So in explanation for this new story here is the wonderful voice of Boromir from Lord of the Rings, "One does not simply turn off their creativity." So there you have it…'nough said. Don't know where this will lead but hey it would not leave me alone.

Summary: After the curse and with Emma and Snow finally home, things start to settle down for the Charming family; that is until Emma gets a phone call which involves her opening up old wounds and a choice that she needs to make…what will happen? Find out!


Emma sighed as she walked into the small apartment that instead of being shared with one other person turned into three other people: Snow, James, and Henry. Not that she minded the sharing, but sometimes it could get a little crowed, "I am home!" She called out.

"Mom!" Before she could blink, Henry had bounded down the stairs and threw himself at Emma, "I missed you."

"Hey kid, I missed you too." Emma said returning the hug.

Granted her and Snow had been home for a month and a half, Henry still had an uneasy feeling that one day his mother would not come home. It was one thing with Snow, because she took back her teaching job at the school, but not seeing Emma all day sometimes made him antsy, "How was work?" he asked.

Emma groaned as she released herself from the hug and started to remove her badge and gun, "Long and boring as usual." Taking off her jacket and hanging on the hook she asked, "How was school?"

"It was ok," Henry shrugged.

"Only ok?" Emma heard Snow's voice filled with mock outrage from the kitchen, "I thought I had you guys pretty well engaged today."

Henry blushed and darted for the stairs, "I got homework to finish…see you at dinner."

Emma laughed and walked over to the kitchen with her hands in the back pocket of her jeans, "Well that is one way to get him to do homework."

Snow sniffed, "Telling me it was an 'ok' school day…"

"I am sure it was a good lesson today…whatever you did." Emma said smirking, "So where is James at?"

"He said something about visiting the stables quick before dinner. Speaking of which would you mind setting the table please?" Snow asked without looking up from the stove.

Emma nodded and proceeded to set the table and by the time she was done James walked in and greeted everyone, "Hello family!"

Emma internally sighed still not quite accustomed to the word 'family'. For all of her childhood she wished for a real family…her family and all throughout her childhood she was let down. Thus one of the many reasons why she had traveled so much; was so she could look for them. Henry had rejoined the group downstairs as Snow called him for dinner and together they sat down.

"So Emma was it busy at the station?" James asked as he cut his chicken.

Emma shook her head, "No it was pretty dead." She took a sip of her drink and then in turn asked, "Why did you go to the stables?"

"Just to check on the horses for the night," James shrugged, "Also I wanted to go for a ride."

Emma nodded in understanding and continued to eat the chicken thinking, while her and Snow's bond had grown since their time in the forest, she and James still had a little while to go, "You know, if you want to learn how to ride I will be more than happy to teach you." James offered after the mild silence.

"Really?" Emma asked a little nervously.

Henry grinned at the chance of teaching his mom something, "I can also show you how to take care of your horse! It is a lot of fun! Gramps says that is a good way to build a bond. Comet loves to be brushed."

Emma smiled at her son's enthusiasm and Snow grinned to James as Emma responded, "Thanks for the offer kid, we'll see ok?"

"Great!" Henry exclaimed in victory.

Emma laughed at his enthusiasm and continued to eat when she heard a ringing from her pocket and realized it was her cell, "Emma, no phones at the table." Snow lightly chided her daughter as she took the phone out.

Emma was about to respond when she noticed the ID on the phone and felt her stomach drop, "I got to take this. Excuse me." She got up from the table and went upstairs.

The atmosphere at the table dropped significantly when Emma left and all was quiet for a few minutes, "Will mom be ok?" Henry asked worried for his mother since he noticed how the color left her face.

"I am sure she will be fine," Snow said gently, but when she said that they heard a loud crash from the room upstairs.

There was a moment of silence and James stated, "Might have spoken too soon."

Henry got up from the table and crept his way to the stairs, "Henry," Snow scolded, "Get over here." But Henry did not hear her or choice not too, because what he was hearing was confusing and his curiosity was peaked.

"I'll get him," James sighed after a few minutes of Snow glancing in between him and Henry. Getting up, he went over to his grandson but when he got closer he could see why Henry was ignoring Snow and listening…this was very curious stuff.

Snow watched her two favorite men in her life ease dropping halfway up the stairs listening to Emma's conversation. Honestly, she thought getting up, must she always do everything? "James…Henry…get up and go-" Snow whispered angrily but she was cut off by then shushing her and then she listened and saw why…

In the meantime in the room Emma had answered the annoying ringing object, "Vance." She greeted the caller.

"Swan, glad to see you are alive and well. I visited your apartment, but alas you were not there…and did not seem to be there for a while." The caller, Vance, stated.

