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The plane landed and all I could think of was seeing her, holding her, and savoring the smell of her hair. I had been in utter panic since I awoke, and to find she had called her ex to assist her on some suicide mission to lure a rapist into her silly trap completely pissed me off! But, more than that, I was scared. Did she not realize how terrified I was the night he took her? Coming to get her in the most crime ridden part of the city in the middle of the night?

Bella might not even realize how she tosses, turns and whimpers in her sleep. How she often spends part of the night crying against my shoulder. She doesn't remember when she wakes up and I don't bring it up either, I just hold her and love her. She says she's fine, but I know she isn't. Honestly, I'm not fine either. The woman I love is being tormented and stalked by this lowlife, I can almost imagine what he's thinking sometimes and if even one of those things came true, I don't think I could keep from tearing him apart with my bare hands.

I grabbed my jacket that was in the empty seat beside me and rose to exit the plane. The people in front of me were walking unbearably slow for my taste, but perhaps they hadn't spent hours afraid some serial rapist had managed to capture and harm someone they love, like I had. Every part of me wanted to yell at her, like a parent who warned their child not to wander off and then yells as soon as they find them, only because they were so scared, but then I saw her. So Beautiful. My Bella.

I yanked the ear buds out of my ears and pulled her into my arms, allowing her softness and warmth to envelop me. I inhaled deeply to soak in the smell of her skin, memorizing the way her body felt under my fingertips, as I fought back tears to find the words to speak.

"Please, Bella, don't ever do that shit again to me!" Her ear against my lips, and I planted soft kisses on her neck. I felt her body shake as she sobbed against me, her voice filled with regret.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I am just so sorry." She ran her fingers through my hair and clung to me like a lifeline. After a few moments, I let her body slide down mine so that her feet reached the floor.

Holding her hand, I found my suitcase on the conveyor belt and we walked silently to her car. Once inside, she leaned her head forward, resting it on the steering wheel as she cried softly.

"Edward, I…I should have told you. I never should have tried to do anything myself, or without you." She leaned over the center console and I pulled her head against my shoulder, using my other arm to rub her arms softly.

"Shh, Baby. I love you, I'm here now. We can do this together the right way if you will please let me." I kissed the crown of her head and I felt her shaking slow then stop.

"Yes, I called Bree. She's sending me files. I will call Sam to let the police do their job." Bella rose up to look at me, and I wiped her tears with my thumbs, then cupped her face in my hands.

"You don't have to do this alone. Charlie said you are not used to people wanting to be there for you, to help you, and to take care of you. But, I'm here now. You don't have to worry about that ever again, love." I pressed my lips so softly to hers, a gentle and loving kiss not driven by urgency or intense need, while that was always there too. But, this was to show her in whatever way she will let me, that I'm not going anywhere and that I love her.


We pulled up in front of her father's home, and my heart caught in my throat. I had spent the last several hours in constant contact with him, bonding through our mutual fear over Bella's whereabouts. But, that doesn't mean the man is going to be thrilled to meet the man in his daughter's life in person. My throat felt dry and my palms were sweating as I gathered our bags out of the trunk.

"Are you sure I should stay here, I mean I can get a hotel room?" I offered, but Bella just smiled and covered my lips with her own.

"Edward, it will be fine. I promise. I know my dad." Then she lit up seeing her dad on the porch, and ran up to hug him tightly. I enjoyed seeing her so happy like this.

"Dad, this is Edward. Edward, Charlie." Bella motioned between us, and I reached out my hand, after wiping it along my shirt.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Swan." I noticed his mustache twitch, his lips in a tight line, and nothing like the smile he had on his face from before when he was hugging Bella.

"Chief Swan, actually." He added. I just looked at the ground, then heard him chuckle.

"Aw, I'm kidding you, son. You can call me Charlie." Then with that I was brought in for a man hug.

My eyes shot over to Bella who was wearing a smile from ear to ear, and I was very happy to be here, meeting her father, knowing she was safe, seeing this side of her life.


