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Chapter 24: Farewells

"Impossible! I stabbed straight through you, no one comes back from that!" Arkadimon yelled in an uproar that caused the golden demon to laugh.

Once done, he looks at Arkadimon with a smirk, "And yet, here I am," Beelzemon then charges Arkadimon once more who launches another Dystopia Lances attack that is easily dodged by the golden Digimon, "And here I thought the all powerful Arkadimon would be much tougher, Corona Blaster!"

The attack lands on the shoulder of Arkadimon's right arm and rips it off and causes the limb to disperse into data, "GRAAAAAGH! You bastard!" the giant demon roared as he held what used to be his right arm.

Gallantmon soon decided to join in, "Crimson Light!" the knight launches Gungnir into Arkadimon's left shoulder which destroys his other arm, "How does that feel you son of a bitch!"

Arkadimon roared in pain, but stopped soon after and started laughing evilly, at first it was soft and slow, but soon grew loud and maniacal, "You think you can stop me!? I am the one who decides who lives and who dies! I am the great destroyer, the taker of life!"

Beelzemon heard enough as his cannon opened wide with a giant magic circle appearing in front of it, "Destroy this," he was about to fire, but that's when Arkadimon tried his trump card once more by revealing Jeri from his chest.

"Remember, if you kill me, you kill her," the giant chuckled as the girl screamed and begged for her life. At first Beelzemon didn't seem to care, but he then noticed Gallantmon's reaction.

That's when Impmon's side's thought process went heywire, 'I can't just kill this girl, I'd be no better than that Megadramon, she's so young and has a lot more life to live,' everyone waited in suspense for Beelzemon to pull the trigger, but that moment never came, "We have to find another way," Impmon's side finally rationalized with J.T.'s side agreeing.

"Ah, so you won't kill me then," Arkadimon bellowed a chuckle as he noticed Beelzemon smirk once more, "What's so funny?"

"Well for starters, we never said we wouldn't kill you, we just said that we can't kill you like that, at least not yet," Beelzemon smirked as his cannon disappeared into his arm as the giant started to worry what the Demon Lord meant by that.

"Wh-what do you mean?" he asked in confusion as Beelzemon flew to the side of a ruined building, "What are you doing!?" the golden demon puts both his feet on the wall and pushes with all his might and sends him soaring through the air towards where Jeri was on Arkadimon's body, "Stop! Don't come any further! I'm warning you!" the demon pleaded but all were ignored as Beelzemon sliced through the giant's body leaving a small hole where Jeri used to be.

Beelzemon places the girl in Gallantmon's hands as his cannon reforms with and creates the largest magic circle yet, "Arkadimon, you're sick and screwed up version of justice has come to an end, the only virus here that needs eradication is you, and I'm going to make sure that you burn in Hell for what you've done."

"Please! Give me one more chance! I see the error in my ways!" Arkadimon pleaded in desperation, but Beelzemon heeded none of them as he continued on, "Just one more chance! I don't want to die!"

"Well that's too bad," the demon sighes as his cannon charges, "Oh, and Arkadimon? I hope you brought your wallet," the demon looks at Beelzemon with a confused look, "Because, the rent in Hell gets paid in advance, Corona Destroyer!" a giant beam of crimson energy erupts from the circle as Beelzemon keeps feeding it. All the while the hole that Beelzemon sliced up kept growing larger and larger til Arkadimon was nothing more than an ocean of data floating in the air.

"Did we just win?" Megagargomon asked in confusion and excitement as everyone let their guards down and stare at the data that rose above the clouds and into the heavens above.

Zhuqiaomon grinned in satisfaction, "And all of you were worried, I knew we could beat him all along," the vermillion bird said with firey pride that caused the others to sweatdrop at his overconfidence.

"Is that so? I vaguely remember you saying that all hope was lost when you heard that Arkadimon had resurfaced," Azulongmon chuckled as the phoenix looked away in embarrasment.

Fanglongmon made his way over to the exhausted group who had been fighting, "You all have made us proud and shown us the true power of a Digimon and human's bond, well done, and you Omnimon," the knight knealed at his name being mentioned, "I congratulate you on your greatest victory, my old friend, I shall make sure that your role in helping this group shall never be forgotten."

"Thank you, my lord," Omnimon replied humbly as the golden dragon motioned for him to stand up. The knight did as told and bowed in respect, "If another event such as this arises, you can count on me to help quell the evildoer."

Fanglongmon nodded as he turned towards the Sovereign, "Come, we must restore order to the Digital World, that means you too, Omnimon," the dragon grinned as his friend nodded and followed.

"Bye Omnimon!" Impmon and Guilmon cheered towards the knight who turned around to nod briefly then continue to follow the others.

J.T. then turns to Val and Ali who started growing in size, "Well, you two sure hit a growth spurt."

"Ah, shut your trap!" Val complained, "Arkadimon must've used Chronomon's data to keep our ages the way they were, once you killed him, it must've reversed the effects."

"My hero!" Ali cheered as she ran up to hug the boy as Lunamon started to hug Impmon while the two boys smiled and hugged back, "but trust me you'll never do anything too stupid again."

"No promises," J.T. sighed as everyone chuckled at the remark the American gogglehead gave off.

"Well, that solves two problems," Rika sighs as she noticed Val staring towards her and moves toward the girl, "What do you want?"

Val smiles, "Oh nothing, but I got two tickets to paradise, and I was wondering if you wanted one," after that line Val was punched hard in the face by the red head, "Ow! What the Hell was that for!?"

"She doesn't really like cheesy pick up lines like that," Takato uneasily chuckled as the red head then handed Val a slip of paper.

Val grins then looks at the others, "Well, I must've done something right!" he then turns towards Rika, "Hey, I think I can make this work."

"I bet you can't," Rika replies with grin as Val returns the grin.

"Is that a challenge?" the boy asks as Ali interrupts the two.

"Okay lovebirds, break it up," Ali sighed and looks at her watch, "Guys, we got to go if we want to catch that flight!"

J.T. groans, but never the less looks at the group, "Takato, we've got to stay in touch man, you know, just in case something like this happens again," Takato nods and hands the American a slip of paper with an e-mail address on it.

"Way ahead of you, we'll give you a call if something comes up," the Japanese gogglehead smirks as the American gogglehead grins and the two high five.

"We'll see ya'!" the boy shouts as he runs off with his friends trailing him and shouting for him to slow down.

Chapter End

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