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Chapter 1: Reunion

Japan: Saturday afternoon

"What's goggle head want again?" Rika asked irritatedly as she and the rest of the tamers, except Takato, walked toward the park where Guilmon used to live.

"I don't know, he kept saying he found it, and that I should get the others," Henry told the red head.

"Great, so Chumley's either gone crazy, or he actually did it," Kazu commented.

"Let's hope it's the second one," Ryo mused.

"Henwy, will we see Lopmon again?" Suzie asked her older brother.

"Of course," Kenta assured, "and the others too."

"Yay! Impmon's coming back!" Ai and Mako cheered together.

"I'm glad you'll get to see your partners again," Jeri smiled.

"Hey, there's Takato now!" Kenta grinned.

"Guys! You made it!" Takato shouted in glee as he ran up to them, "I found this card a little bit after Guilmon and the others left, and it's worked miracles!" Takato flashed the gold card at them, "without further ado, allow me to reintroduce you to... Guilmon!"

Guilmon then walked out of the nearby bushes and grinned at the crowd, "Hi everyone! Do any of you have some bread?"

"That's same old Guilmon!" Kazu chuckled with the others.

"According to Guilmon, the others are waiting, so here Rika, I'm sure Renamon's missing you," Takato gave Rika the card as she slashed it through. A bright light appeared, but other than that, nothing.

"Nothing happened goggle head," Rika frowned.

"That's what I thought at first, go to Guilmon's hideout, she's waiting," Takato smiled.

"Fine, but if you're wrong, I'm never forgiving you," Rika growled as she thrusted the card to Henry, who also slashed and passed it on. the card was passed around full circle and everyone went into Guilmon's house, after everyone had finished, Takato and Guilmon decided to go as well. Once they reached the door, they heard laughing, shouting, and crying, and this is how they knew it worked.

"How's everyone?" Takato asked walking in the door to see that all the digimon were reunited with their partners.

"Good!" the group cheered back.

America: Two days later, afternoon

"Wait, you guys were serious about going to Japan for a vacation?" Val asked the other two in slight shock.

"Of course, it would be a nice change of scenery, and pace after what had just happened," J.T. reasoned, "after all, it's not like Godzilla will attack."

"It's not that, but none of us speak Japanese," Val argued.

"Speak for yourself, we are fluent thanks to all that foreign language tutor stuff they sell," Ali smirked.

"When you leave later, just take all my foreign language stuff, you've got one week to learn," J.T. told him, "good luck."

"Oh, and try and get a hold of Agumon , we're bringing our partners too," Ali smiled.

"Getting in touch with Agumon will be no problem, but learning Japanese in a week, well... that's a lot of studying," Val sighed.

"Then you'd better get a head start, we're leaving early in the morning too," J.T. warned.

"Crap..." Val sighed as he started getting his stuff together, "Well, it's almost time for dinner anyways, bie guys."

"Yeah, you're right," Ali agreed as she started getting ready to leave also, "I've got to get home."

The Digital World: Impmon's house

"Hey Impmon!" Lunamon greeted at the front door with Agumon.

"Hi guys, come on in," Impmon gestured inside.

"Is anyone else here?" Agumon asked.

"No, Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon went training, and Madame Angewomon went shopping," Impmon told them, "Just me today."

"Oh, okay," Lunamon replied.

"By the way, have you guys heard of the vacation we're going to go on?" Impmon asked.

"That? Yeah," Lunamon agreed.

"No, what vacation?" Agumon asked.

"Val will tell you later." Impmon sighed.

Chapter End

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