"The first time I saw Jack Frost was a week ago or so, I couldn't remember. I was out walking the streets dressed up in a black hoodie with fire patterns to it, and light brown pants and black boots. It was a lovely night witht the full moon in the sky, snow was softly falling as well. I smiled up at the moon knowing that there must have been a reason for me being part human and part well….magical. I will never forget how Jack Frost smiled at me and was very friendly towards me." a girl with dark red brown hair and hazel eyes writes in a diary before closing it and putting it away in a secret chest. She then sighs and looks around at the dark caverns of the place her father hides. " Kana, what are you doing?" she hears the cold evil voice of her father say as she turns around and looks at him standing over her with a slight smirk to his face. " N…nothing father. Just writing as usual." she replies as she stands up and a black shadow horse stands infront of her.

" I need you to go out and make sure that none of thoese guardians are out tonight. Do you think you can manage that?" he says as he put's his hand on her shoulder and she growls summoning her flame and shoots it at him as he dodges it. " You dare ask me to do something like that!" Kana yells as her father glares at her. " This stupid world needs to know that Pitch Black, aka the Boogyman is still alive and is ready to strike again at any moment. You my dearest daughter will help me, wheather you like it or not." he said as he snaps his fingers and Kana feel to her knees in pain as she holds her right shoulder. Pitch had made sure to leave a special birthmark on her when she was born. After Kana was born, he put the mark on her, and when Kana was 2, he went and found the human woman he raped and killed the woman taking Kana to live with him forever.

Kana can control fire, and plants. She also has telepathic powers for her mother was a powerful sorceress. Kana tries not to use her fire abilitys unless she really needs to. Whenever Pitch torments a child she goes behind his back and revives the child's tourtered mind. Kana really hates her father and wishes that she was never born. Secretly, her and the guardians are best friends, and they know when ever Pitch calls for her or he shows up, that she has to act differently around them. Kana huffs at Pitch and teleports away in a swirling fire tornado. She arrived by a statue that hade a mother, father and two children smiling happily.

Kana looks at the statue as a tear leaves her eye as she feels someone brush it away saying, " what's wrong this time huh Kana?" she turns around and see's Jack frost standing there smiling at her as she feels more tears fall down her face as she hugs him, making him drop his staff as he regains his balance and hugs her back. " Oh Jack, my father is up to no good again." she says as Jack strokes her hair trying to calm her down, " there there Kana, you can't blame him, he is the Boogyman. All of the guardians and I, feel for ya, that you were born half human, and that Pitch is your father." Jack says as Kana looks up at him. " You all feel sorry for me?" she asks as they both hear someone say " yeah noone decerves a father as Pitch. If we could, us guardians would take you in and destroy Pitch for good." they both look to the east and saw a big bunny with boomerangs at his back and dressed in a warrior type gear. " Bunny, that's sweet of you to say. I know I'm nothing like my father at all, I'm more of a healer like my mother was." Kana says as she unhugs from Jack and walks over to Bunny, as she hugs him and he returns her hug.

" Don't worry Kana, we all will look out for ya whenever Pitch isn't around. By the way what's new from him anyway?" Bunny asks as Kana unhugs from him and replies, " he's ready to try and take over kids dreams again." she then feels a tug on her hoodie as she looks down and see's Sandman floating by her. " Hey there Sandy, what's up?" Sandman does a small picture above his head as she looks at it and notices it's him hitting Pitch. Kana chuckled as she says, " Cute Sandy, thanks for cheering me up" she then hugs him as he pats her back as she unhugs from him and then the night sky lite up orange and red. " That can't be good can it?" Bunnymund says as Kana looks towards the east and sees flames emerging from a small house. " That isn't good at all!" Kana yells transforming herself into her other form and flying off towards the building as the others followed her carefully. Kana's other form's look has her same dark red brown hair but there is black highlights and her hair is up in a high ponytail that hangs past her feet, and her eyes turn from hazel to a firey redish orange.

Kana's other form has a different name, it's Kayasha. She arrives by the house as she sees the mother and father run out as two younger children ages 6 and 7 run out after them. " Please someone help me!" they hear as the mother looks at the second storie window where a little girl of 4 was surrounded by flames and crying loudly. " Kairi my poor baby someone please help her!" the mother said as Kayasha flew thre the wall and looked at the little girl. " Come here sweetie, don't worry I'll get you out." she said as the little girl looked at her as Kayasha had her hand out to the girl. The little girl grabbed Kayasha's hand as the roof feel right where the she just was a s she screamed in fear as the mother screamed in fright as firefighters showed up. " don't worry mam, we'll get this fire out." one of the firefighters said as Kayasha ran down the stairs and out of the house as the house blew up into more flames. Kayasha held the little girl close to her as the mother ran over and saw her daughter safe and sound. She ran over and feel to her knees hugging her close. " Kairi sweetheart!" she cried as the little girl hugged her mother as the mother held her close as Kayasha stood up as the mother stood up and walked thru Kayasha as she walked over to her family.

The others saw Kayasha's face as she looked at the firefighters putting out the fire. " There you go, take care." another firefighter said as they drove off and the family looked at their house in sadness. " We've lost everything again." the 7 year old said as Jack Frost landed by Kayasha and said, " hey you ok?" She looks at him as she says, " Only the little girl saw me…I guess nooone else will. All I can do now is restore this family's house." She then walks infront of the house as a red light appears from her hand as she shoots it at the house and to the family members surprise their house was restored to how it was before the fire happened. " Thank you miss fire lady" the 4 year old said as Kayasha looks at her and smiles as the mother says " Kairi sweetheart who are you talking to?" Kayasha then teleported away as the Jack, Bunny, and Sandy followed her. They found Kana sitting ontop of a rock poking at a flower bud as it bloomed into a beautiful flower. " Don't worry Kana, the little girl saw you and you saved her life, plus you restored the house." Bunny said as Kana looks at him, " my mother would have done the same. I just wish she didn't die and leave me with Pitch." she says as Jack sits by her and hugs her and Kana hugs him back and Bunny and Sandy saw a little bit of steam come off of Jack Frost.

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