A/N: Hello there! This is an AU inspired by Peter Pan. It is not a crossover. Anyway, Anakin has a big secret. 'What might that be?' you may ask. You will have to read to find out.

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Chapter 1

"Mom, why do we have to do this?'' he wiggled as Shmi wrapped the wide strips of medical tape around his back and chest.

"You know why, Anakin. We can't afford the risk of being found." She paused, adjusting the tape. "And hold still, Anakin. Besides, the tape will help to protect your wings, especially if Watto's in one of his moods today." She secured the strip, leaving the two small wings bound and hidden from sight. "There. Now, go finish getting dressed. Then, you can have breakfast."

He scampered off the chair and into his room before slipping on a tunic several sizes too large, but disguising and odd bumps from his wings effectively, that is, until he had another growth spurt. The tips of them already went almost the whole way down his back. Before long, it would be impossible to hide them.

"Mom! I'm ready!" he bolted toward the table, nearly knocking over his chair.

"Alright, but calm down." she said as she put a slice of spice loaf and a glass of blue milk in front of him, which he promptly wolfed down. As soon as he was done, he stood, kissing his mother on the cheek.

"I love you, Anakin."

"Love you, too, Mom." he glowed momentarily.

"Be careful!" She yelled, as he ran out the door. His response, although barely audible, was heard by his mother.

"I will!" he shouted, just as he always did. But, something had to give, Shmi knew, and somehow she knew it was going to give soon.

"Are you an Angel?" To his eyes, she was the image of the creatures Shmi told him about, that were like him but different, too.

"What?" The handmaiden turned to where she heard the Outer Rim-accented voice coming from.

"An Angel. They're the most beautiful creatures in the universe. They're good and kind. And they come from the moons of Iego, I think."

"I've never heard of Angels." Her face held a quizzical look.

"You must be one. Maybe you just don't know it." After all, he hadn't understood until someone had told him. It wasn't an impossible happenstance.

"You're a funny little boy." She smiled at the figure, half hidden in the shadows. "How do you know so much?"

He stepped out a little farther into the light, starting to speak, "I-" what was their cover story again? "I listen to the space pilots tell stories about the places they've gone." The handmaiden could tell he was hiding something, she just wasn't sure what. "And someday, I'm going to fly to all those places, and see all those things for myself. I'll have a great adventure." His eyes were lit up with excitement. Those words were most definitely not part of the cover story as he genuinely believed someday he would fly away from Tatooine, though he would most likely be encumbered by a ship of some sort.

"I'll bet you can't wait to get off this planet. How long have you lived here?"

"Three years, now. When Gardulla owned my mother and I, we lived on Nal Hutta. But she lost us in a bet with Watto and we moved here." Padme was shocked at how casually he talked about being a slave, as if it were as natural as breathing.

"You're a slave?" Concern and pity were just barely laced into her voice, but he picked up on them immediately and scowled.

"I'm a person, just like you." His voice had acquired an edge she didn't know was possible or one so young.

"I'm sorry. I just don't understand everything that goes on here. It's a strange world to me." His expression softened at her words. Tatooine was not the friendliest of places and she obviously wasn't from the Outer Rim. No one with that much innocence in their eyes could be from such a terrible place.

"As I'm sure your's would be to me."

It was at that moment that a very tall man decided to enter the room.

"We're leaving." As he turned to exit, his poncho shifted, and Anakin could see a small silver cylinder at his hip.

"Alright." She turned back to the boy, still wondering what his secret could be, though she knew it was unlikely she would ever see him again. "It was nice to have met you..."

"Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker." He raised his hand slightly in farewell.

"Padme Naberrie." She smiled before turning away. As she did, she could have sworn she saw a feather lying in the corner but she hadn't seen a single bird on the planet thus far. She quickly dismissed the idea as she stepped out into the blinding daylight.

"I'm glad I met you, too." He said to no one. Moments later, Watto walked in muttering curses under his breath.

"Ootmians. Tinka manta jee jee koza pasti de Coruscant, jee jee ne hopo mana" (Outlanders, they think because we live so far from the center, we don't know nothing.)

"Stuka lia a jee." (They seemed nice to me.) His head hung a little lower, wishing she hadn't left.

"Bah. Tasa da niaga. Topla da bunky dunko." (Bah. Clean the racks, then you can go home.)

"Waka nuto, Master!" (Thank you, Master!) He ran out the back door feeling lighter than he had moments ago. After all, if he hurried, maybe he could catch up to them, and see Padme one last time before she left the planet.