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DragonBall Dilemma 2: Different Worlds

Chapter 1: Where are we?

Trunks and Pan's ship landed in a deserted area on earth. What earth they weren't sure, but earth.

"I wonder where we are?" Pan asked.

"I'm not sure Pan," Trunks replied.

"Should we fly?" she asked.

"I think it's okay until we get to civilization," Trunks said. Pan nodded as she and Trunks took flight in search for civilization.


"Man, I thought people would quit trying to kill me after the Galactic Leyline thing. Guess I'm not that lucky," Jean Starwind said as he ducked behind a rock.

He and the crew of the outlaw star had come to earth after the Galactic Leyline. It was a nice change, until this afternoon when the routine bounty hunter showed up.

"Jean! How do you always get us into these situations!" Jim yelled.

"Hey! What did I do?!" Jean yelled back.


"You over react Jim. I know where we are," Jean replied. Jim sighed in exasperation.

Jean and Jim dodged another round of ammunition. Suddenly, Suzuka and Aisha showed up with Melfina. Suzuka and Aisha kept the man at bay.

"This guy is good," Jean said.

"What are you and Jim doing way out here Jean?" Mel asked.

"Getting us lost," Jim retorted.

"Put a sock in it Jim," Jean replied.


Trunks and Pan continued to fly. Soon they saw people. People in the middle of the desert. Pan and Trunks landed several yards away and approached the situation.

"Those people are in trouble Trunks," Pan said.

"Yea, we should help them," Trunks replied.

The man pointed his gun at Suzuka.

"Watch out Suzuka!" Jean yelled. The man never got the chance to fire. A lavender haired man and a raven-haired woman kicked him down.

The man fired at Trunks and Pan. But the bullets caused them no harm as they caught each one of them. The man's eyes widened in fear. He quickly hopped in his car and sped off.

"Who are you?" Jean asked. Trunks and Pan exchanged glances.

"My name is Trunks and this is my wife, Pan," Trunks said.

"Who are you guys, and why was that guy trying to kill all of you?" Pan asked.

"I'm Jean Starwind. And this is my crew. We travel space aboard the Outlaw Star. He was a bounty hunter. There's a few people that want me dead," Jean said.

"I'm Jim. Jim Hawking," Jim said.

"I am Suzuka. That was very impressive fighting," Suzuka said.

"I'm Aisha Klan-Klan! Of the Ctarl-Ctarl empire!" Aisha said.

"And I am Melfina, ship navigator. Thank you for saving our lives," Mel said.

"You're welcome. Since you travel space, you might be able to help us," Trunks said.

"How could we help you?" Jean asked.

"This is going to sound strange, but we're not from this dimension. Our ship was sucked through a wormhole and we ended up in this dimension," Trunks said.

"So you want us to help you find this wormhole. All right, it might be fun having you along," Jean said.

"Thanks," Trunks replied.

Trunks and Pan rode in the back of the car, while Jean drove to the ship. They boarded the Outlaw Star and took off into the vastness of space. Neither was sure how long it would be before they found the wormhole, or before they got home.

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