Ok so this story is complete! I know I left a little cliffy at the end, that is up to your imagination. I may do a sequel if you want. Sorry for the delay, but here you go. As always thank you for the support and enjoy!


It had been hours since Emma left and since the four returned back to the apartment. They were all so tired from the day's events, but none of them felt like sleeping. Henry stayed up sitting in the living room, head rested on the back of the couch watching the front door carefully. He was hoping beyond hope that Emma would appear soon. The only time he lets his eyes wonder is when he looks at the clock then back to the door. It had been a while since Emma left with the three men that had come to harm them. He sighs heavily as Neal, James, and Snow joins him on the couch.

"She will be back soon," Snow says soothingly.

"What if something happened?" He asks forcing himself to turn away.

Neal smirked, "Nothing will happen. Your mother is a clever woman; sharp as a fox. She will fight tooth and nail to get back to you…to us." The last part he says silently to himself. It was true; Emma would fight to get to them.

"Here let's put on some TV," James suggested grabbing the remote, hoping to get everyone's minds off the anxiety that they felt for the missing blonde.

When the TV was turned on it was a news report and before he could change it the announcer spoke, "Our top news story involves a raging fire that got out of control in Philadelphia. We go on scene with ace reporter Chris Williams. Chris?"

James groaned and was going to change the channel when Neal grabbed the remote to turn up the volume. Ignoring the questioning looks he intently focused as the scene behind the reporter showed a blazing burning building, "As you can see this fire has been going on for a few hours now. The blazes are so intense in heat that the fire fighters are having difficulty controlling the blazes. The men have already been pulled out and exhibiting minor burns and passed out from smoke inhalation. Tom?"

Tom nodded, "Thank you Chris. I just received word that the men transferred to the hospital have arrived and been identified as Noel Hann and Lucas Becker, who were associates to the third man Leon Vance, notorious loan shark of the underground crime community. The three of men are still unconscious, but Becker and Hann are expected to recover soon, but Vance is in the ICU. Once the three of them wake, they will be expected to stand trial in regards to multiple felonies. In other news-"

Neal muted the TV. He had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Snow and James exchanged looks at Henry who was sitting very still on the couch not looking at anyone, but the rug. He refused to believe that his mother had anything to do with this, "She wouldn't-"

"No." Neal said firmly, "She wouldn't do this." But even to him, his voice sounded off.

James rubbed his face with his hands. It was not that he didn't believe it, but if he was being honest, if it came down to protecting his family…he would want to do something that would insure their safety…even if it was something of this extreme, "You know what? It is late. Why don't we all go to bed?" He suggested not wanting to think about this anymore.

Snow was quiet throughout the conversation and nodded heading to their room. Henry dragged his feet up the stairs leaving Neal and James in the living room. James looked over at him and said, "You are planning on leaving to find her aren't you?"

Neal jumped at the tone of his voice and responded not looking at the prince, "I want too, but I promised her that I would take care of Henry." He sighed and looked at James and asked, "What would you do?"

James now diverted his gaze and got up, "I think you know what I would do. She will be back."

"And if she isn't by morning? Then what?" Neal asked.

"Then we start looking." James stated, "Besides I always find my family." Neal nodded as James left him to his thoughts. By morning, he vowed, if she is not home in the morning…

The next day James, Snow, Henry, and Neal were at the boarder of the town. They looked at the chalk mark and knew that no one except for Henry and Neal could cross it. After and uneasy restless sleep the first thing they did was try and call Emma, but so far she was not picking up. After about the twentieth time, their calls went straight to voicemail. Snow sighed as she tried to call one more time, but once again the call went to voicemail, "Ok that is it." Neal stated getting into his car, "I am going to find her."

"No!" Henry cried, "You can't leave me too!"

"Kid, I have to find Emma." Neal said in an apologetic voice.

"But you promised her that you would not leave me. So take me with you." Henry said, "I can be a big help."

"You have to stay here with your grandparents." Neal said looking at Snow and James.

Each was wearing a look of grief and frustration. They had tried going to Gold's to see if he had a spell so they could cross the line, but he had said no. That there was still no way to cross without losing their memory, "Henry-" Snow started to say gently.

"No! I want to go with him and find my-" He was cut off as the skies started to darken and a portal appeared before them. Neal had enough time to pull himself and Henry out of the way, causing them to land in the ditch on the side of the road as a black car came speeding out of the portal. The black car suddenly turned sharply and skidded to a stop before hitting a tree.

Recognizing the car immediately the four ran over to it; James slowly opened to find his daughter with her head on the steering wheel. She had soot all over her jacket and face and she was breathing heavily. Opening one eye she found her family staring at her in shock and awe, "Emma? You ok?" Neal asked.

Emma smirked and said, "Marty Mcfly has nothing on this."

Neal couldn't help but laugh as he gently pulled her from the car and hugged her tight. He could smell the smoke on her, but he did not care at the moment. For now she was in his arms. Looking at her he pulled her close and kissed her passionately and Emma responded just as passionately by grabbing his hair in her fingers. Snow and James held Henry close to them as they had tears in their eyes. Their daughter was home safe and sound.

Once they pulled apart the joyous mood ended as Henry wiggled free and tackled his mother in a hug, "Don't ever do that again!" He scolded her.

"I promise I won't." Emma said hugging her son tight.

Snow and James too walked over to her and pulled her in a hug and Snow said, "You have a lot of explaining to do. You know that right?"

"And I will tell you everything once we go home." Emma said softly. Home, Henry thought, his family was finally returning home where they belong.