! These are your Eternal Poses, in case you get lost!" the announcer yelled as he dropped several Eternal Poses.

"I have a question. Why are all the ships, beside you guys, pointing away from the starting line?" Franky asked.

"It's because of that big boat," Usopp answered.

"What does that boat has to do with anything?" Brook asked.

"Now, on your marks!" the announcer yelled. "Ready..."

"Guys, when the race starts, get away as fast as you can!" Usopp in the memory suddenly yelled. He sounded close to panicking.

"Huh, what did you say?" Luffy asked in confusion.

Before Usopp could answer, the gun was fired, starting the race.

Quickly, all the Foxy Pirates' ships, save for the huge one, paddled to the side of the starting line. The Strawhats quickly learned the reason why when the giant boat opened its front and a wave of water came pouring out. Out of the wave came several barrels.

"So it wasn't a ship, but a giant water trap! So not super! A ship shouldn't be used in such a way!" Franky yelled.

"But what's in those barrels?" Brook asked.

When Nami poked one of the barrels with her oar, it exploded, throwing them into the air.

"That was so scary," Nami mumbled.

Sanji growled. "I should kick all those shit head's asses. Those idiots were trying to kill us."

All the Strawhats were trapped by the floating barrels, making it impossible for them to move. It was Zoro, oddly enough, who came up with a solution. He borrowed one of Luffy's oars and spun it around like a fan. The wind from the oars was so strong that it pushed all the barrels back towards the big ship. The explosion that followed was grand, to say the least.

"That was some smart thinking, Zoro!" Chopper said with stars in his eyes. It was moments like these that reminded him of how cool Zoro was.

Franky laughed. "Now that's what I call backfire. Serves those bastards right."

Sanji snorted. "You shouldn't be so quick to kiss his ass. Look."

From the explosion came a giant tidal wave that broke the starting line. Somehow, the memory crew were able to not only ride the tidal wave, but use it to take out several of Foxy's ships.

"I'm not sure if I should call you guys lucky or unlucky," Brook observed.

"I'm wondering the same thing," Nami muttered.

"If that wave had overtaken us, we could have died," Robin remarked off-handedly.

"Don't say things like that!" Nami yelled at the older woman.

After surviving the tidal wave, Luffy laughed while Sanji lamented about a piece of the ship breaking.

"You should be thankful that your ship didn't break in two," Franky said.

Sanji growled. "Tell me about it."

"Ah, that was fun! I wonder if there will be another wave?" Luffy asked excitedly.

"He would find that fun," Usopp grumbled as he sweat-dropped.

"You dumbass!" Sanji in the memory screamed. "We would sink for sure!"

"That's for damn sure," Franky agreed.

"But more importantly, where is Nami-san's boat?" Sanji within the memory asked in a near panic. Ahead of them, Nami's team was catching up with the front-runners. "There!"

The Tavern Boat suddenly pulled up next to Luffy's ship. On the other side, the boat filled with woman sailed up to them, much to Sanji's delight.

"They barely knew us and they found out Sanji's weakness," Nami said as she sweat-dropped.

"It isn't like it's a big secret," Usopp muttered. His entire crew was hopeless.

Zoro folded his arms. "The Love Cook is easier to read than a porn book."

"Oh, and what about you, moss head?" Sanji wondered, pointing to past Zoro, who was drinking rum on the Tavern Boat.

Zoro chose to say nothing.

Luffy and Chopper weren't doing much better. Luffy was eating plates of food while Chopper was lured in by a candy apple.

"That tavern boat got to all of you," Brook said.

Chopper blushed as he watched his past self happily eat the candy apple. What could he say? He had a weakness towards sweets.

"Seriously, all of you are idiots. Did you take these games seriously at all?" Nami asked in annoyance.

Luffy probably would have stood in that trap for the rest of the race if Sanji hadn't suddenly grabbed him, dragged him back onto his ship, and started rowing frantically.

"What..." Brook was about to ask what happened, but he soon found his answer. Nami's group was being attacked by the fishman on Porche's team.

"The only thing that can drag Sanji away from women is to have Robin or Nami in danger," Franky humored. "Despite what's at stake, I can't take you guys seriously."

"I lived through it and even I can't take it seriously," Nami said, rubbing her forehead. Looking at it now, it was almost funny.

Despite Sanji trying to row to Nami and Robin's rescue, they didn't need him. Robin easily took out the fishman with her ability. But that still didn't stop Sanji, who paddled with all his strength while Luffy sat bored in the back. His eyes suddenly fell to the broken piece of wood that Sanji was holding earlier.

"I've got an idea!" Luffy yelled.

"Oh no," both Usopp and Nami mumbled.

"Luffy has a plan. This can only end badly," Franky added.

Luffy used the piece of broken wood as a propeller, which sent their ship rocketing. They were moving like a motorboat.

"Huh, it was actually a pretty decent plan," Franky said in surprise.

Brook laughed. "Luffy-san can be brilliant when he wants to."

Zoro nodded. "Yes, he can."

"The All-Barrel and Rubber King No. 1 and 2 are in pieces!" the announcer suddenly declared. "Sorry guys, but you're disqualified!"

"Huh, what happened?" Brook asked.

"We got shot down by those Rubber King assholes," Zoro said with a shrugged.

Chopper teared up. "I let everyone down."

"You did your best. There's nothing more that could have been done," Zoro said firmly.

"But..." Chopper started.

"There's no point crying over spilled milk. What's done and is done, and it all worked out for the best," Zoro stated.

Chopper wiped his tears. "'re right. I did my best."

While Luffy was speeding them along, Sanji took out the crab boat with one well-placed kick.

"Wow, kind of ruthless. Just my style," Franky complimented with a thumbs up.

"Shit heads were in the way," Sanji replied nonchalantly.

Within a few seconds, Luffy's group caught up with Nami's boat. Using her ability, Robin reached out, and Sanji grabbed her hand. Luffy was now towing Nami's ship and they quickly propelled them into the lead.

"Wow, you guys are winning now!" Brook cheered.

"Go, Luffy!" Chopper yelled in encouragement.

The moment the Strawhats passed Porche, Luffy's strength gave out and he stopped spinning his arms. He panted in exhaustion and he memory dulled slightly.

"He's tired?" Franky asked.

"He has been exposed to the sea for too long," Robin answered.

"But I thought ability users only become weak if half their body or more was submerged," Franky said, scratching his head with his small hand.

"True, but we can also became weak from prolonged exposure to seawater. Also, because of the nature of Luffy's ability, he is especially affected by water," Robin explained.

"Especially affected? Now that I think about it, Luffy seems to get tired more easily compared to you guys and other ability users we've seen," Usopp said in thought.

"That is because Luffy has a Devil Fruit that is always active. For me, a low amount of seastone or water will only keep me from using my ability, but not necessarily drain my strength. Luffy, regardless if he is in the sea or hindered by seastone, is always going to be rubber," Robin stated. "So the sea takes away his strength, making him unable to use his powers."

Brook nodded. "It's the same for me. It doesn't take much seawater to make me tired."

"I also become sleepy when I'm near seastone," Chopper added.

"Huh, so being a Devil Fruit user is even more of a pain than I thought," Franky said.

"Great power comes at a price. The price we pay for our powers is that we are hated by the sea until we die," Robin said.

"Still, once you have an ability, being an enemy of the sea isn't the worse thing in the world," Brook said. "Without it, I would never have the chance to see Laboon again, nor have been able to meet any of you."

"I don't begrudge or think any less of anyone for having an ability. For me, however, I never want one," Zoro said. "If I couldn't swim, who else would fish you all from the sea?"

"More importantly, who would save your mossy butt if you had an ability?" Sanji asked in a smug tone.

Zoro snorted. "I'd take drowning over being saved by you."

Porche's group approached the Strawhats.

"I don't know what you did, but we won't let you win!" Porche yelled as her team passed the Strawhats.

"Damn, just as we passed them!" Nami in the memory cussed in annoyance.

Robin was one step ahead and used her powers to link her hands to Porche's boat.

"Fast thinking, Robin," Brook complimented.

Robin shrugged. "They got arrogant."

"You cheaters!" the fishman yelled.

Nami rolled her eyes. "Pot calling the kettle."

"Let go!" the fishman yelled as he took out a sword and prepared to slice her hands.

"How dare you try to harm Robin-chan!" Sanji shouted, completely enraged and on the verge of lighting on fire.

"Robin, look out!" Chopper yelled out of instinct.

Robin was, once again, one step ahead of the fishman and disengaged her powers at the exact moment he swung his sword. He fell head first into the water before he knew what had happened.

Franky shook his head. "Idiot."

"He wasn't the smartest fishman we ever met," Nami said dryly.

"Luffy, do that...again..." Nami in the memory started to yell before she noticed that Luffy was still drained and staring vacantly into the sea.

"I don't think he'll be doing that again for awhile," Sanji within the memory said casually.

"He looks hung-over," Franky stated.

"Being in the sea too long can give the appearance of drunkenness," Brook said in a knowing voice.

"Anyway, we have to keep going!" Usopp in the memory yelled. "If they pull away any further, we're going to be in trouble."

"You're right. Let's go!" Nami ordered as they started rolling again.

"The course obstacle is dead ahead! The Long Coral Reef!" the announcer yelled. "And just beyond it lies the Long Cape, where the swirling Long Ring awaits! How will they conquer this!?"

Franky chuckled. "So, you guys are getting to the fun stuff."

"How can you call any of this fun?" Nami asked in irritation.

"And, oh, what's this!?" the announcer suddenly exclaimed. "Someone has appeared on the shore!"

The Strawhats looked towards the shoreline to see Foxy riding on top of Hamburg like he was horse. Foxy, as always, appeared smug with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh, what's he up to?" Brook asked.

"Nothing good," Zoro said. Although he knew how this ended, he had missed most of it after he was disqualified.

Soon, the boats were nearing the coral reefs that were so long that it looked almost like a forest floating on the sea.

"Whoa, everything around here really does grow long," Franky mumbled in awe.

Look," Nami in the memory warned. "The reef is causing some unusual currents to form. We shouldn't go in there blind."

The Strawhats' boat slowed down, allowing Porche's group to widen their lead.

Porche's boat didn't get far into the reefs, however, before the current started to twist them around. Within a few seconds, Porche's boat was spinning out of the reefs.

"Good thing you didn't go in there blind. That's one strong current," Brook said.

"Not even that strong shark could get through," Chopper said more to himself.

"Of course. There's no doubting Nami-swan," Sanji cooed.

Nami flipped her hair and smiled. "Don't be impressed yet. I'm just getting started."

Nami in the memory smirked cockily. "I was right. I knew this current was strange." She glanced at Usopp and Robin. "Okay, let's pick up the pace!"

"Okay!" Usopp yelled as he started paddling.

"Sanji, follow us!" Nami yelled at Luffy's group.

"Yes, Nami-swan!" Sanji exclaimed as he and Luffy paddled.

Almost as soon as they entered the reefs, something shot at them.

"Whoa, what was that!?" Franky exclaimed in surprise. He saw an arrow sticking out one of the reefs. "An arrow?"

The arrow began to emit a thick smoke, blinding everyone.

"Who did that?" Brook asked, waving his hand, trying to clear the smoke.

Usopp side-eyed the shore. "Who do you think?"

The laughter of Foxy could be heard.

"That stupid shit head!" Sanji in the memory yelled.

"And I completely agree," Sanji said.

"What's he up to?" memory Sanji asked.

"It's obvious to me," Zoro said. "He's trying to blind you and make you sink into the current."

"Foxy underestimated me," Nami stated. "I don't need to see to navigate the sea."

As if proving current Nami's point, the Strawhats were able to navigate safely out of the smokescreen with little trouble.

"Nami, you're awesome!" Chopper declared.

Nami chuckled and smirked. "Was there ever a doubt?"

"Of course not, Nami-swan!" Sanji swooned.

"Just what we need, her head getting even bigger," Zoro grumbled.

The Strawhats navigated through the reefs with ease while Porche's boat kept being sent back to the beginning.

Nami in the memory explained how by following the right currents they could just ease their way through the maze within the reefs.

"Sheesh, you figured all of that just by watching Porche?" Franky asked in awe. He knew Nami was good—he practically built the Sunny around her navigational skills—but that was beyond the pale.

Nami played with her hair, looking as smug as her past counterpart. "It was nothing I couldn't handle. You're only now just realizing how great I am?"

Zoro rolled his eye. "Woman, please."

"Don't talk like that to Nami-san!" Sanji yelled, getting in Zoro's face.

"Do you want me to kick your ass again?" Zoro challenged.

"Please, it was me who kicked your ass last time!" Sanji yelled.

Zoro snorted. "You wish, perv cook."

"Why are you guys fighting so much lately?" Usopp asked in frustration.

"Seriously?" Chopper asked with an equal amount of irritation.

As soon as the Strawhats got out of the reefs, they were being sucked into several large whirlpools. The biggest of them was just ahead of the crew.

"That thing is huge!" Chopper yelled.

"Actually, I think the whirlpool Luffy was sucked into was bigger," Franky said in thought.

"Still, how can you pass that thing?" Brook asked.

The crew suddenly heard past Nami and Usopp arguing. Nami wanted Usopp to use an Impact Dial, which he lied about not having. His lie was exposed when Nami, at some point, stole the dial from him. Usopp didn't want to use the Impact Dial, complaining about it nearly breaking his arm.

"I don't care if it breaks!" Nami in the memory yelled.

"Damn," Franky muttered.

"You see what I have to deal with?" Usopp asked. He quickly shut up when Nami gave him a death glare.

"Wait, it's my shoulder!" Usopp within the memory yelled.

In the back, Luffy and Sanji both gave thumbs up. "Impact!"

"You guys can be mean," Franky said before chuckling.

"You just now realize that?" Usopp grumbled, rubbing his arm in remembrance.

"You should just suck it up and be done with it," Zoro stated in his usual cold manner.

"If you break your arm, I'll set it back, Usopp," Chopper said, patting the sniper's back.

Usopp was in tears. "You're the only nice one in the crew, Chopper."

"Or, you can drink milk. That's always fixes my bones," Brook stated.

"My body isn't weird like yours!" Usopp yelled.

With everything prepared, and some more whining from Usopp, Robin used her powers to grab Luffy's boat.

Usopp, reluctantly, put the Impact Dial into water. With one big explosion, they flew across the giant whirlpool. They also flew over the Long Cape.

"Wow, that's worthy of a Coup de Bust!" Franky exclaimed as he watched his crewmates fly.

The flight and the Impact Dial was too much force for Luffy's wreck of a ship and the part that Robin had grabbed broke. The boat dive-bombed into shore, disqualifying Sanji and Luffy.

"Oh, talk about bad luck," Brook said, wincing from the landing.

"To be honest, I am surprised that boat lasted as long as it did," Robin mused. "Despite the terrible craftwork, Luffy must have done something right."

"Yeah, that's true. I honestly didn't think Luffy could build anything that could float," Franky said with a slight shrug.

With being disqualified, Luffy and Sanji made their way to the finish line and waited for their crew to complete the race. It was close, but it appeared that Nami's group was going to emerge victorious.

That was, until Foxy interfered. Using his powers, he slowed Usopp's boat to a crawl, allowing Porche to declare victory.

"What the hell!? That wasn't fair at all!" Franky yelled in outraged.

"How can such a dirty trick be allowed?" Brook asked in disgust.

