Author: HatefulRodeo

Title: Tied Up in Nott

Notes: So this will be a two part story; this is part one obviously. Harry will be more mature in this fic and Theo will be a bit OOC. Thanks to all that reviewed, fav'd and followed.

~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 5 – Part 1~*~*~*~*~

The cavernous room was dark and silent as two masked Death Eaters drug a terrified slim male with brilliant blue eyes, shining with fear, forward. The cloaked figures throw the teen down and stepped back, joining the rest of the assembled Inner Circle Death Eaters; there shining in the dull torchlight was the long platinum blonde hair of Lucius Malfoy along with the crazed dark curls that could only belong to Bellatrix Lestrange.

The small teen was left, trembling in fear as a tall snakelike figure stepped forward; "Ah, young Nott. Are you ready to join me? Are you ready to step into my ranks and bring glory to the Noble House of Nott?" The small blonde trembled and in a choked, shaky voice full of terror replied; "Yes, my Lord. I am ready."

The red eyed man seemed to ignore the other's reluctant agreement and grasped the younger's arm, pulling the sleeves of their robe up, exposing the smooth white skin of the younger's forearm. "This will hurt quite a bit little Nott but it is worth it, after this you will be mine and work to bring down the unworthy ones."

The blue eyed male merely nodded and lowered his head, surrendering to the madman in front of him. Quickly, the snakelike demon pressed his wand to the vulnerable white skin of the teen's forearm and intoned in a high voice devoid of feeling; "Morsmordre."

The skin on the youth's arm began to almost burn and writhe, ripping a scream of pure agony from the kneeling male, as black lines began to appear and creep across the now marked skin. Finally, the process ended and the crimson eyed man stepped back, releasing the boy's arm and letting him crash into the ground where the younger male curled into a ball while grasping his now tainted flesh.

"Welcome to my Death Eaters Theodore Malcolm Nott; do not disappoint me but let this be a warning to you should you fail me. Crucio!" Harry sat up straight in his four-poster bed in Gryffindor Tower, shaking and feeling ill; Theo's screams of pure pain still rang in his ears. He felt nauseous from what he had seen through his link with Voldemort.

He had just watched as an innocent, petrified boy his age was forced to take the Dark Mark against his will. Even if Nott hadn't said it Harry knew the other boy didn't want the Mark and that angered the raven haired male to no end. How dare Voldemort do that to someone! How dare the snake faced bastard force someone to be marked!

He quickly pushed the anger away; right now he needed to tell someone about what was happening to Theodore Nott. But who? McGonagall was no help to him; she would refer him to Dumbledore. And Harry was hesitant to trust the Headmaster; the man sometimes put too much emphasis on the Greater Good then he did the individual in need.

This was not a new thought for the Gryffindor savior; over the last few years he woke up to the fact that while Dumbledore may care for him the Headmaster cared about defeating Voldemort more. It was sad to know but it was also true so Harry could do nothing but accept the Headmaster as he was and be wary of the old man's motives.

The green eyed teen also knew that Dumbledore would waffle about helping Theodore but in the end wouldn't do a damn thing unless it benefitted him or his cause and Harry would not allow the old man to make Nott into some sort of spy like he had done to Snape.

Snape...that was it! He searched the vicion and recognized that Snape had not been present with the rest of the Inner Circle. Feeling energized the Gryffindor jumped out of bed, ignoring his pajama clad state, and grabbed his invisibility cloak before making his way out of the Tower. The halls were empty and silent at this late hour and for that Harry was thankful, he needed to get to Snape as soon as possible.

Theodore would need help when he was returned to Hogwarts after his ordeal. This stray thought brought up another question; how had Nott gotten out of Hogwarts? Did Voldemort threaten him to come tonight or was it the Imperius? How had the Death Eaters managed to get to Theodore in Hogwarts?

Without realizing it he now stood in front of Snape's classroom; he assumed the dour man's personal chambers were attached to his classroom, much like Lupin's were in third year. Mustering up his famed Gryffindor courage he knocked and waited for the surly man to open the door.

It didn't take long and within five minutes the door was opened by a tired but clothed Severus Snape. The dark man glanced around seeing nothing but glared and snarled when Harry removed his cloak, showing himself to the older man. "What do you think you are doing here at this time of night Potter? Fifty points from Gryffindor for being out after a curfew and..."

Snape didn't get to finish his rant as Harry cut him off. He had more important things to talk about right now and getting lectured by his potions professor could wait until Harry said what he had to say. "Professor, may I come in? It's important, a student's in trouble!"

