Author's Note: Here it is folks the conclusion to my sappy piece. MAN MAN LOVING was a warning if you don't like I have no idea why you would have kept reading up until this point lol. Enjoy and look forward to me being able to get working on my other one. If you haven't checked it out, and your into sappy, romantic Stony with a strong badass Tony you'll love it. Now the conclusion; thanks for reading!

Love and Hate

Part 6 – Truth and Forgiveness

The alarm woke them from a dead sleep, Tony and Steve leapt from the bed wide awake in a heart beat. Without a word Steve was in his room hurrying into his suit while Tony tugged on the closest pants he could find sprinting to the top of the Tower, his suit assembling around him. Steve was their seconds later followed closely by the others. Colsoun's voice coming over the com. "There's been an attack on the outskirts of the city, we need to get there and contain it." Tony was off, the others following in the plane.

Dawn was barely breaking as they located the threat, Tony arriving first the others in pursuit they engaged the rather bizarre looking creatures. Tony darted in the sky rolling and tumbling with an ease that always amazed Steve. Captain America however wasn't having it as easy; Tony was too far from him. His concentration was shot, his head throbbing, and heart aching whenever the man was hit. Unaware he was whimpering, he split his attention between Tony in the sky and the foes attacking. "Stark, you better get closer to Cap before he gets killed," Black Widow snapped as she ducked an attack, confused Iron Man paused before finally noting that Steve was paying more attention to him then the fight. Cursing he landed near the man, "Steve focus," he growled, the blonde seeming to visibly flinch at the reprimand. "Don't be mad at me," he begged turning to Tony immediately, completely ignoring the foes on the other side. Tony hurried around him blasting them away, "I'm not mad," he promised huffing, "But we have to get rid of these guys alright."

Renewed with Tony so close, Steve turned setting his jaw, the tension in his body easing as he tossed his shield. Iron Man wasn't used to fighting on the ground so much, unable to leave Steve's side he stood back to back with the man gaining a very different perspective from the ground. Usually able fly out an enemies reach if they where on the ground…Steve Earth bound did not have that sort of luxury. Still they where winning, as the last of the creatures were taken down by Cap's shield Tony surveyed the ground, he did not want Steve hit by some weird laser again…not that it would really make things any worse.

Steve was barely winded, glancing around he grunted in satisfaction, they had fought well today, and more importantly Tony was fine. Feeling like he'd been apart from the other man long enough he got closer to the shiny suit of metal gently reaching out to touch the covered shoulder, the contact easy his mounting panic. Tony turned to him frowning concerned, the separation anxiety seemed to be getting worse. Steve seemed to need to be in contestant physical contact with him.

Finished Clint and Natasha where approaching, "Well that wasn't the worse we h-" she cut off guns coming up, Clint's bow close behind, and Tony was turning to see what was happening when he was blasted from behind knocking him across the clearing, and into a tree. Jarring his head hard, Tony blacked out.

He woke slowly, the pounding behind his eyes, exacerbated by the yelling. He tried to focus, picking out three very distinct voices. "Steve we need to get him to the medics," that was Clint, the reply an inhuman growl and Tony felt himself pulled tightly against something solid. "Steve please!" Natasha sounding worried, Tony decided he needed to end this comedy of errors, he called out, "I'm fine, just rattled my head a bit." He said moving to try and get out of Steve's arms.

Steve yanked Tony's helmet off, kissing him soundly. Tony well used to this by now let Steve kiss him for a few seconds before pulling away. "I'm fine everyone…I'm fine, maybe we should head back." Steve said nothing simply stood with Iron Man in his arms, carrying him the plane the assassins trailing as they whispered together. "I think we need to go hurry Bruce up getting the Cap back, he's going to get himself killed he can't even concentrate on a fight," the Black Widow looked grim, Clint nodded. This needed to be fixed before someone got hurt…really hurt.


"It's getting worse Bruce," Tony mumbled from his position between Steve's legs. The big man, as was his fashion after expending so much energy fighting was dozing, unwilling to release Tony the pair sat on a hospital gurney Steve sleeping sitting up making sure he was as tight to Tony as he could get. "You think?" the man asked, dark eyes glared at him. "He nearly got his spangled ass handed to him today because he was more intent on watching me then anything. He can't even be three feet from me before the separation anxiety kicks in…and now he seems to have to be constantly touching me." Sighing Tony ran a hand though his hair, "Worse then that, he's not Steve anymore…it's like he's oblivious to those around unless it's me. He's clingy, worried I'm mad at him…" he trailed off, Banner nodding. "Nothing matters except you. You're the centre of his world."

