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I sat up and glanced over at the clock. I had only napped for about an hour, which wasn't bad. I heard the slow, steady breathing of Edward beside me and so I left him sleeping, after first placing a kiss on his soft pillowy lips. Then I grabbed my t-shirt and on went to the bathroom to wash up a little before putting on some clean panties and shorts.

I sat at my desk, powering up my laptop to see if Bree managed to get those files over to me. As I opened my email, I was glad to see she had managed to get me all the files I had asked for on the victims. Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, Irina Denali, and Emily Wolfe. I began reading over them one at a time and heard Edward stir behind me.

"What are you doing, baby?" Came his voice behind me from the bed.

"Reading the files on the victims, and no, I'm not getting involved without the cops. Just reading." I clarified.

"Good, do you need me to do anything to help out? I have my laptop too if you want to forward me the next file?" I heard him pull on his boxers and then felt his lips on my neck and his hands rub along my arms.

"Yes actually, that would be great." I replied and sent him the next file, and swatted playfully at his backside as he walked toward the bathroom to clean himself up before changing into cleaner clothes himself.

He sat on the chair in the corner of my room with the laptop in his lap and began reading the file on Lauren Mallory and scribbling away on a legal pad the same as I was making notes of anything significant we thought might be useful to help later to compare notes.

Finally after we read those two files all the way through in virtual silence, we both were starting to hear stomachs growling from hunger.

"Ok, we need to grab some food or I can't…go…on…" I said grabbing my stomach in an attempt at making light of the situation. Edward just smiled and hoisted me up in his arms.

"Ok, let's go get you something to eat STAT. I'd hate to have come all this way to lose you like this!" he said dramatically. I know it was just to lighten the mood as we have been through so much and it had been feeling pretty heavy lately.

As we ate at the diner, we talked about my time growing up here as a kid, then returning here for part of my teen years to live with Charlie. We talked about the very boring town of Forks and the super exciting, please insert sarcasm here, town of Port Angeles in comparison.

"Maybe you can show me around before we go back to Seattle?" he asked me as we headed back out to his car.

"Sure, there are a few shops, a decent book store where I spent most of my time." Our fingers intertwined and it felt really comforting, yet nostalgic to be here in Forks, where I had spent my teen years, dreaming of boyfriends and romance, and I finally had it.

"Want to look at our notes thus far when we get back or take a movie break?" Edward asked as he spun me into his arms, to press me against the car door, and I did feel like a giddy teenager, looking around to make sure no one was watching that would tell my dad. You're an adult now, Bella! I told myself as I raised up on my tip toes to kiss him softly.

"I think I want to keep looking at the files while I'm still awake enough to get it over with, if that's alright with you?" and of course Edward just nodded.

"Sure, Bella. That's fine with me." Then we got in the car and went back to my house to find the Chief pulling in as well, and I noticed our friendly patrol car tailing just close enough for me to notice. At least I know we're safe, I guess.

We walked inside and I didn't immediately see my dad, so I yelled for him.

"Dad, we're back, we were at the diner having dinner." Like you didn't know already, I wanted to add. He came out of the dimly lit den and motioned for me and Edward to follow him, his face grim.

"What is it dad? What's wrong?" I asked, my voice only one level from full blow panic.

"Bells, I need you to sit down." I saw Edward was sitting down on the couch and I was hovering just above him, not wanting to sit, and my hands were clenched in fists at my side. Edward grabbed my hand closest to him to pull me to sit beside him on the couch, and pulled me near him.

"Dad, answer me." I said, my tone more icy than before. I felt panic level rising as my heart was beginning to pound harder in my chest.

"Bella, Sam called me an hour ago. They had a tail on him, they were trying to follow him and he went to his storage unit, it was very close to your place Bella. Like literally walking distance from your place." Then he paused, rubbing his hands over his face, and mustache.

"He had been stealing things from your place, like from your trash, inside your apartment, even hairs, that matched hairs that are consistent with shed hairs that would be found say on the floor, on a coat, shirt etc. as they would fall off of your head." I didn't feel myself breathing at that point. I just felt myself shaking. I only felt myself grounded my one warm hand that was holding my right hand, everything else around me felt ice cold.

"Bella? Say something, please." Edward asked, rubbing his hands along my back and arms. I just stared at him. I felt my chin trembling and I knew my eyes were going to soon shed tears, but I couldn't think of any words to say. This was crazy, why in the world was this happening, why to me. What had I done to be in this psycho's crosshairs?

"Did they catch him, Chief Swan?" I heard Edward ask. All I could do was just sit and listen to them speak.

"No, they got a search warrant after they followed him there and since they had found the other crime scene and that is how they matched up the items. They did some preliminary testing and then further testing and then went to Bella's apartment and saw old pictures with items in them that matched items that were now missing, but were found in the storage facility."

I sat silently. I had wondered sometimes about little things, a decorative knick knack that went missing that I thought maybe was broken, or maybe I moved it during cleaning. I was so busy with work sometimes I didn't even notice sometimes and so there might be things that I didn't even notice had been missing yet.

"Were there other things there…or were they all from Bella's?" Edward asked and my father just shook his head.

"More things, lots of things. I'm sure they were from other victims, maybe even more than just the ones the cops there know about. They are looking into more rapes that were reported with no suspect ever determined. To see if they match Aro, and hopefully they will come up with something. But, the good news is this is helping them build a case. But, they want it to be strong. They don't want him to get out in 5-10 years, they want him away for 25 to life." My dad said and I finally nodded, and then I just whispered as I found my voice.

"Excuse me." I spoke and stood to run upstairs to go to the bathroom and began to throw up into the toilet. I heard the steps creaking as someone ran up them quickly to bust through the door behind me.

"Baby, I'm here." Edward held my hair behind my head and rubbed my back as I threw up repeatedly, barely able to even voice my need for him to go and to not see me this way.

"Bella, I love you. I am here for you at your best, your worst, I don't care about you throwing up." He grabbed a washcloth off the top rack of the shelf and ran cool water over it to run it over my face as the vomiting subsided. I just sobbed as I clung to him, trembling in his arms, as he rubbed my hair.

"I love you, too." I then felt him carry me, and he put me into my bed and he covered me up. Then kissed me softly on my forehead and he turned off my lamp and I saw him take his laptop downstairs and the notes we had both made, no doubt he was going to do more work while he let me rest.

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