Title: Nohva

Rated for: Different things. I'll let you guys know when it changes.

Fandom/Universe: Dark Angel / Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam, Bobby, Max, ALec, Zane, SPike, Xander, Buffy, Faith, OC's

Pairings: Zane/OC, Dean/OC

Spoilers/Warning: None unless I mention some of S3 for Supernatural but I'll be vague.

Disclaimer: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. Dark Angel and all related characters belong to James Cameron. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon. No infringement intended.

Summary: They tried to end magic and it bit them in the ass. Literally, figuraitvely and boy do they pay for a stupid mistake... Some, more than others.

Status: In-Progress

Authors Note: Takes place after the seires end onf Dark Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and set somewhere in S3 of Supernatural - mentions of it anyway- and AU after S8.

Chapter: Back to the Futured

Back to the Futured

The sky is a brilliant blue where it peeks through the canopy of leaves and she squints trying to keep the glare from blinding her. The silence is deafening and strange when there had been the sounds of battle not a second ago. Her hand closes on the hilt of her gladius and Nohva pushes up to a sitting position. She drags in another breath forcing her stomach to settle itself because she can't afford to puke when they're still on her ass. The silence is her friend and as Nohva gets to her feet, the crunch of leaves and brittle twigs is the only warning she gets before the attack comes.


Zane has at least another hour before he's relieved of duty. So far it has been quiet; nothing has changed in the last six years since they've made peace with the government. TerminalCity has been their prison though he's the last to say so out-loud with so many ears capable of hearing the slightest whisper. The only deviation to the routine are the OP's they're called out for- all part of that 'treaty'.

The breeze coming off The Sound carries a strangely familiar odor. Zane sniffs, nostrils flaring only to crinkle and he's wishing his sense of smell weren't so great. "Blood." It's the same metallic scent and his mouth is flooded with the phantom coppery taste. He pauses in his walk, the crunch of pebbles under his boots cease and he 'looks', his eyes searching out the shore. A mile away he spots something different, it only takes him a few seconds to cover the distance. He stops at the edge of the water and while stranger things have happened he's not sure what he finds could fall in that category. In the water, the patch of turquoise that caught his eye in the first place turns out to be a person.

"An ordinary." Zane mutters and looks up to scan the shore. An ordinary in their backyard? The likely scenario is that someone dumped her at their backdoor hoping to start another 'war'. He wades is grimacing against the cold, he's thigh deep and happy not to go any further. Her arm is hooked on the post from what used to be part of the old docks and that's kept her head above water. Reaching through the strands of wet hair Zane is surprised to find she's got a pulse, very faint and slow. The blood he smelled is all around her, faint pink stain with some bits he can't begin to explain in shades of dark blue and green. The tail end of the hasty bandage tied around her waist flutters in the water. Zane slips his arms beneath her, lifting the unconscious ordinary out of the water and getting back to land.


The room shifts in and out of focus. The white walls unnerve her as do the sounds- it's one of the 'bonuses' she still hasn't completely gotten used to. When Nohva tries to lift her head it feels like a lump of lead but the cause for her lethargy drips into the clear tube hanging somewhere out of her direct line of sight.

'Hate needles.'

Her fingers fumble but she finds the IV stuck in her arm and pulls it free. When she opens her eyes again she's not sure how much time has passed. The room is still fuzzy but her focus has improved and her limbs don't feel like wet noodles so much. Grabbing the thin covers, Nohva yanks them off and sits up only to grab at the mattress when the room spins out of control.

"Don't puke, don't puke, don't puke…." Her stomach settles and her head stops pounding- at least not so loud. She swallows past the dryness in her mouth and slowly slips out of the bed. The floor is cold as Nohva shuffles to the door but when she finally gets there she draws a breath and a small smile flits around her mouth. It's a small victory before Nohva remembers where she is and what's chasing her.

'Where am I?'

Footsteps. She can hear them outside until they veer off. Nohva still waits, listening at the door before opening it and peering into the hall. Quietly, she slips out and closes the door behind her. She listens again, trying hard to focus but she doesn't hear anything. Nohva hurries, as fast as she can in her condition which she hasn't taken the time to assess. It's the next turn that produces a scaly monster with a cigar clamped in its teeth wearing … clothes.

"What the hell…?"