"Interference from outside forces was allowed in the race," Robin stated. "As we said earlier, Foxy blindsided us."

Franky growled. "Still, what a low, dirty thing to do."

"Well, we were facing off against pirates. They are not known for playing fair," Robin pointed out.

Brook folded his arms. "Not all pirates are like this."

"Are you okay?" Chopper in the memory asked in concern to Robin, Nami, and Usopp, who made their way to shore. "Is anyone hurt?"

"No, we are okay," Robin in the memory assured.

"What the hell happened?" Luffy asked.

"Why're you're asking us?" Nami asked, slightly annoyed.

"We're the ones who want to know!" Usopp shouted, completely confused. "Did we lose at the last moment!?"

"I thought you were going to win, but you suddenly slowed down and they passed you," Luffy said.

Foxy laughed arrogantly as he approached the baffled Strawhats. He explained to them how his powers worked. He even demonstrated by having Hamburg shoot a cannonball at him so he could use his powers to slow it down.

Too bad Foxy seemed to have forgotten that even if the cannonball was slowed down, it still had the same impact. He quickly remembered when the cannonball exploded in his face.

"Idiot," Franky, Usopp, and Nami muttered.

"Powerful ability, but this guy is kind of...slow," Brook said to himself. He laughed when he realized the pun he just made.

Jokes aside, Foxy was the winner of the Doughnut Race. It was time for Foxy to choose one of the Strawhats to join his crew.

With nothing to be done, the Strawhats anxiously waited for Foxy to make his choice. Well, all except Zoro, who was guzzling booze like he had no care in the world.

"You're about to lose one of your crewmates and you're drinking!?" Franky exclaimed in disbelief when he saw past Zoro.

Zoro shrugged. "It was free, so why not."

"Didn't you care, Zoro-san, that someone on the crew was about to be lost?" Brook asked, not really believing that Zoro could be indifferent. He may never show it, but Brook knew that Zoro deeply cared for everyone on the crew. He couldn't be happy about this.

"Nothing could be done, so there was no point in me worrying about it," Zoro said in his usual calm voice. "Besides, I was certain that whoever we lost could be won back."

Brook was silence for a moment. "So, you weren't worried because you had faith."

Zoro chose not to answer, but Brook knew what Zoro was thinking.

"Too bad Foxy couldn't take that moss head. We would all be happy to depart with him," Sanji said.

"What!?" Zoro yelled, readying his swords.

"Are you guys fighting again!?" Usopp shouted in disbelief.

"The first one I want is..." Foxy paused for effect. "YOU!" he yelled, pointing directly at Chopper. "The doctor, Tony Tony Chopper!"

"Chopper!?" Brook and Franky exclaimed together.

"Me!?" Chopper in the memory exclaimed.

He didn't have time to process this information before he was dragged away by the Foxy Pirates, kicking and screaming.

"Well...that's surprising," Franky said slowly. "No offense to you, Chopper, but I thought Foxy would go after someone can I say this? ...More combat suited."

"He wanted Chopper because he's cute," Nami said, hating seeing Chopper crying as he was forced to join the Foxy Pirates. It creeped her out how Foxy snuggled Chopper like he was a teddy bear.

"That must have been hard for you, Chopper," Brook said sympathetically.

Despite Chopper's appearance and friendly personality, he actually didn't like being touched by people outside of his friends. Even then, he wasn't the cuddly type. Although, he did sometimes allow sick crewmates to hold him because he resembled a stuff toy.

At least, Chopper allowed Luffy, Usopp, Nami and even Robin to cuddle him when they came down with bad fevers.

Chopper watched his past self and cringed, not so much about Porche squeezing him, but how he was acting. He was bawling and screaming like a little child. It was unbecoming of a pirate. He hated being part of Foxy's crew, but he shouldn't have acted like that. He was supposed to be a man.

To make it official, Foxy placed a black mask on Chopper's face. Chopper was anything but happy. He was sniffing, staring at his former crew.

"Guys..." Chopper in the memory mourned.

"I'm sorry, Chopper!" Usopp in the memory cried, unable to look at his friend. "It's our fault for losing."

The Foxy Pirates tried to make Chopper feel at home, which did nothing to help Chopper's mood. Having what looked like paper fox ears placed on his head didn't help.

"NO!" Chopper in the memory shouted tearfully. "I refuse! Luffy! I went out to sea because Luffy asked me to! I won't go with these guys!"

Luffy gave Chopper a blank stare. Despite showing no emotion, it was easy to tell that Luffy wasn't all that happy with Chopper. In fact, it was similar to the look Luffy gave Coby when he was being especially negative or whiny.

"What's wrong with Luffy?" Franky asked.

Brook was silent for a second. " ashamed at how Chopper's behaving."

"Ashamed?" Franky repeated in disbelief. Luffy was never ashamed at how his crew behaved.

"He is ashamed because although Chopper is not part of our crew at the moment, his behavior reflects badly on him as his former captain," Robin explained. "It also shows a lack of faith, since Chopper is acting as if we cannot win him back."

"It is true. In the pirate's world, you must accept defeat with dignity, otherwise you're not a man," Brook said.

"That's a harsh way to put it," Nami scowled.

"It's harsh, but that's the truth. How you react in defeat speaks louder than how you act when you're victorious," Brook stated.

"I WON'T!" Chopper continued to cry tearfully. "I'm the doctor of the Strawhat Pirates, Tony Tony Chopper! NO!"

A loud thud was suddenly heard. It was Zoro slamming his empty bottle down. "That's enough of your bellyaching, Chopper! It's shameful!"

Nami and Usopp looked at Zoro in surprise, while Luffy, Sanji, and Robin kept blank expressions. They knew what Zoro was about to say.

"Going out to sea was your decision. The place and time you die will be your decision too. No one can change that!" Zoro declared, never turning to look at Chopper. "We accepted this game! Usopp's team and you did everything you could! In the world of pirates, no one will sympathize with those tears! As a man, you're going to suck it up and watch the rest of the events!"

"Whoa, pretty harsh speech there, Zoro. Although, I do mostly agree with you," Franky said. "I wouldn't go as far as say that tears won't get you sympathy even outside the pirate's world."

Chopper couldn't speak. Everything Zoro said was true. It was blunt and harsh, but true. Looking back, Zoro spoke the words that Luffy couldn't. Luffy may be blunt and rude, but he did value his friends' feelings. Unless it was a matter of life and death, or one of his decisions, he wouldn't raise his voice to them.

Chopper in the memory sniffed loudly, taking Zoro's words to heart.

"How can you say that!?" Nami within the memory scowled. "Don't you know how he feels!?"

Chopper in the memory calmed down and sat himself on his chair. "Boil or cook me, give me your worst!"

"That's a fast turn around," Franky humored.

Usopp sighed. "Zoro's harsh and cold, but that speech did cheer Chopper up."

The next event was the Groggy Ring Game. Problem for the Strawhats, they were down one man since Chopper was supposed to be in the team with Sanji and Zoro.

"I can see what you meant earlier," Franky said as he watched past Sanji and Zoro have one of their usual banters.

"But Zoro and Sanji have worked together successfully before," Brook said, remembering the fight with Oars and the Pacifista.

"They can work together when there's someone there to control them. Not so much when they're by themselves," Nami said with a sigh.

"Their lack of teamwork nearly cost us Chopper," Usopp grumbled.

"That's because he kept getting in my way," Sanji said, pointing at Zoro.

"I was going to say the same about you, dartboard," Zoro countered.

The area was set and this time the Strawhats were near what looked to be a soccer field with rings on both ends.

"I will explain the rules of Groggy Ball!" the announcer declared. "We have a field and two goals! The first team to throw their opponent's ball into their goal wins!"

"Sounds simple enough," Franky said.

"However, the ball isn't actually the ball!" the announcer went on. "It's a person!"

"That's different," Brook stated.

"Both teams must pick a person to be the ball!" the announcer finished.

When asked who would be the ball on the Strawhats' team, Zoro naturally nominated Sanji. Before the cook could counter, he was fitted with a hat that had a ball with red and white stripes.

The Foxy Team, which was announced to be undefeated, had Hamburg, Pickles (who was a giant of a man and much bigger than Hamburg), and Bigpan (a half-mermaid-half-giant called a wotan). They were aptly named the Groggy Monsters.

Brook's mouth dropped when he saw the trio. "They're huge!"

"They would make the wotan the ball," Franky said, crossing his arms. "Unless you're superhuman, you're not moving that guy around."

Zoro smirked. "Too bad for them that they were going against me."

"Field positions will be decided by a coin toss," the ref said.

"Hey, is it really fair to have the ref be one of the Foxy Pirates?" Franky asked. "I mean, shouldn't there be someone unbiased or something."

Nami puffed her cheeks. "Yeah, that would be fair."

"Since Foxy's crew is bigger and they are the ones who set up the games, it was impossible for us to say much," Robin stated. "We also knew little about the rules of the Davy Back Fight."

"In a traditional Davy Back Fight, there's usually a neutral party, most of the time being another pirate's crew, to regulate the rules," Brook explained. "Although, that wasn't perfect either, since bribes and blackmail were quite common."

"So, we still would have been screwed," Nami said in a deadpan voice.

"That is the world of a pirate. It is only unfair if you cannot get away with it," Robin said.

The coin was flipped and Hamburg's team called tails. Not too surprisingly, tails won.

"I wonder if that coin was fixed," Usopp wondered out loud.

"Given what we know now, I wouldn't be surprised," Nami muttered.

"Field or ball?" the ref asked.

"Ball," Hamburg answered.

"Our Groggy Monsters have chosen to receive the ball! That ballman from the Strawhat team must go to his opponents' mid-circle!" the announcer yelled. "Which side do you want? Either one is fine! In this game, there are two ballmen, each wearing a ball mark. You win by knocking your opponents' ball into the goal!"

There was an argument, since Sanji didn't want to be the ball. Zoro and he tried to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who would be the ball, but even that ended badly, with them calling each other cheaters.

The fight finally ended when Nami yelled how good Sanji looked with the ball hat. Needless to say, Sanji no longer had a problem being the ball.

Unfortunately, Zoro made a smart comment, and the two were once again fighting.

"It's going to be one of those games," Franky mumbled as he sweat-dropped.

"Sanji and Zoro fight like ex-lovers," Brook mused.

"I do wonder if those two were married in a former life," Usopp added.

"What was that!?" both Zoro and Sanji yelled, causing Usopp to jump in fear.

"'s nothing! It was just a joke!" Usopp shouted, holding his hands up in submission.

"Hey, no weapons allowed!" the ref yelled, seeing Zoro's swords. "You have to take off your katanas."

Zoro looked down at his precious swords. "Huh, really?"

"Yes, this is a ball game!" the announcer yelled. "Weapons are against the spirit of it!"

"I thought this was a pirate's game, so anything goes," Franky said.

"I do wonder why they even bother with rules," Nami grumbled.

Zoro gave his swords to the ref and slammed his fist into his palm. "Well, it doesn't matter either way."

"Hey, are you sure about this?" Sanji asked in mock concern. "A swordsman losing his swords..."

Zoro glared at his rival. "What of it?"

Sanji smirked as he looked at Zoro from the side of his eye. "Doesn't that make him a big wuss?"

"Ohhhh," Brook muttered. That wasn't going to go over well.

Like clockwork, Zoro and Sanji were back at each other's throats.

Nami groaned. "I swear we need to get those two neutered."

"Don't even think about it!" Zoro yelled.

"I would gladly give my manhood to you, Nami-swan!" Sanji exclaimed.

"Please, we passed that point years ago," Zoro mocked.

Immediately the two rivals were fighting again.

"I swear, one more fight out of either of you and I will have Chopper sedate and neuter you!" Nami threatened.

Chopper cringed at the thought. He didn't want to take Zoro or Sanji's balls.

Franky rubbed his forehead. "Chopper's in danger of being lost and those two just can't stop fighting. Seriously, where are you guy's priorities?"

"Seriously," Usopp said, becoming more and more annoyed reliving these memories.

"Okay, okay, it's time to begin!" the announcer shouted, finally stopping the fight between past Zoro and Sanji. "The Strawhat team's ballman, Sanji, is in his opponent's circle!"

After some bantering from the Monster Groggy, everything was finally ready.

"Okay, now let's get ready for some fun!" the announcer yelled. "There is no time limit and the first to score a point wins! Will the Strawhat team be able to retrieve the reindeer they lost in the first event? Or, will the Foxy team steal yet another member from their crew? The Groggy Ring battle is about to begin! Here comes the whistle!"

The ref blew the whistle, starting the game. Pickle made the first move, charging Sanji. Sanji casually jumped over Pickle and headed straight for the waton to end the game quickly. He got a surprise when he started to slide across Bigpan's arm.

"Huh, what happened?" Franky asked in shock.

"He's sliding on his arm like it's made of ice," Brook said.

"Bigpan is part loach, which is why his skin is slimy," Robin explained.

Bigpan slapped Sanji away like he was fly, sending him soaring through the sky.

Sanji rubbed his face on reflex. "That brings back many painful memories."

Zoro ran to keep Sanji out of the ring but was running neck-and-neck with Hamburg. He then was promptly run over by Pickle's shoulder charge.

With Zoro down, Hamburg jumped into the air and caught Sanji. He then threw him, sending him to Pickle, who was quickly approaching the goal.

"They weren't kidding when they say the person was the ball," Brook said. "A normal person would be killed playing this game."

"This is part of the reason why the Davy Back Fight is truly a fight among pirates," Robin stated.

Chopper could only shake his head. He remembered counting all the injures his crewmates obtained during this game.

Zoro was back and ran to intercept Pickle. He responded by turning around and spinning, running over Zoro.

"That guy is just beating the crap out of you," Franky cringed.

Zoro didn't flinch at the memory. "I've had worse."

Sanji descended upon the spinning Pickle, sending him back into the air. Bigpan helped Hamburg into the sky and caught Sanji. He was now ready to slam-dunk the cook into the ring.

Zoro wasn't going to allow that. He grabbed Pickle's leg and spun him around rapidly. Using pure strength, he threw Pickle. While this was happening, Sanji grabbed Hamburg's arms and brutally kicked the man.

Pickle and Hamburg collided with each other, knocking both of them out.

"Oh, they're going to feel that in the morning," Franky said, rubbing his face.

Nami sighed. "That was too close. I really thought we were going to lose there."

"I would never allow myself to be dunked by that piece of shit," Sanji said.

With Pickle and Hamburg lying flat on their faces on the ground, only Bigpan was left. Too bad instead of going after the ballman, Sanji and Zoro started arguing yet again.

"Oh come on! This is getting tiresome!" Franky yelled in frustration.

"That was our thinking, too," Usopp and Nami said together.

Zoro was also getting mildly embarrassed. He allowed that stupid cook to get under him.

Several minutes past and they were still arguing. Thankfully, Bigpan was too dumb and slow to take advantage of the situation.

Luffy just laughed at the entire thing.

"Glad someone found amusement out of this," Sanji said, side-eyeing Luffy.

"How could he find this even remotely funny?" Usopp asked in annoyance.

Nami rubbed her face. "Putting those two on any team was a terrible idea."

Finally, Bigpan made his move and attempted to stomp on Sanji and Zoro. The two monsters from the Strawhats crew were running for their lives as Bigpan attempted to smash them with his feet.

"Why are you running!?" Usopp in the memory yelled.

