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I sat my purse on the bar and slumped onto the stool. Today had been the most nerve racking day of my life. I had been to 4 interviews and I am almost certain I screwed up every single one of them. I desperately needed a drink, a strong one…or three.

My phone rang loudly and embarrassingly as I heard the special ringtone for my boyfriend Jacob; "Only girl in the world" by Rhianna.

"Hey, baby." I answered in my sad voice, and I felt better once I heard Jacob speak.

"Bella, I'm sure it isn't as bad as you think." He said reassuringly as he knew why I sounded so upset.

"No, Jake, it is as bad if not worse. I stuttered, I can't finish a damn sentence, and I am sure I was too fidgety." And he just laughed at me.

"Well, honey, you are the most driven and intelligent woman I know and they would be stupid not to hire you." I could hear his smile as he spoke. I could almost see it beaming.

"Thanks, I love you." I said softly into the phone as the bartender came over to see what I wanted to drink.

"You too, baby. Got to get back to work, see you tonight." As I closed my phone, I looked up at the bartender to order.

"I need an orgasm." He just smiled and went away to prepare my drink.

"From the look on your face, you need a screaming orgasm." The voice of an incredibly attractive man to my right said, as he chewed on a stirring rod before taking a sip of his drink.

"Excuse me?" I coughed as I tried to grasp what he had just said to me.

"Screaming orgasm? Same drink just a splash of vodka" he replied using his hand to illustrate a splash. My face began to turn a subtle shade of pink.

"Sorry, I never heard of that before, it caught me off guard." he smiled and then chuckled at me as I spoke. I'm sure he thinks I am a nutcase thinking he was in some way suggesting something else entirely. However, one of those would be nice too…it had been weeks since Jake and I had found time to be intimate.

Oh, Bella, get your mind out of the gutter. I warned myself, as I sat mere inches from this truly gorgeous guy.

"Well I work here, weekends mostly while in school, so I know a lot of drinks most people haven't heard of." Then he smiled once more and as my drink was placed in front of me, he slipped into his jacket and was gone.

I downed my drink, and then ordered another. By the time I stood up to leave, I was feeling quite tipsy and realized I hadn't drank this way since undergrad and I could not hold my liquor quite as well as I could before. It was getting late and I needed to get home, so I called a cab to take me home.

I got home and removed my clothing as I tripped and laughed at my clumsiness before landing on the bed. Before I knew it, I had clutched my pillow tight and was fast asleep. I didn't even realize that Jake came home shortly after, I just heard and felt the bed give under his weight and then I felt him pull me in his arms. I sighed against his warmth and snuggled closer to him, placed a single soft kiss on his chest. I felt him run his hand down my hair and I was fast asleep.

I awoke to the eerie silence of the apartment. I felt around first for Jake, but he wasn't beside me. I blinked several times and then swallowed hard noting the horrible morning breath situation I had from the alcohol. I slowly sat up and stretched with my arms above my head, and then noticed the clock said it was 9:40am. Shit. I had an interview at 10:30am on the other side of town.

I jumped to my feet and ran to the bathroom to get ready. By some miracle, I got ready and got to the front door only to faintly recall taking a cab instead of driving my car home last night. Perfect. Awesome. .Luck.

I called a cab, and while I waited I called the office of Stern & Associates HR department to inform them I would be a bit late as I had car trouble. Already lying and hadn't even made it to the interview yet.

The cab arrived and I chewed nervously on my thumbnail as I made my journey to the intimidating office of one of the most prestigious law firms in Seattle. I knew this was a shot in the dark, considering I had just taken the bar exam. I wasn't even sure I had passed, but I had to get out there and try to find something.

The interview was slightly better than the ones the day before, but I still held little hope of getting this job either. I guess I would have to suck it up and try the public defender's office which was against everything I wanted to do with my degree. But, I had to pay my rent somehow.

I called yet again for a cab, which was getting highly expensive, and vowed to never leave my car like that again. The cab pulled up in front of the parking lot where my car was parked, and I thanked him and got out. I was walking while also reaching in my purse to get my keys, then stopped abruptly as I balanced my heavy purse on my bent knee to dig further down and finally found them smiling to myself.

"Back for another orgasm?" I heard a voice say behind me and I found myself tripping over my own feet, but luckily didn't fall on my face. My eyes scanned the area to see where the voice was coming from and I saw the guy from the day before, the really hot guy who was wearing jeans, a short sleeve black t-shirt and his bronze hair was a mess atop his head. He was also smirking at me, and it was sexy.

"No, just getting my car." I said simply and climbed into my car, but I just couldn't help myself and turned to get one more look at him. I bit my lip, pulled my seatbelt on and drove away.

