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Dizzy. Why am I so dizzy?

I rub my mouth as I feel warm liquid trickle down my chin, I think it might be my own saliva, I hope my mouth isn't bleeding.

I don't even bother to check because I just feel so dizzy. I don't see anything, as I realize my eyes are closed and honestly, I can't even open them right now.

The voices around me sound underwater. I start to panic as I gasp for air. As I grasp and kick for something to hold on to, I feel myself slipping further away…

"Bella!" I hear a voice, only just louder than a whisper, then feeling warmth, and soft hands holding my shoulders. I feel myself shake, then as I gasp I raise straight up in the bed.

"EDWARD!" I cry out and smell the scent of him around me, holding me close, his warmth enveloping me and I slowly start to understand I am safe.

"Shh, you're here now, you're safe, Bella."I heard Edward's voice, now sounding normal and not underwater.

I pull back from his embrace to look up at him and see him in the dark of my room, and all I can do is cry into his shoulder. I just felt our bodies sway in a way in which you would console a crying child, and I just let everything go as Edward just stayed silent, protecting and comforting me.

Finally, after a few moments, I pulled back to speak.

"I'm ready to call the police, can you hand me my cell phone?" I asked and Edward quickly complied.

"Detective Uley speaking." A strong male voice came through from the other end.

"Sam, it's Bella Swan, I need to file a report against Laurent Aro." I said as calmly as I could manage to a very shocked Detective.

"Shit, Bella, did he…are you…oh my God, give me your address!" He quickly stumbled over his words and as soon as she told him where she lived, he just said he'd be there soon.

"OK, so we wait." Edward said as he ran his fingers through mine. This man really has no idea how much comfort he brings to me.

"Thank you, for being here." I said looking at up him through my tear soaked lashes.

"I wouldn't be anywhere else." And he simply smiled and pulled my head in closer to kiss my hair.

It hadn't been more than 20 minutes when I heard a buzz at the intercom. I peeked out the window first and I saw an ambulance and police car with lights flashing, but thankfully no sirens blaring, parked in front of my apartment complex. I felt bad that I didn't tell Sam more on the phone so that he didn't panic and bring EMTs.

Edward opened the door to let Sam inside my apartment where I sat on the couch. I was still feeling the effects of the drug and so I guess it was a good thing the EMTs were there after all. They followed in behind him and I waved them off for a moment.

"Do you want anything to drink, Sam?" I asked and he shook his head and he came to pat me on the shoulder.

"Did you call your dad?" and I shook my head no. I really don't want to call Charlie this late at night, and I don't think it would be a good thing to worry him like this.

"He'd just drive up here and that won't do anyone any good." I muttered, chewing on my thumb nail before Edward reached over to hold my hand knowing I was nervous and hated my habit of chewing my nails.

"So, you ready to give your statement?" Sam asked and I nodded an absolute yes.

"Earlier tonight I was at a bar, Eternal. I was with friends, Edward was there, and he plays in the house band." I said, motioning toward Edward as I referenced him.

"What time did you get there?" Sam asked, taking notes as I spoke.

"About 8:30pm."

"I was drinking, and then a lady, who I thought was a waitress sat a drink down, and I didn't really think anything of it. But, I hadn't ordered it. Then, a few minutes later I felt dizzy, confused, and hot, I just remember going outside for air because of feeling so hot."

"Does anyone know about what time it was you went outside?" Sam asked looking back and forth between Edward and me.

"It was sometime around 10:30 because I noticed her get up during a set and started calling her when she was gone too long to have just been to the ladies' room." Edward spoke up, filling in gaps in the evening for me and the detective.

"Then somehow I blacked out for how long, I'm not really sure. When I came to, I heard talking and I heard Laurent's voice, and I was in a car, in the backseat. He was saying something about me making sure to keep those charges for rape from sticking on him and that he knows where I hang out. He put me out of the car, and drove away. Then I called Edward to come get me."

"What time did she call you, Mr. Edward…?" and Edward looked at Sam to reply.

"Cullen, Edward Cullen, and it was about 1 am or so." And Sam looked back to me curiously.

"Bella, its 3:53 am, did it take that long for Edward to get to where you were?"

"Well, he came rather quickly. But, we came home and I just couldn't deal with police right away." I said as I looked away, knowing I could have caused damage to the case.

"Well, at least you called us. This would have put you in serious danger had you chosen to try to keep this from us, and deal with this alone. There is no telling what that bastard is capable of." Sam said as he shook his head and I knew he was channeling my dad in that moment.

"I know, but please Sam…don't tell Charlie…Ok?" I know I sounded like I was begging, and frankly I was. My dad was going to freak out if he knew.

"Only because I've known you since you were a kid. But, tell him. Lord knows the man will freak out if he finds out from anyone but you." He patted my knee with the notepad and then motioned for the EMTs to swab me and take some blood.

"Edward, can I speak to you as well while they finish up?" I reluctantly let go of his hand, and sat nervously as the EMTs did their job to try to collect any physical evidence if there was any.


I wondered how Bella knew the detective and how he knew her father. Just another indication how little we knew about each other outside of work and our intimate moments with one another. I hoped to remedy that soon, however.

I gave my statements again to the detective, and he vowed he would keep in contact with me and Bella about any leads or to find more information and he gave me his card. I just wanted to get this part over with so he could go out and pound the pavement to find this Laurent asshole.

My head was pounding and my throat felt dry from anxiety worrying about her, watching her try to be calm and brave in front of everyone, but knowing how moments before she was trembling in my arms. I know she wasn't raped, she assured me that didn't happen. But, he had someone drug her and kidnap her, who the fuck does that? I worry about leaving her alone now, hoping she will accept me trying to offer to be around to watch out for her.

I watched in silence as everyone left, and Bella came to stand beside me, walking into my open arms, that quickly wrapped around her. I kissed along the crown of her head, and forehead. Whispering to her that it would be OK, and that they would find him. Then she blew my mind, and captured my heart when she softly spoke with her face lying next to my heart.

"Thank you Edward for being here, I love you so much." I held on tighter, rubbing my hands up her spine, thankful she felt the same way I do. I captured her soft cheeks in my hand to push back so that I could look into her deep chocolate eyes to make sure she knew the words I was saying were never truer than this moment.

"Bella, my God, I love you too." I ran my lips so softly across hers and I felt the warm liquid tears slide down her cheeks. I was going to protect her now, she has become everything important in my life in such a short time. I never knew this is what people meant when they hailed love and put love on a pedestal as being the end all be all in life. Damn, they were all right.