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Most of Saturday I spent barely speaking and I don't even know if I ate much. I just held my cell phone in my hand hoping to get a call that they captured that son of a bitch Laurent, but the call never came. Edward was worried about me, I could tell. But, this wasn't something he could fix, try as he might.

"Bella, please let me in. I am so worried about you." He whispered as he held me tightly against his chest, as I lay beside him on the couch.

"I am fine, really. Well, I mean physically. But, mentally, I just can't talk about it, I just want them to catch him." And I just lay silently as I felt his long fingers run through my hair and I must have fallen asleep. I blinked and noticed I was in the bed, my face embarrassingly covered in drool and the sun was blinding me through the space in the blinds.

I noticed the space beside me on the bed was empty as I stretched out my arms and legs. I remarkably felt very rested, and calm to the point it was almost eerie. I pushed aside the thin sheet covering me and walked to the bathroom when I heard the water running on the other side. Ah, Edward is in the shower.

I headed the other direction down the hallway to use the half-bath as I really needed to go, but didn't want to intrude on Edward in the shower this soon after our declarations of love.

Just like it always happens, the time I don't take my phone somewhere with me, I hear it going off. But, was still in the bathroom and didn't make it in time. I looked at the display and my heart raced as I read the words 1 missed call, Seattle PD on the caller ID. I debated for half a second to wait and let them leave a message, or just dial Sam. I opted for the latter.

"Detective Uley." His voice loud and firm on the other end.

"Sam, it's Bella, any news?" I asked and I heard him sigh on the other end. Great, that doesn't sound good.

"No, one of the other detectives just tried to call you. We thought we had him, another precinct responded to our APB, but it wasn't him." And I just slumped down onto the chair by the bed.

"Ok, well please let me know as soon as you hear anything." I said and I heard him stop me before I could hang up.

"Bella, please call Charlie, or I will. You're his little girl, he will find out somehow, there are other officers here who used to work with him in Forks." I knew he was right, I just sighed and said I would.

Running my hands nervously through my hair, I heard the footsteps behind me. I turned to see Edward, his hair still wet, he was dressed in some gym shorts and a t-shirt, how is he still sexy to me? Amazing.

"Everything Ok?" he asked, and I knew my face signaled him that something was amiss.

"I talked to Sam, they thought they had him, but false alarm." Edward opened up his arms and I stood to walk into them. He smelled like strawberries, I smiled to myself knowing he had used my shower gel since he did not have any of his stuff here.

"Hungry?" he asked and I nodded.

"Starving. What time is it?" and he looked away to the floor, then back to me.

"2:15" and I gasped,

"Shit, really? Wow, I was really tired then huh." I just nodded with my mouth agape.

"Well, let's go grab something to eat before you wither away." He nudged me and I nudged back.

Before we walked out of my apartment, I suddenly realized words we had said to each other the night before, or at least I could have sworn we did. I needed to make sure, and I gently tugged on his arm to make him stop.

"Edward, I did tell you before how much I thank you for being here for me and that…I love you, right? I mean, I didn't dream that, did I?" I looked up and took note of how his green eyes sparkled as they looked back down at me.

"It was not a dream, and I love you too, Bella. More than you realize." He softly kissed my lips and his fingers intertwined with mine as we walked to the sidewalk and into his car.

"We should probably go by to get my car on the way back huh?" I thought aloud and he nodded his agreement. The sun coming through the windows felt warm on my arms and I just smiled and glanced over at Edward who was oblivious to the inner workings of my mind at this moment. I was just so very thankful to be alive, to have found a man like Edward, and to have his love in return.


The weekend was over before either of us knew it, and we had to return to the real world. Although Bree and Edward kept insisting I stay home, at least for another day, I had to get out of my damn apartment. I was going stir crazy. I also knew my cases couldn't be put on hold, and I had court tomorrow and it would just make me more behind to miss a day.

Arriving in separate cars, and parking in the parking garage felt weird to me now after our crazy weekend of being kidnapped and exchanging I love you's. I smiled as I saw him getting out of his car, even though he left from my apartment and I had already seen him, he was just so sexy and he was mine. Really mine.

Edward glanced sideways at me and flashed me a crooked grin that made me want to melt into a puddle on the floor. I knew today was going to be hard, keeping myself in check, concealing how much loved this gorgeous man. In an act of desperation for one more moment before we had to pretend to mean nothing to one another, I dropped my folder, and grinned mischievously as some papers began to fly all around me.

"Dammit!" I shouted, just loud enough for him to hear, but not too loud to seem to be over doing it.

"Ms. Swan, do you need help?" I heard Edward say as one of the people who worked down the hall from us walked past him and stepped into the open elevator.

"Yes, thank you. I was trying to answer my phone and I just dropped the stupid folder." I said, and squatted down to try to pick everything up and I smirked as I noticed him looking exactly where I wanted him to, right down the top of my blouse where underneath I was wearing his favorite lacy white bra that was sheer enough that I'm quite certain he could see my nipples.

"You don't play fair." He whispered through gritted teeth.

"I never said I would." Then I slowly stood up, leaving him squatting and I had used his arms and shoulders to help me stand up. I looked around to make sure there were no prying eyes on us, and I pulled him by his tie to stand before me. My teeth gnawed on my lower lip as I watched his eyes dance with arousal as he quickly spun me behind a column in the parking garage where no one would see us.

"You are so" he said each word very slowly as he lowered his head to kiss and lick my neck just below my ear. "beautiful" kiss "naughty" suck "and going to pay for this later tonight." I gasped as his hands at my lower back pulled me hard against him and I moaned feeling his erection against my stomach, his warm breath on my ear as he licked and nibbled on my soft earlobe.

My hands slid down his back to cup his firm and amazing ass.

"Oh, I'm counting on it." I whispered back and stepped back from him to collect myself before turning the corner to walk toward the elevator. I heard giggling as I neared the elevator and then I felt my mouth drop as I saw Mr. Whitlock and Alice jump at the sight of me. Hmm…I know that guilty reaction all too well…how interesting, I smiled to myself as the doors slowly closed in front of me.

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