The gravelly voice accompanies the scowling scaly features and the lizard demon turns towards Nohva reaching for the cigar in its mouth. That's all it has a chance to do before she kicks it into the wall, running past the curses and threats as it struggles to pull out of the hole he made. Staying to finish it off is not the smart thing to do when she can barely keep from stumbling and the pain in her side has become a throbbing pulse because of it. Then there's the pesky detail of not having a weapon.


"Huhmph!" Nohva grabs onto the body and tries to force herself past but they smack into another wall. She catches glimpses of him through the hair in her face; the black leather jacket, gray shirt and blond hair… "…Dean…?"

"Why are you running-?"

"I'm going to put you through a wall!"

"Oh. Yeah, he's not-."

She looks around 'Dean's' shoulder and there's the lizard demon. The cigar is gone but the scowl isn't.

"Run!" Nohva grabs him and starts for the door under the EXIT sign noting it isn't lit.

"Run?" he sounds confused but she doesn't let go of him, having a hard time pulling him in her wake.

"What are you doing? Stop her!"

She looks over her shoulder; the lizards scowling face and then 'Dean's' hesitant expression… his hair- she finally notices its longer than he'd ever wear it. His eyes are lighter- more gold than green and Nohva wonders if maybe this isn't some delusion-.


She drops his arm hating to leave him because Dean wouldn't. That's just who he is and Nohva just hopes this isn't real and slams the door shut in his face.


Alec turns on Mole. "You scared her."

"She kicked me into a wall!" Mole snarls. Seeing the slightly arched eyebrow he glares at the X-5. "I didn't do anything to her."

"Didn't say you did." Alec doesn't bother to disguise his snicker of amusement. "I'm going…" he points to the door and runs off in chase of their newest patient. Just before Alec steps outside the hospital, Mole's statement kicks in. "She kicked him into a wall?" because Zane had said she was an Ordinary he found floating in The Sound.

"Hey," Zane hurries up. "Did I just see-?"

"Your 'Ordinary' kicked Mole into a wall." Alec cuts Zane off mid-sentence. "Come on." He ignores the frown and blurs expecting Zane will follow.

She's almost made it to The Sound. They both see the Samurai grab her. It picks her up like she weighs no more than a feather and tosses her at the brick wall of the warehouse they've been storing supplies in. They're still too far to help her and watch as the sword swings at her head. She ducks, shoving at the Samurai and turning inside its arms to jab her elbow at its armored chest. It stumbles back and Alec doesn't think she's an Ordinary after all.

She has the sword when a second one comes up behind her. Both Alec and Zane shoot, their aim perfect but the Samurai doesn't go down. It does turn in their direction while she uses the second one as a punching bag, her hand snaking around to punch its head.

It… 'dies'. Both X-5's don't know what else it could be though it's not the kind of 'dead' they've ever seen.

The Ordinary Zane assumed was an Ordinary takes on the second Samurai with some fancy sword work. Both watch her, their genetically enhanced brains processing what they see because no Ordinary can be that fast.

"Bar code?" Alec frowns, not looking away as she matches the Samurai with seeming ease. She's graceful even wounded and he can see where she struggles to anticipate the next attack or stay ahead of it.

"I…didn't see one." Zane replies as a third one appears.

Alec jumps in to help- he shoots it point blank in the face because it's wearing armor. It falls, clumping like a load of bricks on the ground where it takes a moment before splitting in two.

"What the fuck?"

Zane shoots as they sit up in unison. Both X-5's have no idea what they're doing but since bullets don't kill they use their hands.

Alec finally knocks the sword out of the Samurai's hand. He tries to avoid the foot coming his way and goes down as the Samurai punches his chest. For a second he's out of breath and the sky is blocked by the bulk of the Samurai standing over him.

Zane can see Alec on the ground from the corner of his eye and the 'Ordinary'- she beheads the Samurai and throws the sword.

"Get up!"Nohva has a split second of panic before she tells herself it can't be Dean.

The hilt is sticking out of the armored chest. Alec rolls out of the way grabbing the sword as he gets to his feet and strikes. The head rolls off in slow motion to thud at their feet.

She's clutching at her side, blood staining the white t-shirt with a brick in her hand. Nohva smashes the stone on the severed head but it's too late. Both Samurai's have divided and there's four more. Alec rams the butt of the sword smashing the stone and they finish off the rest just coming up.

Zane gets the hint, slips in and punches the Samurai's forehead. The stone crunches, bits of it digging into his fist. They're wondering what the hell kind of genetic mutation they've killed because that's about the only explanation that will make sense.

Government experiments.

Alec wants to know what she is….