We had a nice dinner, Bella is a fucking amazing cook. I had no idea. It was then I realized how little I knew about her outside of work and the bedroom obviously. That was going to change, starting now. She led me up to her room to get ready for bed and I was quite amazed that Charlie didn't put up a fight.

"I'm going to shower, be back soon. Just make yourself at home." Bella said, grabbing some clothes from her bag and then kissed me softly.

I listened to the sound of the water running as I admittedly snooped through her room. Staring at her old books, cd's left behind, and even some high school debate team trophies on shelves above her computer desk. I grimaced when I noticed pictures of her with a guy wondering if that was the infamous boyfriend who had been cheating on her. I had seen barely a passing glimpse of him those couple of times he had been at the bar and the night I saw he had taken her home. But, then as I looked more closely at him it all became clear.


I remembered when I found out my girlfriend Leah was seeing a guy behind my back, and I wanted to be pissed. I wanted to be jealous about it, since my friends said if I loved her I should be. But, that was when it hit me, I didn't really love her in that way. I cared for her, wanted her to be happy, and was mostly relieved that she found someone else to make her feel loved. I saw her once, with "Jake" and they looked very happy. He was smiling, feeding her at some college picnic in the quad and she was laughing, the way she had not laughed since we first began dating. I remember his smile, and this guy is the same guy, this is the same Jake.

Part of me is pissed. How would he dare pass up someone as amazing as Bella for anyone else? Why would he do this to her? But, then I realized how I wouldn't have Bella now were he not such an idiot to have let her slip through his fingers. But, this was certainly an odd situation to be in. Knowing that that day in the bar when Bella caught him with Leah was only one day of an almost 8 month long affair at that point. Knowing that Bella was in the dark about this guy, a childhood friend turned boyfriend could betray her like this for that long really pissed me off about this guy all while she was busting her ass in her final year of law school preparing for the BAR exam and making her dreams come true.

My thoughts are interrupted when I hear a small voice behind my ear, and feel hands sliding around my waist, then her head resting on my back.

"What'cha thinking, baby?" She asked, seeing me look at pictures on her mirror.

"Just looking at these pictures, wishing I had met you then. We could have been lab partners, or I would have taken you to prom." I smiled as I turned to face her. My hands sliding up her arms to her neck to raise her head so I could look in her eyes.

"I did not go to prom, I don't dance." Bella replied with a smirk.

"That's Ok, we wouldn't have had to dance, we would have snuck off to some hotel and in some cliché fashion I'd have willingly accepted the gift of your virginity." She laughed, and stood on her tip toes for her mouth to reach my lips.

"You think so, huh? You think in high school you would have been the guy I'd have given my V card too?" she challenged me with a smirk.

"Oh, Bella, baby you have no idea. I had game back in high school." I noticed her soft pale pink t-shirt and short combo she was wearing and I could see her nipples hardening beneath the thin material, meaning no bra. Nice.

"So, you had 'game'. Did you have a bunch of girls chasing after your fine ass in the hallways Mr. Cullen?" Bella then began running her hands up my shirt covered chest, and back down again to slide her soft fingers under my shirt to touch my bare skin.

"Too many to name." then she slapped my stomach.

"Kidding, baby. Seriously I was nerdy and shy, and it wasn't until college that I finally filled out more, wasn't so skinny and contacts helped." I smiled as I cupped her face to bend to kiss her.

"You though" I continued, between kisses. "Were just as beautiful then, as you are now. I'd have been utterly owned by you then."

"Like you are now?" She whispered against my lips, and I nodded.

"Yes, completely." Our kisses, got a little needier, filled with desire, but then I came down to Earth knowing I was not having sex with her like this, in this room with her dad down the hall.

"Ok, going to shower to get ready for bed." I whispered, breaking our kiss. She sighed, and closed her eyes, patting my bare stomach to let me go. Then when I returned she was fast asleep, looking so fucking beautiful curled up on her side in the bed. I snuggled in beside of her soft warmth, pulling her into my arms and was so thankful she was safe and that I was here to hold her, and take care of her, which I knew I wanted to do for as long as she would have me.

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