"That is what I want to know," Brook said. Bigpan was big and powerful, but he couldn't seriously hurt Zoro or Sanji. Those two took hits from Oars, for goodness' sake, and still got back up.

"I know, but look!" Zoro in the memory yelled. "He has spikes on the bottom of his shoes!"

Franky blinked. "What?" Looking closely, Zoro was right. Bigpan had long spikes embedded into his shoes. One hit from them would have killed Zoro and Sanji. "Is he crazy!? He's going to kill someone!"

"That's completely against the rules! They said no weapons!" Brook yelled in outrage.

The ref naturally saw nothing and turned his head. He was even whistling.

"Are you shitting me?" Franky asked in a low voice.

"Now you see why we call Foxy and his crew a bunch of cheaters," Nami grumbled. "They even tried to justify their actions by saying that pirates shouldn't complain."

"He is not completely wrong. If you want fair, you should go to the Marines," Robin stated.

Chopper sniffed. "Sanji and Zoro are trying so hard to get me back and I couldn't help." He should have been out there.

Sanji in the memory lost his temper and kicked his leg so hard that his shoe flew off. The shoe hit the ref dead in the face, knocking him on his butt.

"Serves that son of a bitch right," Franky laughed.

Sanji lit a cigarette. "He deserved a lot more than a shoe to the face."

"For once I agree," Zoro said.

"Even so, should you really hit the ref? He's a dishonorable man, but he's still the one calling the game," Brook said.

"Strawhat team, Sanji, yellow card!" the ref yelled once he got to his feet.

This made Sanji even madder and it took Usopp holding him to keep him from killing the ref where he stood. One more card would eject him from the game.

While this was going on, Bigpan was chasing Zoro with a giant axe.

"What the hell? They're not even trying to be subtle anymore," Franky said as Zoro ran for his life.

"This abuse of power is dishonorable. Have they no shame or honor as pirates!?" Brook yelled in rage.

"With Foxy, no," Nami answered.

Chopper put his hooves to his cheeks. "Zoro was nearly beheaded."

Zoro growled. "This game would have been over in seconds if I had my swords."

The situation with the ref got so bad that Luffy walked over, ready to knock the man out. Usopp quickly had to stop him.

With Nami's encouragement, Sanji ran back into the game. For some reason, he ran right back into Bigpan's path and Sanji and Zoro were once again in danger of being smash.

The two monsters of the Strawhats eventually stopped running and turned to confront Bigpan. They charged the waton. Before Zoro or Sanji could attack, however, Bigpan dive-bombed them. They jumped, but they were now slipping and sliding on Bigpan's slimy body.

Bigpan bent his body until he could grab his own feet, turning his back into ring. Zoro and Sanji spun in a circle around him.

"What are you guys doing!?" Franky yelled at his memory crew. "He's making idiots out of the both of you!"

Zoro and Sanji both growled at their past selves. This brainless giant was making them look like a comedy show.

"Amazing something so big can be so agile," Brook muttered in mild awe.

Hamburg and Pickle were also back and they were pissed. They weren't playing around anymore. Hamburg was now sporting iron knuckles and iron rings on his elbows and Pickle had spiked shoulder guards.

"What...are they crazy!?" Brook yelled. "Surely this isn't allowed!"

The ref was doing stretches on the ground, facing away from the field.

"I'm going to kill that bastard!" Franky yelled when he saw the ref.

"Get in line," Sanji sneered.

Zoro loosened one of his swords. "I got first dibs."

Luffy was trying to beat the ref up, but Usopp continued to restrain him.

Bigpan unbent himself, sending Zoro and Sanji soaring. They were too dizzy to regain their bearings.

Pickle spun around, allowing Hamburg to jump higher. Hamburg slammed his iron knuckles into Zoro's spine.

Chopper gasped when he saw the hit. He could have broken Zoro's back and paralyzed him.

Zoro hit the ground hard, leaving a giant dust cloud in his wake.

Hamburg was far from finished. Bigpan jumped and spiked Hamburg towards the ground. Hamburg slammed his iron elbow rings into Zoro's stomach, causing him to cough up blood.

"They're really are trying to kill them! This isn't a game!" Brook yelled in distress.

"It hasn't been a game from the start," Zoro said.

Sanji in the memory was peeling himself off the ground just as Zoro was taken out. He didn't recover fast enough, as Pickle ran towards Bigpan and jumped into his mouth. The waton spit Pickle out, rocketing him right towards Sanji. He was hit head on by the spiked shoulder guards.

"Damn!" Franky yelled. Sanji could have lost his eye.

Hamburg jumped and slammed his fist into Sanji, sending him fly forward, blood spilling everywhere.

Nami put her hands to her mouth. It was even more brutal than she remembered.

"There's not even knocking him towards the goal. They're just torturing him!" Brook shouted in disgust.

"Yeah, we really got those shit heads mad," Sanji said casually.

Pickle spiked Sanji again, sending him spinning and bleeding. As a finisher, Bigpan slammed the cook into the ground with a slap.

Sanji and Zoro slowly stood up and stood still for a moment. They both collapsed to the ground and remained unmoving.

Luffy watch horrified at what they did to his crew. "Zoro! Sanji!"

Chopper was in tears seeing this again.

"What...what are they thinking? I thought the Davy Back Fight was to gain members, not kill them," Franky said, seething in rage.

"They let their emotions get the best of them," Robin stated.

The Groggy Monsters celebrated their victory. All they had to do is put what was left of Sanji into the goal to win.

"Those shit heads celebrated too early," Sanji said.

"Damn straight. Now, it was our turn," Zoro said almost eagerly.

Sanji and Zoro from the memory stood up, stopping the premature celebration.

"Hey, monsters!" Foxy suddenly yelled. He had that smug expression again.

"What's he up to now?" Franky asked, gritting his teeth.

"One Monster Burger, please!" Foxy ordered.

Brook titled his head. "Why's he ordering food from them?"

"It isn't that kind of burger," Sanji said.

The crowd went silent from the order. They almost immediately started cheering again, this time with renewed vigor.

Hamburg reached into his pants and took out two large metal baseball type weapons.

"How did he fit those things into his pants!?" Franky exclaimed.

Pickle reached into his own pants and took out two swords.

"That's even more impressive!" Brook yelled. How didn't he cut himself?

Bigpan took out two pans from seemingly nowhere.

"ARE YOU KIDDING!?" both Brook and Franky yelled.

Nami sighed. "No, this actually happened."

The ref did nothing, still facing away from the field, stretching.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Luffy demanded, ready to pound the ref if Nami and Usopp weren't holding him.

All three of the Groggy Monsters charged Sanji, ready to mince, sliced, and smash him into a burger.

Sanji did several cartwheels and kicked Hamburg in the face several times. Hamburg fell to the ground, where Sanji proceeded to stomp on him. He then kicked him upwards and did a spinning kick on him, drilling him into the ground. When Hamburg was able to got to his feet again, Sanji jumped and landed on his face. As his own finisher, Sanji kicked Hamburg with both feet at once, sending him flying. He flew right into Bigpan's pans and got smashed.

"Well, didn't that backfire," Franky laughed.

Sanji smiled cockily. "That's karma for you."

Enraged at what happened to his friend, Pickle spun right towards Sanji, ready to slice him.

Zoro intercepted him and stopped his advance by kicking his feet.

Pickle twisted his body, ready to take Zoro's head off. Without using any swords, Zoro spun his body and sent Pickle flying. He went right into Bigpan, brutally slicing the giant's chest, making the waton scream in agony. The force of the hit was so powerful that Bigpan was being pushed back.

"Oh, that had to hurt," Brook said, grabbing his own bony chest.

"Yeah, but that jerk more than deserved it," Usopp said, sounding uncharacteristically unsympathetic.

Pickle finally stopped spinning, too dizzy to do anything. Bigpan also started to fall over.

Sanji ran to Bigpan's back and viciously kicked him, sending him back up.

Zoro ran to finish Bigpan. Pickle got his swords ready, but Sanji was at his back and kicked him away. He went flying right at the ref, taking him out.

Franky laughed. "Now that's some hardcore justice right there."

"But Sanji will get red card for doing that," Brook said in concern.

Nami smiled and winked. "Oh, you don't have to worry about that."

"Huh?" Brook asked.

The ref did try to red card Sanji, but found that not only were his cards missing, but so was his whistle. Somehow, Nami had stolen them. When and how remained a mystery.

Franky burst into laughter. "Sis, you're one sneaky thief!"

Nami gave a devilish smirk. "Well, he should have done a better job looking after his stuff."

Chopper gave a wide smile. "You guys are just awesome!"

Zoro ran right for Sanji, like they were ready for another fight. Instead of fighting, Sanji held his leg out and Zoro gracefully landed on it. Sanji kicked Zoro right towards Bigpan.

Zoro flew up and grabbed Bigpan by his upper lip. He pulled the waton towards the ring goal and slammed him into it, winning them the game.

"Amazing! What terrific teamwork!" Brook shouted.

Franky growled. "Why the hell didn't you guys do that earlier!? Could've saved us all a bunch of grief."

"Seriously?" Nami asked in equal annoyance.

"Who cares, we still won," Sanji said as he thumbed Zoro. "And I never had to work with that again."

"Same here, dartboard," Zoro said.

Just as the ref regained consciousness, Nami was standing over him.

"Ah, ref, you're awake," Nami in the memory said in a sickeningly sweet voice. "Here's your whistle." She handed out the whistle. "Blow it and hurry."

The ref quickly sat up. "Oh, yeah. That's right. His lack of sportsmanship towards the referee is a clear violation of the rules."

Franky rolled his eyes. "What rules?"

"I'll eject him from the field!" the ref declared as he snatched the whistle. He blew the whistle, unknowingly ending the game.

"And there's the whistle signaling the end of the event!" the announcer yelled. "The Groggy Ring is over!"

Cheers filled the air. The ref was left stunned by what happened.

"Well, good game!" Nami shouted smugly as she went to join her crew.

"Moron," Zoro muttered.

"Nami-swan is so smart! That shit head ref didn't even know what happened!" Sanji cooed.

"The second event in the Davy Back Fight is over!" the announcer yelled. "The invincible Groggy Monsters have been defeated!"

"Naturally. Those monsters stood no chance against our monsters," Nami said with a smile.

"In an upsetting win, the Strawhats have come through with a specular victory!" the announcer continued.

Luffy laughed. "Damn right! Zoro and Sanji would never lose!"

"You got that right," Sanji and Zoro said at once.

"Now, because the Strawhat team won the second event, they may select either one member or the symbol of the Foxy Pirates!" the announcer yelled. "Whom does the Strawhat captain want!?"

Franky laughed. "Is there really a doubt who he'll chose?"

"You'll be surprised," Nami mumbled.

This got Franky's attention. "What do you mean?"

Robin chuckled.

"One of the key rules of this crew: Never think you can predict Luffy," Zoro stated.

Usopp, Nami, and Chopper nodded in agreement.

"That shit head can be as unpredictable as a storm," Sanji said with some humor.

"I find storms more predictable than Luffy," Nami muttered.

There was a drumroll as everyone waited for Luffy to make his choice.

"It's obvious, isn't it," Luffy said, making his choice. "I choose..."

"Hold on!" Nami in the memory suddenly interrupted.

"Why, Nami?" Luffy asked.

"Foxy is going to sabotage the third event, right?" Nami asked instead.

"Yeah," Luffy answered. It was beyond a shadow of a doubt.

"If we have to deal with his Slow Slow Beam, any game under his rule would be hard to win," Nami went on. "Therefore, if we take Foxy, we can easily win the third event. Even if we take Chopper back now, if something bad happens in the third event, they may end up taking him again. So, for now, we'll take Foxy and set ourselves up for the next game. That's the easiest way to get Chopper back."

Brook's mouth dropped. "That...that's…that's amazingly cold-hearted. You would bring someone onto your crew just so you can win a game more easily? I would even say that's...cowardly."

"Even among pirates, that's some dirty pool, sis," Franky said, rubbing his chin.

Nami glared at her two crewmates.

The announcer was screaming in horror when he heard Nami's plan.

"That's peanut battling!" one of the Foxy Pirates yelled.

"I didn't know you were stoop that low!" another pirate yelled.

Several more boos and jeers followed.

"There's no rule against it, but taking the enemy's captain after the second event is nothing short of a cheap trick to back out of the challenge!" the announcer shouted, truly disgusted.

"I agree. If they did that to us, I would be just as pissed," Zoro said. He could honestly say that heads would have rolled.

Sanji said nothing. He wanted to defend Nami, but she was just wrong in this. He knew she wanted Chopper safely back and didn't want to risk a lost, but this method lacked any honor, even among pirates.

"This is a travesty! I can't believe my ears! That woman has offered the Devil's temptation!" the announcer continued to rant. "She's the anarchist navigator, Nami!"

"Anarchist? That's just harsh," Brook said.

"Taking a crew's captain would cause anarchy," Robin stated in neutrally. "It would have destroyed the Foxy Pirates."

Zoro nodded. "A captain is the heart and soul of a crew."

"Okay, I get it. It was a low down idea!" Nami yelled, hating how even her own crew turned on her. "I was just trying to assure our victory. I didn't want to risk losing anyone else!"

Usopp patted her shoulder. "Even if it doesn't mean much now, I completely agree with you, Nami."

"Watch what you say about Nami-san!" Sanji in the memory yelled at the jeering Foxy Pirates. "I'll kill you all!"

"Never in the long history of the Davy Back Fight, even in its earliest times, has anyone attempted this!" the announcer shouted, getting madder by the second. "Now I ask you, if a team wins by taking the other's captain, can you truly call that a victory!?"

"NO!" all the Foxy Pirates answered at once.

"I can't believe that no one ever tried to take the other team's captain. It seems something pirates would do," Franky said.

"There are some unwritten rules even among pirates," Robin said. "Among them are to never betray your captain, never harm a member of the crew, never allow your Jolly Roger to be taken, and the one who finds a Devil Fruit has the right to eat it or offer it to the crew, to name a few. Breaking any of these rules will bring shame and dishonor to yourself and your crew."

Brook nodded. "Honor and pride are very important among pirates. No one wants to be the shame of the pirate world."

"Can anyone rightfully make a mockery of this sacred battle sworn to Davy Jones!?" the announcer kept yelling, riling up the crowd.

Nami in the memory was now crying into Robin's chest.

"If these game are so sacred, stop cheating all the damn time!" Franky yelled at the Foxy Pirates, who were now chanting 'peanuts!'"

When Zoro within the memory spoke up in favor of the Foxy Pirates, Nami beat the living crap out of him.

Chopper screamed in fright. Nami was scarier than any pirate save for the Emperors.

With things calming down a little, it was time for Luffy to make his choice. Foxy was glaring daggers at Luffy, and the Strawhats knew he was cussing the rubber captain out in his mind.

It was Robin who took the 'take Foxy's plan' completely off the table by pointing out that if Luffy chose Foxy he would be a member of the crew, one of them.

Nami in the memory paled at the thought, along with all of the other Strawhats. No one wanted Foxy, which deflated Foxy's ego.

"Yeah, sis, you didn't completely think that through," Franky said. He couldn't imagining having that moron as one of his crewmates.

"Yeah...I forgot that if we chose Foxy we would be stuck with him," Nami said, somewhat embarrassed.

Luffy finally made his choice, but it wasn't Chopper. It was Shelly, Tonjit's horse, who was claimed by the Foxy Pirates.