The man cast his ebony eyes and stared directly into his shining green eyes, it reminded Harry of their failed Occlumency lessons in fifth year. After a few moments Snape nodded, obviously seeing no deceit in the younger's eyes, and moved away from the door and waving Harry in. "Now Potter what is so important that you roused me from my sleep at one in the morning?"

The savior scowled and launched into his explanation and ended with telling the older man that Theo was put under the Cruciatus. Snape just stood there for a moment looking like he sucked on a lemon and turned away, waving his hand in a gesture that Harry interpreted as follow me.

The shorter male followed the tall man into his personal chambers and sat down on the sofa in front of the fire while Snape took the wingback next to the hearth. "Potter you are sure what you saw was real? It wasn't a mock vision like before?"

Harry bristled, not because of Snape's tone, but because of the memories that flooded him when he thought about the last time Voldemort sent him a fake vision; that false vision led to Sirius' death. Pushing away the thoughts of his beloved, deceased godfather Harry spoke; "No sir, it was real. It had to be. I don't know Theodore Nott and showing me his indoctrination and torture would not draw me out."

"So I have to believe it was real and I just happened to see it all happening." Snape nodded, looking thoughtful for a moment, before standing and walking over to a portrait behind his desk in the sitting room. Harry heard the man murmuring something to the portrait of a tall and dark haired male with grey eyes; the male in the portrait nodded and disappeared, off to do whatever Snape requested of him.

The potions master heaved a deep sigh before sitting back down, both were silent as they left the other to their thoughts. Harry hoped what he was doing was right, that Theodore would be okay. The small Slytherin had never done anything to Harry; in fact the blonde male never really spoke to anyone, just went to class and stayed to himself.

And now the quiet, studious teen was branded as a slave to Voldemort; it was truly sickening to the green eyed male. No one deserved the fate Theodore was facing at the hands of a sadistic evil Dark Lord. What he would do now was a mystery but he wanted to make sure Nott would never be forced to do anything he did not want to do again.

It was probably his hero complex kicking in again but Harry really did want to save Theodore from his undeserved fate. The man walking back into the portrait and speaking brought both males out of their wandering thoughts; "Severus, the boy is back in his bed. You should go to him and give him aid, he is not doing well."

Snape stood quickly and gathered a few potions before sweeping from the room and leaving a confused but hopeful Harry behind. Glancing to the man in the portrait the young Gryffindor smiled and began to talk; "Thank you for going to check on Theodore, sir. I appreciate it very much."

The dapper man nodded in acknowledgement and examined Harry critically, when he reached the young male's forehead his eyes went wide in surprise; "So you're Harry Potter then. I'm surprised you care about what happens to the boy, Theodore was it? He is after all a Slytherin and what I gather from the other portraits and Slytherins his father is a Death Eater."

The raven haired teen scowled; "I care because it isn't right! No one should be forced to do something against their will. I don't care if he is a Slytherin or his father is a bloody Death Eater! Theodore is not his father and if he had his choice he never would have been marked by that madman!"

Harry breathed deeply, composing himself before continuing, he needed to keep calm; "I apologize, sir. I didn't mean to shout at you. I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name." The portrait smirked, looking quite pleased with himself; "I am Salazar Slytherin, one of the Hogwarts four. Do not apologize for your outburst; you are a Gryffindor after all."

Harry chuckled at the founders remark; "Professor, I am more than just a Gryffindor." Here the teen just smirked and continued speaking in Parseltongue, quite enjoying Slytherin's shocked expression; "I am also Slytherin when I need to be. After all the Sorting Hat told me I would do well in your house."

The founder just stared for a moment, clearly confused; "How is it you speak it? You are not of my blood as my only heir has not produced a child nor would he. I fear my bloodline will die with Tom Riddle and his madness."

The Gryffindor nodded, feeling for the man; "I speak it because your heir speaks it. When he attacked me as a baby he left some of himself behind when the curse rebounded and destroyed him. Tom Riddle is a murderer and I am sorry that he is tarnishing the Slytherin name."

Salazar nodded, looking sad before a glint quickly popped into his eye, setting Harry on edge. The older man began to speak in English; "So you have absorbed the part of my heir into your being. That is the only reason you would be able to speak Parseltongue. So technically you are my heir and a much better one at that."

Harry just sat their god smacked; he was technically Slytherin's heir. It was a lot for the sixteen year old to take. Tonight when he set out for Snape's he merely wanted to alert the potions master to Theodore's plight and now he was being told he was the heir to one of the founders; Salazar Slytherin's heir to be precise.

