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Draco's P.O.V.

"Harry, Harry. Oh god -umfff"

As quickly as I was talking to Harry, I was on the ground with a body-bind curse holding me down, pushing my limbs so tightly together it was excruciating.

I looked up just long enough to see a rats nest of red hair coming towards me, before a fist connected with my face.

"WHAT'D YOU DO TO HIM!" Next thing I knew, I felt a fist connecting with my face over and over, sending waves of pain radiating through my body, until his blow seemed to get lighter and lighter until I succumbed to the darkness.


Ron's P.O.V.

He hurt him. I'm going to kill him. He hurt him. I'm going to kill him.

He hurt him. I'm going to kill him. He hurt him. I'm going to kill him.

He hurt him. I'm going to kill him. He hurt him. I'm going to kill him.

Walking to the hospital wing, cradling Harry limp body in my arms, that's all I could think about.

Malfoy hurt Harry. My Harry. My best friend and love of my life. I'm going to kill him.

"RONALD!" Hermione shrieked. "You will do nothing of the sort! Do you want to get expelled!?"

"I don't care Hermione! He HURT HARRY!" I screamed to her face "I love him. And I will do anything to protect him. If that mean killing that fucking ferret, so be it."

As I quickly walked away from Hermione I saw a flash of something in her eyes. Something I thought she got rid of a long time ago.


Harry's P.O.V.

When I came to, I was in the hospital wing, laying in a bed at the end of the row, beside some first year vomiting into a bucket. Gross. The smell is enough to make a troll throw up, and mixed with the intense pounding in my head, I'm liable to pass out again. However, something feels different. I feel as though I've merged with some

" Harry!" I hear before I am attacked by someone with strong arms and short red hair.

"Ron!" I say weakly tapping his back in a subtle sign to let me go and he thankfully gets it. Letting me go and gently setting me back down on the bed.

"So, how are you feeling Harry?"

"Like I've been pitched off the astronomy tower" I said with a chuckle. Ron laughed along with me, and when I looked at his face, it seemed like we were back outside the great hall, laughing together.

And I realized, I still loved him.

"Harry, you okay mate"

"Uh, not really. I think I just need to get some rest."

"Of course Harry." Ron replied quickly. "I'll see you later, yeah?

"Yeah." I replied weakly "Of course."

As Ron stood up and walked out, I couldn't help but feel a longing in my heart at him walking. And an erection at his amazing ass.

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