Under any normal circumstance Tony would have given anything to be Steve's world…but not like this. He was loosing his Steve. "What can I do?" he asked plaintive, "I want him back Banner," he said softly not looking at his friend, against his back Steve gave a sleepy snort, burying his face in Tony's hair. The Scientist blinked, realization setting in, goddamn why hadn't he seen it before? "How long you been in love with him?" he asked gently, the engineer grimaced. He was tired, physically, mentally, emotionally, wearing his heart on his sleeve. "A while," he mumbled closing his eyes in pain.

Bruce's heart broke for him. He sat on the edge of the hospital bed morose. He couldn't imagine. "Love you Tony," Steve mumbled happily nuzzling closer, strong arms tightening. It was like a stab to his heart, worse then the shards trying to rip the organ apart. He flinched physically. Hearing it Bruce said nothing, simply reached out patting Tony's hand. Nothing he could say would make it better. He had no answers. All they could do was hope Loki could perhaps fix this situation before Tony got hurt worse.


Tony sat in his lab listlessly staring into space. The usually vibrant man looked beyond tired, dark rings under his eyes. "Tony?" the worried voice beside him had him turning, Steve was there as they sat side-by-side, knees touching. It had been a week. Only a week since Steve had changed, yet it felt so much longer then that. "What's wrong love?" he asked gently cupping a stubbled cheek. Tony's eyes fell closed as the warm palm cupped his face, eyes burning, heart throbbing. A tear tracked across his cheek, he was just so tired.

Horrified Steve pulled him into his arms, "Don't cry Tony, please don't…I love you so much don't cry." He mumbled kissing the tears that Tony just couldn't make stop falling, the words where everything his battered soul wanted to hear, ever dreamed of hearing.

He was done running.

With a sob he threw his arms around Steve's neck, confessing what he'd kept hid in his heart all this time. "I love you too Steve…love you more then anything." Mashing their lips together, for the first time Tony initiated, Steve quick to reciprocate, eager hands gripping his hips pulling the smaller man close. Tony didn't fight; surrendering to the man wholly.

Eager Steve stood lifting Tony easily onto his workbench, kisses turning fervent. Somewhere in the back of the blonde's mind he knew he shouldn't be doing this, but that louder more demanding voice was telling him everything felt so right. Tony gasped as his t-shirt was ripped off, before big hands palmed him through his jeans. Moaning he arched into the hand, why had he fought so long when it felt so incredibly good? Eager Steve broke contact for a second tugging off his own shirt before he was back, devouring Tony. Callused hands moved to undo Steve's pants the material pooling to his ankles, no plain white boxers today they where blue. The thought flittered through his mind briefly before, Tony's own pants where pulled off tossed across the lab.

It wasn't gentle, or loving, rather it hungry and needy. Like a dying man Steve had stripped him of his underwear, Tony falling back on his worktable sent parts and papers scattering. Something digging into his back but he didn't care. All he wanted was Steve, watching as he sucked on his fingers, brining the slick digits against Tony thrusting them inside. Wriggling and moaning Tony tried to relax. There was lube he was sure somewhere but he didn't want to leave, not wanting to break this moment. Steve's fingers worked quickly, he wasn't wasting time. Spitting on his hand he lubed himself up quickly. Thoughts hazy and unfocused, all he wanted was Tony, needed to be inside Tony; ignoring the screaming in his mind for him to slow down.

With a smooth thrust forward, he was penetrating the smaller man. Crying out Tony arched his back, hands gripping tight to the table, caught between pain and the sheer overwhelming pleasure. "Ahhhh," he bit his lip moaning as Steve sunk into him. Fully imbedded the big man paused panting, looking down at the man beneath him. The truth crashing into him, he was inside Tony Stark. That tight wet heat, driving him to distraction. Rocking slowly he swallowed gasps from kiss swollen lips. Tony bit his cheek hard enough to bleed, it hurt, Christ yes it hurt, but the pleasure was fast overshadowing it. He could feel Steve, every inch of Steve. The big man thrusting steadily into him. Dazed brown eyes started up at the ceiling, feeling surreal, almost detached from the moment. Wondering distantly if this was yet another fantasy cooked up by his desperate imagination. Blue eyes appeared in his line of vision, Steve was smiling at him, "I love you."

Tony choked back a sob as he reached up wrapping his arms around the man's neck arching into the next thrust. Steve gripped narrow hips hard enough to bruise, as he snapped forward grunting. Blunt finger nails where digging into his back as Tony mumbled incoherently, Steve shifted and Tony was yelling his pleasure, "Yes!" he hissed. Tony was loosing his mind, Steve was hitting that delicious spot inside him over and over. Stars where bursting in his mind, he felt like a man getting what he'd been craving most; a junkie getting his fix. Better then any imagined fantasy.

