Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Tied Up in Nott

Notes: Just a shameless PWP; might become a series of one-shots that may or may not be concurrent in timing. Anywho this will of course be A/U, OOC, EWE and again a PWP. Yaoi with BDSM will be featured in this fic as well so you've been warned. ENJOY LOVELIES!

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~~~~~~*********Chapter 1*********~~~~~~

Harry Potter was once again exasperated by the article featured on the front page of the Daily Prophet; did it really matter who he decided to shag or who he decided to be with? Apparently there wasn't anything better than Harry's love life to write about these days.

Throwing the useless rag of a paper onto the floor he gracelessly flopped back onto his large king sized bed, waking his slumbering lover; "What's the matter Harry?"

The green eyed twenty year old professional seeker glanced over at his rumpled half asleep mate; "I'm alright Theo. I just read the paper and once again we were featured on the front page. You'd think they would leave us be after we announced our relationship seven months ago."

"The bastards somehow got a picture of us when we were kissing in Hogsmeade! I didn't even know they were there, sneaky pricks!"

The resident potions master of Hogwarts chuckled huskily, wrapping a strong arm around his lover's waist; "Well at least they didn't catch what happened after that kiss, hmm. I don't think I'd be too pleased if the whole of the British wizarding world got to see you bent over in a dark alley taking my cock up your arse."

Harry sputtered momentarily, it always took him aback when his normally reserved partner began talking dirty, eventually the raven was able to formulate a sensible reply; "Well we should thank privacy wards and silencing charms then shouldn't we. If not the wizarding world would have gotten quite the show."

"Indeed love; now all this talk of taking you from behind has given me a rather stiff problem that I would like to be rid of." When the blonde was done speaking he leaned over Harry's body, placing soft kisses to the raven's lips and then moved to the soft skin of his neck.

A pleased sigh left Harry; the green eyed male truly did like it when Theo took control over their love making. It did not happen all the time but when it did it was hot, carnal and overwhelmingly erotic; that was how they had ended up fucking like school boys in an alley in Hogsmeade. Apparently the horny blonde couldn't wait fifteen minutes to get back to his quarters at Hogwarts.

A sharp nip to his naked chest brought Harry back to the present and the sexy blonde lavishing his body with kisses and sharp bites; "Hmm Theo lower...go lower." His potions master obliged him, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of the raven's silk pajama bottoms; quickly the soft fabric was pulled away from Harry's long legs.

His hard erection bobbed upward, coming to rest on his stomach, giving Theo a perfect view of Harry's naked front. "Have a told you you're lovely Harry?" The green eyed male nodded his head in the positive; "But I always like to hear it love."

A pleased hum was the blue eyed male's response as he resumed his kisses now intermingling the pressing of lips with light sucks to some of Harry's more sensitive places. When Theo reached the crest of Harry's hip he latched onto the bone and sucked harshly, pulling a cry from the green eyed male's lips.

Merlin the blonde knew all his secret erogenous zones and took great pleasure in tormenting them, not that Harry was complaining. The raven always enjoyed being worshipped by the blue eyed man he adored.

Being here at Hogwarts with Theo was wonderful and didn't happen as much as either of them would like due to Harry's Quidditch schedule. But it was the off season and for the next month and a half the couple could do as they wished before Harry would have to go back for pre-season work-outs and Theo had to start prepping for the upcoming school year.

A wicked tongue plunging into the slit of his cock pulled him out of his wandering thoughts; "Tsk tsk love you should really be pay attention but I think I'll have to punish you for your lack of focus." Those words made Harry's blood flow faster in his veins and his cock began to leak.

Theo chuckled darkly, knowing his raven haired lover did like to be punished a bit when the blonde took control of their sex. "But how shall I punish you hmm?" With a wicked smirk Theo moved away from Harry's body and opened the top drawer of the nightstand.

The blonde pulled out several things; a leather cock ring, a blindfold and lube. Theo looked up and into Harry's lust blown emeralds, feeling smug that his lover was already riled up just from a few touches and the dark promise of being punished. Indeed Harry was a dominant man generally but he also enjoyed it when the blue eyed male took control away from him.