"Shelly?" Brook repeated in shock.

"Well...I didn't see that coming..." Franky said slowly. He chose a stranger's horse over Chopper?

"As I said, don't try to predict Luffy," Zoro said.

Usopp and Nami in the memory had the same thoughts. Their jaws dropped so low that they were hitting the ground.

Chopper was paled and shaking. Being passed over for a horse would have that effect. Even the Foxy Pirates' announcer was stunned.

"Do you know what you just did, you dumbass captain!?" Usopp in the memory shouted, pulling on Luffy's cheek, stretching it so much that his face deformed.

"Huh, yeah of course," Luffy answered in his usual easygoing manner, not caring that Usopp was pulling on his cheek.

Usopp shook his head. "I thought he went mad. I mean, I understood why he chose Shelly and all, but I just couldn't believe he passed over Chopper like that."

"He didn't choose anyone over Chopper," Zoro said. "He figured that he would win Chopper back in the third game."

"It was a gamble, but a gamble he made because he trusted us," Sanji said, puffing out some smoke.

"Yeah, what the hell is wrong with you!?" Nami in the memory yelled, pulling on Luffy's other cheek. "You keep doing this kind of crap!"

"Um, can you stop pulling on my face?" Luffy asked nonchalantly. Having both Usopp and Nami pulling on him was too much even for him.

They pulled on him for several more seconds with Nami scolded him the entire time. Eventually, they let go, snapping his face back in place.

Tonjit approached them, wheeling Shelly on a wagon. Shelly and Tonjit gave Luffy graceful a look.

"Mister Stilts, you got Shelly back," Luffy said in his usual blunt manner.

"You guys..." Tonjit started. It sounded like he was ready to cry.

"You go be happy now," Luffy said, cutting Tonjit off.

"Hey, what happened to your two friends? They looked like they got hurt," Tonjit said, glancing worriedly at Sanji and Zoro. "Are they okay?"

Zoro, par the course, made a smart remark about Sanji. This ended in their usual fight.

Luffy just laughed at the entire thing.

"Thank you. I really owe you," Tonjit said, nearing tears.

"Don't worry about it," Luffy assured with a huge smile. "It was nothing."

Shelly muzzled up to Tonjit, drying his tears.

Nami in the memory sighed and smiled. "I guess that's how it goes."

Nami shook her head. Luffy had too good of a heart at times.

Brook laughed. "That's our Luffy-san. Always thinking of a friend."

Chopper also smiled. Looking back, he wasn't upset that Luffy chose Shelly over him. Luffy ended up winning him and Robin back in the end.

With things settled with Tonjit, it was time for the third game, the Round-and-Round Roller Race. The crewmembers who were in the third game got their uniforms, and Luffy ate a long kiwi that Tonjit bought for him.

"Okay, the third event is the Roller Skate Race, Round All-Around!" the announcer yelled. "It's a match-based race which will take place on the track below me. The rules for this event are simple. After the first whistle, the designated point-getters from both teams start. Twenty seconds later, at the second whistle, the defenders are allowed to start. The defenders attack the opposing team and protect their teammates. It's anything goes! The winner is the team whose point-getter has advanced the farthest in the five minute time limit. Of course, even one step is enough to determine the winner of each round."

"Sounds simple enough. I can't think how they can cheat in this event, and I doubt you'll be caught off-guard by Foxy's power again," Franky said.

Brook saw Foxy's team. "Oh, one of them has cheetah zoan type Devil Fruit."

Franky saw the man. "Oh, that's troubling. How the hell are you supposed to outpace a freaking cheetah?"

The cheetah approached Luffy, sniffing all over him.

"What's his problem? Is he into Luffy or something?" Franky asked, feeling uncomfortable looking at the scene.

"It was something he ate," Nami answered in a knowing voice.

"Now, I'll continue explaining the rules," the announcer stated. "Each team has a coach and a manager, who are not permitted to directly participate in the game. Each participant may only be designated as point-getter for one round, so choose carefully." He noted that Strawhats were short one person.

"I guess I have no choice!" Foxy shouted with his usual smug grin. "I don't mind allowing one of you go twice!"

"Well, that's a surprising amount of sportsmanship. Maybe that Foxy fellow isn't too bad," Brook said.

Franky snorted. "He's up to something."

"He's just really confident," Zoro said dryly.

Foxy grinned. "We have our pride and reputation to uphold."

"That's a load," Usopp muttered.

Sanji was the one writing the line-up, and he was in deep thought about the order his team should go in. Luffy, naturally, wanted to go twice. Sanji put him in the first and fifth round without much thought.

"And do I ever regret that," Sanji grumbled.

"Why's that?" Brook asked.

Sanji sighed. "Just keep watching."

After several minutes, Sanji decided the order. Nami was in round two, Usopp had round three, and Robin was in round four.

"There's one more thing I forgot to mention," the announcer suddenly said. "If by some chance anyone skates backwards or set foot outside the course, they are immediately disqualified from the round, so be careful. Any false starts will also result in disqualification."

The line-up for round one was ready. Luffy versus Porche. It was a battle between captains. However, the epic line-up was overshadowed by one major thing. Luffy couldn't skate. In fact, he could barely stand up without falling on his butt. Luffy's antics had the entire arena laughing and all the Strawhats horrified.

"He can't skate!?" Franky yelled in disbelief. "How can he not skate!?"

"Given Luffy's childhood, it's pretty obvious why not," Zoro said. "I doubt Ace would teach him how to rolling blade down a mountain."

"That's true...but Sanji signed Luffy-san for two rounds," Brook pointed out, cringing each time Luffy fell.

"That idiot should have asked if Luffy knew how to skate," Zoro said dismissively.

"What's that supposed to mean!? How the hell was I supposed to know that moron couldn't skate!?" Sanji yelled.

"Why did you assume he could?" Zoro asked back.

Sanji wanted to say something, but nothing came to mind. He just assumed that Luffy knew since he insisted on going twice, and skating was something that most kids learned to do. Then again, since when had Luffy been normal?

"Seeing this, I thought we were goners for sure," Usopp said. "He couldn't complete a round if he couldn't even stand."

Chopper sniffed. "I also thought all was lost. I mean…just look at Luffy."

Soon, everyone was on their marks, ready to start the first round. Luffy had to be heavily supported by Usopp.

"Damn, that ref's back," Franky said, seeing the referee from the Groggy Game. "If he pulls any shit, I'm firing a laser up his ass."

The whistle was blown and the 'race' started. It wasn't much of a race since Porche blasted past Luffy while he fell on his face.

" going to be a painful round..." Franky muttered.

Usopp sighed. "It's just getting started."

Luffy attempted to use his powers to move himself, but he was only partly successful. He barely got past the start before the second whistle was blown.

A giant tank man for a pirate attempted to crush Luffy, but he defended himself using his Gum Gum Balloon.

Not long after Luffy inflated his body, Nami skated up to him and kicked him like a beach ball. It was very similar to what Ace and Sabo did after becoming friendly with Luffy.

Nami's plan amounted to kicking Luffy around the skate track.

"Sheesh, did you drink some mean juice, sis?" Franky asked as the memory itself started to spin.

Nami huffed. "What choice did I have? The moron couldn't finish the race on his own."

In the memory, Robin got into the act as well and used her hands to keep Luffy on the track and push him along.

The memory was spinning so much that the Strawhats had no idea what was going on.

"I'm getting dizzy watching this," Chopper said. His eyes were spinning along with the memory.

"How didn't Luffy lose his lunch?" Usopp asked, feeling himself becoming queasy.

"I bet he's regretting eating that long kiwi," Sanji mused.

The memory suddenly jolted. The spinning eventually stopped and the Strawhats could now see that Luffy was in the audience's stand.

"What happened?" Brook asked.

"Foxy's team knocked him out of the track," Nami said, folding her arms. "We actually thought they killed him for a moment since one of them was using a blade. Thankfully, it was dull."

Luffy released the air from his body, making him flutter around.

Needless to say, round one went to the Foxy Pirates.

The next round was between Nami and the human tank that attempted to crush Luffy earlier.

"Why the hell is he racing? Turtles are faster than him," Franky said.

The whistle was blown and Nami was off before the tank man made any visible movements.

"Is he even moving?" Brook asked.

"Sheesh, we could sail across the Grand Line before this guy reaches the finish line," Franky said.

"Don't be fooled," Zoro suddenly spoke. "It was because we didn't take this guy seriously that we lost."

"Lost!?" Brook exclaimed.

"How did you lose to that!?" Franky yelled, pointing at the human tank.

The second whistle was blown, but the Foxy defensive team didn't move. Instead, they formed a defensive line at the starting line, confusing all of the Strawhats.

Nami was feet from the finish line and the tank man was still there.

Porche suddenly sprung a bouquet of flowers and shot something at the crew, and the memory suddenly went blank.

"Huh, what happened? Wasn't that a form of hypnotism?" Brook asked. It felt very similar to when he played his violin to put people to sleep.

Usopp sighed and nodded. "That's exactly what happened. She put us to sleep before we even knew what happened."

"Dirty," Brook said.

"Which is why we were foolish to let our guard down," Zoro muttered, his shame returning.

The memory slowly returned and it looked like the tank man hadn't moved from his original spot. However, all the Foxy Pirates were grinning smugly.

"Nami, hurry!" Chopper in the memory suddenly screamed. "Go, hurry! You have to hurry! You're about to lose!"

Nami didn't react fast enough. Before she realized what had happened, the tank man won the race.

"My god, how long were you guys knocked out!?" Franky yelled in disbelief.

"They were out for the entire five minutes," Chopper said.

"That is some powerful hypnosis. It puts mine to shame," Brook stated.

The Foxy Pirates now had two points. One more and they would win. The next match was between Usopp and the cheetah man.

"Oh, you guys are screwed," Franky said.

"Don't count on that. We underestimated Foxy in the second round, but they did the same here," Zoro said.

Luffy was still trying to stand with his skates. He wasn't doing well. Zoro was advising him. Which was strange since Zoro freely admitted that he never skated himself.

"Why is Zoro giving advice?" Franky asked.

"I wonder the same thing," Brook said.

"We were desperate," Sanji stated in a deadpan voice. "We lose this round and it would be all over."

The whistle for the third round was blown and the cheetah man, unsurprisingly, sped by Usopp as if the sniper was standing still.

"I've forgotten how depressing that was. I was moving as fast as I could and I couldn't do a thing," Usopp said as the cheetah man finished a lap.

Twenty seconds were up and Nami and Robin took off, desperate to stop the cheetah man.

The moment they skated off, the crowd starting gasping. It was then that Brook and Franky realized it was because Luffy was beginning to stand on his skates. It was slow and unsteady at first, but Luffy's stance became firmer. Soon, he was standing straight up with little problem.

"He learned to stand on skates that fast?" Brook asked, greatly impressed.

"When Luffy wants to, he can learn quickly," Zoro said. "Besides, skating is just a matter of balance and finding your center. Once you know that, the rest is easy."

Stars appeared in Chopper's eyes. "You're so cool!"

Sanji side-eyed Zoro. "Once again coming from someone who's never even put on a pair of skates before."

Luffy took off, though he had little control of himself. But he was fast.

The cheetah man was right behind Luffy and looked annoyed that someone was challenging him in speed. He went into his full cheetah form and went even faster, but Luffy pumped harder and soon the cheetah man and him were neck and neck.

"Why is he racing the cheetah? It isn't his round," Franky said.

"More importantly, how is Luffy-san out-skating a cheetah?" Brook asked.

Luffy hit the turn and slammed right through the container wall.

Zoro sighed. "I forgot to teach him how to turn."

However, Luffy kept himself from being disqualified by grabbing the wall. Unfortunately it broke, sending him flying off the track and landing head-first into the dirt.

"Luffy-san has no luck in this event," Brook said softly.

"No one can learn to skate that fast," Franky said.

By the time Luffy got back into the arena, the Foxy Pirates were only a few seconds away from a perfect victory. That was quickly cut short when a tree from out of nowhere fell on the cheetah man and knocked him out of the track, giving the Strawhats the victory.

"Where did that tree come from!?" Franky yelled, not believing what he just saw.

"I cut it," Zoro answered nonchalantly, fingering his swords.

"That was you!?" Chopper exclaimed in shock.

"I was off doing some task for the shit cook. When I realized that I wouldn't make it on time, I cut down that tree. Worked more perfectly than I had expected," Zoro said.

"You were just lucky that shit head cat was in the path of that tree. You could have hit Nami-san or Robin-chan," Sanji scowled.

Zoro shrugged. "But I didn't."

"You're missing the point!" Sanji yelled.

"Who cares? We won," Nami said.

The tree was moved and round 3 went to the Strawhats. Round four was Robin up against a merman that had six arms. While the round was setting up, Zoro was giving Luffy advice about how to skate around curves.

"I got it, I'm cool," Luffy assured.

"What's cool?" Zoro in the memory asked. "The way you were skating before..."

Luffy grinned. "Zoro, I did what you told me." Zoro raised an eyebrow. "I watched how the other guys skated."

"What's he talking about? He spent most of the last round outside the arena," Franky said.

Within minutes, everything was ready and Robin and the merman took off.

Robin had a short lead with the mermaid right at her back. When the twenty seconds were up, Luffy speeded off to defend Robin.

Luffy wasn't just fast now, but he could power around corners by grabbing the sides of the containing walls, stretched his arms, and then shooting back onto the track. It was a perfect mimic of one of the cheetah man's turns.

"He's skating like it's nothing now!" Brook exclaimed in excitement. "Did he actually learn all that just from watching?"

"As I said, Luffy's a fast learner when he wants to be," Zoro stated.

"Seeing Luffy go was so amazing!" Chopper cheered.

Luffy easily caught up with the mermaid and punched the man, knocking him into the wall. Robin speeded off ahead, while Luffy guarded the down mermaid. Robin handled two of Foxy's defenders while Nami disabled Porche by stealing her baton.

"You guys learn fast," Franky chuckled.

"To beat pirates, sometimes you have to act like pirates," Nami laughed.

The mermaid didn't even attempt to move with Luffy standing over him, promising pain if he tried to get up.

Foxy attempted to interfere by slowing Robin with his power, but Usopp had him covered. Namely, Usopp threw waves of insults at Foxy, depressing him to the point where he couldn't move. Nami was acting as a sort of good cop with complimenting Foxy, but she could only do that a few times before becoming physically sick, so she switched with Usopp.

"Man, you guys are evil," Franky muttered while watching them play with Foxy's feelings.

Needless to say, the Strawhats won round four. It now all came down to the final round.

"You all love coming down to the wire," Franky noted.

"It does always seems to end that way," Usopp mumbled.

For the final round, it was Luffy versus Girarin, the merman with the dull blades. The whistle was blown and both Luffy and Girarin were off. Not even a second later, Foxy was ready to use his slow beam. Nami and Usopp tried to use the same plan from last time, but Foxy wasn't listening to them. It turned out that he was wearing earplugs. He blasted Luffy, but Luffy was able to dodge.

"We should have figured the same plan wouldn't work twice. Foxy isn't completely dumb," Nami said.

Luffy kept dodging Foxy's beam while trying to keep his mind in the race. Girarin was right behind him. To make matters worse, Girarin was able to reflect the Slow Slow Beam using his blades.

"That's bad!" Brook exclaimed when he saw this. "Luffy-san now has to watch his front and his back."

When the defenders were allowed to go, Robin took off, but Foxy slowed Usopp and Nami.

