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Chapter 4: Vengeance




A week passed and Soubi still would not allow Ritsuka to go home or to school.

Truth be told, Ritsuka did not want to go. The thought of being around people, and of the way his mother would treat him were not occurrences he looked forward to.

During the time he lived in Soubi's apartment, his fighter bought him new clothes. He was also as able to take care of him the way he always wanted to. Though the circumstances were not joyous Soubi still felt better having him here.

Regarding the trauma, he did not press for details. There was time for revenge, and now was not that time. He would find the beast soon. His blood boiled whenever he thought of the man still walking around an alive, but Ritsuka was priority.

His sacrifice startled very easily now, and went into constant fits of sobbing. He would stand with his back against the wall, breath shallow, or begin shaking his head and yelling "no" over and over. It was impossible for Soubi to even conjure the notion of Ritsuka returning to his usual activities.

The blonde walked into his bedroom and was faced with a terrifying scene.

Ritsuka knelt on the floor, arm extended before him, and he was running a knife into his skin.

Not two seconds after entering the room, Soubi knocked the knife out of his hand, and picked up the boy. He ran to the closet and took the few towels that weren't bloody yet. With a stoic gaze, he wrapped a towel around the bleeding arm.

Ritsuka was shaking with silent tears pouring down his face, and violet eyes staring blankly.

Soubi's shirt and arms were now covered in the blood of his sacrifice.


"It's my fault", the boy stated in a monotone voice.

"No Ritsuka, why can't you see that?"

"You can't see that it is. I provoked him- I ran, I screamed, I fought him… I told him to stop or else you'd get him."

As if Soubi could not feel guiltier.

"He he" Ritsuka's eyes grew wide and he explained "He said 'Agatsuma Soubi can't help you'."


It was someone from the school.

Crying out, Ritsuka slammed a fist against the self-made wound in his arm, causing drops of blood to spray on them both. "What did I do to cause this to happen?! I was supposed to be for- now you won't even want me!"

"Ritsuka that's not true. I love you and will wait until you are ready for us to become fully linked."

"He said no one wants a filthy slut, someone who has opened themselves and lost their ears to another." Hands on his knees, nails dug into his skin as he recollected.

"He smelled like cigars and alcohol, and his boots made a harsh sound… His hair was dark and short… and he had a beard… I wanted to close my eyes but didn't want to lethim."

"Ritsuka is there anything else you remember about his appearance, or did he have an accent?"


"That's alright, don't worry Ritsuka I'll find him."




After a month, Soubi allowed Ritsuka to go back to school, but not home.

During their first day apart, Ritsuka felt uneasy, as expected. Also as expected, he was bombarded by worried questions and rumors. The story he came up with was that he was in the hospital after falling down several flights of stairs. The people he told spread the word, and everyone believed it.

While his sacrifice was in school Soubi found a name, address, and handled business.

That night Ritsuka had an assumption of what his fighter did that day, but did not ask. The man seemed a bit relaxed.

Their dinner was peaceful. After washing up, Soubi helped Ritsuka to bed and kissed his cheek. "I love you, rest well".

Sleep came more easily than it had for twenty nine days.







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