"Now Harry I want you to put your hands above your head and place them against the headboard." The blonde waited for his lover to comply before summoning his wand and binding Harry's wrists to the slats of the headboard. Theo tested the bindings and found them satisfactory. He moved and picked up the cock ring that was next to Harry's hip.

Placing his wand next to Harry's head the blonde slunk down the bed until he was on his knees in between his love's spread legs. "Now love I want you to watch what I'm doing to you and if I see you space out again I will be most displeased." A squeeze to the base of Harry's cock that bordered on painful illustrated that Theo was not joking.

In a breathless voice Harry answered; "Of course Theo. I'll be good I promise." The blonde smirked; "Be sure that you do. But I still have to punish you so you won't be cumming until I allow it." Done with the talking the blonde slipped the leather strap around the base of Harry's cock, wrapping it tightly around the engorged flesh before snapping it closed.

The gorgeous man on the bed whimpered and thrust his hips in the air trying to get Theo to touch his cock again. The blonde moved away and grabbed the lube, popping the top he slicked up three of his fingers, allowing his green eyed companion to watch him slather the slick gel over his long fingers.

When he was content his fingers were well-coated Theo grasped his wand and pointed the tip at Harry's entrance. He murmured a quick cleansing charm and rather enjoyed the strangled scream that came from Harry when the spell did its work.

Setting his wand down Theo brought his clean hand to Harry's hip, grasping tightly before he drove two fingers into his lover's tight pink pucker. The loud moan that erupted from Harry's lips was music to the blonde's ears and made his cock twitch in excitement. Theo pressed down his own urges for release and concentrated on pleasuring his lover.

Theo began to pump his fingers in and out of that tight passage, scissoring his appendages to coax Harry's tight rings of muscles open. The blonde always enjoyed prepping his lover without magic; it seemed more intimate to him to do it this way. The only time they used magic to prepare and stretch the other was when they were in a rush and just wanted to fuck.

A loud groan alerted Theo that he had inadvertently struck his lover's prostate. Taking advantage of his find the blonde began to hammer that little bundle of nerves with every inward plunge of his fingers, wringing more delightful noises from his partner.

Soon his lover's inner walls were relaxing, allowing Theo to sink his last finger into that scorching heat. Harry released a loud moan when the third finger breached him; "Does that feel good love?" Harry opened his beautiful eyes, meeting Theo's intense blue orbs; "It feels good Theo. Don't stop!"

"Of course." Another jab to Harry's prostate had the raven arching off the bed, moaning in absolute bliss. Theo continued to torture Harry's prostate while twisting his fingers inside his lover's loosening passage.

Theo knew Harry was on the brink of orgasm, an orgasm that was being denied him by the strap of leather tightly clasped around the base of his cock. The blonde loved seeing his strong partner like this, so open and needy and all for Theo to take.

Feeling his patience waning the blue eyed male removed his fingers from Harry's body, watching that pretty pink pucker clench sporadically, trying to get Theo's fingers back inside of his body. "So eager my love; be patient I'll be inside of you soon."

A whimper was the raven's answer, making Theo feel even smugger; "Now Harry love I'm going to blindfold you. So raise your pretty head, alright." The pleasure strung man's head left the soft pillow as the blonde snatched up the black silk and leaned over his lover's body.

The silk was draped over those divine green eyes, cutting off Harry's vision and bringing his other senses to the fore. This lack of sight would enhance the raven's sense of touch, taste, hearing; bringing another level of sensuality to their coupling.

When the fabric was tied Theo moved back, looking down at his bound and blindfolded lover. Salazar Harry was absolutely perfect to the blonde; sometimes he wondered how he got so lucky. However it happened the potions master was grateful that Harry was his and here with him like this now.

The blue eyed man snatched the lube back up and poured more onto his already lubed hand. He hissed loudly when his hand came into contact with his rigid cock. Pushing back the urge to just jerk himself to completion Theo covered his arousal liberally in the slick gel; he made sure his straining length was well coated. He never wanted to hurt Harry when he sunk into his body.

Yes, the raven enjoyed a bit of pain when he bottomed but some things should not be painful and while Harry liked a bit of discomfort when Theo stretched him the green eyed male did not like pain when he was penetrated by the blonde's erection.