Luffy dodged as best as he could, but he was eventually hit when Girarin reflected the Slow Slow Beam, hitting Luffy in the back. Only Robin was left.

Robin suddenly stopped and walked off the track, disqualifying herself.

"WHAT!?" both Brook and Franky exclaimed. Everyone was equally stunned.

Robin kept a neutral expression, but it was clear to see that she had a plan.

By the time Luffy could move again, Girarin had a three-lap lead. Foxy got ready to hit Luffy again, assuring his team's victory. Robin, however, used her powers to stop him by grabbing his fingers. Given how hard she was pulling on them, she could have easily broken them.

"So, that was your plan. By disqualifying yourself, you made Foxy believe that you weren't a threat," Brook said.

"No one outsmart Robin-chan!" Sanji cooed.

"Robin is just that smart!" Chopper cheered.

Robin chuckled at the memory.

Luffy was off and easily passed the much slower Girarin. Within a few seconds, Luffy was neck and neck with Girarin on laps.

Girarin turned around and held his swords out. Luffy ignored him and stretched his arm out, grabbing the side of the tracks. He rocketed himself forward and skated past the finish line, winning the round and the game.

"That was SUPER!" Franky exclaimed, striking a pose.

"They underestimated us. They let those first two rounds go to their head," Zoro said.

With the game completed, there was no doubt who Luffy would chose to join his crew.

"Come on, Chopper, get over here!" Luffy shouted happily.

Chopper was more than happy to obey, running to his crew with tears in his eyes. He hugged Luffy, throwing off his mask and fox ears.

"Looks like it all worked out," Brook said.

"Yeah...if only it ended here," Usopp grumbled.

"Huh, what does that mean? You guys won two of the three game, didn't you?" Franky asked.

"Hold it, hold it!" Foxy suddenly yelled, stopping everything.

"Don't tell me he's going to be a sore loser," Brook said.

"Any captain worth his weight knows that there are no draws in the pirate world," Franky said. "It's plunder or be plunder. You won't let it end like this."

"Is he daring Luffy or something?" Franky asked.

"More or less. He wants another round," Sanji sated.

Foxy challenged Luffy to another three-coin game. Luffy, being the absolute moron that he was, took the challenge.

Nami and Usopp were really upset, beating Luffy to a bloody pulp, while Robin, Sanji, Zoro took everything in stride. No point crying about it now.

"He actually agreed to three more games. Does he think he has the devil's luck?" Franky asked.

Brook sighed. "Luffy-san was very reckless here. Knowing when to turn away is a virtue."

The fourth game of the day began. It was a dodgeball game with more rules in it than a marine's handbook. Since the Foxy Pirates' knew the rules like the back of their hand, they had the advantage over the Strawhats. So much so, they had the only weapon allowed in the game, which was a dodgeball machine gun. Even with Robin's fast reading, it was impossible for her to read the entire rulebook before Luffy swallowed the ball, losing the match for his team after everyone else got knocked out.

In a surprising twist, instead of taking Chopper back, Foxy chose Robin, most likely to cripple the Strawhats in brainpower or getting payback for her ruining his plan in the last game and nearly costing him the dodgeball game.

The fifth game was pretty much red light-green light with Tonjit acting as the light. He would have his back turned, and when he turned around, the players had to stop. If they didn't, they were out. Despite a very close call (namely the cheetah man was back and would have won if Tonjit hadn't sneezed on him, disqualifying him), the Strawhats still lost.

This time, Zoro was entirely to blame. When Chopper, Nami, and Usopp were just inches from victory, Zoro, who had gotten lost on a straight course, kicked Hamburg in frustration after he nearly landed on him. He kicked Hamburg so hard that he flew up the course and landed on his crewmates. To add further insult, Hamburg's hand slapped Tonjit, costing them the match.

"Nice going, Zoro," Franky said, side-eyeing the swordsman.

Sanji growled at his rival. "You stupid moss head. Because of you, we lost another crewmate."

Zoro growled back, but couldn't say anything. It was his fault. What were the chances that he would kick that idiot towards Tonjit? He let his temper get the best of him.

"I should triple your debt because of the crap you pulled here," Nami sneered, feeling all those ill feelings return.

With the fifth round done, Foxy could choose another crewmate. This time he did re-picked Chopper, much to the young reindeer's horror. To make matters worse, there was only one game left. So, even if Luffy won the last game, he could only reclaim either Robin or Chopper.

Luffy's solution was simple. He would just re-challenge Foxy to win his crewmates back. Foxy, however, wasn't having it. Not only did he want to quit while he was ahead, but his crew was all beat up from the whipping the Strawhats have been given them. They wouldn't survive any more Davy Back games.

Nami, however, came up with a solution. Instead of betting one person, she wanted to bet five on the next game. Namely, if the Strawhats were to win, they could get Chopper and Robin back. If they lost, all of them would have to join Foxy.

Foxy rose the deal further. Instead of betting two, he bet five-hundred people. Since the Strawhats didn't have that many members, that meant even their children would be Foxy Pirates.

"What a terrible fate," Brook said when he heard the terms of the deal.

"I think I would prefer being neutered than let my kids work for that idiot," Franky cringed.

Nami nodded. "I agree. The thought of calling that man my captain made my stomach turn, but it was the only way we could win back Robin and Chopper. After all, someone cost us the last match!" She gave Zoro the evil eye. Zoro growled at her.

"The more I think about it, the more I can't imagine Luffy-san calling anyone captain. Given how much he values freedom, being forced into someone else's crew would be especially hard for him," Brook said.

Chopper lowered his head. "I was so excited that we would all be together that I didn't consider how terrible it would be for Luffy and everyone else."

"Well, having you guys there would have made things better. I mean, better to be united under a different captain that separated, right?" Usopp asked.

There was a short pause.

"I would follow Nami-san and Robin-chan anywhere. Even into that shitty fox's crew," Sanji said, lighting another cigarette. "Although, I would never consider that man my captain. Screw the rules."

Zoro nodded. Luffy was the only man he would ever call his captain. If the worst had happened and he was forced to become a Foxy Pirate, he would stay for the sake of his crew, but he wouldn't care if Foxy lived or died.

A suddenly thought hit him. If Luffy were to lose, would he ask Zoro to leave? Judging by what he told Ace, Luffy kept him at an arm's distance within the crew. He gave Zoro the opportunity to leave with no responsibilities. Given that Luffy knew that he wouldn't care what others thought of him, he could leave without feeling bad about breaking some old pirate code.

What would Luffy have done? If he was under someone else's command, he couldn't reach his dream of becoming Pirate King. Would he abandon his dream to stay with his crew?

Zoro shook his head. There was no point thinking about it now. The Davy Back Fight was done and they won. None of them had to call that fool Foxy 'captain'.

"At last, we're ready for the final event: Combat!" the announcer yelled. "To start things off, we'll make the field! The two combatants spin a cannon together. And then, wherever the cannon randomly stops..."

As the announcer was talking, Foxy and Luffy spun the cannon. It spun rapidly for a few seconds before it began to stop. Without warning, however, the cannon suddenly jolted and spun towards Foxy's ship. It then locked in place.

"The hell!?" That isn't random!" Franky yelled.

"The game hasn't even started and they're already cheating again!" Brook shouted in outrage.

Nami shook her head. "We should have known Foxy would rig where the battlefield would be."

"On that ship, Foxy will have all the advantages," Franky growled. He glanced at the Silver Fox's ship, just now realizing how huge it was. That wasn't too surprising in of itself, since it was a galleon, but even for that model of ship it was huge. Foxy's ship was easily three times the size of the Thousand Sunny.

Looking at it more closely, he also finally realized that the Going Merry was trapped under the ship's figurehead. It looked like the fox's head was going to eat the poor Merry, given the difference in their sizes.

The cannon was fired and, unsurprisingly, landed on Foxy's ship, which was called the Sexy Fox.

"Sexy Fox—that's what they called their ship?" Franky asked before sticking out his tongue. "How could they name their poor ship that?"

"Especially when it doesn't match the captain at all," Usopp said, motioning towards Foxy.

"Now, I'll explain the rules of Combat!" the announcer went on, ignoring past Usopp's complaints of the cannon being rigged. "The battlefield will be everything within an eight-by-two foot radius of where the cannonball struck. In other words, the battlefield is a circle of one hundred and sixty-four feet."

"In other words, the area on of the entire ship," Franky summarized dryly.

"Pretty much," Nami answered.

"Was that ship built solely to have Davy Back Fights on it?" Brook asked.

"I have to wonder," Sanji agreed.

"In addition, all weapons and armaments within the circle are at the disposal of the combatants!" the announcer continued to explain. "Only the two combatants are allowed on the battlefield! The winner is whoever throws their opponent out of the circle. That is all! Furthermore, being knocked into the air or into the water does not matter as long as you remain in the circle."

"Since they are both Devil Fruit users, wouldn't being knock into the water count as a loss?" Brook asked.

Zoro shrugged. "Pretty much. It isn't like either Luffy or Foxy would be able to swim back up. Maybe the winner is decided when the person falls and drowns."

"Don't even joke about something like that!" Usopp yelled.

With the rules explained, there was a pre-show and all the vending stalls were open. Luffy and Usopp bought limited edition golden Foxy pins, much to Nami's annoyance. Because of the bet she had made with Foxy, she was even more high-strung than usual.

"Those two fool around too much," Nami complained.

"Why would you want pins with that guy's ugly mug on them anyway?" Franky asked.

"It was limited edition," Usopp answered as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

Chopper nodded his head. "They only had a hundred of those types of pins."

Nami side-eyed both of them.

Luffy and Usopp were taken into the waiting room, which was filled with equipment and customs. It was a dream room for them.

"Oh, that's so super! You can look like anything!" Franky exclaimed with stars in his eyes.

Usopp smiled. "Foxy may be a jerk, but he knew how to hook a person up."

"This is a cute wardrobe," Robin said with a smile.

"Not you too, Robin!" Nami yelled.

Luffy took his hat off as he looked at all the different types of hats and wigs he could wear. Usopp, who was talking just a moment ago, suddenly became dead silent. He was also breathing hard.

"Usopp, what's wrong with you?" Brook asked, becoming worried.

Usopp laughed and rubbed his nose. "There's nothing to be worried about. I just found the key to Luffy's victory."

"Really?" Brook asked.

"Of course. Foxy was a fool to place such a sacred object in Luffy's room. He all but signed his defeat," Usopp said smugly while crossing his arms.

"He left something that powerful in your hands?" Franky asked in disbelief.

Sanji lit a cigarette. "He sure did."

Nami rubbed her face. "Don't tell me you guys still believe that."

"What...what is this powerful object?" Brook asked, barely containing his excitement.

Usopp in the memory reached to grab the sacred, powerful object, which turned out to be a big afro wig.

Both Franky and Brook gasped in awe. "AN AFRO!"

"Foxy's truly a fool. He left that just sitting in his opponent changing room?" Franky asked in disbelief.

"What a foolish thing to do. With that afro, Luffy-san will become invincible," Brook said with tears leaking from his eye sockets.

"Not you too!" Nami yelled in distress. Was she the only person on the planet who didn't get what was so special about that stupid afro?

"That's how Luffy won—that afro saved him!" Chopper exclaimed, feeling the power of the afro again.

Robin nodded.

"Have to admit, he never would have pulled through without it," Zoro stated.

"You actually buy into all this?" Nami asked Zoro in disbelief. On this subject, she thought that Zoro and her were the only rational ones.

In a few minutes, Luffy was dressed and ready. He was wearing red boxing gloves, shorts, and a green press tattoo on his bare chest. Most important of all, he was now sporting the power of the afro, which made Luffy even more hot-blooded.

Usopp also got himself dressed to better represent Luffy as he was his 'manager.'

During the dress-up, it became very apparent that Luffy couldn't wear his hat. The afro was just too big and powerful. So, without saying a word, he placed the straw hat on Usopp's head while he was getting dressed.

"Here, hold this," Luffy said, startling Usopp.

Usopp teared up when he saw this scene. It was only really now that he saw the depths of how much Luffy trusted him. Until this point, the only people Luffy had directly given his hat to were Nami, for comfort, and Zoro, when he wanted to keep it safe.

Looking at all these memories, Luffy most likely entrusted his hat to them since he had the closest bond with those two. There were the first two to join, they spent a lot of time together before he joined, and those two had the closest to a sibling relationship with Luffy. Here, however, he didn't give his hat to Zoro or Nami. He gave it to him, Usopp. That showed the level of the trust Luffy had for him, though at the time, he didn't see it.

A bitter feeling formed in Usopp's stomach. He couldn't help but remember what happened not long after the Davy Back Fight. About how they met Aokiji, and there was then Water 7, the incident with the Franky Family, and finally...

"Are you okay, Usopp?" Brook interrupted his line of thinking.

"Oh, I'm fine," Usopp said quickly.

Brook stared at Usopp. "You looked ready to cry. Something's wrong."

Usopp wiped his eyes, realizing that he have been developing tears. "I...I was just remembering something terrible."

"If you want, you can tell me about it," Brook offered.

Usopp gave a small smile. "Thank you, but I'm fine now... This time period just always brings back some bad memories."

Brook didn't quite believe him, but dropped the subject. Usopp wasn't ready to tell him, and that was fine. Some memories were best left buried.

Luffy and Usopp were now walking down a long hallway, hearing Foxy's introduction from the speakers.

"Listen, Luffy, you're not the boy you once were. That hairstyle awakens the beast inside every man's heart. You may ask...does the afro make the champion or does the champion make the afro? That's a question yet to be understood by modern science," Usopp said in a badly altered, gruff voice.

Chopper's had stars in his eyes listening to past Usopp. "Is that really true?"

Usopp crossed his arms. "Of course it is. I may lie about a few things, but everything I said about the sacred afro is completely true."

Nami looked at Usopp from the side of her eye. "Few things, huh?"

"He maybe a liar, but he's right about this. There are many untold mysteries about the afro," Sanji said.

Chopper gasped. When he got back, he had to study this.

"Don't fill Chopper's head with such wild ideas," Nami scowled.

"Luffy, when you don that afro, your punches gain power," Usopp in the memory continued.

Luffy smirked and chuckled. "Let's get to it, Pops."

The light to the entryway shined on them as they exited through one of the fox's ears. Luffy was officially introduced to the roaring crowd, who marveled at his afro, as they should. The afro was so powerful that Foxy's own crew cheered for Luffy to win, and even Foxy himself was impressed.

"Hey, hey, not bad! That's the style of a wild man!" Foxy complimented. "You're going to be a worthy adversary."

"Show him, Luffy! Show him the power of the afro!" Franky cheered as he struck a pose.

"Do us proud, Luffy-san!" Brook also cheered.

Zoro sweat-dropped at the two's antics.

With Usopp booted off the stage, using his last fifteen minutes of fame, the game was about ready to start. The stands rose so the audience would have a better view of the ship.

"Well, Strawhat Luffy, let's make this a match to remember!" Foxy laughed. "This entire ship is a battlefield. You can be as wild as reckless as you please!"

"He would be even without your permission," Zoro said dryly.

Foxy smirked. "After all, I have several excellent shipwrights!"

Franky snorted. "And none of them are as good as me, loser."

The bell was finally chimed, signalling the start of the final game.

Luffy attacked first with a Pistol. As soon as he stretched his arm to punch Foxy the clever Silver Fox hit it with his Slow Slow Beam, slowing down Luffy's arm while the rest of him remained at normal speed.