"I absorbed a part of Voldemort into me? How? I thought he just transferred a bit of magic to me when his body was destroyed." Salazar clucked his tongue; "What idiot told you that? You cannot absorb another's magic under any circumstance but you can absorb a piece of another's soul into your own if there is no other carrier for the stray soul piece to settle into."

"Technically you are what is called a Horcrux or soul container or you were before you took the piece into your own being. Now the foreign soul piece is a part of you just as your own soul is. They cannot be separated now that they have merged."

Harry was stunned silent, running through exactly what Salazar just said. It was too much to digest for him; his mind felt like it would explode. He wouldn't even think about the fact that Dumbledore lied to him about why he could speak Parseltongue; the old man told him it was a transference of magic, which Slytherin said was impossible.

And if Salazar was to be believed, which Harry was inclined to think he was, then the green eyed teen was bonded to a part of Voldemort's soul. The thought didn't disturb him as much as it should, he didn't feel any different at all. He didn't feel the urge to go about slaughtering muggles and torturing muggle-borns. He still felt like Harry Potter, felt like he always did.

There was a lot to think about for him but right now he needed to wrap up this chat with Salazar so he could focus on Theodore. Snape would hopefully return soon and they could think up a plan for the slender blonde. "Professor, if I'm your heir is there any way to strip Tom of his powers? Or disown him from the line or something?"

The grey eyed man looked proud for a moment, probably because Harry just made a very Slytherin suggestion; "As a matter of fact you can. Write to Gringotts and set up a meeting. When you arrive and the tests are performed showing you are the heir to the Slytherin line you can revoke all bloodline traits from Tom Marvolo Riddle, leaving him with no magic since all of his magical inheritance comes from the Slytherin line."

"Once that is done the man, as well as any other Horcruxes, will die as no muggle can live with a soul so broken and torn. So I think you have just figured out how to win your war and save your Theodore from his fate." Harry was stunned that it would be that easy to win the war before blushing brightly when he Salazar called Theodore his.

Pressing down his blush Harry glared at the founder; "Why would his Horcruxes die? What about the one in me? Wouldn't it be okay since it's a part of me now?" Slytherin's response was quick; "His Horcruxes will die as Tom's magic will no longer be supporting their existence. The one that was once inside you wil be fine; it is now bonded to your magic."

Harry nodded in thanks for the explanation but right now he wanted to focus on the problem with Theodore; "Thank you for your help Professor but I think we should wait for Professor Snape to return. Then we can talk about my going to Gringotts."

Slytherin nodded; "Harry, you may call me Salazar if you like, you are my heir after all. Also, do you trust Severus to know your plans?" Hary didn't need to think about whether or not he trusted Snape; "I do Salazar. Professor Snape may not like me but I trust him with my life."

"The man has saved my skin on several occasions; it just took me a long time to realize that there was more to the man than what he portrays." The painted man nodded in agreement and they both fell silent.

Soon the door to the Severus' rooms swung open, showing Snape carrying a trembling Theodore Nott. Harry was off his arse in a moment and moving to help the potions master settle the injured teen on the couch. When Theodore was laid down Harry began to cast several cushioning charms on the sofa, hoping it would be more comfortable for the other teen.

Snape leaned down and gave Theo another potion and after a minute the teen finally stopped twitching and fell into a deep sleep. Harry hoped the other teen would sleep through the night and feel better in the morning. The younger raven turned to his potions professor and indicated for them to sit down.

Severus conjured another arm chair for Harry by the fire before casting a silencing charm around Theodore; the boy needed rest and neither of them wanted the blonde to be disturbed by their voices. When the green eyed male saw Severus put away his wand Harry began to explain what Salazar told him not thirty minutes before.

To say Snape looked shocked was the understatement of the century but of course the man recovered quickly. Harry knew the older male was thinking a mile a minute, weighing the pros and cons of the plan Harry just explained to him. In the end the potions master looked into the raven haired teen's eyes and allowed a small smile to grace his stern face.

"I think it could work. Once Theodore is healthy and no one will notice your disappearance I will take you to Gringotts. There we will see if you are indeed Salazar's heir and if you are we will invoke your right as heir to strip another family member of your line's magic."

"Salazar may not have told you but you will only have one chance to make any changes once you assume the title of heir; any other changes will have to be done after you turn seventeen and claim the Lordship."