"What were those…?"

Nohva doesn't look at Zane, her hand pressing into her side harder but the pain isn't going away. She figures that's a good sign since not feeling anything would mean she was dying.

"Morah demon." She stumbles to the brick wall and leans on it trying to catch her breath. Nohva can feel the bruises on her back from hitting the bricks already forming.

"A what?"

"…Demon… they're trying to kill me."

"Why?" Zane inst sure she knows what she's saying but he'll keep asking and figure it out later.

"I'm a Slayer. That's reason enough." Nohva can't stay on her feet-her legs already feel like wet noodles again so she slowly slides down the brick wall. She's bleeding through her fingers, vision slightly fuzzy.

Alec moves towards her and she flinches, her eyes squinting up at him and he holds out his hands. "We're not going to hurt you." He tries again and she watches him. "We did get rid of your assassins…"

He looks like Dean. But this one looks young- younger…he doesn't move the same- it's different, dangerous different.

'He isn't Dean.'

She thinks the sky is way bright and that casts a shadow on the not-Dean. She squints trying to keep his face in focus but the shadows only get darker…


Alec carries her back to the hospital while Zane takes the swords. He waits while they stitch her up again just in case she wakes up swinging. TerminalCity is still in short supply of doctors and whatever medics they do have Max would rather stayed in one piece. Zane is across the room, he hasn't stopped staring at Alec and it's bugging the X-5.

"What?" Alec growls in a low voice, a frown leveled at Zane.

"Just wondering who this Dean guys is." He answers amicably. "And why she'd confuse you for him."

Alec snorts. "Dude must be handsome." He's covering the anxiety he feels because he certainly doesn't want another clone of himself running around going bonkers and killing Ordinaries.

Zane just snorts. He doesn't bother to respond and grabs the swords on his way out of the room. "I'm going to talk to Max."

"Awesome." Alec mutters. He's had enough of Max and her bossy demands and while he can't avoid her forever he certainly doesn't have to go looking for her.

"Try and stay out of trouble." Zane warns though it's partly in jest.


Nohva wakes in the same room, or close to it, only this time she's been strapped down and she doesn't like it. She starts working on the straps around her wrists- leather, which makes it difficult to get free but she has her left hand out by the time the door opens. Her eyes widen seeing the dark haired guy from before. He's across the room too fast for it to be normal, his hand firmly gripping her free wrist.

"You really need to stop running off and getting hurt." Zane warns. "All we're trying to do is help you."

"Let go." Nohva tugs on her wrist but he doesn't budge and she's a little afraid. He shouldn't be able to do that.

"What are you?" Zane frowns. "What kind of X-Series is a Slayer?" he notes the confusion flitting across her features. "I've never heard of one… nor has anyone else in TerminalCity."

"What the hell is TerminalCity?" Nohva mutters. "What's an X-Series?"

Zane knows she's not pretending- he can spot a lie and he's trying but she really is confused. It's too weird and he reaches across her to the leather strap intending to keep her secured until they know more.

"No!" she struggles against him trying to break free when the door opens again. "Dean! He-." But he isn't Dean. She remembers and blinks against the tears threatening to spill. She doesn't understand- 'What the hell is happening?'

She mutters under her breath, tells herself its all some sort of hallucination. Maybe she's being questioned by some demon- Nohva is aware the Winchesters have a vendetta with one and she's heard of others gunning for them. She closes her eyes and lies back, ignoring them. She can't remember anything that can explain how she could end up here.

They'd been trying to stop the influx of demons, to give Willow and the covens a chance to close the rip and stop more from crossing over. Nohva's fuzzy on the next part because somehow she'd been transported to the forest where she'd only managed to get away from the howlers on her ass. But there had been too many to kill with only her gladius and the battle ax.

'My weapons!' Nohva sits up and the straps on her wrists yank her back. She bites back a painful exclamation, her face paling with the pain shooting up from her side. She lies back breathing slow and even while mourning the loss of her weapons. She had started out with that battle ax before moving on to the gladius those first weeks at the castle.

She feels a warm hand on her wrist and turns to look.

"What are you doing?" Zane demands as he leans across her to stop Alec.

"She's not a prisoner, Zane." Alec removes the strap. "She can't trust us if we don't trust her." His green eyes focus on hers. With a clearer head the differences are so obvious; green eyes, yes but tinged with gold and his hair falls almost to his shoulders. So not Dean's style. And he's young too.