"I didn't know he could slow body parts like that!" Brook exclaimed as Luffy attempted to pull his arm back.

Despite his best efforts, Luffy was pulled along by his slow arm, unable to stop his own recoil.

Foxy held his arms, ready to hit Luffy again with his powers.

Luffy quickly dived out of Foxy's line of fire, only to find out he was bluffing. Luffy's evasion left him even more open since he was partly in the air and his arm was still pulling him. Foxy used this to his advantage and hit him dead on with a Slow Slow Beam, making it appear that Luffy was floating.

"Damn!" Luffy cursed...really slowly.

"I think Foxy wins the award for most annoying power," Franky said.

"I have to admit, I can't think of many whose abilities that are quite as cheap as Foxy's," Sanji said. "Even logias would find him annoying."

Foxy laughed cockily. "What's wrong, Strawhat? Throwing in the towel already?"

Luffy looked ready to say something, but his speech was too badly slowed.

Foxy casually jumped on top of Luffy's chest and began to pummel him with punches so fast that it rivaled Luffy's Gatling. Strangely, Luffy didn't move at all despite all the punches he was being delivered.

Franky tilted his head. "I know Luffy's a rubberman, but even he must been feeling that. Yet, he's not moving."

Brook saw sweat slowly falling from Luffy's face. "He's reacting, but it slowed."

"You're correct. Foxy's powers allow him to not only slow people, but when he hits them it has a delayed reaction. When Luffy's released from the spell, he will feel those hits all at once, making them more powerful," Zoro explained.

"And he can't do a thing to stop it," Brook said while shaking his head. "What a fearsome power."

Foxy finally finished punching Luffy and jumped down just as Luffy's face began to warp. "That was my way of greeting you. My punches aren't enough to stop you. I know that much, rubberman." He began to walk towards the deck of his ship. "Well, thirty seconds are up."

True to his word, thirty seconds were up and Luffy felt all those punches. It looked like Luffy was having a seizure with his face being smash in and his body squirming across the fox's head.

"Luffy!" Chopper yelled on instinct.

"Yeah, he felt that," Sanji said in a neutral voice.

"I told that idiot to be careful of Foxy's power," Nami scowled.

Luffy bounced off the figurehead and nearly fell into the sea. He quickly saved himself by stretching his arm and grabbing one of the fox's ears. He slid across the water as he pulled himself back up.

"Whoa, too close," Franky sighed.

"Tell me about it. It would have been an automatic loss if he fell," Usopp said.

"Shit, his Slow Slow Beam is more of a pain than I thought," Luffy complained. He rubbed his cheek. "I wish I had a beam..."

"And I'm glad you don't," Nami said dryly.

"Yeah, only awesome dudes like me can have a beam!" Franky exclaimed, striking a pose.

"Looks like I have to be careful when I stretch," Luffy noted.

"That's good advice," Zoro said. Luffy had gotten too used to stretching his arm carelessly. It was mostly because Luffy was so fast that most people couldn't react in time. Foxy's powers were a terrible match for Luffy.

Luffy finally realized that Foxy had disappeared on him. He started to search the figurehead. When he couldn't found him, he viciously kicked one of the fox's ears off.

"Hey, don't be disrespectful to the ship!" Franky scowled.

Luffy jumped down onto the deck and noticed several arrows heading right towards him. They were all slowed by Foxy's power.

Just as Luffy noted that Foxy had slowed the arrow, the thirty seconds were up and Luffy was nearly impaled.

"That was some good timing," Sanji complimented. "If that shit head didn't have such good reflexes, he would have been hit."

Foxy laughed. "Welcome to my ship!"

Luffy sat up and the crew noticed that he had an arrow in his afro.

"He damaged the sacred afro!" Usopp screamed in horror.

"That heartless monster! How could he do such a thing!?" Brook yelled.

"It's just a wig," Nami mumbled.

Luffy freaked out when he noticed the arrow. He quickly calmed down when he realized that it was just his afro that got hit.

"Calm down. I've come out into an open fight," Foxy said. He was currently floating on a cannonball that he slowed.

Luffy noticed that Foxy slowed at least a dozen cannonballs and they floated across the deck. He decided he would ride one too.

"That one's a bad choice," Foxy smugly warned.

Before Luffy's foot could touch the cannonball, it sped off, causing Luffy to grab the cannonball above him.

"Ah, that one too," Foxy stated.

The cannonball Luffy was holding speeded off and blowed Luffy into the deck.

Foxy laughed. "I told you so."

"Damn, how did he get the timing so perfect?" Franky asked.

"It appears that Foxy has complete mastery of his powers. This will prove to be troublesome, even if he is physically weaker than Luffy," Robin said.

All the cannonballs eventually were released from their spell and began to blow up different sections of the ship.

"Mastery or not, he's destroying his poor ship!" Franky yelled in disgust.

"Well, he did say his shipwrights can fix the damage," Zoro said.

Franky growled. "That isn't the point. You don't just bust your ship up and repair it like nothing happened."

"Most pirates do not see their ships as a crew member," Robin stated. "So for Foxy, it is not a big thing to destroy parts of his ship to win the game."

Franky crossed his arms. "It's still disgusting."

"I agree," Usopp growled. After everything they went through with Merry, he could never see a ship as just as ship ever again.

"Damn, what's with this guy?" Luffy asked as he dug himself out of the rubble. "He's blowing up his own ship."

"There's more where that came from!" Foxy suddenly yelled.

Cannonfire was then heard.

Luffy turned his head and saw several of Foxy's head slowly heading towards him in a straight line. Luffy was, understandably, freaked out.

"SCARY!" Luffy, Brook, Usopp, and Chopper screamed at once.

"Well, that's going to be tonight's nightmare," Sanji said, puffing out some smoke.

Zoro sweat-dropped from the sight. Foxy was just as goofy as Luffy.

"Huh, pin-badge?" Luffy asked once he realized that they weren't actually Foxy's faces. "Those are bigger than the ones I bought."

"Of course. That's because they're bombs," one of the pins spoke. That 'pin' happened to be the real Foxy, who was pretending to float by Luffy.

"Wow, that could be dangerous," Luffy remarked. There was a few seconds of silence as Luffy slowly realized that one of the 'bombs' spoke to him. "Wait a minute..."

"Can you be any slower!?" Nami screamed at her captain.

"I'm the real thing!" Foxy yelled as he punched Luffy in the face.

The crew noticed that Foxy had upgraded his gloves. He was now wearing gloves with sharp spikes on them, very similar to Porchemy.

"Sorry, Strawhat," Foxy apologized mockingly. "I've upgraded my gloves, and those face-bombs are nearly at thirty seconds." He laughed again and walked away from Luffy.

Luffy opened his eyes to see himself surrounded by face-bombs.

"Well, isn't that a nice sight to open your eyes to," Sanji humored.

The bomb exploded and black smoke obscured the memory.

"Is Luffy-san alright!?" Brook asked fearfully.

"He's fine. It would take more than a few explosions to kill Luffy," Zoro said nonchalantly.

Usopp nodded. "True. He did take several bombs to the face via Don Krieg, not to mention the bomb guy from Little Garden."

The memory cleared a little and the crew saw that Luffy managed to avoid the explosion all together. He was standing near the crow's nest.

Luffy jumped down and scanned the ship for any sign of Foxy. The deck was too covered in smoke to see anything, although they heard Foxy laughing.

"Damn, this guy laughs all the freaking time. He's almost as bad as Crocodile," Franky grumbled.

Sanji rubbed his ears. "And he has an annoying laugh to boot."

Eventually, Luffy saw Foxy's silhouette in the smoke. He stared warily at the Silver Fox, undoubtedly wondering what trick he had planned now.

"So, are you ready for more?" Foxy dared as the smoke around him cleared. He was badly burnt and smoke streamed from his body.

"You blew yourself up!?" Luffy screamed in disbelief.

The Strawhats also groaned.

"That idiot," Nami muttered.

"How do you get blown up by your own bombs?" Usopp asked in a deadpan voice.

"This isn't a battle of captains. This is a battle of morons," Sanji mumbled.

Robin chuckled in amusement.

"I did not!" Foxy yelled defensively.

"He didn't?" Chopper questioned. If he didn't blow himself up, then how did he get those first- and second-degree burns?

"He's obviously lying," Usopp muttered.

"Liar!" Luffy shouted.

"Even Luffy saw through that," Nami chuckled lightly.

"Don't think you're leaving this battlefield alive!" Foxy yelled, changing the subject. He attempted to blast Luffy with his beam, but Luffy effortlessly avoided it. He jumped behind Foxy before the man knew that Luffy had even moved. Luffy punched Foxy in the back, causing the Silver Fox to scream in pain.

"He could have broken his back!" Chopper screamed.

"I'm surprised he didn't," Franky said.

"Those gloves are curving Luffy's punches," Zoro noted. "He can't hit as hard as he normally would since they're so padded."

"I'll break your arm so you can't use your beam anymore!" Luffy declared.

Chopper screamed at the thought.

Franky whistled. "That's amazingly brutal of him."

"I never heard Luffy-san be so vicious," Brook said.

Nami cringed at the thought. "Foxy's annoying, but breaking his arm is a bit much."

"It would actually work better if Luffy cut off his hands," Robin stated in thought, scaring Chopper, Nami, and Usopp.

Foxy ran into the smoke, taking Luffy's threat seriously.

"He went back into the smoke," Luffy said in annoyance.

"Next time, just break his arm. Don't warn him," Sanji suggested.

Foxy's laugh came out of the smoke.

"Not that stupid laugh again," Franky grumbled.

Luffy saw a silhouette out of the corner of his eye and punched it. It wasn't Foxy. It was a cardboard cutout designed to look like him.

"What? A board?" Luffy questioned in confusion.

While Luffy was distracted, Foxy attempted to hit Luffy with his beam. Luffy quickly dodged and another Foxy silhouette came within his sight. Soon, Foxy's silhouettes were all over the smoke.

"Which one is me?" Foxy dared. "Where's the beam going to come from?"

"Clever bastard," Sanji said as he glanced around the smoke. Without Haki, finding Foxy would be a pain in the ass.

Luffy growled in annoyance. "How the hell am I supposed to know!? Every one of them has a stupid-looking head!"

One of the silhouettes collapsed in despair. "Stupid-looking head..."

"There he is," Usopp said dryly.

Luffy noticed the disheartened silhouette. "There you are!" He threw his punch and decked Foxy across the face. The opposing captain slammed into the ship's wall, but quickly stood up and glared at Luffy with wild eyes. "You jerk! And you call yourself a human being!"

"Dramatic, much," Franky mumbled.

"It's his own fault for having his feelings hurt so easily," Nami said.

"No more Mr. Nice Guy!" Foxy yelled.

"When were you ever nice?" Sanji asked.

Foxy suddenly pointed upwards. "Look up there!"

Luffy looked up.

"You idiot! How could you fall for that old trick!?" Nami yelled.

While Luffy was looking up, Foxy pulled a lever that was on the floor. A trapdoor opened under Luffy and he fell through.

"What're the chances of Luffy-san standing right on a door like that?" Brook asked.

"Given Luffy's luck, fairly high," Zoro stated. Luffy had a strong mix of good and bad luck.

Luffy fell until he hit a wooden floor. "Damn! A trapdoor!"

"You got caught looking up!" Foxy bragged.

"You're the one who told me to look!" Luffy yelled.

"That was the trick, Luffy," Usopp sighed.

Foxy laughed at Luffy. "I don't think you should be looking at me."

The floor started to move and Luffy was now running like he was on a treadmill.

"Why is this ship built like a funhouse?" Franky asked.

"What's so fun about it?" Zoro questioned.

As hard as Luffy tried, it was impossible to keep up with the moving hallway. He was eventually moved backwards and the wall behind him opened. He was then thrown out the side of the ship.

Just like the other time, he saved himself by grabbing onto the railings with his stretched arm.

"That would have been an embarrassing way to lose," Sanji mused.

"Dammit, where did you go, fox!?" Luffy yelled, more than a little annoyed.

Foxy was nowhere on deck.

"Is he hiding in the smoke again?" Brook asked.

"He does tends to disappear a lot," Usopp noted.

An annoying beep-slash-screeching noise could then be heard.

"What the hell is that?" Nami asked, looking around the deck.

"It sounds like those bombs from earlier," Sanji said.

Chopper pointed towards a door on one of the ends of the ship. "It's coming from there."

On an open door was a golden Foxy badge that was beeping.

"Okay, that wins for most annoying sound in the world," Franky complained, rubbing his ears.

"Why did Foxy leave this here?" Chopper asked innocently.

"It's obviously a trap to lure Luffy inside the ship," Zoro stated. "Given all the traps just on the deck, I can't begin to imagine what he did on the inside."

Sanji nodded. "That place has to be a practical death trap. That announcer guy all but called it Foxy's playground."

"It would be suicide for Luffy to just rush in there," Usopp said worriedly.

Luffy, to no one's surprise, rushed inside to confront Foxy.

Nami sighed. "I told that idiot it was a trap, and he just runs in there without a care."

Zoro shrugged. "That's just Luffy. You expected him to act cautiously?"

The crew followed Luffy, and they were now inside a large room with many cannons and cannonballs.

"Must be the artillery deck," Franky noted.

Usopp whistled. "Foxy has quite a collection."

Luffy was also impressed by the room. "This place is huge. Usopp would go crazy if he saw this."

Usopp laughed. "He knows me too well."

"This would be your room, Usopp," Brook commented.

Luffy got his head back in the game and searched for Foxy. "Where are you!?"

A bang was heard as the door behind Luffy slammed closed.

"There!" Luffy exclaimed. "That was him!"

"That's too obvious!" Nami yelled.

Instead of running in head-first, which everyone on the crew expected him to do, Luffy instead went to one of the biggest cannons in the room and started to load it.

"Wait...what is he doing?" Nami asked slowly.

Robin chuckled. "It seems he is getting one step ahead of Foxy. It was Foxy's mistake to leave Luffy in a room full of cannons."

Foxy would have to agree with Robin, as Luffy lit the cannon and blasted a hole into the door he ran into. Foxy was flattened by the giant cannonball as he went flying across the room. Oddly enough, the entire floor was covered in spikes.

"Oh, that was his plan. Get Luffy into the room where he would be impaled by those spikes," Sanji mused.

"Did Luffy see ahead of that?" Chopper asked.

Zoro shrugged. "No clue. It was probably his instinct again."

Foxy screamed in horror as he almost landed in his own trap.

"Oh, there he is," Luffy said casually. "Huh, what's up with that room?"

Brook shook his head. "Those two are going to kill one another. What kind of game is this?"

"Who goes around shooting cannons in other people's ships!?" Foxy demanded.

"Hey, you told him to go wild," Franky laughed.

"And compared to everything else he has done since this Davy Back Fight started, shooting a cannon is tame," Usopp pointed out.

Luffy just gave Foxy a blank look.

Foxy ran on the cannonball and rolled it over towards Luffy. He ran through the wall and kicked the cannonball towards Luffy, who quickly dodged.

"Are you trying to kill me!?" Foxy continued to rant as he threw a punch.

"Like how you tried to kill Luffy with the bombs earlier?" Zoro asked in his usual dry manner.

"Not to mention throwing him off the ship," Brook added. "Or, those spike gloves."

As soon as Luffy dodged, Foxy ran away from him.

