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For those of you who think this story is written within the new 2012 universe you are correct, I'm happy to read that I made that clear. Also I'm well aware that all the turtles are just getting used to working as a team so it may seem a bit early for things to be getting this serious between Raph and Leo, but let's be honest, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

And with that being said, let's move on to Chapter 2!

Chapter 2: Let the Ignoring Begin

Leo is really starting to get on my nerves. Don't get me wrong, he used to get on my nerves all the time, but NOW. It's been two days since he up and decided that he's done with me and boy is he keeping his word.

Every time I even walk into a room Leo makes up some lame excuse so he can walk away! Like he has chores to do or he has to go meditate or train or something. EVERY SINGLE TIME I WALK INTO THE ROOM! It makes me wanna throw him against a wall but I can't just go running after him! That's what he wants! For me to go running after him and apologize. Tck.

Well if that's what he's waiting for he can keep waiting. I didn't do anything wrong, why should I apologize like I did? If anything he should say sorry to me. He's the one that blew things outta proportion! He's the one always reminding us that he's leader! He should be trying to fix this, NOT ME!

ARRRRGGGG! This is what I'm talking about. Leo isn't even talking to me anymore and he's STILL getting under my shell.

I let out another frustrated sigh before slamming my fist into my already beat-up punching bag. Shell, this isn't even helping. I throw one last half hearted punch before walking out of my room. I'll just go see what Mikey is doing. Maybe that'll get my mind off things with Fearless.

Whoa. Did I really just think that? Ya know things are bad when you're actually willing to hang out with Mikey. Trust me.

As I get closer to the living room I can already hear Mikey's voice and the sound of video games. I smirk. That's just what I need. A few hours of mindless, stress relieving video games. But when I actually get into the room my smile turns into a scowl. Mikey isn't playing alone. He's playing with Leo. I sneer. Figures.

"Yes, yes, yes, come on!" Leo chants with a big smile on his face as he leans to the right.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Mikey chants the opposite, his eyes big and scared like his life is depending on this game.

A loud SLAM comes from the TV showing that someone's player just went down for the count and instantly Mikey falls off the couch and onto his knees moaning in defeat. "Noooooooooooooooooooo!" I roll my eyes. The guy can really be dramatic sometimes.

"Beat ya again." Leo smirks clearly feeling no remorse. Not that I would either. "Play again? Best 3 outta 5?"

"Yeah," Mikey sighs a little. "I guess." Then all of a sudden I get noticed and Mikey's eyes get all big and excited as he smiles at me and says, "Raph! I pick Raph!"

"Huh?" I barely get the sound out before Mikey runs up to me full speed throwing his arms around my neck like he just won a prize.

"Raph! I choose Raph!" He shouts right beside my head.

"What?" Leo's eyes narrow.

"Raph, I want him to play with me against you!" Mikey says with a big stupid grin and part of me wants to push him away right there and then. He already knows Leo won't do anything with me.

"No way." I say through clenched teeth.

"Awwwwww, come on Raph!" Mikey whines. "Just one game! I can't beat Leo without yooooouuuu!" He clings to me even tighter while making his stupid puppy dog face. I look over at Leo and his eyes get all big as if Mikey just suggested I join them for sparing instead of a video game. But then his expression changes again, his eyes become narrow and guarded like he's already made up his mind what he's gonna do no matter how I answer Mikey. He's gonna walk away. I can tell.

And before I can even think of what to say to Mikey wouldn't ya know Donnie comes walking in. I almost feel bad for the geek to, he's got some lousy timing.

"Donnie!" Mikey shouts before finally getting off me and throwing himself onto Donnie instead. The brainiac clearly wasn't ready for it though as he let out an 'oof!' sound when Mikey jumped on him. "Donnie," Mikey says again before smiling. "You wanna play a game with us? You and Leo can be on a team against me and Raph."

"Huh?" Donnie gives him a confused look. "Ummm, actually I just came in here for a few more supplies." His brown eyes travel over to his work table covered in metal scraps and wires. "You see I'm working on a -OW!" Donnie shouts as Mikey suddenly steps on his foot, not even trying to be subtle.

"I said," Mikey says real slowly. "Don't you want to play Street Fighters 6 with us? You know, you'll be on LEO'S team, and I'll be on RAPH'S team." A big grin spreads across Mikey's face cause he thinks he's being all sneaky and secretive. I already know what he's doing, and if I know, Leo knows too.

"Oooooh!" Donnie's eyes widen as he figures it out. For being the "brains" of the team you'd think he'd catch on quicker. "Sure, I'd love to play." He smiles a big obvious grin, playing along with Mikey's plan. "I wasn't doing anything all that important anyway. Well," Donnie hesitates glancing at his work table. "It can wait at least."

"Cool!" Mikey jumps over the couch and grabs the extra game controllers handing one to Donnie before he can change his mind. "So Raph? You wanna play?" Mikey asks with a sly grin, waving a game controller in front of me temptingly.

I glance back over at Leo. He's just staring at me again. His eyes aren't guarded anymore but… ARG! I can't tell what he's thinking! He's just looking at me all open and stuff! But maybe… Maybe that means he's ok with it. Maybe he'll let this slide and stop being mad at me. Finally give up the whole 'done with you' thing. It's worth a shot.