"We can't help you if you don't co-operate." He reaches across and removes the leather cuff then sits in the chair beside the bed.

He's waiting.

Nohva doesn't know what to think. She wonders if it's some trick…a way to get her talking. But he sounds like Dean, that softly rough tone of his voice…

"Where am I?" Nohva doesn't think that will get her in too much trouble.


Max has questions for the woman Zane found on their shore. She doesn't believe Alec, that she's some mystical being called a Slayer whose job it is to kill vampires cus, uh, vamps? Right. So maybe the chick got slammed in the brick wall a little too hard by the demon cus yeah, demon ha! But then it's only been 4days and Nohva only has faint bruises-she's healed way too fast for an Ordinary- more like an X-Series though Doc says that's a little slow for what she looks like now compared to what she looked like when he first stitched her up and then a second time. So Max is gonna take a look for herself.

Nohva is pacing the room they won't let her leave and she's pissed. It's been 4days and yes she's been keeping track. She's not going to let them keep her any longer and now that she's healed Nohva will give it a few hours before she kicks down the door and beats her way out.

'Trust. Ha!'

Trust be damned. Nohva wants to know what the hell is going on, where she is because it really can't be some modern Mad Max version and finding a demon will get her the answers she's not willing to believe from the X-5's because…government projects…? Well, yeah. She has to admit there is a possibility since Buffy's stint with the Initiative back in the day proves it.

Max walks in and Nohva stops her pacing. She doesn't say a word and stares, arms crossed. They're sizing each other up, noting the deceptively relaxed stance and the intelligent glint in each other's eyes.

They have questions and Max starts off.

"Is it true?" Max watches her, noticing the shift in expression.

"I want out." Nohva drops her crossed arms; hands fisted which Max doesn't ignore.

"What kind of happy juice you drinkin' makes you see vampires?" Max shifts her stance just a little; a response to the fists across from her.

"We go out." Nohva nods towards the door Max is blocking. "I'll prove it's true."


Zane walks in just as Nohva slips on the leather jacket-Alec's version of a house warming gift, without the house. She's in a pair of dark jeans and white long sleeved thermal top, her dark hair loosely braided down her back.

Again, Alec.

"Here." Zane hands her the Morah sword. "I thought you'd want it. There's three more…"

Nohva takes it after a moment. "Okay." She tests the weight of it but knows they're perfectly balanced. She's just wondering what Max will say about her being armed considering…

"Alec kept one." Zane tries small talk but he's kinda uncomfortable. "It's hanging on his wall…"

"So that's what this is for." Nohva holds up the strap that came with the pack of clothes. It's a simple strap with a buckle she can easily adjust to fit her where the sword can hang on her back. She's a bit confused by the 'gift' but at least she's got a weapon.

'All I need is a stake.' Nohva can't dust vampires without one though according to Max, she's loony for even thinking vampires are real.

Zane and Alec told her about The Pulse and she's having the same amount of trouble believing the date 2029. That TerminalCity is a toxic dump and 'Ordinaries' can't handle the levels so they stay out. That Seattle has been cut up into sectors with checkpoints like you're crossing the border or something!

'Definitely Mad Max.'


Alec is waiting at the main gate.

"I don't need babysitters." Nohva frowns at the three X-5's. "I can handle getting around a major city." She feels uncomfortable with Alec though she's trying not to let them see that. "Even future Seattle. I can take care of myself."

"Curiosity." Alec smiles genially. "Part cat."

Nohva arches a dark eyebrow because that part is difficult to swallow.

"We're all going." Max states. "Wouldn't want you confusing a Transhuman for your 'demon'."

"I heard that." Nohva calls to Max's back for the muttered 'again'.

"Mole tends to have that affect on Ordinaries." Alec grins and it's clear he finds it amusing.

"Right." Nohva nods. "Slayer." She points at herself. "I slay. That's my job and your mole got in my way. He's lucky I didn't 'slay' him."

"And that's why you're not going into Seattle alone." Max states with a slight glare at Alec.


They've been asking her questions non-stop but they've also answered some of hers and seeing what's happened … Nohva can't deny what she can see with her own eyes. The Pulse happened… the world Nohva grew up in is no longer the one she's living in.

'How can they stand this?'

The X-5's… Nohva spares each a glance but they're all still as pretty as they were five seconds ago. They're definitely warriors- they carry themselves with the same ease she remembers in Buffy and Faith and all the other Activated Potential's… Not thinking about the Winchesters well, they had that swagger too. Dean more so than Sam…

"So… this- it's your 'calling'? That just…" Alec frowns, how much different is it from being cooked up in a test tube? "Hey!"