"Does this guy do anything but run?" Franky asked in annoyance.

"You cannot blame him. He stands no chance against Luffy in a physical fight," Robin stated. "His best chance is to take Luffy off-guard or trick him into a trap."

Luffy chased after Foxy, who ran down a flight of stairs. Halfway down, he heard a door close. It was the door that led to the nurse's office.

Luffy burst through the door. "Stop running, fox!" He stopped yelling when he saw a person in the room.

For anyone with eyes and half a brain, it was obviously Foxy in a terrible disguise. He was dressed in a nursing custom with a giant plastic head covering his upper face. His nose, mouth, and chin were not covered. The Strawhats also got to see his hairy legs.

"What..." Franky started to ask.

"Are you shitting me?" Sanji asked, finishing up for Franky.

"That...has got to be the worst disguise ever!" Usopp exclaimed.

"I don't think even little kids would fall for that," Nami stated, sweat-dropping the entire time.

"They say that a fox is able to take on any transformation to fool their enemies, but this gentleman did a terrible job at it," Brook said slowly.

Chopper twitched his ears. "You know her?"

This made all the Strawhats paused and looked down at Chopper in disbelief.

"I mean, I don't think we ever seen her before. Plus, I thought no one was allowed to be on the ship while Luffy and Foxy fought," Chopper went on, not noticing how quiet his crew became.

Zoro stared at the young doctor. "'ve got to be kidding me..."

"Chopper...that 'woman' is Foxy in disguise," Robin said in a patient tone, speaking for all her shell-shocked crewmates.

Chopper's mouth dropped in shock. "WHAT!? That's Foxy!?"

"You can't be that dense!" Usopp yelled at the young doctor.

"Oh my, what's wrong?" Foxy asked in a terrible rendition of a female's voice. "Are you feeling sick?"

"He's mentally sick if he can't see through that custom," Nami said.

"Tell me where," Foxy said in a mockingly gentle voice. "Your head? Are you sick in the head?"

"Huh?" Luffy asked in confusion as he glanced around the room. "Did some guy just come into the room?"

Sanji slapped his forehead. "He can't tell that's Foxy?"

"This is new level of epic fail," Franky said. "I can you not tell!?"

"But that disguise is very good," Chopper defended.

Usopp lowered his head in embarrassment for Chopper.

"No, I haven't seen anyone," Foxy answered. "But more importantly, what's causing your pain? Your face?

Luffy didn't get the question and walked out of the room, disheartened. "That's strange..."

"What's strange is that you don't have a brain in that head of yours!" Nami yelled in frustration.

"Maybe instead of an afro, you should have given Luffy a brain," Sanji suggested.

Usopp could only nod in agreement.

"Luffy-san is very innocent. He believes what his eyes show him," Brook said.

"That' way to put it," Zoro said slowly. Luffy was both innocent and stupid. A devastating combination.

"I could've sworn..." Luffy went on before he suddenly stopped himself. "Ah, wait a second!"

"He finally figured it out?" Nami asked dryly.

The memory showed a brief image of Foxy and then the 'nurse'. "That woman looked just like him!"

"Really, you think?" Franky asked teasingly.

"That can only mean..." Luffy concluded.

"Oh, thank God he figured it out," Sanji sighed.

Luffy ran back into the room and slammed the door open. "Hey, you! You're his sister, aren't you!?"

This made many of the Strawhats groan.

"His sister, really?" Nami asked as she face-palmed.

"Like any woman could be that ugly, even around here," Zoro said. He swore Luffy needed his eyes examined.

Just as Luffy yelled that, a bear trap like device snapped onto his face. It was in the shape of a fox's face.

"Oh, that must hurt!" Brook exclaimed.

"That thing could have torn his face off," Robin casually noted, freaking out the more timid Strawhats.

Luffy was left writhing on the floor with the bear trap still stuck to his face as Foxy ran away again.

"Doesn't that coward ever stand still?" Franky asked in frustration.

"Idiot!" Foxy yelled as he ran into the next room.

"I agree," Nami muttered.

Luffy eventually managed to pry the fox face off his face. He slammed the device on the floor in anger. "Something's fishy about all of this! He came out of that room!"

"He still doesn't realize that woman was Foxy?" Usopp asked in mild disbelief.

"We really do follow a moron of a captain," Sanji sighed.

Luffy ran after Foxy. "Is he actually going to fight me?"

"I was wondering the same thing," Franky said.

Luffy rushed down another flight of stairs and saw a sign that said 'kitchen'. He went in and saw a person. It was Foxy, again, in another terrible disguise. This time, he was dressed as a cook.

Sanji growled. "That's just insulting."

"Another person's on the ship!" Chopper exclaimed.

"That is Foxy too," Robin said.

Chopper's mouth dropped. "Wow, he really is a master of disguise."

"If you were anyone else, I would think you were joking," Usopp mumbled.

"Ah, can I help you?" Foxy asked when he stopped playing chef.

"Did a retarded-looking fox with a split head come in here?" Luffy asked.

This made Foxy slump in depression. "That was uncalled for!"

"It's you!" Luffy exclaimed.

"Took you long enough!" Nami yelled.

"He deserved to have his butt beat for being that easily fooled," Franky said.

Foxy threw off his disguise. "That woman in the nurse's office was me too!"

Luffy gasped in shock. "Her too!?"

While Luffy was in shock, Foxy blasted him with his slow beam.

"You idiot," most of the Strawhats said together.

With the Slow Slow Beam in effect, Foxy pummeled Luffy with his spike gloves, slowly knocking him back.

Foxy laughed cockily. "I hope you don't think I lured you here without reason." He walked towards the back of the kitchen to a metal door with a lever nearby. He pulled the lever, which opened the door. "Do you know what's waiting for you when you fly through this door? You're about to see with your own eyes. Don't worry, it's not alive. That would be against the rules."

"Like that ever stopped you before!" Usopp yelled.

"Thirty seconds are up," Foxy said smugly.

Luffy was hit with all of Foxy's previous punches and flew through the open door. He landed back-first and was dazed.

Foxy's laughter broke the silence of the dark room.

Luffy looked up and saw that he fell at least twenty feet from where the door was.

"Huh, where did he go?" Luffy asked.

"If you're looking for me, I'm over here!" Foxy exclaimed.

Luffy turned to see that Foxy was now in a machine that was attached to what looked like a boxing panel. He was also dressed differently. He was wearing what looked to be a mecha suit.

"What is that?" Franky asked, trying to wrap his mind around the machine.

"What are you wearing?" Luffy asked.

"I'm Pilot Foxy! And allow me to introduce the Gorilla Puncher 13!" Foxy shouted. "After improvement upon improvement, there is no longer any useless aspect to my gorilla-sized punching machine!"

"So, it really is a punching machine. Like the ones found in carnivals," Sanji stated dryly.

"So not super!" Franky declared.

"It's lame," Chopper agreed.

"Why would he even build something like that?" Usopp asked.

Luffy also wasn't impressed. "Why does it need a gorilla face!?"

Foxy's mouth dropped when he heard Luffy's statement.

Usopp snickered. "Good one. He's getting better at insulting people."

Foxy quickly calmed down. "Oh, that's a good point! Shut your mouth! Who cares what you think!?"

"You obviously care very much," Zoro said.

Foxy activated the punching machine.

"With the short range of those punches, Luffy can easily evade it," Franky pointed out.

"Plus, blunt blows do little to no damage to Luffy-san," Brook said.

Robin became worried. "Yes, but Foxy knows that. He would not try to beat Luffy with blunt force alone."

"Now that I think about it, when Luffy emerged from the ship, he was badly burnt all over his body," Nami suddenly said.

"Oh, I remember that! He was littered in first- and second-degree burns. It was actually quite serious," Chopper said, remembering treating Luffy.

"Huh, how the hell did that guy burn him?" Franky asked.

"We never actually found out," Sanji said.

The machine began to move towards Luffy.

"How's it moving?" Luffy asked.

"It's a secret," Foxy said, although he sounded out of breath and was breathing hard.

"You sure are sweating a lot," Luffy noted.

"Shut up!" Foxy yelled as he panted.

"It's most likely pedal-power, given his physical state," Nami surmised.

"Yes, I am certain it is," Robin stated.

"These punches look like they'd be easy to dodge," Foxy said. "I know that's what you're thinking." He used his Slow Slow Beam and the beam went flying above Luffy's head.

"Where's he aiming..." Luffy started to ask.

Foxy's laughter interrupted him. "Take a look behind you!"

Luffy glanced behind him and saw a giant mirror that covered the entire wall.

"A mirror?" Brook asked.

Robin understood. "It is just like with Girarin. Foxy can repel his beam off of reflective surfaces."

Luffy barely had time to dodge before the reflective beam nearly hit him.

"Here we go!" Foxy yelled excitedly.

One of the punches gloves hit Luffy mid-dodge and Luffy was set on fire.

"What the hell!?" Sanji yelled.

"Luffy burst into flames!" Chopper shouted fearfully.

Zoro growled. That explained how Luffy got so badly burnt, but despite the flames, Luffy wasn't badly hurt.

Foxy laughed. "I forgot to mention something. My machine burns whatever it punches! Watch out. It can beat down a sea king!"

Franky snorted. "So what? I've made plenty of things that can beat a sea king."

Foxy pulled out a hand mirror and reflected his slow beam off of it. The beam hit the mirror in the back and soon, the entire room was covered in Foxy's beams.

Now Luffy had to avoid the beams and dodge the flaming gloves, all while the machine was still moving towards him, cutting off his movements.

"It's like the dodge game from hell," Franky said. He was getting dizzy just from looking at Luffy dodging all the beams and boxing gloves.

"How is he even keeping up!?" Usopp yelled.

"Luffy's lucky that he's so nimble," Sanji said.

"Here comes more!" Foxy teased as he blasted even more slow beams across the room. "I'll trap you between the reflected beams and the punches!"

Despite all the beams and punches, however, Luffy managed to evade everything. The Strawhats even noticed that things slowed down after a few seconds had passed.

"What's happening?" Nami asked.

"Bullet time," Zoro answered.

"What?" Nami asked, completely lost.

"It is a state of mind that a person goes into when things are happening quickly. The mind slows things around them, making them able to concentrate more easily," Robin explained. "Highly trained fighters are more likely to experience this mental state."

"Even with this, he can't dodge forever. Luffy-san is going to get hit," Brook said worriedly.

Foxy echoed the same thoughts as he continued to mercilessly blast Luffy.

Soon, Luffy had next to no space left to dodge. His eyes suddenly lit up.

"Oh, he got an idea," Sanji said.

"Hopefully it's a good one," Usopp said.

Luffy turned around and punched the mirror behind him, shattering it.

"I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!" Foxy screamed in disbelief.

"Neither did I," Sanji said, blinking several times.

"That idiot! He gave himself seven years bad luck breaking that mirror!" Usopp screamed in horror.

Chopper also began to scream. "Really!?"

"That is an old legend," Robin said.

"Besides, with Luffy's luck, those seven years would probably just translate into five minutes anyway," Zoro stated.

Luffy jumped and pounded Foxy with a Pistol right to the face.

"He got him!" Chopper cheered.

Franky shook his head. "Not enough. That was barely any power in that punch."

"He was too far away to cause much damage, on top of those gloves," Sanji said.

Both Strawhats were proven correct when Foxy quickly recovered. He was more than a little pissed. Before Luffy could move, Foxy blasted him with his Slow Slow Beam, slowing him in mid-air again.

"That's not good! He's completely open!" Brook shouted.

"You fool!" Foxy huffed before he activated his machine again. Luffy was slammed with dozens of flaming punches.

Just like all the other times, Luffy barely flinch as he was pummeled with flames. The entire memory lit up as Luffy took what had to be at least three dozen punches.

"Luffy!" most of the Strawhats screamed.

When thirty seconds were up, Luffy took the damage from all those punches at once. His entire body lit up like a torch and he seemed to explode. His body went tumbling down as fire engulfed him.

"Damn!" Franky yelled. His eyes were wide with shock "He went up like a Roman candle!"

Chopper had his hooves to his mouth. How hadn't that killed Luffy?

"I guess that machine wasn't just all show after all," Sanji said slowly.

The memory suddenly went black.

"It would appear that Luffy lost consciousness," Robin noted.

"I'm surprise that wasn't all he lost. Foxy actually tried to kill him!" Nami yelled.

"My skin burns for Luffy-san...although I have no skin," Brook laughed.

"You're going to choose now to make a skull joke!?" Usopp yelled.

By the time the memory returned, the Strawhats were back on the deck of the ship. The Foxy Pirates were shouting about their captain's victory, while Luffy laid face-down on the floor.

Slowly, Luffy began to push himself up. He was obviously hurt and not completely there.

Foxy was quite surprised that Luffy had regained consciousness and was able to stand up. The crowd went wild because of this new development.

"You're barely able to stand, Strawhat Luffy," Foxy noted smugly.

True, Luffy was not stable on his feet and looked half awake.

Foxy took something out of his gloves and whipped it around like a whip. The beam of light wrapped around Luffy arms and legs, freezing his movements.

"What did he just do!?" Brook yelled.

"This is my Slow Slow Beam Sword!" Foxy explained. "I only hit your arms and legs. Everything should be free to move. You can try to free yourself."

Luffy struggled in his bonds.

"But I bet you can't," Foxy mocked.

Luffy couldn't move an inch not matter how hard he tried.

"He did that to mock Luffy," Franky sneered.

Foxy mercilessly punched Luffy across his body, and the rubberman could do nothing to defend himself. He bombarded Luffy with dozens upon dozens of punches. It actually rivaled the amount Luffy gave Crocodile during their final battle.

"Brutal..." Franky muttered.

"Even if those punches are weak, those spikes must hurt," Brook said, cringing with every hit.

When the thirty seconds were up, Luffy went flying into the mast. The announcer was about to say that Luffy was defeated, but the rubberman climbed to his feet.

"Huh?" Foxy said in complete disbelief. For the first time, his composure shattered.

Luffy stood up and glared at Foxy. "Compared to that guy, your punches suck," he muttered mostly to himself.

The Strawhats saw a brief image of Porchemy and scenes of him torturing Luffy.

"I guess compared to that, this would be easier," Sanji said slowly. "At least he's somewhat able to defend himself this time."

"You just won't stay down," Foxy hissed.

"You just now figure that out?" Zoro asked somewhat mockingly.

"Suck on this," Foxy said, hitting Luffy again with his slow beam.

Foxy rushed Luffy again, delivering dozen of more punches across Luffy's body. The effects of the beating were so awful that the force broke the mast when Luffy hit it.

Foxy was breathing hard, thinking he had put Luffy down for good. With some effort, Luffy stood back up, surprising everyone save for the Strawhats of both the past and present.

Foxy looked scared witless when he saw that Luffy was still able to stand. Despite being covered in burns and cuts from the spiked punches, he was still more than ready to keep fighting.

"Those friends! And you won't take them..." Luffy declared. "EVEN IF I DIE!"

Foxy was quivering in shock and fear.

Franky slammed his fists together. "Tell them, Luffy!"

"Show them what the true spirit of a pirate looks like!" Brook cheered.

Zoro smirked. "Foxy fought too many soft opponents. He wasn't ready for an adversary like Luffy. A man willing to die to protect his crew and their future."