Theo didn't understand it but it was one of Harry's odd quirks and that was one of the reasons Theo loved the man under him. The Seeker was so different from anyone Theo had ever known and he wondered how he had ever lived without the man in his bed. Harry arching his back and whimpering brought the potions master back to the situation at hand.

Satisfied that his cock was thoroughly slicked Theo shifted on his knees and grasped behind Harry's knee with his clean hand and pressed the raven's muscled leg upward, opening his lover's body to him. With his soiled hand the blonde brought his cockhead to his lover's prepared entrance and pressed in slowly.

Harry moaned quietly as inch after inch of Theo's thick length penetrated him. The blonde was in absolute euphoria as he sunk into that tight heat, reveling in the feeling of Harry's inner walls parting for his rigid cock. When his hips met the raven's plump arse he stilled and let his lover adjust to being filled so completely.

Theo held out for as long as he could, which honestly wasn't long, and once he felt Harry's tense anal muscles relax he began to roll his hips gently, slowly rocking his cock back and forth inside his lover's passage. A pleased moan sounded from Harry's bound from as the raven began to tug on his bindings, wanting to touch Theo.

Smirking the blonde began to fuck Harry in earnest, pulling his cock out of his love until only the mushroom head remained before pushing back in. He set a quick and deep pace; each thrust stroked the raven's inner walls, while the bound man continued to release the most pleasing noises.

"Please Theo harder...please harder...faster." Obliging his love Theo picked up his pace until he was pounding into the man under him; a scream of his name alerted him to the finding of Harry's prostate. A feral smirk settled onto Theo's face and he brought his free hand to the back of his love's other knee and pressed it upward, opening Harry up even more to his eyes and allowing his thrusting cock to plunge deeper.

The blindfolded male began to push his hips upward, trying to take more of Theo's impressive cock inside of his slick passage. The sensations were mind-numbing and Theo felt his orgasm stirring in his belly; that familiar scorching heat was beginning to spiral outward.

Leaning over Harry, almost bending the flexible raven in half, Theo brought his lips to Harry's ear; "Do you want to cum love?" An incoherently babbled reply was his lover's response but the blonde took it as the green eyed man's version of "Yes."

Theo leaned back and began to ruthlessly pump his cock into Harry, hitting his mate's prostate each time he sunk into that willing body. When the blue eyed male felt the raven's inner walls flutter he moved his hand to the cock ring and pulled the leather strap away from his love's straining flushed cock.

The response was instantaneous and one of the most erotic things Theo had ever seen. Harry's back arched almost painfully off the bed as he screamed Theo's name while his untouched cock jumped, releasing his love's essence onto Harry's toned stomach.

Theo continued to pound into Harry until that heated ball in his belly erupted and flooded his body with fire, singeing his nerves and making his vision blur for a moment. His cock jumped and surged, erupting and filling his raven with his seed. The blonde continued to shallowly thrust into Harry until he had no more to give and pulled away from his lover's heaving form.

The blue eyed man fell onto his side facing his partner on the large bed, reaching he removed the blindfold and bindings from Harry; he watched as the green eyed male cutely blinked his hazy green eyes and rolled his wrists to bring back the blood flow.

They lay there for a while, both enjoying the afterglow of their fierce coupling. After a few minutes Harry shifted and pressed Theo onto his back. The blonde watched his love squirm over and plop his head onto the blonde's still damp chest and nuzzle him. Smiling Theo wrapped an arm around his snuggling lover; "We have to get cleaned up Harry."

"Hmph, wand use wand." The blonde just chuckled at his exhausted love's eloquent reply but summoned his wand and with a few quick motions they were cleaned of cum and sweat. That should suffice for now until he could get Harry out of bed and into a bath.

Settling in to sleep a bit longer Theo pressed a kiss to Harry's crown and laughed outright when Harry mumbled; "I'm so getting your ass later Nott." He finally stopped laughing; "I look forward to you getting my ass later Potter." Both chuckled before the slipped into slumber.

PWP means Porn without a Plot so no one better review and ask me, "Where's the romance?" There isn't any just straight up fucking so if you want cuddles read something else!

Also in this fic there will be no set roles; sometimes Harry will be top and sometimes Theo will take the dominant role. It depends on my mood and the plotline.

Well that's it for now; I decided to write this because I did not feel up to writing anything to serious or heavy. I hope you enjoyed it!

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