I know it's been forever since I've updated, but I've been to the doctor and the neurologist a lot lately. More at the bottom. But for now please enjoy another chapter of Spartan Vacation!

The snow globe crashed to the ground, shattering instantly. Its glittery contents spread out across the floor, miniature snowflakes that once fluttered around a tiny Space Needle now laying on the floor.

"Oops." Thom muttered, shuffling the shards of glass and the base under a shelf.

"What did you do?" Rosenda asked, looking adorable under a bright pink baseball cap.

"Nothing miss." Thom whistled, folding his hands behind his back and wandering into another aisle to see what mayhem he could wreak there.

Noble Team was gathered in the bottom of the Space Needle, trying not to get lost in the donut shaped gift shop.

"I can't really find anything good to buy. Any suggestions Yume?" Carter turned to the small girl, who stood looking out the windows surrounding the base. Rain poured down outside.

"Huh? Um. . .well, I guess you could get a shirt or something. . ." she said boredly, turning to him and then back to the window.

"Y'know you can leave anytime you want, right?" Carter asked her.

"Huh? What?" She now turned her full attention to him. "I know, but I don't want to!"

"You sure?"

"Yes I'm sure-" Yume cut off as she heard Jun creep up behind her. She spun around to yell at him, but stopped totally stunned as he stuck a sticker to her forehead.

"What the heck?" Yume asked as Jun moved over to Carter, sticking one to the commander's forehead. A long sheet of stickers trailed from his hand out of a roll.

"Donate to UNSC Snipers?" Yume asked, pulling the sticker off her forehead and reading it. "What?"

Carter sighed. "You know Jun's a Sniper, right?"

"Okay?" Yume asked. "So what?"

"He wants us all to donate to them so he can get more rounds."

"To do what with them?" Yume asked. "From what I've seen, he'd only try and kiss them or something."

Carter gave her an exasperated sigh. "I know it may seem like Jun is a little. . .unstable, but he. . .is unstable." The Commaner turned and walked off, gathering the rest of Noble team to meander back to the hotel.


The next morning, Yume woke up smothered by Kat. The female Spartan was completely wrapped around her, sleeping deeply evidentally as she mumbled something in her sleep. Yume however was unamused. She was trapped in the vicelike grip of Kat's finely muscled arms, and no matter how much she fought, she simply couldn't get free.

"Get offa me you giant gorilla bear-" Yume grunted. Completely covered by the thick comforter, she was beginning to sweat. "Rosendaaaa?" Yume moaned, hoping the other She-Spartan would hear her and give her a hand.

No such luck. Yume heard a great snore that she had learned to identify with Rosenda from the adjacent bed. "Great, just great." Yume huffed, ceasing her fight as her arms shook from the effort. With a sigh, she closed her eyes and waited for Kat to wake up.

After about thirty minutes, Kat released Yume, stretching like a cat in the sunlight. Rolling over and away from Kat, Yume fell to the floor-

-And right onto Rosenda. The woman yelled and shoved Yume off of her, supposedly just now awoken.

"What the HELL?!" Yume exclaimed at the two female Spartans, who now both looked at her with a mixture of curiosity and irritation.

"Why were you in bed with me?"

"Why am I on the floor?"

Kat and Rosenda shared a look as Yume remained silent and did not answer.

"I think. . ." Rosenda started hesitantly, "That you'll be sleeping with the men tonight, Yume."



Flags representing the Allied countries and planets of the United States lined the front of the Museum of Flight building, made entirely of panes of glass held within rectangles of steel. The midday sun glared down on the group, ready to explore decades of flight history that they hadn't seen it Spartan training.

Proceeding in through the front doors, Thom gaped at the big, antique fighter jets. "Can you believe those even flew once?" He asked Yume.

"Yeah. Actually. It's what really inside that's surprising." She then pointed to the front desk. "We need to pay for admission."

Carter nodded. "Alright." He stated, taking on a leader-y air. You could practically see his chest swell.

And then deflate as Emile spoke, "Let's go. Move it people, outta my way." The rough Spartan began shoving the people in line out of his way, into the ropes that separated the two lines. Kat faced palmed herself. This was going to be a long day.

The group waited just beside the front desk as Carter paid for the tickets they needed. The woman at the desk handed him the bracelets and a few maps. As Carter handed out the blue, paper bracelets the Spartans attempted to get them on. After peeling off the sticky end, they wrapped them around their wrists easily enough. . .

Except Jorge. The bracelet only came halfway around his wrist, stopping at a patheticly useless distance. "What should I do with this?" He asked, holding his arm up while dropping the non-sticky end. The bracelet stuck to him and hung towards the floor.

"I think you should just wear it like that." Yume replied, imitating his Hungarian accent. The rest of the group laughed. Little did they know that they too would soon be the victims of accent imitation.

Ugh. I've taken forever to update again! I apologize! But I've been to the neurologist lately dealing with some medical problems. After getting shocked once or twice and watching my body jump out of control, the neurologist deduced that I am, in fact, fine. So thanks for askin'.