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"What about the red one?" Wally asked, watching his girlfriend study her closet.

"It's a Titans New Year's Eve party. Not a strip club," she shot back, voice slightly muffled from the closet.

"Aw… but Jinxy, the red one shows off your…"


"I was just going to say legs," he smirked, toying with her.

Jinx rolled her eyes, though he couldn't tell. "You're such a child."

"But I'm fun," he argued.

"That's an opinion. Now what about the black one?"

"The black one's fine."

"Hm… Maybe the purple?"

Wally sighed. They might be a little late.


"She takes forever to get dressed, but man, does she look good," Kid Flash admired as he sipped a can of pop with Hotspot.

"I know what you mean. Argent's the same way," Hotspot agreed. "But once she's done…" he whistled.

Kid Flash laughed. "Exactly."

Argent and Jinx watched as the boys talked, obviously trying not to look like they were staring.

"They're really bad at this," Jinx smiled, catching Wally's eye for a brief second.

"You're telling me. It's kind of cute though."

"One minute until New Years!" Robin's voice rang out over the music.

Kid Flash sped over to Jinx, taking her hand in his. "Come on Lucky," he whispered. "It's almost time."

Argent flashed Jinx a knowing smile as she was pulled away, Hotspot gently wrapping an arm around the alien's waist.

"Everybody ready?" Cyborg called over the din of Titans. "Ten! Nine!"

"Eight!" Wally yelled with the crowd.



This is ridiculous. Jinx thought, glancing up at Wally.


Why do we count down?


Wally smiled down at her, and pulled her in closer.


What the hell.

"Two!" she shouted with the crowd.

"One!" The crowd yelled as Wally pulled Jinx in for a kiss.

"Happy New Year!" Cyborg shouted, tossing a bucketful of confetti into the middle of the room.

Robin shot him a look.

"Don't worry about it," Cy yelled over the cheers. "I'll clean it up. Later."

Wally smiled down at Jinx. "Happy New Year Lucky. And here's to another great one."


Well there you go. Happy New Year!