The following day I had nothing planned, so I stayed home and prayed one of the places I applied and interviewed would call me already. But, I was glad it was Friday night and Jake was finally off work for once. He was doing all he could to make ends meet for the both of us until I got a good job. He was great in that way, and others. He was also my friend, someone I had counted on since we were kids. But, tonight, I needed Jake to care for me in a totally adult way.

I sat on the edge of the couch cushion, watching Jake make dinner for us, while simultaneously listening to the TV that was on to the side of me. When the food was ready, he came to reach his hand down to take mine as he led me to the dining room table and served me pasta, salad and a glass of wine.

"Delicious!" I said, placing my hands over my belly as I was stuffed beyond words.

"Good." He smiled, "Glad you liked it." then he stood up and said for us to go hang out somewhere, have a few drinks, and have fun. I begrudgingly agreed.

I changed out of my sweat pants and t-shirt and slid into a simple shimmery black dress and heels, and he had on dark denim with a white sweater and he was the epitome of hot.

A cab pulled up in front of our condo and I stared at him with questioning eyes, and he just grinned.

"Baby, I plan to drink and have fun, so no driving for us tonight." He then put his hand on the small of my back as I slid into the cab first. Then he gave the address that I knew all too well…it was to the bar I had gone to yesterday; Eternal.

"So where are we going?" I asked nonchalantly and he told me how a co-worker told him about this place and the live music on the weekends. I nodded my head and nervously bit my lip as we rode in silence together.

The place was packed and looked very different than it did the evening I had been there. But, then again that was a Wednesday night. I heard the sound of amazing music coming from the stage at the far corner of the place and I couldn't see much since the lights were dim inside except for those on the stage.

"Go find a table, what do you want to drink?" Jacob asked and I for some reason couldn't say the name of the drink I wanted most, embarrassed for some strange reason to say it in front of him. I wasn't sure why, Jake and I had been together for 3 years now, and had certainly had orgasms with him.

"I would just like a appletini." His laugh was warm and infectious and I joined in with him. He simply kept smiling and walked to the bar while I made my way closer to the stage to find a decent table. My body was moving with the music as I made my way to some seats I saw open and when I sat down and looked up, a warm sensation flowed over me.

Shit. He was sexy. His hair was a mess, he was sweating and his fingers played the guitar with such expertise that I half allowed myself to imagine those very fingers on me. I admonished myself quickly for thinking that, but he was so hot. I smiled listening to the female lead sing and noticed how very beautiful she was with her long blonde hair and killer body. I bet he's hitting that.

Jacob managed to find me and brought me my drink and I could have sworn as I took a sip, that the gorgeous guy smirked at me. I was imagining things though, obviously. Jacob smiled at me and kissed me innocently on the cheek and I felt the heat of another pair of eyes watching me. I licked my lips nervously and began to fidget with a napkin on the table and then the music stopped.

"Alright everyone, we're going to take a short break, get some booze and be back in ten." The beautiful blonde spoke and then the 4 person band left the stage. I swallowed hard as he walked down in between tables that were near me and then I felt the faintest whisper of a touch against my bare shoulder and heat in its wake as he passed me. I took a big gulp of my drink and Jacob just chuckled, totally oblivious.

Jacob and I drank more, swayed to the music as the band did some covers of some blues and rock classics. Then it was getting late and I really wanted to go. I was tired, and wanted to be awake enough to still want to have sex before we both passed out. I needed it so badly.

Jacob acquiesced and helped me to my feet and I turned back once more to make eye contact before heading toward the door. We waited for what seemed like forever outside for the cab to come and it was starting to get a little chilly. Then I realized I left my sweater on the back of my chair. Jacob offered to get it, but I pressed my hand to his chest.

"Jacob, I'd rather go alone in the crowded bar, then be alone out here in the dark on the sidewalk." And he grinned.

"Agreed." He replied and I went back inside and made my way back to get my sweater, but it was gone. I headed toward the bar to see if someone turned it in and then I felt someone bump into me and as they turned to face me, I saw the most amazing pair of green eyes, my silver sweater clutched to his chest.

"Fuck, I'm so sorry." He began speaking before his eyes fully met mine and then I felt the heated and intensity of his stare when he became fully aware of me standing there before him.

"Um, that's my sweater…" I asked as he questioned why I was reaching my hand out to release the fabric from his grip.

"Yes, I saw you left it behind." He chuckled softly before he said, "I am tempted to make another orgasm remark, but I see you weren't alone so maybe you didn't need the drink version after all." I looked down, slightly embarrassed but I just smiled and thanked him.

"Well, thanks for saving my sweater." I walked away and I heard him say,