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Chapter 2

Coming home to his and Qui-Gon's quarters was one of the hardest things Obi-Wan had done in his life. And having another being who wasn't Qui-Gon staying where Obi-Wan and his Master had made so many memories together was both a great relief to not be alone and felt as if it was an offense that someone should take Qui-Gon's room so soon after his passing. As such, when he and Anakin arrived at the door, his emotions were so high that he said as few words as possible.

"You can have my old room. It's...on the left." and then as they entered the room, "Just give me a moment to move my things.

He didn't have many possessions. They all fit inside one box that he carried across the living area before stopping in front of the most difficult door he would ever open.

"Master? Are you alright?" The boy hadn't moved from his position next to the door. Obi-Wan looked at him with reddened eyes and paused.

"If you get hungry before dinner, um...there should be something in the cooling unit. Even if it's just juice and a few protein bars." he took in a sharp breath and rubbed at his eyes, "Qui-Gon wasn't a very good cook and I can't say I am either. If you need anything else, just knock."

With that he disappeared, leaving Anakin alone in the space. His Master obviously didn't want to be disturbed. There were a few holos on the wall, but Anakin passed them by, electing to move his rucksack of belongings into his new quarters. The room was as sparse as it was long and narrow. The bed was on his right, running perpendicular to the door with a window centered above it. All the way to his left, opposite the window, was his own private fresher. His own private fresher? He had to be dreaming. Excepting a dresser on one wall and a long, low table on the other, the room was a blank slate with grey walls to match that mood. If this was going to be home for the next who knew how many years, it was going to need a few adjustments.

He peeked out his door, checking for Obi Wan, before shutting it and emptying his bag onto the bed. He quickly moved an odd looking device with multiple straps and two long filaments coming off of it into the bottom drawer of the dresser and covered it with the little clothing he had brought from Tatooine. He took out the one small holo he had of his mother and himself and set it on the short nightstand next to the bed. The rest of his possessions were all parts and pieces of various projects in different stages of completeness which he arranged on the table, though he knew that any order would disappear very, very quickly.

He checked the cooling unit, and as Obi-Wan said, there was juice and protein bars along with something else that looked a bit too green and fuzzy for safe human consumption. He may not actually have been human, but he wasn't stupid either and promptly discarded the item into the trash. With snacks in hand he returned to his room and what he would now refer to as his workbench.

Hours passed and before Anakin knew it, there was a knock on his door.

"Come in."

A moment later, Obi-Wan's head poked through the door.

"Are you hung- Well, you made yourself at home, didn't you." A smile played at his lips, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. Anakin broke his gaze from his work and cast a sheepish look towards the door.

"I like fixing things." He didn't mean to make such a mess so quickly, it just just sort of...happened.

"As I was saying, are you hungry?" Obi-Wan was exhausted physically and mentally from his activities that afternoon. He needed to eat.

Anakin practically leapt with excitement, "Starved!"

"Grab your cloak, we're going out tonight." This would be the first time for Obi-Wan to go to this restaurant without Qui-Gon, and he didn't quite know how it would affect him, but he needed to make new memories and so did Anakin. And so the tradition of Dex's Diner continued through another generation of Master and Padawan with no foreseeable end in the future.

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