Steve grunted movements turning erratic and quick, combination of new experience and overwhelming sensations where driving him to the edge. "Tony!" he gasped, vaguely feeling something painful in his shoulder. Tony bit down on the muscular shoulder muffling his cries of passion; his fantasy's coming true. Steve pounding him on his workbench. Moaning low in his throat as Steve hit his prostrate head on he shuddered, hot intense orgasm ripping through him. Steve felt the smaller man tightening around him, thrusting once more spilling deep inside his lover, "Tony!"

The big man collapsed against him, Tony automatically pulling him close, kissing sweat matted blonde hair. Steve panted lightly, head resting against something cool, and humming. With each breath he took, the fog that had settled in his mind the last few days began to clear. Confused he stood pulling back, a debauched thoroughly sexed Tony Stark looking up at him through dazed tired eyes. Blue eyes glanced around looking around completely uncomprehending, they where in Tony's lab…he looked back down they where both naked. "Steve?" Tony asked softly, concerned when he saw sheer panic in his face.

The Super Soldier's eyes widened to all sizes, when he realized he wasn't just on top of the man, he was inside him. Panicking he pulled back, not missing the pained wince from the smaller man. Frantically he pulled up his boxers bunched around his thighs tripping over the pants around his ankles. "Steve what is it? What's wrong?" Tony was sitting up, ignoring his own nudity he focused on the franticly moving man, concern in every line of his face. Steve could see lips swollen from kisses, bruises already darkening on those lean hips, love bites littering the smaller man's neck and shoulder; his mind rebelled he had sex with Tony Stark…and he had no knowledge of it. Utterly disgusted with himself, he did the only reasonable thing. He ran.

Tony astonished watched him dash away up the stairs, stricken he didn't say a word. It would appear the spell had been broken. Shivering the smaller man wrapped his arms across his arc the light dimming, as his heart broke. He closed burning eyes promising himself he wasn't going to cry.

Steve hadn't had a panic attack since the serum, but he was sure he was having one now. He paced his room frantically, shirtless, pants undone, he ran his hands through already wild hair. Why couldn't remember anything? He wracked his brain, the last clear memory he had was the battle, then going down to the lab to lecture Tony. He frowned brow wrinkling in confusion, the next thing he could clearly recall he was waking inside Tony. He collapsed on the bed in defeat, why couldn't he remember?

A sudden pain lanced through his head, images flooding across his consciousness. Kissing Tony in the lab…looking at him across a candle lit table…cuddled on the couch…he panted pain easing but feeling drained and sore. Moaning he clutched his aching head, warm wetness running across his face, blood dripping steadily from his nose. The throbbing pain flared again, more images ripped across his brain, blue eyes rolled back and he collapsed across his bed.

In his lab Tony dressed once more sat gingerly on his stool staring dry eyed at his messy workspace. Still trying to process what had happened in the last hour. He felt like an utter creep, why had he given in? Steve had looked so disgusted, so betrayed. He buried his head in his arms, self-loathing rolling off him in waves. "Sir," JARVIS interrupted his pity party, "Go away," Tony muttered, "Sir," the AI tried again voice a little more urgent. "What?" Tony snapped, "I believe Captain Rogers is having some sort of episode…he'd convulsing on his bed." Tony's head snapped up, panic in every line of his body he sprinted from the lab.

Busting through the door he spotted the big man right away, "Shit, Steve," he crawled onto the bed gently patting his face. His nose was bleeding badly; eyes rolled so far back in his head only the whites where visible. "Oh fuck this is bad…." he got up he'd go get his suit and fly Steve to the hospital. He paused half way to the door, "Wait maybe call Banner…" he turned to go back to Steve. "I can call Banner on the way," he chastised himself turning again to get his suit.

Steve let out a strangled moan, Tony was by his side instantly, "Steve? Steve can you hear me." The big man on the bed made a low sound blinking his eyes once more clear, "Tony?" his voice sounded croaky, but the billionaire was relived. "Right here, just a sec," standing he heading for the bathroom damping a washcloth he returned. Steve hadn't moved, strong fingers slowly messaging his temples. Climbing back on the bed carefully he wiped up the blood on that chiseled chest and face. "You ok?" Tony asked, Steve moaned faintly, "My head feels like my brain's been chewed up and spit back out." Wincing in sympathy, Tony flipped the washcloth placing it tenderly on his forehead.

Awkward silence descended then, Tony unsure if he should stay or go. They hadn't parted on the best of terms earlier. Steve spoke first, "Tony," he said voice sounding plaintive, and pained, "I'm sorry…I'm so sorry for the way I acted this week." The dark haired man blinked, "You remember?" he asked, "Not quite just images…just all sort of came back at once." Unable to help himself Tony ran a hand though the soft blonde hair, Steve moaned. "Sorry," he said pulling his hand back as if he'd been scalded. "No…no…it felt nice," Steve sighed as the tender hand returned to its soothing ministrations. "You have nothing to be sorry for Steve, you didn't know what you where doing. They think it was that ray you where hit with." Tony explained his heart clenching in his chest; that was right, Steve hadn't known what he was doing.