Robin had a smile on her face. It was at this moment that she truly realized how different Luffy was from any pirate she had ever met. He was fighting so hard not because he didn't want to become part of Foxy's crew and give up his dream, but because he didn't want to lose his crew. He put their happiness above his own health and safety. Before Luffy, she had never seen a pirate captain like that.

Even the announcer and most of Foxy's crew were in tears by Luffy's determination and speech.

"What the hell are you!?" Foxy demanded, becoming frustrated once he allowed his fear to pass.

Luffy swayed unsteadily on his feet and the memory dimmed in and out.

Foxy got tired of his own crew cheering Luffy and pulled out his beam sword again. Luffy attempted to dodge the beam, but he was clumsy.

"You'll have to move faster than that," Foxy mocked as the beam hit Luffy's foot and neck.

"What was that?" Franky asked. There was no way Luffy should have been hit by that.

"He is too tired to dodge properly," Robin stated.

Foxy went to a wall with a level.

"Another booty trap!" Brook exclaimed.

"And now, I'll finish this!" Foxy declared as he pulled the level.

A cannon was fired and Foxy slowed the cannonball with his power. He then hopped on a wooden board with wings that had a hole at the bottom that fit with the cannonball.

Foxy held his spike gloves out. "When my Megaton Punch hits you with the speed of a cannonball, you'll be completely knocked out!"

Luffy almost snorted when he heard Megaton Punch. A brief picture of Garp flash across the memory.

"Huh, I guess if Garp couldn't knock Luffy out by now, than Foxy certainly can't," Sanji humored.

"Luffy's abusive childhood really prepared him for pirate life," Usopp said humorlessly.

"If anything, Luffy's experiences gave him a high tolerance for pain," Robin said.

"Luffy, you got hit by the beam before the cannonball did!" Sanji in the memory yelled. "When the effect wears off, get away from there!"

"Good advice," Brook said.

"Although, Foxy knows that," Robin pointed out.

When Luffy was able to move, he took Sanji's advice and got out of Foxy's range. Or at least he tried. When the flyer came at him, it curved, cutting into Luffy's path.

Foxy's fists slammed into him, sending him flying across the ship. He hit the wooden railing, and as a goodbye present, Foxy jumped off the flyer and let it explode in Luffy's face.

Foxy laughed victoriously, thinking he had finally won. The crowd cheered Foxy's name as he pumped his arms.

The celebration was far too soon. From the smoke, Luffy was standing up again. Foxy slowly turned around and freaked out to see Luffy still able to fight.

This also sent the crowd wild. They were screaming about how Luffy was still able to stand.

Luffy swayed and fell on his knee. When he picked himself up, something fell out of his afro. It was something shiny.

"What is that?" Franky asked.

"Oh, isn't that a piece of mirror," Brook observed.

Chopper nodded. "It must have gotten into his afro when he punched that giant mirror earlier."

Usopp smiled. "See? Don't underestimate the power of the afro. It delivered Luffy his victory."

"That piece of mirror?" Franky asked in disbelief.

Sanji smirked. "It certain did."

Luffy grabbed the mirror shard and stood up. "I win." Foxy was shell-shocked as he stared at Luffy. He didn't notice the mirror shard.

"What!?" Foxy exclaimed once he got out of his stupor. "You can barely stand on your own two feet. If that's how you want to play, then I'll punch you until you fall down once and for all!"

He charged Luffy, ready to make his promise a reality.

Both Foxy and Luffy were hitting each other with their fastest punches, trying to overwhelm one another. Weakened or not, Luffy was clearly the stronger and faster fighter. While none of Foxy's punches hit Luffy, several of Luffy's got through. Foxy recoiled with each hit, quickly becoming tired. His punches got slower and he was going to be overwhelmed by Luffy.

Knowing that defeat was inevitable at the rate he was going, Foxy attempted to use his slow beam. That was exactly what Luffy wanted. The Strawhats' captain held up the glove with the mirror shard and reflected the beam right back at Foxy. Now, the Silver Fox was the one slowed down by his own power.

"He got him!" Brook cheered.

"Served that bastard right. Done in by his own cheap ability," Franky laughed.

"It is a fitting defeat," Robin noted.

Luffy fell to his knees in exhaustion as Foxy realized what had happened.

"NO!" Foxy exclaimed slowly.

The crowd gasped in disbelief. Luffy dropped the mirror shard, and everyone knew what had happened.

"It was stuck to my afro. From the mirror room," Luffy explained to a slowed Foxy.

"Damn you!" Foxy cussed in his slow manner.

Luffy winded his arm, ready for the final attack of the Davy Back Fight. "Gum Gum...Flail!"

The attack hit Foxy square in the face. Par the course with his ability, he didn't move right away, but his face slowly started to warp and bend.

Luffy casually walked away from Foxy, knowing that the Silver Fox was defeated. It was all just a matter of time now. He climbed on top of the figurehead with some effort just as his crew started counting down.

"Four!" Usopp in the memory yelled.

"Three!" Foxy's own crew shouted along with Usopp.

"Two!" Franky and Brook counted with everyone else.

"ONE!" everyone shouted.

As soon as the countdown reached zero, Foxy went flying into the air like a rocket.

Luffy pumped his arms into the air and gave a giant war cry.

Foxy twisted and turn in mid-air as he headed straight for the sea. Unlike Luffy, he could do nothing to save himself. He landed in the water in a grand fashion.

"Well, there he goes," Brook said.

Franky laughed. "After all the hits Luffy took, that guy couldn't handle one punch."

"Well, that bastard is rubber," Sanji chuckled.

Chopper frowned when he saw that Luffy was barely keeping himself conscious as he celebrated. Yes, he won, but he got himself hurt for their sake.

"That battle was both strange, funny, and worrisome all at times. But it all worked out, somehow," Franky said.

"It all worked out because of the power of a the afro!" Usopp exclaimed.

"Very true. Luffy-san would have lost without it," Brook said with a nod.

"I swear..." Nami muttered.

The battle was officially called, and Foxy's nine hundred and twenty Davy Back Fights-long winning streak was over.

"He won nine-hundred and twenty times!?" Brook yelled.

"Which explains how he we so good at cheating," Nami said somewhat dryly.

The memory suddenly went blank as the roar of the crowd disappeared.

"What happened?" Franky asked.

"Luffy passed out as soon as the winner was announced. He over-exerted himself," Zoro stated.

"Seeing the beat down he got, I can't blame him. I think Foxy hit him more times than Crocodile and Eneru combined," Franky said.

"Too bad that shit head had weak punches, even with spike gloves," Sanji said as he lit another cigarette.

After a few minutes, the memory returned. Luffy was lying on his back and was wrapped in several bandages. It was hard to say how much time had passed, but his injuries were already showing signs of healing. It was most likely a mix of Luffy's own fast healing and Chopper's care.

"He's awake!" Chopper exclaimed.

Luffy quickly sat up, not sure if his victory was a dream or not.

"It's okay. You won," Zoro assured.

Luffy sighed in relief and laid himself out on the grass. "Good!"

"I wasn't worried for a second," Usopp in the memory said cockily as he placed the strawhat on Luffy's chest.

"Liar," current Zoro, Nami, and Sanji said together. Usopp could only blush.

"Come to think of it, I would have no reason to be a pirate if I left this ship," Zoro in the memory mused to himself. "Screw that mess."

Zoro nodded in agreement with his past self. Luffy would always be his captain. Screw some pirate game.

Sanji sighed before smiling. Luffy really had all of them whipped, didn't he?

Foxy took this time to make his appearance known. He was pretty bandaged up too, but didn't look too bad considering.

"Hey, Strawhat! You bastard! How dare you sully my perfect record!" Foxy shouted.

"We all must be defeated sooner or later," Brook said.

"He should just be thankful it was Luffy, because a more ruthless pirate would have killed him for half the stunts he pulled," Franky said.

Luffy pulled himself up to a sitting position. He cringed slightly from the pain of his burns.

Foxy held his hand out and smiled. "Well fought, brother!"

"Well, that's nice of him. I guess he does have some honesty," Brook said. He would smile if he had any skin.

Nami sighed. "Just keep watching."

Luffy put his strawhat on and reached to grab Foxy's hand.

Foxy suddenly grabbed his arm and attempted to pull him, wanting to throw Luffy over his shoulder. The idiot obviously forgot that Luffy was made of rubber. When Foxy attempted to throw him, he landed head first onto the ground since Luffy's arm stretched.

"You're an idiot," Zoro in the memory muttered.

"Agreed," Zoro said.

Franky shook his head.

"How dishonorable. Using a form of good gesture to get back at someone," Brook scowled.

"If we learned anything, Foxy is very petty," Usopp said.

"You know the rules," Foxy said in annoyance as a giant bump formed on his forehead. "Hurry up and pick your five-hundred crewmates!"

Luffy didn't have to be asked twice. "Chopper and Robin!"

Chopper happily ran back to his crew once again for the last time. He was crying hard as he threw himself into Luffy's arms.

"I was so happy to be back. I thought for awhile that I would forever be part of Foxy's crew," Chopper said.

"You should have more faith," Usopp said with a wild smile. "Like Luffy would lose any of us to that split-headed fox."

"After having taken on a Warlord and a god, it would be embarrassing to lose to this clown," Franky chuckled.

"Couldn't agree more," Zoro said.

Robin did not run and hug Luffy, but she did happily take off her Foxy mask and ears.

Now it was time for the rest of the crew.

"Give me your Jolly Roger!" Luffy ordered bluntly.

Both Franky and Brook gasped at this.

"He's just going to take their pirate flag!" Franky yelled in disbelief.

"Foxy isn't a good person, but going straight for the Jolly Roger is cruel," Brook said.

The Foxy Pirates had the same reaction.

"That's absurd!" Foxy yelled. "He demands our pride without a second thought!"

"You can keep the sail," Luffy said. "You can't sail without it."

"Is he showing them mercy or mocking them?" Franky asked.

"Luffy's punishing Foxy, but he isn't cruel enough to just take the Jolly Roger and leave them stranded," Zoro stated.

It was pointed out to Luffy that the sail also had the Jolly Roger, so he had to take the sail too.

"Okay," Luffy said neutrally. "Since I only have to take the mark, I'll just draw a new one. Then, I won't have to take the sail."

"Oh, that's so nice of Luffy-san," Brook said.

Franky blinked. "Wait a minute. Luffy is going to draw the mark?"

Usopp nodded. "Luffy drew their new Jolly Roger."

"But Luffy can't draw..." Franky said slowly, remembering their first pirate mark and the Jolly Roger he drew on Laboon.

The memory skipped, and Luffy finished drawing the new Jolly Roger, which looked more like a badly drawn cat than a fox. The Foxy Pirates weren't too pleased, either, especially since they were now struck with that sail forever.

Franky sweat-dropped when he saw the Jolly Roger. "That...that's almost as cruel as Luffy just taking their sail."

Brook couldn't think of anything to say. It was both kind and mean-spirited. In all fairness, Luffy meant well, but he could of had Usopp draw the new pirate mark.

Sanji snickered. "Despite everything, that stupid fox got let off easy."

Luffy was prepared to take the sail and flag and leave, but he still had to chose four-hundred and ninety-seven men from Foxy's crew, as per the rules of the Davy Back Fight. Luffy didn't want all those people. Where would he put them?

After some not so subtle hints from his crew, Luffy chose his four-hundred and ninety-seven new crewmates and then promptly dismissed them. Needlessly to say, the former Strawhats went back to Foxy.

"That was some loophole abuse," Franky laughed.

"A captain's word is law," Robin smiled.

"Although, why didn't you guys at least keep any of the shipwrights? Not that I'm complaining, but you guys were looking for one," Franky said.

"Luffy didn't want anyone from Foxy's crew to be a part of his. Luffy takes picking crewmates seriously, and it wouldn't be in his nature to poach someone else's crew members," Zoro explained.

"Plus, no one in Foxy's crew was cool enough for him," Sanji added nonchalantly.

Nami nodded her head. "Pretty much."

With everything finally settled with Foxy, they sailed away.

Luffy and the rest of the Strawhats went to see Tonjit, who was by his house with Shelly.

"I kicked their ass," Luffy chuckled. He presented Tonjit with Foxy's Jolly Roger.

"So, that's why he wanted the Jolly Roger. It wasn't just to punish Foxy, but to also give Tonjit something to tell him that Shelly has been avenged," Brook said in awe. He should have known that there was more to it.

Tonjit was near tears by the gesture. He may not have understood the importance of a Jolly Roger to a pirate, but he somehow did understand what Luffy had just done.

"You're hurt pretty badly," Tonjit noted worriedly.

Luffy grinned. "It happens."

"Especially with our lifestyle," Usopp sighed.

Tonjit returned Luffy's grin. "Thank you."

Shelly also thanked Luffy.

"I see. That's why he accepted," Nami in the memory said, finally understanding why all of this had happened.

Nami smiled with her past self. Luffy really was too sweet at times, along with being selfish. He risked all of them just to avenge an old man and a horse he had just met earlier that day.

"Not that he wouldn't accepted anyway," Nami in the memory also concluded.

"Hey, that's rude!" Luffy exclaimed.

"But so true," Nami countered.

A loud rumble broke the tender mood.

"What now?" Franky asked. Hadn't there been enough drama for one day?

From the ground came a large mole, or mooole. From the mole's hamlet came a man, claiming to be the champion hole-digger. He turned out to be Tonjit's grandson, Litonto.

He started digging to look for his lost grandfather, but then he decided to become the world's best hole-digger. He wanted to dig a hole into the other side of the world. It was a very weird story. He was very much like his grandfather.

"This is a strange family," Brook noted.

"No stranger than ours," Sanji said with a shrug.

"But it all worked out for Tonjit. He's reunited with his family again," Chopper said with a huge smile.

"Still doesn't stop this story from being strange," Franky answered.

The memory skipped and the crew was now on the Going Merry. The sun was setting and golden rays of sun bathed the ship. One would never guess that the Davy Back Fight happened only a few short hours ago.

"I bet you're happy, mister," Luffy said from the railing of the ship.

"Yes. How can I ever thank you?" Tonjit asked gratefully.

Luffy grinned and laughed. "Don't worry about it."

"And you too, miss!" Litonto yelled at Robin. "Thanks to your idea, I'll be able to fulfill my true ambition!"

Robin in the memory smiled.

"What did you tell him?" Brook asked.

"Just some digging advice," Robin answered.

"I'm in your debt," Tonjit said, nearing tears, "and I'll never forget it! Thank you!"

The Strawhats set sail, ready for their next adventure.

"Be careful on your trip!" Luffy yelled at Tonjit as Long Ring Island began to disappear in the distance.

"You guys too! We'll pay you back!" Tonjit yelled as he waved to his new friends.

"Even on a small island like this, you guys were able to help someone," Brook said in awe. "Amazing. It seems no matter where you go, big or small, you change someone's life for the better."

Robin became silent. "It does seem like it. Like a storm that comes and wash away the injustice in the world."

Brook turned towards Robin. "It sounds like you're talking from experience."

"I experienced the storm myself. We all did..." Robin continued in her cryptic manner.

Brook wanted to ask more, but knew it was pointless. When Robin wanted to, she could be just as mysterious as the Poneglyphs she searched for. He wasn't concerned, however. When she was ready, she would tell them.

With the sun fully setting, the memory concluded.

And that concludes all the canon story arcs I skipped in the main story. Hope I did the Davy Back Fight justice. It was quite fun to write, although it does not fit very neatly in the main story, in my opinion.