"Stefan, stop!" Elena's breath was sharp, her words bitterly defined as the youngest Salvatore stopped in his tracks and swung around to meet her fiery gaze. She watched the fog of his sharp exhale dissipate into the December air before speaking more softly. "This is ridiculous. You don't know what you're doing…"

Stefan's green eyes were usually more than expressive, but tonight, Elena could not see past the defeat in his gaze. "Yes. I do." He was calm –too calm—and part of her wanted him to get angry, to show her that he wasn't completely out of his mind.

"No, you don't!" She was raising her voice now. "You're going to get yourself killed over something pointless!"

"It's not pointless to me."

It had only been a few days since the cure to immortality was discovered, and, much to Damon and Elena's dismay, was not as easy to recover as expected. In order to bring back one's life, a sacrifice was required. Without thinking twice, Stefan nominated himself.

His mind was set. He began to walk away from her again, and Elena was just about to let him, her own anger overwhelming every other sense. "I can live with being a vampire, Stefan. It's not that bad," she tried. With those stinging words, Stefan swung around again.

"Did he send you here?"

Taken aback, Elena raised a brow. "What?"

"Damon sent you here," Stefan suggested, his tone replete with suspicion and, once again, defeat. And, for a split second, she swore she caught pain. Fathomless pain, "didn't he?"

She averted her gaze instantly, burying her hands inside of her pockets. She wasn't cold, but Elena could not shake the chills that seemed to be burning her from the inside out. "I don't see how that matters," she muttered. After recollecting herself, she turned her face up again. "I'm here, and I'm telling you not to do this."

If Elena hadn't been a vampire, she wouldn't have noticed the slight change in his posture, the way he waited a little too long to exhale after he took in a huge breath. Damon had taught her to pay attention to these little tells in victims, in prey. It gave away the fact that they were terrified of the attack to come. "Just answer one question," he requested. "Do you want to be a vampire? Do you want to be sired to Damon for the rest of your life?"


"Or would you rather be with him and know that what you're feeling is real?"

She bit her lip. "Don't do that."

Yet another visible emotion in Stefan was rising to the surface. Anger. Rage. "You don't want your perfect love with my brother to be proven true? You don't want to be human again?"

"Of course I do!" she answered far too quickly, regretting the words as soon as they escaped her lips. Once again, he put his guard up as she took this pause. Hesitantly, Elena took a step closer and gripped his hands. They felt like ice. "But not like this. You have to believe me."

He didn't. Ripping his hands away from hers, he turned his back and slowly, calmly, walked away again.

In a last attempt to stop him, Elena closed her eyes and said, "It won't work, you know." He froze, but did not turn. She took this as an opportunity to speak again. "The myth says that the sacrifice of true love is the only thing that can break a curse this big."

He let out a long, heavy breath. He knew the words that were about to come from her lips, and by no means did he try to stop her. "Yes, Elena?"

"You and I, we don't have that."

Stefan closed his eyes, shaking his head. A single tear fell from his eye as he did so, but he would never let Elena know that. "Anymore," he tried.

"No," Elena breathed. "We never had that, Stefan."

The silence was deafening.

He did not move an inch.

She instantly regretted the words.

"Maybe Damon should sacrifice himself then." Stefan's voice was flat despite the fact that his bottom lip was trembling.

"Maybe," Elena lied, though she knew that Stefan's brother would never do something this foolish. "If you… If you die Stefan, it'll be pointless."

She expected him to turn around, but instead, the sound of his boots getting farther and farther away was the only response she got. She could have sworn that she heard him whisper, "I guess we'll just have to see then."

She did not stop him.

And in one hour, when Caroline called, incoherently screaming about how she'd found the noblest Salvatore lifeless in a circle of ash and vervain, the realization of what she had lost over the past year crashed and hit Elena like a tidal wave.

She was never going to see Stefan again.

And the worst part... was the fact that she was human again.

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