Seeing the ending of Epic Mickey 2, I began to wonder, what would Epic Mickey 3 be like. Because the writers set something up for a third game, with those Petes taking Prescott with them into that portal, most say they're going to Ventureland, but I've got my own theory. That will be detailed in this story, it's called "Epic Mickey 3: Pete's Revenge!"

I don't own any official Disney characters.

Yen Sid the Wizard, begins a small narration. "Mickey, the young mouse intruder, armed with my Magic Brush, returned to the Wasteland to help restore it, and stop the machinations of the evil Mad Doctor and save Wasteland. Mickey and his friend, Oswald had a long way to go, before they truly saved Wasteland, and with a new page of this story about to unfold itself, the heart of Mickey will become something, great and bad for the world of forgotten Toons."


Mickey was quietly sitting down, on the now paint filled fountain, after another long adventure, he just wanted a moment of peace and quite. Then he sees a sandwich in his face, he looks down to see his older brother, in a way of speaking, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who is also holding a sandwich.

"Go on Mickey, eat." Oswald tells him, Mickey looks down at Oswald, then at the food. "I'm not putting this down until you take it Mickey."

The mouse sighs, and takes the sandwich, and Oswald sits next to him and eats his own sandwich. "So, what's in these?" Mickey asks.

"Yours is a pastrami, mustard, ketchup and cheese, I know how much you like cheese. And mine is mayo, carrots, chocolate and marshmallows."

Mickey stops eating his and looks over at Oswald's. "What, I'm your older brother Mickey, and I just like this food."

The Mouse and Rabbit, then begin to eat their lunch, once the two finish, they stretch and take a moment to look at OsTown, while lying down on the fountain's edge. Mickey looks at his paintbrush, he thinks for a moment, back to the day he ruined Wasteland by creating the Blot, and ended up causing the Thinner Disaster. Mickey looks over at Oswald, because that, originally, Oswald thought that Mickey stole his place. Walt did want Oswald to stay with him and for Mickey and Oswald to be co-stars, but when he died, someone kidnapped Oswald, and Mickey never got a chance to meet him. Then Mickey felt a sharp pain in his chest, making him fall into the paint in the fountain.

With a flash of red, green, white and orange, the Gremlin Adviser to Mickey, named "Gus" pops in. He sees Mickey and pulls him out of the paint. "Mickey are you okay?" Oswald asks.

"Yeah Oswald, I'm alright, just felt some kinda sharp pain in my chest." Mickey replies. With some help, Mickey steps out of the fountain, and then he feels another sharp pain, and stumbles for a moment, both Oswald and Gus help Mickey regain his balance. The mouse looks at the two with a smile, and then he's brought over to a replica of his house that Oswald made for him, for the day when he's forgotten, but Oswald knew, that wouldn't happen for a REALLY long time.

He sighed as he was forced to sit down, and then a purple portal appears high up in the sky, and two toons begin to fall through the portal. The three heroes look up and using some binoculars they get a closer look at the two toons, who turn out to be Minnie and Pluto.

"Wait, Minnie, and Pluto?! What are they doing here? We gotta save them!" Mickey states, pulling out his paintbrush from the hammerspace, and with a quick flick of the wrist he's able to create something to save Minnie and Pluto just before they hit the ground, but they fly right back into the air. "You know in hindsight, maybe a trampoline wasn't the best thing to make Mickey."

But using his flying ear trick, Oswald is able to catch Pluto, but he misses Minnie. Just in the nick of time, Mickey is able to grab Minnie, just before she hits the ground, but he trips, because of an another sharp pain in his chest, and both land in the fountain of paint. Pluto rushed over and pulled both Mickey and Minnie out.

"Well, hi there Minnie, the first Toon to leave the Wasteland, and now you come back, pretty cool." Oswald says, helping Minnie out of the paint. Mickey, having heard what Oswald just said asks "Minnie, you were in the Wasteland once?"

"It was around the late 1930s, when Donald and Goofy became your sidekicks." Minnie tells her boyfriend, scowling at him. Mickey then recalls a time when Minnie, just disappeared out of thin air, he spent a long time trying to find her, but to no avail, he gives a rather sheepish look as Minnie walks over to him. "But that's not the important thing Mickey! What are you doing here?!"

Oswald had to rush over and stand between the two, as he explained that Mickey ended up making the Blot and causing the Thinner Disaster, but one day, the Blot toke him into the Wasteland, and tried to steal Mickey's heart. No, not THAT heart that let's a person live, a Disney heart, you see when a Disney character is made, there are two hearts they get, the one that allows them to live, and the other represents popularity, and if a Disney characters losses that one thing, they are sent to the Wasteland to live out the rest of their days. Minnie, is a special one, she lost her heart, but regained it. But anyway, after stopping a fake version of the Shadow Blot, and then the real one was let lose by Oswald (by mistake) and it took Mickey's heart. Some time after that, the Mad Doctor re-appeared, and he tried to pump the Guardians out of the ground, but cause a huge amounts of earthquakes to shake Wasteland apart, something the Mad Doctor, didn't account into his plan, but then Mickey was brought back to the Wasteland to save it, but that time, he wasn't alone as Oswald teamed up with him and the two were able to stop the Made Doctor, redeeming him.

"So, why haven't you gotten back home Mickey, and why are me and Pluto here?" Minnie asks, after hearing the story of Mickey's two adventures in Wasteland. "I've been trying to help rebuild here. And something else is going on, I've been feeling these sharp pains in my chest. Like something's being drained right from my-" but Mickey can't continue as he feels yet another sharp pain, but instead of wincing, he ends up passing out. Everyone who has there rushes over to Mickey to see if he's okay, Gus puts his ear next to the important heart, and sees it's still beating, but Oswald says they should get Mickey medical assistance ASAP. They quickly rush over to the Projector for Mean Street to get the Mad Doctor's help, but one thing they didn't check was Mickey's popularity heart, as that began to beat even slower.

How's that for an opening chapter, just so you know I've never played in Epic Mickey games before in my life, so if I get any info wrong, I'm sorry.

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