Chapter 1

My name is Niina Horan, I'm 15 almost 16, I have an older brother his name is Niall, he thinks his my father and has all the authority to shout at me like if I was a little girl, we live in London, England. One day I was walking with him, I was a little bit annoyed 'cuse I wanted to go out with my friends but no, I was distracted sending a text massage to one of my best friends when out of nowhere a cute, attractive guy bumped with me and I dropped my phone

Xx: Oh, I'm so sorry!

Niina: That's ok… (I said picking up my phone)

Xx: My name is Zayn, Zayn Malik…

Niina: Nice to meet you, my name is Niina Horan and this is my brother, Niall (i said pointing to Niall)

Niall like always whenever I talked with cute guys, was serious, why he always did that, I know he's my older brother but, pleas, that was necessary?

Niall: (seriously and stretching his hand) Nice to meet you

Zayn: (stretching his hand) It's a pleasure

Zayn looked at me, wow he was very attractive, but Niina calm down 'cuse you don't know him and he doesn't know you

Zayn: Niina, I was wondering if, um, if…. (he laugh and put his hand behind his neck)

Niina: Are u trying to ask me out? (i said laughing, wow I was a little bit nervous about this)

Zayn: Yeah… (he said ashamed)

This was very exciting, for the first time I cute guy was asking me out, I looked at Niall, he wasn't going to ruin this moment, not this time

Niina: Niall, can I go out with him?