"Sure, I'll play." I shrug my shoulders pretending not to care either way.

"Awesome!" Mikey smiles in victory.

"If Leo's ok with it." I add before Mikey gets his hopes too high.

"W-What?" Mikey stammers, his excitement turning into fear. I'm not doing this to hurt Mikey though, just to get back at Leo. He's been trying to make ME look like the bad guy here. Well, if he really, REALLY wants to keep ignoring me then he can take the fall for it this time. See how he likes being the jerk.

"Yup, I'm cool playing some video games with you guys." I smirk looking back at Leo. "As long as Fearless here doesn't have a problem with it."

And just like that all eyes fall on Leo. The mighty leader turns his head away from all of us looking down at the controller in his hands looking defeated. I smirk even more. I knew it. I knew Leo couldn't handle it. Not with Mikey AND Donnie working together to get him to do something with me. He's gonna cave. He HAS to.

"I…" Leo starts still not looking at any of us.

"Leo," Mikey chimes in softly getting his attention. Leo looks at Mikey with some obvious effort, guilt already written on his face. "Please Leo." Mikey uses his saddest voice, his eyes big and pleading. No way is Fearless gonna say no to that face.

Leo lets out a long sigh. I fold my arms across my chest still smirking. Here it comes. He's gonna give in.

"Sorry Mikey, but I think I'm done playing for today."

w-w-what…? W-W-What did he just say?!

"I should really go in my room and meditate anyway. We have to go topside tonight and I want to be completely ready in case we run into those foot ninjas again." And just like that Leo gets up off the couch and walks away without even looking at me.

I don't know how long I stood there shell-shocked. I think maybe I was waiting for the rage I usually feel to take over but it never came. I was just too, shocked. Leo actually said no… He actually said no to Mikey and just walked away. He cared more about ignoring me than humoring Mikey AND Donnie.

T-That… T-T-HAT… I start to feel it then. The rage. I ball up my fists at my side. THAT JERK! DOES HE REALLY HATE ME THAT MUCH! I DON'T BELIVE THIS!

"Ah, Raph? You ok?" Donnie's voice cuts through my thoughts and I realize I'm so mad I'm actually shaking.

I try taking a deep breath and counting to ten like Master Splinter's told me to do dozens of times. "Yeah, I'm fine." I breathe slowly but even I can hear the danger in my voice. "If Leo wants to act all serious about this, fine." I force a smirk. "Two can play at this game."

"What're ya gonna do?" Mikey asks innocently but his eyes are wide with fear.

"Leo said that he wants nothin' to do with me anymore right? That he's 'done with me'. Well, I guess he forgot that includes telling me what to do on missions." I let out a dark chuckle. "Just wait until tonight when we go topside. We'll see just how serious Leo is then." I turn on my heel and head straight back for my room ready for 10 more rounds with my punching bag.

But I still manage a smirk. Leo might be able to put on a show down here in the lair, but topside, on a mission? I don't think so. And if Fearless thought I was hard to control before… He's in for a BIG surprise.

Meanwhile with Mikey and Donnie.

"Whoooaaa," The youngest turtle breathed in amazement once Raphael was out of sight. "Well that didn't go according to plan."

"What plan?" Donatello snapped a bit irritably. "All you did was try to trick them into playing video games with you."

"Well I didn't see you trying to stop me!" Mikey argued. "You played along too!"

The purple clad turtle sighed. "I know, I know. I don't know what I was thinking."

Mikey looked down dejectedly, his shoulders slumped, heart feeling ten pounds heavier. "I just wanted them to play some video games together." He mumbled sadly. "I thought maybe, you know, they'd stop being mad at each other. I don't like it. Them not doing anything with each other." Mikey sighed. "I kinda miss the yelling."

Donnie looked down at his feet, no longer in the mood for inventing. Walking around the couch he sat down beside his little brother. "I know how you feel." He said quietly. "Leo and Raph get into it a lot but… But they always make up after a while and then things are ok. It's never been like this before." The techno turtle paused and then sighed. "I think Master Splinter is right though. We need to step back and let Raph and Leo deal with this themselves."

"Yeah," Mikey agreed softly. "Guess I just made things ten times worse huh?"

Donatello put a comforting arm around his brother's shoulders. "Don't sweat it Mikey, things are always bound to get worse before they get better."

"Do you think Raph meant it though? That whole thing about Leo not telling him what to do on missions." Mikey's baby blue eyes widened. "You don't think Leo will really let him do anything he wants, do you?"

Now it was Donnie's turn to look worried. "Umm, well…" The olive skinned turtle stood up, hand on his chin as he paced lightly weighing all the denominators in his mind to determine the most possible outcome. Suddenly as Donatello paced he remembered Splinter's words from three nights ago when he asked his sensei the same question Mikey just asked him.

"Y-You don't think he was serious about all that do you? Leo w-wouldn't really…"

"He seemed very serious to me."

Donatello froze. "Oh boy…"


So that's the end of chapter two. Hope you all enjoyed it! Again feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. If there are any mistakes I didn't catch please feel free to tell me so I can correct them.

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