Nohva takes off, that familiar tug… there's no way she's ignoring it.

The three run after Nohva, she's fast on her feet but an X-5 is still much faster.

"What?" Zane looks around buts it just regular Seattle with its rainy sidewalk full of trash.

"You know you can't outrun us, right?" Max glares, ignored for the moment. And that's annoying; she's ready to call it a night.

"Aren't we close to Crash?" Zane wonders as he recognizes the street.

"Come on, Max." Alec grins, eager for some fun. "Let's grab some beers and a game."

"You can pick up Ordinaries on your time, Alec." Max growls with annoyance.

"I want to see it." Nohva cuts in before they continue arguing. Alec is happy and he takes the lead, threading her arm through his and heading down the block. The closer they get the stronger the feeling becomes and Nohva knows she's on the right track.

Zane reaches to her back and Nohva turns with a fist ready to strike.

"I'm just reaching for your sword." Zane explains and Alec quickly takes it from her back.

"I'll keep it safe." He grins with the promise and he's just too damn charming it hurts-knowing this isn't Dean.

"We don't need the attention…"

"Barcodes are plenty. We'd rather not be stared at." Max states.

They head inside a krappy looking bar and right away it's deafening. She feels rather naked without the sword but Nohva still has her hands and feet. It'll be enough. She walks through Crash with purpose, as though she knows where she's going when Max gets waylaid by Sketch. Nohva only continues when Alec assures her he's just a friend. They don't introduce her-not that she minds. As Zane leads her towards an empty table another female joins the trio.

"That's OC." Zane speaks close to her ear. "She's a friend of theirs." He pulls out the stool for her to sit and notices she's not really paying him any attention but she's looking around the room like she's meeting someone.

Nohva zeros in on the feeling. She knows exactly what it is and sits up.

"Beers-!" Alec sets the pitcher down with a couple of mugs when Nohva gets to her feet and slips into the crowd. "Where's she going?"

"Come on." Zane grabs at his arm and starts after her.

It's a vamp- Nohva's certain. She spots it with Max but before she can get to them it's walking her out another door. Nohva shoves through a group of people dancing ignoring their curses. It didn't look as though Max knew she was gonna be its dinner.

The back door bangs open and the vamp faces Nohva.

"Slayer." The face changes, its demon exposed when Max delivers a side kick to its ribs. "Ooph!" it looks surprised and Nohva takes the advantage.

Nohva grabs the leather clad shoulders and tosses the vampire into the brick wall moving in with a rapid set of blows that leave it seeing stars before it thuds to the ground once again.

"I want answers." Nohva kicks it over.

"…you're buggered, love… got none." He chuckles.

"What happened to the NWC? Where's Buffy? Faith? Where are the other Activated Slayer's?" Nohva punctuates each question with a blow.

He kicks at her leg and rolls on top of Nohva. "Who are you?"

Max moves in, kicks him off Nohva and finally gets a good look at his face. Bumpy ridges, fangs and yellow eyes that seem to glow. She backs up, shocked because that's not the same face from a few minutes ago before she begins to rationalize what she's seeing. There were stranger faces at Manticore.

The door opens again; both Alec and Zane pause as they get their own look at a vampire.

Nohva rolls to her feet and pummels him. Both trading blows though she thinks the vampire is holding back…until he slams her into the brick wall and pins her.

"Spike!" he yells just before Zane and Alec grab him and toss him into the dumpsters.

"Stop." Nohva orders as the X-5's move in. They glance at Max then her as she walks past them.

"…Smell like rotting vegetable garden…" Spike mutters flinging trash off his arm before leaping out of the dumpster with ease.

Nohva has heard of Spike-never got to meet the vamp since she was brought in after Sunnydale sunk.

"Prove it." Nohva stands in front of the X-5's.

Spike looks at her like he can't believe he's being asked to prove he's himself.

"I helped Buffy close the Sunnydale HellMouth." He splutters indignantly.

"Whoopdi-do," Nohva replies dead-pan. "Public knowledge. You gotta do better."

Spike is pissed. "What- you followed me, not the other way around-."

Spike gets surprised by the snap jab in his face and then has the sharp point of wood at his heart.

"You got two seconds before I make you dust."