Emma sighed. She had kept paying the rent to her apartment in Boston even though she had made her home here in Storybrooke. She had felt the need to have some place to go as back up in the event that something should happen, "Yea I have been away for a while. But you need something so spill."

There was a chuckle on the other line, "Emma, is a friend not allowed to call to say hi?"

At this Emma snorted, "Friend? Is that really what you think you are to me Leon?"

"Ouch, you wound me." Vance said in a mock hurt tone.

"Enough with the theatrics Vance and tell me why you called. The last time you called you had me prancing around the damn West Coast for some forty year old whack job that owed you a couple grand." Emma stated her voice thoroughly annoyed. She heard muttering downstairs so she ignored it.

Vance sighed, "Ok fine, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to find someone for me. His name is-"

"Whoa wait a minute. I am not in the business anymore, I have officially retired." Emma stated cutting the man off thinking about her family.

Vance scoffed, "Please, one does not change who they are Swan. Besides you owe me."

"How the hell do I owe you?!" Emma yelled slamming her hand on the dresser causing Henry's book that was on the edge to topple to the floor. Sighing angrily she bent down to pick it up and she vaguely heard shuffling downstairs, but once again ignored it, "I do not owe you anything."

"Remember that scuffle you got into? Who bailed you out? Who even led you to Boston? Who has helped contribute your bills to your apartment until you got on your feet?" Vance fired back at her, "I believe that is how you owe me; besides I can make this worth your while Swan and also I think you will find this rather interesting."

"How would I find this interesting?" Emma asked after a moment of silence knowing that he had her.

"I met a man awhile back and he came begging me for money and identification. No he was not a criminal to my knowledge, but as you know I am a well known shark in the sea of the underground," Emma internally sighed at this.

She knew this was going, but let him continue anyway, "So anyway he comes to me begging me for new identification and a couple hundred dollars. Well of course we drew up a contract and a payment plan. He was good for the first few years, but then the payments stopped. Now mind you I gave him a few weeks, then I set out people to find him, but so far nothing and after all this time I grew sick of the bull shit and thus I called you."

"And you want me to track this bastard down so you can get a few hundred dollars back from him? Sounds pretty pathetic considering how much you have. I mean a few hundred dollars to you is like five…six dollars." Emma stated trying to find a way out of this.

Vance laughed, "Emma, Emma, Emma…you do not understand child, you see this was over ten years ago. So of course there is interest on this money and what he stilled owed from the new identity. In sort the few hundred is more like a few thousand give or take."

"Ah ha…I see." Emma stated as she felt her interest peak. The older side of her was coming out: the planning, the trapping, the possible chase, and then the prize; despite herself she smirked at those thoughts, but then it turned sour as she realized what he left out, "You said I would find this interesting, but yet my curiosity is not peaked." Ok so it was a bit, but she would not let him know that.

"The gentleman that came to me his name was Neal Cassidy." Vance said with emphasis.

"EXCUSE ME?!" Emma yelled. That name…the face…the kisses…the loss that gripped her heart…the soul reason why she had suffered…the very man she had spent ten years trying to find now all of a sudden came back to haunt her.

"I told you this would peak your interest and was worth your while."

Emma started to pace like a caged lion, "No. No I am not doing it. Forget it."

"Now now sweetheart, you owe me. Besides I will give you ten percent." Vance said.

Emma laughed darkly, "No amount of money will make me go through with this."

"Fifteen percent." Vance now said.

"Not even if hell froze over."

Vance now started to get aggravated as he said, "Twenty."

Emma stopped pacing, "How desperate are you?"

"Look I want this bastard caught and I want my money. You and I know what happens when someone cheats Leon Vance." Vance stated in a deadly tone.

Oh did Emma know, she had the pleasure of working as an agent for Vance for the first few years, and she knew very well what could and would happen if someone screwed with the man that was on the phone with her. She sighed seeing no other way out, "Make twenty-five and you got a deal."

"Excellent darling, besides look at it this way, we both get our revenge don't we?"

"That was a long time ago." Emma deadpanned.

"But wounds of the heart run deep. I would know sweetheart. Now then how about I fax over the paperwork and all the information I have and we will keep in touch. Sound like a plan?"

"Seems so Vance."

"Wonderful. Pleasure doing business with you and I will be in touch; enjoying the rest of your evening Emma."

"You too Leon." Sighing she hung up the phone and sat on the bed with her face in her hands, she could hear the sudden movement of clanging as dinner was being cleaned up.

Re-looking at her cell phone she got up and went back down the stairs, "Emma? Everything ok?" Snow called seeing her daughter putting her coat on and grabbing her gun and keys.

"Yea I just forgot something at the station, be back in a bit." Emma said in a hurry and without giving anyone to respond she was out the door.