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I could barely eat anything, and I think Jake feels bad that he attempted to make us breakfast. But, honestly I just can't even think of eating right now. I miss Edward, I regret not telling him anything, at least letting him know I was OK. I'm just so confused. I want nothing more than for him to make this all go away, but a bigger part of me feels that if I am not around him, Laurent won't come after Edward. I paced back and forth in the space between the bed and dresser in Jake's deceased father's room. I need to turn on my phone, but before I can do that I hear Jake's footsteps in the hallway.

"Bella, your dad's here." My heart raced. What the hell is he doing here? How did he know? Dammit!

I slowly opened the door to face the angry face of my father, but instead he pulled me tightly to him and hugged me. That is a big deal considering Charlie Swan is not so much of a hugger.

"Jesus, Bella! What were you thinking making people worry especially with everything going on with that Aro asshole!" Ah, there is the Charlie I was expecting.

"How did you find out I was here?" I asked, knowing I couldn't be upset about it, I know I should have left a note. God, why didn't I take 20 seconds to leave a note, or a text? I am an idiot!

"Your boyfriend and your friend Bree got a hold of Sam after trying to call you 50 times!" His voice got louder the more he spoke and his face was getting red.

"Oh." Was all I could say, and he ran his hands over his face.

"I was about to drive over there until one of the younger boys from the res saw me in town and mentioned seeing you in the car with Jake, who I'll talk to later, boy." He said sternly turning his gaze to Jake who looked like he might shit his pants. I had to fight really hard to hold back a laugh, knowing it was not the time to make jokes.

"So, what is going on, Bella? Why did you leave like you did?" Charlie's eyes searched mine, and now in the light of day I realize my reasons aren't going to make much sense to my dad.

"I, I honestly, oh Daddy! I was just trying to do what I thought was right" I just began to cry and grabbed onto my dad's shirt and held on for dear life.

"Shh, hon, we'll make it right. Whatever it is." Charlie spoke, but I chuckled to myself, so naïve Chief. I knew then, I was going to have to tell my dad everything.


After telling him, and watching his face contort with anger and disgust over what Aro had done, he just sat slowly on the arm of the couch I was sitting on. Shaking his head and periodically looking at me, the same stare when I'd do something bad as a kid. That look that made me feel ashamed of myself and he didn't have to say too much, I was already chastising myself for not thinking at all about my actions.

"Bella, let the cops do their job. You are just like your mother sometimes, it's really frustrating!" he shouted the last part and then got up to walk outside, slamming the door behind him. Then I felt like shit for how I left Edward that way, didn't tell him or Bree anything, and was just gone.

"I'll be right back." I said softly to Jake who sat in the den area and ran to get my phone. I turned it on and sure enough got alerts of missed calls, new text and voicemail messages. But, I skipped all of them, and text Edward right away.

I am so sorry! I should have told you where I was going. I am in Forks doing my own research. I understand you are likely pretty pissed off at me, but I love you ~XO B

I was quite surprised to get a reply as quickly as I did, and it made me smile just for the fact that he was still speaking or texting me.

I love you, I too am sorry that you didn't trust me enough to share with me what you were going through. My understanding and support might have just surprised you. ~E

Guilt washed over me for having been so stupid and made assumptions about him, and quite frankly he should be reacting the way he should, being protective, wanting to save me from getting hurt. That is what you do for people you love, you take on their fear and pain as your own, you try to help them overcome it, and end up on the other side stronger than before. I was just too blind to see that.

I know I have no right to ask this, but will you, can you rather…come to Forks to help me figure this out? ~B

I waited for a response for what felt like an eternity, but was only about ten minutes. I didn't realize my phone beeped before I missed his call. But, a new text from Edward arrived right after the missed call.

Sorry, the attendant was saying to turn off cell phones. I was hoping you would ask me that so I'm already on a plane! See you soon ~E

I smiled stupidly at the thought of him flying here to see me, to even speak to me after I just fled like an idiot with not even a "don't worry" note left behind. I guess I have to learn that to protect people I love means communicating and sharing fears and concerns and to make plans as a team. That is what Edward and I are, or at least in my mind. I vow to never presume to know what is best for him again, and I hope he does the same.

I heard Charlie's familiar cough behind me, and I turned to face him and to finish our talk. He was not as upset now, and went back into worried dad mode, not Chief of Police mode.

"Bella, I know you think you have a responsibility to fix things, you get that from me, trying to look out for everyone. But, honestly, kid…this was a crazy idea!" He spoke to me trying to look me in the eyes, but my gaze was on the floor beneath his boots.

"I just thought maybe he'd follow me here, and I would keep him away from Edward and that he'd be on my home turf, a place I know so well and where I'd have the home court advantage I guess." I wiped away tears as I spoke as I realized how purely naïve I was thinking I was capable of trapping and taking down a dangerous criminal like Laurent Aro. I just wanted to protect the person I loved more than myself, and I wasn't thinking it through.

"Well, did you call your boyfriend? He was in quite a panic according to Sam." I smiled a tiny smile, and nodded yes.

"How did it go?" He asked leading me back into Jake's family home.

"He's on the way here, which reminds me, can he stay with us?" I looked up at my dad through my eye lashes, and he just chuckled.

"Sure, why not. You're an adult and I'm not an idiot when it comes to what happens in relationships. But, I don't need to see or hear it, OK?" and he chuckled then hugged me.

"Well, I'm going to the station, here is the key to the house, and you can use my truck to go get him at the airport." With a kiss on my cheek, Charlie was gone.

I told Jake that Edward was coming, and thanked Jake for coming to get me and bring me here to Forks and for not asking me a billion questions that I couldn't answer. Then we hugged and Jake told me he was going to go back to Seattle and he wished me luck. I followed him down the steps and I locked the door behind myself and climbed in my dad's green truck to go pick up Edward. I can't wait to show him and tell him how sorry I am for making him worry about me and about everything that has happened that I had only told my dad at this point.

While I sat in the airport baggage claim area, I sent texts to Bree and to Alice. I asked Bree to email some documents from the Aro cases to me, and then with Alice, I needed to make sure it was OK that Edward was cleared to stay here the rest of the week since we had planned to come here for Thanksgiving this week anyway. The files were being scanned for email and Alice said that was fine for Edward to be out, so he wouldn't be in trouble. Things were already much better than they were, now I just hope Edward isn't too pissed off at me.

I heard voices approach as a new plane had just landed and the passengers were coming down the escalators to the baggage claim area. I looked for him among the small group and he wasn't hard to miss. He towered above the others, his shaggy copper hair in disarray and his white ear buds hung from his ears. I walked closer toward him and he spotted me, pulling the ear buds from his ears and he reached out to lift me up by my waist into his arms.

"Please, Bella, don't ever do that shit again to me!" His voice trembled as he spoke into my ear, his face buried in my neck. I felt the sting of tears in my eyes as I felt horrible for making him worry so much about me, knowing I would have been a complete mess had he vanished on me like I did to him.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I am just so sorry." I ran my hands over the hair at his neck and just held onto him so tight, and I sobbed quietly knowing I had so much to tell him and I had to make this up to him somehow, to get him to trust me again and know I'll never do something that stupid again.

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