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On that day, Soichiro told Matsuda something. Something nobody had really known about. It was as if Soichiro knew he would die. Nonetheless, even if Soichiro had not done the Shinigami eye deal, he would have died anyway…

Ryuk didn't care about humans the way Rem did. Rem was a sissy if he ever saw one. Feeling sorry for humans, killing them in the least painful way possible. Rem would be the type to fall in love with a human, the way Jealous had. Ryuk laughed in disbelief as he watched Soichiro, having already written the chief's name in his Death Note. It would be a shame, in the midst of all this, if nobody died today. The numbers above his head dwindled lower and lower as he said the words to Matsuda. The very words that he would take to heart, the words that would eventually change young Matsuda's life.

"Take care of Sayu."

Then, everything went black for Soichiro as the building exploded and the people escaped, firing from their guns freely. The bullets lodged themselves in Soichiro, slowly and painfully killing him.

Matsuda found himself on the ground, still confused about the words Chief Yagami had spoken. What did he mean? He would be able to take care of Sayu when they got back. A confused Matsuda was just about to ask the Chief himself when he saw him. While Matsuda had escaped the explosion without more than a few gashes, Soichiro had multiple gun wounds. He was severely injured, lying in a pool of his own blood.

Soichiro had died soon after that, on a cold November day. Matsuda understood. He had to take care of Sayu. Unfortunately, his job never really allowed him to. Of course, he went over to the Yagami household whenever he could, spending a rare free day over there. He spent his days and nights there, helping Sachiko in the kitchen and tending to Sayu. However, Sayu was sad as ever. The poor girl thought her father's death was her fault. Matsuda cried at night, crying for a husbandless Sachiko. Crying for a fatherless Sayu, a Sayu who wouldn't, who couldn't show emotion for herself.

"Sayu." Matsuda said, trying to get some kind of emotion out of the girl. She wasn't sure if she could anymore… The thought swirled around in her mind, getting lost before she could form the letters on her lips, just like everything else. Sayu's mind was a complex and convoluted thing, but Matsuda tried everything he could. It had been too long since he had heard that musical voice, or that bell-like laugh… He would keep trying until he got some sort of reaction, or at least until that horrible blank reaction was gone from her face…

The young detective continued these visits, always welcomed by Sachiko. He helped her everyway he could, making dinner with her, cleaning around the house, taking Sayu for her breath of fresh air every day. He tried as often as he could, but the visits were up to weeks apart, being worked so hard by Light and N. Nearly a year had passed since the Chief's death, and Kira was as active as ever. But he became more distracted, as his thoughts always wandered back to Sachiko and Sayu. Mother and daughter. Widow and mourner.

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