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DragonBall Dilemma 2: Different Worlds

Chapter 10: Worlds Unite

The alarm in the power chamber began blaring.

"Aye yi yi, what's going on Zordon?" Alpha squeaked.

"Contact the rangers and their friends immediately," Zordon ordered.

"Right away Zordon," Alpha obeyed. A few minutes later, the five zeos, Billy, Trunks, and Pan teleported into the power chamber.

"What's going on Zordon?" Tommy asked.

"We have a serious situation, observe the viewing globe," Zordon said. The eight young people turned to the viewing screen. Before them stood many villains, but the rangers only recognized Mondo and his consorts. But Trunks and Pan recognized everyone else.

"My sensors are detecting the openings of many wormholes," Zordon spoke.

"Do you guys know who any of those people are?" Adam asked.

"Trunks, is that who I think it is?" Pan wondered.

"The dark haired man in the center is supposed to be dead. He is known as Android 17, and he and his sister were responsible for twenty years of destruction and devastation upon our world. He and his sister are also responsible for the deaths of my father, Pan's father and mother, and many close friends," Trunks explained angrily.

"But Trunks, we destroyed him! How is he still alive?! And what is he doing with all those other villains?" Pan asked.

"My guess is that seventeen is responsible for the wormholes. And it looks like he got some help. Those others are the villains from the other worlds we visited before this one. I'm sure some of our friends that we met will be arriving through those wormholes," Trunks said.

"We should get out there," Tommy said.

"I'll see if I can get control of the wormholes," Billy said, knowing he couldn't go out there with them.

"Good idea Billy," Trunks replied. Billy walked over to Kat and gave her a long, hard kiss.

"Please promise that you'll be careful out there," Billy said.

"I promise," Kat replied, knowing that it was tearing him up that he couldn't be by her side in the fight. They broke apart and the rangers prepared to morph. Trunks put a hand on his shoulder.

"I know you may not have morphing powers, but you have the power inside you, just remember that," Trunks said, as he and Pan prepared to teleport.

"It's Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger 1-Pink!" Kat called.

"Zeo Ranger 2-Yellow!" Tanya called.

"Zeo Ranger 3-Blue!" Rocky called.

"Zeo Ranger 4-Green!" Adam called.

"Zeo Ranger 5-Red!" Tommy called. The seven fighters teleported to the park to do battle, while Billy took care of things on his front.


"Look! It's Trunks and Pan!" Jim called.

"What the heck is going on?" Jean Starwind asked.

"Who are the costumed fighters that are with them?" Suzuka wondered.

"I don't know, but the McDougal brothers are definitely behind this," Aisha growled.


"Ouch!" Ash Ketchum said, as he stood up.

"Where are we?" Brock asked.

"Pika Pika," Pikachu babbled.

"Look Ash! It's Trunks and Pan!" Misty called.

"Hey James, look! What's the boss doing here?" Jessie asked.

"I don't know Jess," James replied.

"What I want to know is, where in the heck are we?" Meowth complained.


"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," Logan said sarcastically.

"Where are we and what is Magneto doing here?" Scott wanted to know.

"I'm not sure, but it's Trunks and Pan!" Jean pointed. The people from different worlds gathered together around Trunks and Pan.

"We don't have much time to explain, but adversaries from each of our world's have joined together to destroy us. Only together can we defeat them and put things back the way they should be.

The forces of evil attacked the forces of good, and the battle of the century began.


"I've got it! I've got control!" Billy exclaimed.

"Aye yi yi, good work Billy," Alpha replied. Billy attached a computer chip to the computer and engaged it.

"This chip will allow me to control the wormholes. Once the villains have been defeated, I can put everyone back where they're supposed to be," Billy said, as he looked up to watch the battle. What he saw horrified him.


Seventeen was much stronger than he had ever been. He put Trunks out of commission for the minute and Pan was handling Magneto. Seventeen was now battling the rangers and they were losing fast. He delivered a large blast, which cancelled their morphing and left them unmorphed.

"Tommy, what are we going to do?" Kat asked. Suddenly, Seventeen picked Kat up.

"You're sugar sweet, maybe I'll have some fun with you before I kill you," Seventeen said seductively. Kat screamed and tried to get away, but his grip was like a vice.


Billy seethed angrily, as he watched the monster touch her. He was tired of watching his friends fight and not be able to help. But this particular monster had gone too far; he was done watching.

'I know you may not have morphing powers, but the power is inside of you. Remember that,'

Trunks' words echoed inside of Billy's head. He closed his eyes and tapped into something that he thought was gone. But this power truly never left.

"Ninja Ranger Power, now!" Billy called, as he transformed into the blue ninja. He looked at his hands in amazement, as he thought the ninja powers were lost with the power coins. But none of them ever lost the power, they just had to remember how to use the eternal power. Before Alpha or Zordon could protest, Billy teleported to the battle site.


"Please, just let me go," Kat pleaded, as his hands ran over her body.

"I don't think so precious," Seventeen taunted.

"She said let her go!" a voice called, as a blue blur knocked Seventeen off his feet. The blue ninja caught Katherine in his arms.

"Billy?" Kat asked. He removed his hood and revealed himself to her.

"But how?" Kat asked.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not exactly sure," Billy replied.

"You made a terrible mistake," Seventeen growled.

"No you made the mistake android. You should have stayed dead, but this time, I'm going to make sure that you do!" Trunks said, as he flared his ki and transformed into super saiyan level 2

"Super Final Flash!" Trunks called, as he fired a monstrous attack at Seventeen. The android's eyes became wide with fear as he realized that he couldn't survive an attack of such magnitude.

The attack ripped Seventeen apart, this time, making sure that he would never come back.

"Alpha, open the wormholes now," Billy ordered. Three wormholes opened, sucking Magneto, the McDougal brothers, and Giovanni and team rocket back into their respective worlds. The other three groups followed and the wormholes closed.

"You did it Trunks!" Pan said.

"I beat Seventeen, but Billy got control of the wormholes," Trunks said.

"Something tells me that Billy could really care right now," Pan said, as she pointed at Billy and Kat, who were locked in a deep kiss.


A few days later, Trunks and Pan were getting ready to finally return home. Trunks had asked Billy to come with them for a while and maybe help restore technology to their world. But Billy didn't want to leave Kat and Trunks respected that, knowing how hard it was to be away from the girl you loved.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," Trunks said.

"Yeah, but we can visit sometime," Billy replied.

"It's been great having you guys around," Tommy said.

"It's been fun here for us too," Trunks replied.

"Billy, why haven't you packed?" Kat asked.

"I'm not going with them Kat, I want to stay with you," Billy said.

"Hmm...that's a shame since I am going," Kat said.

"What?" Billy wondered.

"Billy, it's always been your dream to other worlds. And it sounds like this one really needs your expertise. So we're going and I'm coming with you. I can finish school in Trunks and Pan's world and be with you," Kat said.

"That's great Kat, but what about the pink powers?" Billy asked.

"That's what best friends are for," Aisha Campbell said, as she made her entrance.

"Aisha? But you were in Africa," Billy replied.

"Well, I'm back and ready to wear pink," Aisha replied, as Kat handed her the zeonizers. Aisha and Tanya both hugged her fiercely.

"Well be back," Kat assured them.

"Take care of yourselves," Adam said, as he hugged them both.

"We'll miss you guys," Rocky said.

"Come back and visit soon," Tommy said. Billy, Kat, Trunks, and Pan waved goodbye and boarded the ship.

The ship entered the wormhole and returned to correct world with its two original passengers and two new comers.

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