Title:Beneath His Feet

Summary: Thorin doesn't realize hobbit feet are extremely sensitive, or does he?

Rating:This pretty tame, later chapters won't be. Hopefully that explains the rating.

Pairing:Thilbo or Bagginshield

Author's Notes:I can't believe I ship this . . . but I can't help my self . . .at all . . . the feels won't stop.

Warnings: Thorin's majesty, ummm foot fetish . . .

disclaimer: I don't own The Hobbit or The Characters . . .It's obvious, you can tell by the way I was dragged onto this ship kicking and screaming . . .and there's the fact that I'm not Tolkien.

Beneath His Feet

There aren't many that know of the existence of hobbits, but those that do could easily distinguish them from other mortals. Hobbits are identified not only by their small size but by their unusual feet. And unlike the common belief that the skin of their feet is tough and calloused, hobbit feet are extremely sensitive. They feel everything, the earth beneath them as they walk, the softness of the dirt and dampness of the grass and mossy underbrush, to the grains of wood floors and the cold stone of paved walkways.

So it isn't much of a surprise when Bilbo lets out a breathy gasp as the side of Thorin's boots brush up against the bottom's of the hobbit's feet as he walks past where Bilbo had been lying that night.

What is a surprise is the smirk that accompanies Thorin's face when he does it again the next night.

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