Harry ran through what Severus said before nodding; "How long will it take for Nott to be alright again?" Snape looked at the small blonde sleeping on his couch, a look of deep sadness on his face. Harry imagined it was there because Severus couldn't protect one of his snakes.

"Nott will be healthy in a day or two. He will need potions twice a day to reverse any nerve damage done by the prolonged exposure to the Cruciatus and during that time he will have to remain in bed to rest himself. So it is Saturday morning now; I think we can go to Gringotts next Saturday."

"Don't argue Potter, we need to make sure no one notices you're gone. It won't do for Dumbledore to notice you missing and call out the search party." Harry just smiled sheepishly, knowing what Snape said was true. It wouldn't do to get them caught, not when they had a real chance of ending Voldemort with little bloodshed.

It was dream come true to the Potter male and he just wanted it over and done with as soon as they could. But he would be patient and help nurse Theodore; he found himself wanting to help the smaller male. The boy looked so helpless while he slept his face so open and vulnerable. It broke Harry's heart that this angelic boy was marked and tortured not even two hours before.

A whimper called the attention of the three males, two living and one a painting; the sound ripped Harry's heart once again out of his chest. Theo was sweating and whimpering, a look of pure terror on his face. Quickly, without realizing he moved, Harry moved to the couch and collected the smaller teen in his arms and laid down with him on the couch; the blonde's head now resting on his chest.

Severus looked amused by Harry's response to Theofore's distress but said nothing. Standing the potions master bid them goodnight and returned to his room before he left he stoked the fire in the sitting room, making sure the two teens didn't freeze during the remainder of the night.

The morning came too quickly in Harry's opinion but he grudgingly opened his eyes, meeting the confused and scared blue orbs of Theodore Nott. He knew the blonde was probably confused as to why he was on the couch with Harry Potter and decided the best way to go would be the direct approach; "How are you feeling Theodore?"

The blonde scrunched up his nose cutely before attempting to move and wincing in pain when his muscles refused to obey him. Harry immediately clutched the smaller body closer to him; "Theodore don't try to move. It'll only cause you pain. Severus err I mean Professor Snape said you needed absolute rest for about two days."

The other teen huffed in annoyance; "Fine, but why are you here? And why are you holding me? And don't call me Theodore! I you must call me by my first name call me Theo." The blue eyed male glared, without any real heat behind it, at Harry, waiting for an answer. The raven stopped smiling and looked serious; "I saw what happened to you last night and I went to Professor Snape to see if you were okay."

"He brought you here to take care of you and I'll be helping him. I have a question for you; how did you get out of the school last night?" The blonde cringed, obviously remembering something unpleasant; "I received a letter from me father. The bastard ordered me to go to him last night."

"I didn't want to go but I had no choice they would kill me if I didn't. My father sent a family portkey along with the letter. How it got through the wards is beyond me but that's not the point. At twelve last night the portkey activated and I was at a large Manor, I don't know which one and you, Potter, obviously know the rest."

At the end Theo looked so sad and broken; Harry hated it. No one should look like that, ever. Tightening his arms around his new charge Harry sighed and allowed the atmosphere to calm down a bit before he spoke again; "I want to help you Theo. You shouldn't have to fear for your life, it's not right but soon it'll all be over with and you'll be free. Oh and call me Harry."

The smaller male just snorted in disbelief but kept quiet before mumbling; "Can you loosen your arms? You're hurting me." Harry didn't want to know how much the Slytherin's pride was bruised due to having to ask for something and admitting he was in pain. The raven didn't respond but loosened his grip on the blonde.

It was strange to Harry, this need to make sure the blonde teen was okay. It wasn't logical. Before last night the Gryffindor didn't even know anything about Nott other than his name, that the other seemed to like to study and the teen didn't talk much. Now he wanted to protect Theo and make sure no one bullied him or forced him to do something he didn't want to do ever again.

It was weird but what in Harry's life was normal? Why would this situation with Theo be any different? It appeared that Harry was finally growing up a bit; no more yelling and railing about the unfairness of it all. This was his life and for some reason Theodore Nott was important to him; how important was something that would only be discovered in time.

Shrugging lightly he decided to think about it later and resettled himself more comfortably on the couch. Harry cradled his burden gently to him, liking the way the smaller man seemed to fit so well against him; soon Severus would come out of his room and give the blonde his potion and maybe even feed them.

As I mentioned earlier this is part one of this story. The next post will be the second and last so stayed tuned!

I used Morsmordre as the spell that gives people the Dark Mark; not sure if this is correct but it the only incantation I know that has anything to do with the Dark Mark.

All Mistakes Are My Own!