Alec is rather impressed she got the broken board that fast. They all watch as the vamps face goes back to human. Its creepy, more than the X-5's are used to. Spike sags against the wall, eyes the X-5's then Nohva finally making his decision.

"Red cast a spell, made all the Potentials into Slayers but then no others were Called. None. Dawn got… pulled back to where she was before those monks made her corporeal; the Cleveland HellMouth blew up, bout same time we got hit with that Pulse – few years after we got back from Hell. Buffy, she got around to sending some mini Slayer's down to LA, gave Peaches his own guard even though Wolfram & Hart weren't a threat-."

"One second and I'm not hearing anything new." Nohva cuts in. He can feel the point of wood pressing down on his chest.

"Whoa, wait a bloody second!"

"Times up." Nohva reaches back-

"I know where Giles is!" Spike yells. Nohva pauses, her arm still poised to strike. "I can take you."

Nohva steps back from Spike, just staring at him, considering… he looks the way the girls described; same platinum blond head, the leather duster he took from a dead Slayer back in the 70's, awful British accent and if he starts spouting poetry…

Spike doesn't breathe a sigh of relief when she chucks the krappy stake.

"Wait, wait, hold on." Max steps in. "What the hell is…?" She points at Spike unwilling to call him a he or even it and even less a 'vampire'.

Spike just grins. "I'm the biggest, baddest vampire-."

"His name is Spike." Nohva cuts in. "Let's go." She motions for Spike to get going. He's not happy to get cut off and grumbles but starts walking out towards the street. Nohva reaches for her sword and Alec pulls it out just as a couple of shadows jump on them.

Spike knows what they are and quickly takes out the one intent on grabbing him.

Zane and Alec pull out their guns and start shooting while Max grabs the closest one and slams it head first into the wall. The two demons in front of Nohva block her access to Spike and to her disgust the vampire flees.

Nohva guts the demons, she wants to go after Spike before he gets too far but she can't leave the X-5's either though they do well on their own.

"For making such a fuss about drawing attention you really make a lot of noise." Nohva huffs with annoyance.

The demons are dead and slowly turning into oozy puddles of gunk.

"The Morah didn't do that." Alec points out. That curiosity is evident again when he kneels to sniff at the goopy mess and pokes it with a bit of trash.

"She's right." Zane looks around. "We made a lot of noise. We need to go."


Max has to concede Nohva was telling the truth no matter how incredible her story seems. She's seen her very first vampire and killed –

"What did you call those…?" Max still struggles with the fact demons and vampires and every other horror story the Ordinaries consider make believe really truly exist.

"I need to find Giles." Nohva ignores Max's question. She's not about to keep repeating herself. She gave Max the proof she wanted and that's about it.

Nohva is worried about everything. The NWC, the battle she was pulled out of, whatever is trying to kill her and finding a way back to her own time. But really, Alec's presence keeps reminding her of Dean and there's his deal- though now that she's in the future…

'He's dead.' The thought hits hard and she sits in the metal chair staring at the table top.

"I can help dig up information." Zane offers. His hand is a warm pressure on her shoulder.

"Yeah, just…" Max walks off. TerminalCity needs her attention and she'd rather focus on the latest list of 'wants/needs' than her evening with a vampire Slayer.


The days go by, Zane helping to gather what information they can on the Hunters Nohva has given up hope of ever finding. The Pulse wiped the entire US. If it was on a hard drive …. Well, there wasn't much hope to get back what was on it without the right equipment and while TerminalCity has the Transgenics – a city full of geniuses –all they're missing is the fancy equipment so abundant back in 2008.

She has almost gotten used to the 'demony' faces in TerminalCity. Spending most of her time in Command Central looking over Zane's shoulder while they read over old news clippings. It's just a little annoying that he can read way faster so Nohva finds herself asking what the hell it's about when he's already on to the next piece. She's been looking up anything and everything in LA, Angel Investigations, even The Hyperion but it isn't much.

She's given them everything she remembers; names- all the scooby's, what activated Slayer's she was closest to that aren't dead – or, rather weren't before she got futured to the Mad Max version of the future.

"Ooh…" Dix glances over at them, his expression- hard as it is to figure out- is not a good face.

"What?" Nohva feels the bottom of her stomach drop out but she keeps her face blank. 'It's bad. Oh, this is bad. This is going to be bad.'

He doesn't say anything, just hands over the tablet where Nohva has trouble reading the article.

The bank job.