They where silent again the big blonde trying to collect fragmented thoughts, it felt good to have Tony so close to him. "About what happened in the lab," Tony started, swallowing thickly, just do it quick; like a band-aid. "I mean…you don't, that is to say…" he trailed off trying to piece together what he really wanted to say. Steve opened his eyes looking over at Tony shocked; the man was usually so large and exuberant but he looked so small at the moment, defeated, and if Steve didn't know any better he would have said he was blushing, looking at something across the room.

Steve felt realization settling in, the last week he'd been all over Tony. From the flashes of memory he had, he'd acted like an utter degenerate…and Tony…Tony had been nothing but understanding. Steve was completely, totally, and utterly in love with the genius. He had been for a long while now, just too stubborn to admit it to himself. "We can…ummm…forget it even happened," Tony was speaking again, desolate brown eyes met his, "Just go back to the way it was before, and pretend this week ever happened." Steve started at him in shock; Tony was giving him an out. "No," Steve said slowly, the hand paused in his hair. "No?" he asked in a bare whisper. "No…I don't want to forget about this week," he said firmly, big hand reaching up he grabbed the front of Tony's t-shirt feeling the cool metal under the material. He tugged the man towards him, stunned as they were kissing softly, sweetly.

Stunned he pulled away, utterly confused. "What…umm…what?" Tony was at a loss for words Steve was chuckling, "The only regret I have is not remembering what happened in the lab fully…" he whispered tugging the man in for another kiss. Tony didn't respond right away, still trying to get though his utter amazement. Before he was returning the kiss fervently, "You mean it?" Steve pulled him down so the smaller man was stretched on top of him pressed from lips to ankles, "More then anything."


"Banner I have located brother Loki…and have returned with most excellent news," in his usual exuberant fashion the overly loud demi-God burst into the lab. Clint and Natasha worried for Tony had offered to help Bruce in his last ditch attempt to cure Steve. They all turned to him hopefully, "That's the best news I've had in a week," the doctor said. "He didn't come back with you?" Thor shook his head, passing over what looked like a scroll, "Nay brother is still serving out his punishment in Asgaurd, but he sent this missive for Doctor Banner." Nodding the man accepted the parchment, opening it he skimmed the neat writing, a slow smile beginning to form.

"What is it?" Clint asked eagerly, peering down at the rows of very neat cursive. "The jist of it is, the weapon while rather harmless, is meant to amplify feelings the person already has. Generally in battle, fear, however if the person is afflicted by a different feeling it would amplify that. The only cure he writes is to give in to the feelings, usually running from battle." You could hear a pin drop.

"Why are you so happy?" Clint asked confused, Bruce was still grinning widely, "Because it amplifies emotions the person already possesses…" Thor was smiling grandly, the other two slow to catch up. "Steven already loved Anthony," he offered arms crossing, "It just made him be honest to himself." Clint and Natasha began to smile relived, Bruce chuckling, "Good luck Tony."


They lay entwined in Tony's too large bed, sleepy and sedate. The billionaire couldn't remember a marathon like that; his lab, Steve's bed, Tony's twice…the shower. He was utterly spent. Steve was kissing his neck sweetly, running hands across his bare chest tracing the blue glow. He loved Tony's light, "When I'm with you I'm never in the dark," he murmured kissing where metal and flesh met. Tony started, smiling sleepily as he was gathered in strong arms, it had been a hell of an emotional week but in the end he couldn't be all that mad. It had brought Steve to him.

"Tony?" the dark eyed man was almost asleep, "Hmmm?" the blonde moved to settle a hand over his heart, "I love you." He said, Tony smiled, he'd dreamed of this moment since that too perfect man had managed to settle firmly in his heart. "I love you too have my mechanical heart," he whispered, knowing it was utterly sappy, but it was ok, because it was Steve Rogers, Captain America. Steve closed his eyes, "I'll keep it safe." Tony settled a hand on top of his, "I know you will." They where quite a moment, "I'll try not to chase you across the city, tackle you, and molest you again." Laughing outright Tony turned in his arms, "That…that I enjoyed." They kissed soundly, safely cocooned in the large bed the TV playing quietly in the background, Tony grinning into the kiss recalling an old saying, Steve paused, "What?" chuckling the genius pulled back a bit, "They say there is a fine line between love and hate." Blinking Steve grinned as well, who could argue with that kind of logic?