It's a Hunt, she knows it is and reading the entire thing slowly eats away the numb feeling. They've got pictures of them both- Wanted Posters!

What the hell where they doing?

"I found … this is weird." Dix scratches at his scalp and points her to his computer screen.

'He's dead.'

That's all she can think of. She knew he was- had to be- but reading it, having the confirmation in black and white print is …..

"This… the date, it's …" she can't believe Sam didn't call her. The bank job was three days before she got futured. Whatever help she could've offered them hadn't been needed just then- unless the NWC could have somehow made those Wanted Posters disappear and at the time there had been a pretty powerful Wicca on their side so…

"There's another one."

Nohva reads the second obituary for Dean. Another article and she realizes the Winchesters were in more trouble than she had known, than they'd tell her.

"Thanks." She's gonna hold the tears until there's no one to see her cry for him. "Let me know if there's anything else." But it's not just Dean … they're all gone, dead and even if they aren't it's better to think there's no one left. Easier to make it through each day wondering if she's ever going to find a way home.

Nohva leaves the command center and walks through TerminalCity towards her temporary apartment. It's as run down as the rest of the place – as most of Seattle and again, she just can't get over how different everything is. But the Transgenics have made an effort to make it livable and the apartment building is clean – run down, yes but everyone is busy fixing what they can.

Nohva shoves at her door and walks in heading straight for the mattress on the box spring in the only bedroom. She curls up in the middle of it, drawing the thin blanket around herself. She cries quietly, her tears soaked into the soft flannel material.

Nothing is familiar.

Three days later Zane gives her more bad news; as it turns out, the vampire 'Spike' was a big fat liar. The proof is the black and white page staring right back at her; the obituary for a Rupert Giles, pretty words all blurred from the tears she's not about to shed.

Nohva really wants to find Spike badly.

At first, Max doesn't like it. Not that Nohva gives her much of a choice and she's as capable as any X-5 when it comes to giving someone the slip. That had been Nohva's specialty with a couple other Actives; sneaking in undetected and getting out the same way if it was required … that seems a different life right then.

She goes out for a week straight with no results. There's no trail to follow and Nohva is losing her patience-not that she had much to begin with.

She's tried what numbers she had for the NWC offices right off the bat-and boy had there been a lot of those, all over the world- but nothing worked.

She's tried the numbers she remembers for the Winchesters but never held out hope of getting an answer- not when Nohva knew they had to be dead and long gone… with The Pulse? Those numbers wouldn't be working anyway.

She's hesitant to try her last option; Bobby.

'I hope the old guy is still breathing.'

Nohva stands at the shore and stares at water. It's cold but she's ignoring that. She thinks this is the worst thing that could've happened to her. Being alone, with no one who knew her or of her… Nohva wishes she'd been able to do something for the hunters though how she could have stopped the Road House from burning down and all those people dying with it…

What had happened to the Harvelle's?

To Ash…?

He's damn quiet because Nohva doesn't hear him walk towards her. She senses his presence, her Slayer senses picking up on the 'danger' because of his animal DNA and he's got a different… feel.

Zane isn't surprised to see she's got her little battle ax in hand. One of the many items Alec has 'found' for her.

"You won't need it with me." Zane points out. He stands beside her, quietly watching out along The Sound and after a moment, Nohva puts her battle ax away.

"Can't really let my guard down, can I?" She doesn't have to remind him of the Morah demons sent for her. "Even if you are super soldiers." It's been quiet on that front and its making her anxious. Still, Nohva offers him a tiny smile she doesn't feel.

Zane's eyes drop to her bare legs and while he admires the short skirt his focus is on the glint of silver tucked in her boot.

'Another 'gift' from Alec, no doubt.'

The thought annoys Zane. "Aren't you cold?"

Nohva's reply is a small shrug. They start walking along the water's edge, the moon isn't full but neither really needs it to see where their feet are going.

It's probably the quiet, or maybe the soft light, who knows but she can't help herself.

"I'm starting to think I'm never getting back to them." She hates the ragged sound of her voice but she can't help feeling scared, worried and just useless. What's the point of being Super Girl if the ones she wants to rescue are beyond her scope of aid? "They've had a shitty run for almost as long as they've been- where- … alive… I …"

"The Hunters?" Zane questions and gets a slight nod in answer. "Why aren't you as worried about your other friends? The NWC and the Actives…"

"They don't really need me." Nohva shrugs though her tone is hesitant. "There's a bunch of us. … There were. Back then. God! This is so fucking confusing! Half the time I don't even know what tense I'm using or supposed to use…" just as quickly the fire in her voice dies out. "The Winchesters are alone. Like, seriously on their own with their deal. They're fragile humans… Us? I mean, with the line being activated like Willow did, there's no 'One girl to fight the darkness'. There's no, 'One dies and another is Called' krap. And maybe they were selfish; Buffy and the others for 'Calling' us before our time. Hell, most of us wouldn't have been Called. I could've been a regular, run of the mill, boring girl, going to school, getting a degree, marrying Joe-Schmoe and having those 2.5 kids with the picket fence and dog …" her rant is long and she knows it but there's so much she had wanted before. "Jeez…I'd have died of boredom." She laughs but doesn't really feel it either. "The point was; Dean and Sam could use some super muscle on their side. … I just thought… I'd be there for them. … If they'd ever have called me for help. … Which I seriously doubt, anyway." She sighs and stops a few yards from the old docks.

It's where Zane found her.

"Those demons…they really have it bad for them. Sam and Dean …"

"Why?" Zane frowns and Nohva turns to him. "What's the big deal?"

"I don't know." She shakes her head and moves past the old posts and towards the abandoned pier. "Dean isn't-wasn't-." she bites back the frustrated sigh and goes up the short flight of steps. "They weren't exactly the sharing type. All I know is they've gone from one fight to another since they were kids."

Zane moves beside her, both facing out to the water, arms resting on the rail. "That I understand." He's been a soldier all his life, fighting for survival has been like breathing from the moment he was pulled out the womb. Hiding from Manticore kept him on the move and that's what the Winchesters have done.

'Did.' He corrects himself, already thinking of the hunters in the present tense like Nohva.

Zane never made any close relations, he just couldn't open himself up like that, too much to hide and he'd pick up in a second if he felt them coming.

Nohva doesn't have any idea what that's like. She never got torn away from her family; she had the chance to live the happy normal that most people take for granted.

Becoming a Slayer was like … it's difficult to explain though it's obvious most Actives relish their power. They aren't weak girls anymore and sometimes… Nohva doesn't believe every Potential should have gotten that power. Corny as it sounds; With great power comes great responsibility.

Power corrupts.

Power can be abused, is abused.

'Uncle Ben was a smart dude.'

And Nohva can't help but agree. She has a responsibility. She has a duty to protect those weaker than herself and maybe it's just the sense of duty instilled in by her Dad and his example but someone has to step up.

"So… Super Girl, huh." Zane smiles and gets a small one in return.

"I've got a deeply rooted sense of duty. So, yeah. Me Super Girl." She tries for levity and raises her arms in the classic muscle man pose. It's over just as quickly. "My Dad was a pilot in the AirForce…" Nohva glances at him with a slight wince at mention of the military. "Sorry."

Zane gets where the 'duty' comes in and he smiles to show her the reference to military doesn't bother him. They stand beside each other in silence for a while.

If he's honest, Zane can see where having a military force is beneficial. And while he's not happy about how he and his siblings were brought into the world he can be clinical about it and get the why. They'd been smart; to build themselves an army of super soldiers…

Nohva wraps her arms around herself, the night really is cold and as stubborn as she can be she still doesn't emit the same body heat as Zane.

He scoots closer still-it's not like he hasn't noticed her slowly inching towards him anyway but he'll let her pretend he hasn't.

Nohva looks up at him, again noticing his height which is just between Sam and Dean tall, as Zane drapes his arm over her shoulders and his warmth envelopes her.

"I'm not that cold you need to warm me up." She quips and a second later her cheeks flush as what she's said makes its second round in her head and there's sooooo many ways he could take it. "That's not how I meant. I meant I didn't mean it like… you know…"

Zane laughs. He likes the embarrassed stammer and just as quickly realizes they are alone.

'We're alone…'

He's an idiot for not noticing before but he'd been enjoying her company… and what the hell is he waiting for now?

Nohva stiffens in his arms. Surprise gives way to shock and before she thinks to push him off Zane draws back just far enough they can look in each other's eyes. He thinks she's just as beautiful as any X-5 he's ever seen. Her eyes are a deep blue-almost violet.

"Uhmmm…." Nohva just stares at him- honestly? He's not what she expected because she didn't expect the kiss at all.

It felt nice.

Zane just gives her another second to run off and when she doesn't he feels like cheering. Instead, Nohva gets another kiss and this time Zane makes sure she's left breathless.